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Line weights, line types, and dashed lines

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Line weights, line types, and dashed lines YEV18 3/1/11 10:10 AM
It's probably the single most useful tool can think of. Making line weights, line types, and dashed lines. I know I can export to CAD and do it there, but given the number of times the model changes, I would save a lot of time if this was done in the model.
Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines leander37 3/17/11 9:18 AM
Try 2D tools
Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines Anselmus 3/17/11 10:14 AM
There are no lines in SketchUp, only faces and edges.

Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines John Bacus 3/21/11 6:01 PM
Hi leander37,

SketchUp doesn't have any way to modify the weight or style of any single line in the model, but LayOut does. The way I look at it, line weight/style effects are usually applied in drafting to either emphasize the 'space' or a drawing (things in front are drawn darker, things that are 'important' are drawn darker, etc.) or to illustrate some non-drawing quality (things to be demolished, special lines like 'gas lines' or other things). In almost every case I've studied, these kinds of lines are dependent on the particularities of the model view. In SketchUp, where the camera view is highly dynamic, it is difficult to know which lines should get which styles.

LayOut, which was designed as a tool for making nice orthographic drawings from SketchUp models, DOES have ways to modify line weight and style, as the view in LayOut is mostly static. Can you use LayOut to satisfy your needs for line styles and weights?


Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines drteller 7/12/11 4:55 AM
There is a workaround to get different lineweights from the individual SU model lines in LayOut if you insert the model more than once:

I've posted the method as a tip here:

Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines Clyde Rigsby 3/6/13 6:47 PM
Ah, thank you  Aussi for the knock up side my head.  Of course, that is what I have been doing incorrectly.  Live and learn.
Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines jbacus 3/10/13 10:09 AM
Hi Clyde,

Would you be willing to share an image of the sort of linework you are hoping to create in LayOut? We have an active conversation going on the engineering team about the ways in which people use line styles when drafting. My position is that line styles are added after modeling to emphasize some diagrammatic quality in the drawing, for example, designating a section of a building to be demolished.

Alternately, line styles might be used to designate diagrammatic qualities of a drawing that are not strictly 'in view' given a particular projection plane— as a dashed line indicating the location of a ceiling feature in a plan view.

Finally, line styles might be used to add more abstract diagrammatic elements into a drawing, for example to indicate a property line or setback on a site plan, or the location of a gas line or utility easement.

Regardless, the current thought is that we should be providing ways to draw lines in LayOut that have line styles, rather than selecting lines from the SketchUp model and 'styling' them in place. Can you comment on this?


Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines kirb 6/18/13 9:25 AM
Let me take a stab at this.

On the issue of property lines, I don't see them as being all that abstract nor diagrammatic, because they hold precise values and are essential for site plans, even in residential permit drawings, by allowing one to demonstrate yard separations for fire code and zoning. 

Having to redraw them in LayOut seems like duplication of effort, and it becomes extremely cumbersome if we're talking a small subdivision of homes.  I think the ideal method for bringing different types of linework into a drawing, is to move most style attributes from a view (universal) style over to a layer style.  Therefore, a "Site-Border" layer could be set so that any line drawn on this layer will be represented by a boundary line style and have a relative thickness of 4 (1 being the thinnest and 5 being the thickest), and so forth.

In some ways, an in-place line style already exists: Using the tape measure tool draws a finely dashed construction line.  You can tell that it is popular because there are a lot of images out there of 3D SU breakaway views using construction lines, either from using the tape measure tool or a construction line plugin.
Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines Andrea MRY 9/3/13 3:29 PM
It would be very useful to use in Traffic renderings where we have to keep the striping together.  The dashed striping would stay together as a line property.  The dashed lines need to have a set pattern to them and having to create small rectangles and group them is cumbersome.  So when creating traffic renderings it would be very helpful to have lines that will be painted on asphalt that can be a certain width and can be dashed to specs.  Same thing for when striping through curves or roundabouts.
Re: Line weights, line types, and dashed lines John Bacus 9/6/13 7:10 AM
That's an interesting idea- hadn't thought of doing automatic traffic striping in SketchUp before. I suspect this could be implemented in a Ruby extension, if there were a large enough community who needed it done.