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Site Under Construction (No Adsense account) Selarka 4/17/10 8:00 AM
Operating System: Windows XP
Browser: IE 8 (primary), Chrome, Firefox 5.0
Issue details: 
I recently copied my stand alone Google site to Google Apps sites. Once the entire site was copied, I checked and found most pages intact. Some broken links to images were restored. Now the site is running perfectly.
The problem is my registered domain name is not getting redirected to the Google Apps Sites. Details follows:
Domain name: (registered with Rediff Business Solutions (Network Solutions Indian Partner))
- When I type in, it takes me to the Apps login page. I am able to login as admin and manage my site. The Google Apps control panel/dashboard shows all service as active including sites.
- When I am signed off and try through the URL, it says "This site is under construction. Please visit again to check the status. Thanks!"
I have made the necessary changes in my domain host DNS management page and it reads as below:
> Domain Assigning (A Records) are pointing to the domain host which is Rediff Business Solutions as below:
Host (Example www)   Numeric IP         Status    Active   Edit  | Delete 
www.   Active  Edit  | Delete 
> Domain Forwarding (CName Records) are changed as per Google Sites guidelines
Aliases   Host Server (Example:  Status  
www                                            Active   Edit  | Delete
Am I going wrong somewhere? Please help.
Re: Site Under Construction (No Adsense account) cooboosh 4/17/10 9:16 AM
It's simple:
1) - you will always reach Google Apps for your site, cause it's Google Apps standard url to the GA Dashboard
2) - you are getting "This site is under construction. Please visit again to check the status. Thanks!", cause you didn't set option web address mapping.
3) - you will always get 404, cause there is no home in GA panel...

Now the correct answers ;)

2) To map your site go to your manage panel in GA > "Service settings" > "Sites" > "Web address mapping" > "Add a new web address" or just use the link below:

Fill out and send the form. 

btw, I suggest not to redirect with js, many people set it off... Better solution is to use 301:
Redirect permanent /

Just paste it to the .htaccess.
Re: Site Under Construction (No Adsense account) Selarka 4/17/10 9:54 AM

Thanks Coolboosh for the answer... couple of things didn't go right with me.

1) TRUE. The site title is /home/ as in when I log in as admin into, the site URL is This works fine only when I log in. Is there anyway to find out if this is correct SITE TITLE?

2) The web address mapping was already done earlier just as directed.
Site Location:
Web Address:
The DNS cname changes were also done. Could the problem exist because immediately after changing the cname at domain host, I pressed I have completed this step button?
3) When I type in, it changes to and then it says 404 error.
Am I typing it wrong somewhere? Should I be changing the /home/ as site title to something else? If yes, how?
I am technically challenged, so I didn't understand anything about redirect with js, 301, .htaccess... :( 
Re: Site Under Construction (No Adsense account) cooboosh 4/17/10 11:38 AM
I will start with answers:
1) Yes, "home" is a correct site title.
2) DNS records are incorrect. I will explaine below.
Here is the proove :) Question: "who keeps your records":
[cooboosh@mobile ~]$ nslookup 
> set type=ns

Non-authoritative answer:

Authoritative answers can be found from:
> ^C
Now I ask directly your DNS provider about your CNAME record:
[cooboosh@mobile ~]$ nslookup
Default server:
> set type=cname

*** Can't find No answer
> ^C
As you can see, your subdomain is set incorectly. That's why, when you visiting http://  you can't get into your Google Site.

3) You get 404 error, because URL: is incorect.

As you can see in your Google Apps every URL: 
is reserved to the top menu of your Google Apps management. That's why, when you typing you will never get different answer then 404.

The correct patterns URL to Google Sites is: 

I really don't know how did you thought out the links.
Was it helpful? ;)

Re: Site Under Construction (No Adsense account) Selarka 4/20/10 3:31 AM
Thanks Coolboosh once again. Perhaps you are right, but I seem to be getting something wrong again somewhere. As mentioned I am technically challenged, hence didn't understand anything about your tests on authoritative and non-authoritative answers.
I thought it wise to start all over again, so this is what I did.
2) In Web Address Mapping, I deleted all mappings
3) Went to my domain host for and deleted all cname and A records.
4) Came back to and created web address mapping as below:
Web Address *
5) Went back to domain host and did the following additions and waited for them to get active.
a) Domain Assigning (A Records):
Host (Example www)    Numeric IP          Status      Active
www.    Active 
b) Domain Forwarding (CName Records)
Aliases     Host Server (Example:    Status  
www        Active 
6) Came back to Changing CNAME record in and clicked I've completed these steps.
But alas, the same problem:  This site is under construction. Please visit again to check the status. Thanks!

For the record,

1) As per your "correct patterns URL to Google Sites", the link works fine
2) But gives Error 404 message
3) My site sharing on google is checked "Anyone in the world may view this site (make it public)"
4) I have two email IDs 'active' and working under the domain
5) I have another domain name with the same host Rediff and the necessary changes in CName and A Records guides anyone beautifully to I tired following the same pattern as this, but on it doesn't work.
1) Is it failing 'cos both Domain Forwarding (CName Records) and Domain Assigning (A Records) are changed at domain host? Is only one required to be changed?
2) Can it be because the "web address mapping" and domain assigning/forwarding were tweaked once too often?
3) Am I hurrying up? I have waited over 48 hours for the changes to be active at domain host and then completed at google sites.
4) Is the domain name correct and with the right host which is Rediff Business Solutions? It seems so, 'cos I am able to make the changes in CName & A records.
5) "As you can see, your subdomain is set incorectly. That's why, when you visiting you can't get into your Google Site." What does this mean?
Re: Site Under Construction (No Adsense account) Selarka 4/20/10 3:56 AM
VOILA... the ways of internet and websites... My domain host has introduced yet another service called URL redirection (beta). I gave the domain name and Google Sites address as masked and here it is - getting redirected. All I had to do was upload a text file into my root directory on Google Sites and I did that as attachment upload and verified at domain host.
Now just a small confusion - if I delete the CName and A records now, will it stop working?
Re: Site Under Construction (No Adsense account) Michaes 12/21/10 10:31 PM
Hi Selarka,

Could you please share how did you set this up in rediff to redirect to google sites?
I have tried the URL forwarding and uploaded the file in root folder through attachment in google sites. But the verification failed in rediff.

Thanks for the help

Re: Site Under Construction (No Adsense account) Selarka 1/11/11 10:35 AM
Hi Michaes, sorry read your msg now. Have you found the solution?

I was experimenting a lot at that time and finally found some solution from Rediff people itself. Right now I don't recall what all I did. But this is how many various settings on my "manage domain" page look like:

Domain assigning: Three hosts
1) Domain name without www and numeric IP as
2) Domain name without www and numeric IP as
3) Domain name with www and numeric IP as

Mail Server Mapping (MX Records)
ASPMX.L.GOOGLE.COM. [notice "." (dot) in the end]
Status: Active  

Domain Name Forwarding (CName Records)
Aliases: www
Host Server: [notice "." (dot) in the end]
Status: Active

URL Redirection
Domain: or whatever it is
Redirected To: 'your google site address'
Status: Redirected

Name Server Mapping:
Primary Server:
Secondary Server: