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Picasa Slow Upload

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Picasa Slow Upload philandchelle 11/29/09 11:44 AM
Hi.  I am in the process of backing up all of my photos to Picasa Web Albums.  There are a few of them (about 30Gb), but it has taken literally weeks so far.  I am on an ADSL line, so upload probably isnt that great, but when watching the status on Upload Manager it seems to retry a lot of the time, waiting for 25 mins or so when doing so.  It also seems to be blocking a lot of the Video content (these are family pics), which sort of negates the point of the exercise.

Any ideas on why its taking so long?  Anything I can do to improve the throughput (I don't particularly want to bring down the photo quality)?
Re: Picasa Slow Upload mike smith. 11/29/09 1:07 PM
Are you using picasa 3.5 to do the upload ? will need this application to upload video to your web albums,
Re: Picasa Slow Upload philandchelle 11/29/09 2:09 PM
Hi - I am on Picasa 3.1.0, and when I check for updates online it says I am current.  I'll try reloading it and see what happens.
Re: Picasa Slow Upload joycooper 11/29/09 3:03 PM
Are you uploading your images from Windows My Pictures?? This method is incredibly slow. Have noticed in the Picasa web albums still uses the Choose File as the featured way to upload. As an aside there is a "Did you know you can upload directly from Picasa?" statement with a Launch Picasa button beneath. This is definitely the way to upload your images as it is so much faster. There is also another Upload function in the Picasa site where your images are stored. These upload function are far superior to the Choose File method.

Don't know about the video upload as I haven't tried since the Picasa 3.1 days when you could only upload a maximum of 100MBs & they ended up distorted.