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Printing wallet size photos

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Printing wallet size photos clifh2 10/24/09 11:15 AM
I have Picasa Version 3.1.0 (Build 71.43.0) and am running it on Widows XP with HP Photosmart C4140 Printer.  My picture resolution is 1364 X 1992.

When I attempt to print wallet size (9 prints per page) and set my printer to "Photo Printing-Borderless" or "Photo Printing-with white borders" Picasa review shows two "full sized" pictures per page - not wallet size.  However when I set the printer to "General Everyday Printing" or "Fast/Economical Printing", Picasa review shows 9 wallet sized prints.  How come?
Re: Printing wallet size photos pixelshooter1 10/24/09 3:24 PM
I'm also using P3.1, WinXP, and an HP printer (8250).
I just produced a print preview with 9 walletsized pics on 1 letter-sized sheet,
- it worked like a peach!
In the printer menu, make sure paper size is set to "Letter" (8 1/2 x 11).
Photo w/white border (you need to cut the photos with the paper trimmer,  once printed).
Back in Picasa, set "Number of copies" to 9, and "Wallet-sized".
Click [Print].