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placing text in a arc

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placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/21/09 9:39 AM
Hi there
I would like to make i sign for a table, saying:"Die welt sind ein irrenhaus, und hier sind die zentrale", my problem is, that i want to write the first word in the centense, in a arc above the word "zentrale" how do i do that? 

SketchUp version:7.1.4871
Operating system:xp
Best Regards
Re: placing text in a arc Anselmus 10/21/09 10:59 AM
Unfortunately there is no native way to make SU text or 3D text follow an arc or other path, so in SU the only way is to rotate the letters one by one. Quite a job for a text that long. There might be a Ruby script but a short search among the free ones didn't give a result
I would make the text in Illustrator, convert it into outlines and export a DWG or DXF and import that into SU (if you have installed the import plugin). Other illustration apps could be used too. Or you could make the text into a raster image and use it as a texture for your tabletop.
I don't know much German, but to me it seems to me that your nouns are singular, and the verbs in the plural...
Re: placing text in a arc Gully Foyle 10/21/09 12:22 PM
Chris Fullmer has created a free plugin called ShapeBender that seems very good at fitting text to a curve, not to mention all kinds of other similar applications.

Re: placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/22/09 8:55 AM
hej Anssi and gully
I feel i getting out in deep water... I never tried anything about the ruby console, don't know where to start..
>Anssi you are right, -have not been chekking gramma,-my english proberply sucks to!! -I'am just a poor Dane!
>Gully i'am looking forward to bee able to oppening the program that you link to, afraid i dont have the skill right now..but will be working on it!
Re: placing text in a arc Gully Foyle 10/22/09 12:31 PM

You don't have to do anything with the ruby console, and installing the plugin is not difficult (see reference below). The only think you would have to do is learn how to use the plugin to do what you want. As I recall, the discussion thread I directed you to last time contains several examples of doing exactly what you want to do.

Re: placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/24/09 5:40 AM
Hej Gully
Ok, don't mess with the ruby box, understood, I did read what you wrote me, in the first reply. My problem seems to be:when I 2x click on the link to the shapebender, nothing happens..ok.. when I right click and "save destinations as" the only thing I get to save, is a 60 kb html file... further down the page on the first link, it reads something about "you need this:"
That's where I don't understand a flying dogbiscit of the whole thing, not too keen on that code thing..
Or am i doing the whole thing wrong?
Re: placing text in a arc Gaieus 10/24/09 7:35 AM
Hi Michael,

In that post, Chris linked to a html page (website) on Smustard. Follow the link and download ProgressBar.rb from there.

Eventually all you need to end up is and rb file which is actually a text file. Save it where Gully posted the "How do I install a ruby script".
Re: placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/24/09 9:31 AM
Hej Gaieus
This is getting more and more embarrassing for me.. when I downloaded the file, what to do with it? tried to save as, but don't have the option to save here:C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp #\Plugins.
Re: placing text in a arc Gully Foyle 10/24/09 9:53 AM

Save it anywhere--in a  download folder, your desktop--wherever. Then use your file manager (e.g., Windows Explorer) to move the files to the SU plugins directory.

It would seem that the path to the plugins directory given in the reference I provided uses a # to represent the SU version in the pathname. If you're using SU 7, here is the actual folder:

C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins

Re: placing text in a arc Gaieus 10/24/09 10:06 AM
And of course, you need to have access to the Program files directory (this generally means administrative rights) but I guess you have it in case it's your own machine.
Re: placing text in a arc catamountain 10/24/09 10:35 AM
It sounds like your downloader need to be "trained" to recognize the correct file extension.  Rename the .html extension to .rb. 
Re: placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/25/09 1:29 AM
Progress.. Now I have placed the "progressbar.rb"  file in  C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Plugins
Then I tryied to  placed the shapebender file the same place, the file is named:viewtopic.htm
and seems to be a html document.. that can't be right..?
Also in my su window there is no "plugin" menu beetween the "window" and "help" menu..?
Do I have to use the "pro" version?
Many questions,hope you have the patience to guide me through
Re: placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/25/09 1:50 AM
Hej agin
Do I have registrate to "sketchucation" to be able to download the shapebender program?
Re: placing text in a arc wo3dan 10/25/09 2:45 AM
Micheal, yes.
Re: placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/25/09 5:40 AM
I am now a member, but still can't do anything with the "shapebender" program,when i 2x click on it, it just open again,and when I try to "save destenation as" I get this 68 kb html document hmhm hmhm.. bob bob...
Re: placing text in a arc Gaieus 10/26/09 3:16 AM
Well, that's a zip archive. you should not double click on its link just click and when it asks what you want to do with it, open it and copy all the files and folders in there under your SU/Plugins folder (as per above). I don't know how your system handles zip archives but generally speaking, all modern OS's and browsers "know" what to do with them.
Re: placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/26/09 3:29 AM
hm.. must be a protection thing, on my pc then, when click on it, it just opens again,

Re: placing text in a arc Gaieus 10/26/09 4:33 AM
What "protection" do you mean?
Re: placing text in a arc michaelmoeslund 10/26/09 4:56 AM
I will try to find out, the "progressbar.rb" I had to allow  to be downloaded, because it was "a program from another computer"
Maby it is the same with the the "ShapeBender" file,
Does the menu "plugins" in SU self activate or do I have to do it manually?
Re: placing text in a arc Gaieus 10/26/09 4:59 AM
Once there are items that should go under Plugins, it should activate itself. This particular one will be under Plugins > Cgris Fullmer tools > Shape bender but also has its own toolbar with a single button in it.