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Styles--how to import the .style file into sketchup?

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Styles--how to import the .style file into sketchup? theRam2 6/11/10 10:15 AM

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Re: Styles--how to import the .style file into sketchup? Gully Foyle 6/11/10 7:03 PM
You can:

Add a style to a model by clicking the Styles > Details menu and selecting Open or Create Collection. Select the folder containing the .style file you want to open, then select the thumbnail of the style itself in the Style browser.

You can manage style files using the operating system. You did not identify yours, but under Windows, all the standard style files are located in sub-folders under C:\Program Files\Google\Google SketchUp 7\Styles. They correspond to the folders or collections of styles you see in the Styles browser. That is, SU includes an item on the Collections drop-down for every folder it finds in that location. This means you can put your .style files directly into existing collections, where they will show up next time you start SU. Or, you can add new sub-folders for new Collections you want to create and then populate them with various .style files, which will all then be visible and accessible through the SU interface.

All the same things can be accomplished from within SU as well, so it's a matter of preference.