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When will MP4 support wil be fixed in Picasa 3?

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When will MP4 support wil be fixed in Picasa 3? Jaysmart 4/13/09 4:19 AM
Picasa 3 does not import MP4 files from my Xacti. This is very frustrating, because Adobe Elements does it without any further fine tuning of my configuration... and I want to switch to Picasa.

I have read several posts recommending to uninstall Nero, install new codec packs, etc... I don't want to do any of these because : 1/ Last version of Quicktime is properly installed, 2/ MP4 is fully supported by my configuration for viewing and editing, and I don't want to mess it up, 3/ I understand that Picasa 2.x did not have this issue, so this is definitely a Picasa 3 issue.

Did anyone solved this MP4 support issue in a proper an neat way, by tweaking Windows or Picasa registry parameters?2009-04-13

BTW, I am running a Windows XP SP2 configuration.

Re: When will MP4 support wil be fixed in Picasa 3? Onion Zwiebel 4/13/09 9:24 AM
Re: When will MP4 support wil be fixed in Picasa 3? kuyakeo 4/14/09 3:52 PM
Yeah, I wish I had an answer.  I haven't seen a 'clean' way to get this to work without adjusting your video codecs  Picasa is dependent on how DirectShow is setup on your Windows System. They don't install any of their own video codecs.  If other apps have done a hack job getting .mp4 videos to filter through DriectShow instead of Quicktime, and this is affecting Picasa... I'm not sure what else to do but uninstall or have a different codec with better DirectShow integration for .mp4 vids take over that job.  I'll research around and see if there's any alternatives, stay tuned.

Re: When will MP4 support wil be fixed in Picasa 3? Jaysmart 4/15/09 2:24 PM
Thanks Kuyakeo. Your post makes me feel less lonely. Still, I just don't understand why Picasa does not simply rely on Directshow to display these darn videos like most software does.
Onion Zwiebel, thank you too. I really don't want to mess up thinks with a QT update now. Imho Apple/quicktime has no monopoly on mp4 format, so why is Picasa relying on Quicktime instead of Windows codec configuration to properly play them?

Anyway, I'll wait for the next version or any idea you guys might come up with.
Re: When will MP4 support wil be fixed in Picasa 3? kuyakeo 4/22/09 2:37 PM
Hi Jaysmart,

I think I have a solution for you.  Another user recommended an application called, "Installed Codec".  You can grab it here:

It enables you to control what video fitlers/codecs to use in directShow. 

First thing's first, you'll have to check what directShow filters are being used for your .mp4 playback.

One video tool you can use to check what video codecs are being used to play back your video is graphedit:
Download, extract the graphedit.exe file to your desktop, launch it, then drag and drop the video into graphedit.  It'll show you a graph of what video/audio codecs that are handling your video.

Then use the Installed Codecs app to find and disable the codec that might be causing the issue.  You might have to fiddle around with it a bit to see what works what doesn't work.

After each time you disable a codec in the Installed Codecs app, ensure to:
1. Go into the Picasa folder manager, select the folder with the .mp4 videos, and click on the "Remove from Picasa" radio button.
2. Click, Apply then OK. 
3. Re-launch Picasa. (You'll notice that your .mp4 vids might be missing from the Library view).
4  Go back to the Folder Manager, and then select your .mp4 folder, and click on the "Scan always" radio button.
5. Click, Apply then OK. (At this point you'll see the Picasa sidebar appear and start scanning in your videos).

At least, with this work-around, you won't have to uninstall anything,

See if you can use these tools to configure your system to work the way you want it to work.

Let me know how this works out for you.

Re: When will MP4 support wil be fixed in Picasa 3? betovargas 8/29/09 4:50 PM
I just installed k-lite codec pack (full version) from  I'm running Windows Vista service pack 2 32-bit.  After installation, I did a Re-boot of my PC and ....MAGIC... Picasa 3 begins to see all my missing .mp4 files!  I feel so much better 'cause now I can easily play with videos on picasa 3 and upload to youtube via picasa 3.  I hope this also helps others!!!!
Re: When will MP4 support wil be fixed in Picasa 3? Dave-Pennsylvania 11/24/09 11:27 AM
Just rename your files to .MPG instead of .MP4.  Solved.