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What is my Google Voice number?

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What is my Google Voice number? Stacia 8/27/10 8:58 AM
Do you already have Google Voice (Y/N)? Y
If so, do you have a Google number (Y/N)? I can't tell

Post your question or report below (please include specific details and error messages, if applicable):

I've had a GV invite for months but couldn't decide what to do with it. Then when the GChat phone call feature came out, I went for it. At work I started to go through the process of picking out a GV number during a couple different browser sessions. Then I tried again at home. I wasn't satisfied with the options available.

At home I saw that my GV site account page no longer showed the pick a number wizard, but I didn't know whether a number was picked for me, or what state my account was in. So I called my cell phone from my GChat and saved that number. When I call that number (
760-705-8888), a recording says the number doesn't exist. Today from my work computer I went to my GV account page and a final step of the number wizard appeared (it didn't at home) and I tried to set up my cell phone as the phone for voicemail. Google couldn't verify my phone number. On the final page of that wizard, where it would state my number, it said something like "CLIENT_VALUE"...some weird database thing.

Basically, I don't know how to retrieve what GV phone number is associated with my account!
Re: What is my Google Voice number? willzzz88 8/27/10 9:08 AM
Stacia, there are currently 2 levels of Google Voice accounts. If you haven't created a Google Voice account all outbound voice calls through GMail will use a generic number (760-705-8888) as the caller ID. If your getting that number it means Google's system hasn't detected a full Google Voice account setup yet that allows you to choose your own number. I would clear your cache/cookies and sign into to setup it again. If you get a window of ONLY your outbound calls that means you don't have a full account yet (it's using the generic number) so click "Upgrade to full account". Google will allow you to select 1 free number in your area code for free. Any number changes (new numbers, etc.) after that once your account is established will be a one time charge of $10. It looks like your problem is your web browser is being confused by Google's server. Google recently FINISHED the voice upgrades for all the US users so try again after clearing your browser's cache/cookies.
Re: What is my Google Voice number? Stacia 8/27/10 9:16 AM
Ah! I had no idea what "upgrade" meant and didn't dare click it. :)

Ok but now a new problem: I've selected a number but won't let me (re)use my mobile as the forwarding number, but that's the only other number I have. What now?
Re: What is my Google Voice number? willzzz88 8/27/10 9:21 AM
Delete the mobile forwarding number and add it again. Reauthenicate (google's computer will call the #, and ask you to enter the pin# shown in the web browser). This is it prevent fraud and make sure you actually own that mobile #/phone.
Re: What is my Google Voice number? Stacia 8/27/10 9:27 AM
Where do I delete the mobile forwarding number? I was stuck in the wizard, canceled it (hopefully I don't lose the number I picked), and don't see anything in the account settings.

Re: What is my Google Voice number? willzzz88 8/27/10 9:45 AM
Oh you didn't finish the wizard. You need to FINISH the wizard. It should prompt you for a new number. Your # isn't saved until you complete ALL the steps.
Re: What is my Google Voice number? Stacia 8/27/10 10:27 AM
I finally got it now! And I see my number up by my email address in the Google Voice page header.

Thank you so much. :)
Re: What is my Google Voice number? Rsung 8/31/10 9:57 AM
I suppose the upgrade function is not available to Canadian users yet? Because I do not see this "upgrade to full account" button.
Re: What is my Google Voice number? Reminiscence 9/8/10 12:15 PM
As an added fact, Canadian users did have this upgrade to full account button and I actually went as far as pressing it and seeing if I can sign up for google voice. But then I was told that "google voice is not available in your country" and blah blah and I actually wasn't able to see my history of recently made calls for a couple of days because everytime I would try to see my google voice page it would route me to that "blah blah" page lol. After the couple of days I found out that I could go back into my voice page but the upgrade button disappeared.

What I think happened is that google rolled out the gmail feature to everyone it thought resided in the US, but they released it to some canadian users for some reason. Once they noticed the problem they fixed the upgrade button for the canadians but didn't retract the feature from Gmail cause that would spark an uproar. Not that I'm going to call people using that service anymore... not after I discovered that all of my calls were originating from California which meant that the people that I were calling to were paying long distance fees.
Re: What is my Google Voice number? Kevin_D 9/8/10 12:23 PM
@Reminiscence- you are misinformed. The people you were calling were not paying long distance fees.  The fact that Google Voice calls originate in California is totally and utterly irrelevant to how Canadian billing works:

A) Landline phones receive long distance calls with no long distance charge
B) Cell phones receive long distance calls with no long distance charge, if they are in their home calling area
C) Cell phones which are outside of the user's home calling area will pay an incoming long distance charge for receiving a call, but it has nothing to do with where the call originates. It is based on where the cell phone is in relation to the their home calling area.

Re: What is my Google Voice number? Reminiscence 9/8/10 12:37 PM
thanks for the clarification KMD. Looks like I need to do some more research on this topic...

Do you know if all cell carriers in Canada have to follow this rule, i.e. is there legislation regarding this issue or is it just how things work here? I'm assuming cellphones in the US don't work this way..... is there any way I can educate myself with US cellphones without you having to waste your time? like a website.... thanks lol
Re: What is my Google Voice number? jlrosser91 2/28/11 11:04 AM
I tried clearing all my cache/cookies and yet it still won't allow me to find out what my number is.  Does anyone have an idea of what I'm doing wrong?? It doesn't even ask me if I want to upgrade to a full account....
Re: What is my Google Voice number? Stacia 2/28/11 11:12 AM
jlrosser91 - go to and your number will be in the upper right corner of the screen.
Re: What is my Google Voice number? Vanessa, Community Manager @ Google 9/20/16 9:35 AM
To check your Google Voice number: 
  1. On your computer, open Google Voice.
  2. At the top right, open Settings  > Settings.
  3. Click the "Phones" tab.
Your Google Voice number should show up at the top under "Your Google Voice Number"