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PS3 picasa album viewer security

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PS3 picasa album viewer security jacob.devos 6/30/10 7:57 AM
On my ps3 it has added a feature where i can view my Picasa web albums on my PS3.

GREAT FEATURE, it works, it's fast BUT

it shows all my private albums and can view them.. I'm supposed to be able to see them..  but on my 42" plasma in front of everyone i want to show photos to?

I'm not sure what the point of having restricted albums in the first place would be on the ps3 because there isn't even a feature to hide the private albums. This seems like a really great feature but it's horribly intrusive to assume i would always like to see my private albums listed on that interface.
Is there a way to make it hide that? is this something coming in an update?
Re: PS3 picasa album viewer security tom.ohaver 6/30/10 8:39 AM
Don't you have to sign in with your Google/Picasa username and password before viewing your albums?  If course it permits the owner of those albums to view (and edit) all of them.  You are the owner, right?  The fact that you have your computer/PS3 hooked up to your TV is incidental; it's up to you to use that capability wisely.  If you want just your Public albums, don't sign in, just go to
Re: PS3 picasa album viewer security Sean R 6/30/10 10:51 PM
The Picasaweb feature on your PS3 was written by Sony, using the public Picasaweb API.  If you're unhappy with how Sony's implemented their photo viewer, I would suggest talking to Sony about it - we are not involved with the design or implementation of the PS3 software.