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Google SketchUp for Linux

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Google SketchUp for Linux pcyservice 3/28/11 5:57 AM
Because there is a version Google SketchUp for Linux, not only important to the Linux community but to set a viable and grow in a captive market for a few software solutions only offer windows.

Are there any future plans to make a version of Google SketchUp for Linux?


Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Aerilius* 3/28/11 8:04 AM
as you might have seen, this forum has already had endless requests for a linux version (this is just the third request within a week).

Although Linux/Ubuntu is widely used within Google (developers, maps, streetview cars, server), all not web-based products have to be oriented on the userbase outside, where OS X and Windows are widespread (at least in the US). The amount of platforms that a product can cover does not depend on how much popularity it has among users (SketchUp has millions of users), but also how much developers there are and if the Pro version gets enough revenues.

For now, we've been told that a version for Linux is not planned.

Nevertheless, you can use it - not natively - with Wine. The results should not be underestimated, but there are some limits (when it comes to sketchy styles and 2d export). If you decide to try it, use the very latest development version of Wine (1.3.X), which offers plenty of more features and is more stable than the official "stable" 1.2.
You can also follow when SketchUp has again the "Questions and Ideas" series or add your voice to the timeless thread that I linked below.

Re: Google SketchUp for Linux PawelO 4/26/11 12:53 PM
I have officially stopped using sketch up, since your lack of Linux support. I swear to god, ill make a roozz version of sketchup. THe lack of support from google is ****
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Aerilius* 4/26/11 2:33 PM
I highly doubt that you could have success with Roozz (despite the fact that you needed to violate lots of licence agreements). Have you never wondered why their plugin is only available for Windows? What Roozz does is downloading the Windows version of an application, installing it in a hidden directory and redirecting the graphical output into a browser tab. Another name would be vaporware or dubious scamware.
Their exists technically no way to convert a binary application for use on other platforms without disassembling it.

In comparison to all those Android and iOS users you could be proud that their is at least a Windows compatibility layer for linux that does work quite fine. I think lots of Android/iOS users would be jealous about such a gift.
Creating a native client is not the only way of supporting an operating system. A small development team can not simply pull another version from out of a hat, but I can assure that they.
For now we'd probably go better finding out what problems occur for you in Wine and solving those, or creating an opensource 3d modeler from scratch (the well-known "OpenUp"...)
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Eleison 12/29/11 3:54 PM
Blender > SketchUp
They are generously giving it for free, WITH linux support.  
Seems like even a huge company like Google can't compete..
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux sammyBoy247 9/25/12 4:41 AM
For the record and just to keep the Linux requests ongoing.  I would buy a pro version of Sketchup if there was full Linux support.  I use and love Blender, in my opinion one of the greatest ever open source achievements outside of OS development.  How ever Sketchup, as a Google product, has a massive appeal to me and I am saddened that I am unable to use it with out having to install wine (or worse windows itself).

Do no evil (and occasionally do something good).

Please consider this my pre-order for 4 licences of Penguin powered Sketchup.


Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Anselmus 9/25/12 8:35 AM
SketchUp is not a Google product (any more) but a Trimble one.

If you can LOVE Blender, what the heck do you need SketchUp for? It surely can do anything that SketchUp is capable of, you only have to have the mindset of a nuclear power plant operator or a jumbojet flyer to use it.

Re: Google SketchUp for Linux sammyBoy247 9/27/12 12:40 AM
If I wanted to fly the 747 from JFK to Newark I would but sometimes it is more sensible to take the Cessna!!
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Chris Crowley 10/27/12 5:55 PM
Here's another pre-order for a pro version SketchUp on Linux.
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux notanimposter 11/4/12 9:05 AM
When are they going to learn to shut up and take our money?
Paraplegic Racehorse 11/28/12 10:04 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Kamron Bennett 12/21/12 6:01 PM
Isn't that just a croc of it? That response is so perfectly crafted by some big company PR - everything Google, with its "don't be evil" bull claims to not stand for. How hard is it to make a version for Linux/Android, huh, how hard can it be for crying out loud? Google has all the muscle to do it overnight but sees it fit not to, that makes perfect business sense to me (hope Google isn't to removed from reality to sense the sarcasm in that statement). Next thing, it isn't too hard to do without google and its services, I know, I'm just one person but it takes just one to make a change, so what if my unwillingness to use google's services doesn't stop their obvious quest for world wide web domination - don't care! I just hate the fact that what the users want isn't forthcoming from a company that claims to "not be evil."
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Aerilius 12/22/12 4:02 AM
[offtopic] the evil or not evil thing is propaganda. [/offtopic]

You must have missed – although mentioned earlier in this thread – but who reads that – that SketchUp isn't owned anymore by Google. Also, SketchUp wasn't developed by all of Google but by the SketchUp team. Google has a strong search muscle, but their architectural muscle was underdeveloped.

Trimble is a company that is unbiased towards operating systems (neither bound iOS/Android as Google) and they have a wide-spread portfolio of devices, ranging from Windows XP/7/Ubuntu/Windows Mobile/Android/QTopia. Seeing SketchUp as a platform to built on  for different industries is a very positive sign. Whether it will conclude in support of another platform – or in support of all platforms at one blow – lays in the stars.
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux mookiemu 6/1/13 12:39 PM
i would buy a pro version for Linux in a second.
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Geber El 12/28/13 4:32 PM
I think that sketchup can be made running very fine over a VirtualBox XP machine, if you have enough RAM to provide for it.
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Paraplegic Racehorse 12/28/13 7:44 PM
I have not yet found the program which is good enough that I would willing pay the Microsoft Tax in order to run it. Neither is Sketchup. I would pay a pro license fee for a native linux or BSD version, however. Given that so much of Google's in-house systems run linux (Ubuntu), it's really quite surprising how rotten is their support for their own software(s) on this platform.
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux conkysglasses 2/10/14 12:54 PM
erm.. google .. don't be evil? I mean, saying that still in 2012 is hilarious... google is your enemy.. in case you haven't noticed. There is in fact, not a single US company one can or should trust.
Trimble SketchUp for Linux Aerilius 2/11/14 5:14 AM
If you haven't noticed, the company to which you need to address your requests is now called "Trimble". But otherwise nothing different.
Re: Trimble SketchUp for Linux mookiemu 2/12/14 4:09 AM
Thanks, I knew that but I thought that Trimble was owned by Google and I was wrong.
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Anselmus 2/12/14 11:17 AM
Note that SketchUp isn't Google software. It is owned and developed by Trimble.

Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Domi J. 3/24/14 11:26 PM
Anyone an Idea how to install skech up make on linux with wine?

I get this prompt:
Prerequisite check for system component Microsoft Windows failed with the following error message:
"Installation of SketchUp requires Windows XP Professional x64 Service Pack 2 or later."

See the setup log file located at 'C:\users\dominique\Temp\VSD6596.tmp\install.log' for more information.
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Aerilius 3/25/14 6:44 AM
I never had this on my own, but it's a known error message that some people encountered on various Windows versions (and not as the message states the problematic WinXP 64bit).
Wine includes a program "Configure Wine" where you can switch Windows versions that Wine imitates. Have you set there something odd? What happens when you change it to "Windows 7"?
Re: Google SketchUp for Linux Thomas Sofras 3/28/14 12:16 AM
Configure Wine --> Change to Windows 7 --> WIN :D
Just had the same error, i had changed to Windows 7 from Windows XP and the installation succeeded.
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