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How to claim my site on ampeeler 3/15/10 4:53 PM
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I'd like to claim and list my Google website on The two choices it give me for verifying my ownership of the site is to upload a text file to the root directory or to add the text to the meta tag of the home page. From what I can tell I'm not able to do either of these. Is there an article I missed that covers this? Or does someone else know how this would be done?
Re: How to claim my site on Steegle 3/15/10 5:32 PM
Yes: you can upload a txt file to the Top-Level.  Use the More Actions button, then Manage Site then go to Attachments.  You can use the Upload button and choose Top Level to upload.
Re: How to claim my site on zanilhyder 6/18/10 9:55 PM
I have tried what steegle has mentioned above, but it doesn't work.

Alexa error is 

Sorry, we couldn't find the text file on

While in manage this site the recent activity report is 
Last updatedActivity
14 minutes agoZanil Hyder attached -PbpG0Fu19TtzF2LoYGnU1mlXbc.txt to Top level

Please help me with it.
Re: How to claim my site on k8oms 6/19/10 4:02 AM
Re: How to claim my site on zanilhyder 6/24/10 9:54 AM
Hi K8oms

I find that you have checked the file at the wrong location

my website is

Re: How to claim my site on Apurva Tamhane 9/23/10 5:38 PM
I created a new site at Google Sites and am trying to get it claimed at Alexa. Now, since we are not able to add the meta tag, I went for the option of adding the Text file provided by them. The file got uploaded correct, at the correct place and is accessed as instead of the actually required; because of which I am not able to verify in Alexa.
I have followed the steps given by Steegle above, but the above error occurs.
Please guide me for the same.

Dr. Apurva Tamhane
Re: How to claim my site on Steegle 9/26/10 6:11 PM
@Dr. Apurva Tamhane
I don't think Alexa likes the forced download of the file, so I don't think it's possible any more.
Re: How to claim my site on Apurva Tamhane 9/26/10 9:19 PM
Is there then any other way that we can get ranking for our google site similar to alexa?
Re: How to claim my site on MadMan_Angry 10/24/10 10:11 AM
What the fuck is This???
Every question about Alexa deleted from this forum?
I search all over this forum about alexa and got nothing! not a single word?
I have similar problem. Can't verify the text file in root directory for alexa ranking.
Can any Guru give me a straight answer?
Re: How to claim my site on Steegle 10/26/10 10:17 AM
LOL - this thread hasn't been deleted!
Re: How to claim my site on asp1911 11/10/10 10:30 PM
The alexa verification can be done by way of metatag verification.
Go to: More Actions - General - and paste the alexa verification metatag into "Google webmaster tools verification" field. You can put only one tag at a time, so if u have put google webmasters verification tag, u will have to delete it.
Important: alexa metatag appears something like <meta name="alexaVerifyID" content="yN03bVnHb1xEc_mGt-5B3zCDKuU" />, please take care that the the word "alexaVerifyID" should be manually changed to lower case fully, i.e. "alexaverifyid". Keep the content as it is, do not make any changes to it.
Your site gets verified with Alexa, this way.

To verify the site with google webmasters, use the method of adding a TXT record in your domain name's DNS records.
So, this way, your site is verified both with google webmasters, as well as with Alexa.
Re: How to claim my site on aversfeld 11/24/10 5:56 AM
Thanks, asp1911, that works well.  Note that if you don't change the word to lower case, a mystery bug very mysteriously mangles the word to "alexaerifyID".  How mysterious!
Re: How to claim my site on mydentallist 2/27/11 3:17 PM
Thanks, asp1911 it worked -
Re: How to claim my site on gonzie 6/5/12 8:47 AM
Hi Steegle,

The HTML upload doesn't work instead.

Try this

Just put the verification string in your site description 

and the result will be

dont forget to vist my site

Re: How to claim my site on landsurveyors 6/5/12 1:44 PM
you can also claim your google site with Alexa by placing your claim id inside the Description box inside Manage Site> General
Re: How to claim my site on Runsoutofnickname 6/24/12 11:15 AM
Thank you! I'm able to verify my site now on Alexa. :D
Re: How to claim my site on Wwsurfers 2/4/13 1:55 PM
For blogger blogs , The steps are easy. Visit Alexa and submit your site but before verification you'd requested to verify your owndership of site. Copy the given ID and go over to your blogger dashboard > More Options > Template > Edit HTML > Make sure to tick the "Expand Widget Template" box > Find <head> > Paste your Alexa ID to under the <head> tag and save. After saving go back to the alexa page and CLick Verify. Information Was updated 1/4/2013.

For detailed info visit;