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Requesting a new activation code

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Requesting a new activation code dao1987 7/22/10 11:26 AM
Do you already have Google Voice (Y/N)? Kinda
If so, do you have a Google number (Y/N)? N

Post your question or report below (please include specific details and error messages, if applicable):
I was trying to activate Google Voice today and I made the mistake of skipping the activation section. I was planning on finishing activation at a later time, since I only found out about GV today and have other items on my to do list. So, I was skimming the instructions and assumed that there would be a way to look up the activation code later when I had more time and clicked onward. But I haven't been able to find anything about it yet. I have already entered the two digit phone verification. I guess the next stage was setting up CCF. Does anyone have a tip to help me get back to that stage of the setup? Is there a way to "request a new activation code"?
Re: Requesting a new activation code Box7184 7/22/10 11:54 AM
Log in to your Google Voice account here

You should be able to go to Settings> Voice Settings  and then click "add" to add your phone number as a verified number.
Re: Requesting a new activation code dao1987 7/22/10 12:13 PM
My phone is already listed as a "registered phone", but voicemail is still going to my service provider's old style mail box. GV wont let me add a redundant number to go through the setup again. It wont let me delete my current phone and re-add it since it requires at lest one phone to be listed. Perhaps I can use verizon's ccf instructions and tack on my ten digit GV mailbox number? Other advice?

Re: Requesting a new activation code dao1987 7/22/10 12:16 PM
I just found out that if I deactivated my phone under Settings>Voice Settings>Phone that it will give me the option to reactivate the phone with instructions, which is exactly what I am looking for. Thanks for your time. Sorry for any inconvenience.
Re: Requesting a new activation code Conner T 7/22/10 12:17 PM
do you have a friend you can use their cell # to add a # to GV, delete the old one, put it back on, and delete your friend's #? or you could us your land-line instead of a friend.