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An error has occurred during importing.

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An error has occurred during importing. paka63 1/22/09 3:12 PM
When I connect my Canon Rebel XS via the USB cord, turn the camera on, and start Picasa 3 I get the following error: "An error has occurred during importing.  Either the source is unavailable or the destination is full or readonly. (2)"  It gets this message when it starts copying the CS2(RAW) images

I have another computer with Picasa 2 and tried importing, which it did not import the CS2, but did import the JPEGS.  I installed Picasa 3 on that computer and same error.  I have 160GB free hard drive space, so that shouldn't be an issue.

Thanks for your help!2009-01-22

CS2=CR2 sorry...

Re: An error has occurred during importing. SanFranMan 1/22/09 3:57 PM
Try taking your memory card out of the camera and using a card reader instead and connected for the download using Picasa.

That way your camera is not involved in the download and you can see if it is something to do with your camera that is causing the problem. You will find a lot of posts on this forum regarding this.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. kilartgo 3/7/09 11:48 AM
Re: An error has occurred during importing. Jim2 3/7/09 12:27 PM
SanFranMan is correct; importing via a card reader is better and probably faster.  Just an aside for you newbies, - when you take a photo, it isn't immediately recorded to the memory card; it goes to a buffer in the camera, then transferred to the card (there's usually a small red light on the camera that flickers while this is happening).  In some cheaper cameras, if the camera is turned off while the transfer is happening (it takes several seconds) the photo may be corrupted and you'll get the "...error during import..." message.  However, more expensive cameras, such as the Canon SLRs, won't turn off during the buffer transfer to the card.  That's one reason they're more expensive.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. llebcire 5/4/09 5:20 PM
I get this same error both when the camera is connected via USB and when I insert the card in the reader.  I don't always get this error, and when I do I can access the images, either in the camera or in the reader, via windows explorer.  I'm running Vista 32 bit Home Premium, and this error started after my last fresh Vista install - never had it b4 then.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. Don Lind 5/4/09 9:09 PM
The post that kilartgo references suggests that you might want to try changing the "import location" that Picasa is using.
I'm not sure why that would matter, unless you were out of disk space or didn't have write access to the current import location.
Maybe the write access isn't set up correctly on your computer?

Re: An error has occurred during importing. SluggoBear 6/4/09 9:41 AM
I have this problem too, and the destination folder isn't Read Only.

This happens to me when I try to import photos from my iPhone. It seems to only happen when I have photos in both the 100APPLE and 999APPLE folders. (One appears to be for photos, while the other appears to be for screen shots.)

Some say this has something to do with the fact that iPhone saves screen shots in PNG format. But if I copy the files myself, manually, Picasa has no problem with them.

I think this is just a bug in Picasa's code that needs to be fixed.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. Runnerman12 6/4/09 8:11 PM
Raising my hand here, I experience this problem intermittently un-fortunately...jus looking for a solution like everyone else. Sometimes I've found if I hit "Import All" before the preview reaches 30 copied I wont see the error and everything works fine.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. Tikimama 6/12/09 12:15 PM
I tried everything suggested, including an 11 disc backup, complete uninstall/reinstall and nothing worked.  I finally removed my card from my camera (Kodak EasyShare Z712 IS) and inserted it directly into my laptop drive.  Finally, success.  I'm thinking I must have done what Jim2 said above - turned my camera off before the buffer transfer completed.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. jaguar6cy 6/12/09 7:27 PM
This is a wild guess, but all these error messages seem to be caused by video files and specifically relate to the video player conflict.
But the conflict, if this is the cause, is easy to correct.
Picasa has been written to be compatible only with WMP11 and/or Quicktime7 as the video players.
Earlier versions just won't work with it.
Here are the download sites for Quicktime7 and WMP11 which should correct your problems:
Let us know how you make out.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. D200 9/20/09 8:21 AM
kilartgo's referral to Boubamoms will likely solve most issues.
Go to Picasa Tools Options General "Save Imported Pictures In".
Browse to and select a folder.  If you want to keep the folder you have been using... just repeat, and select your folder again.  It's kinda like "resetting".
Probably got screwed up when you used a card reader and it hiccupped, or you installed some software like SanDisk.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. cpfullback 9/22/09 10:02 AM
This error occurred on my system as well (Kodak Z650 on Win XP)...the fix for me was simple.  I dropped out of Picasa and into My Computer on my WIN XP desktop.  I opened My Computer and browsed my Camera's memory card directly deleting any files which were not valid photos, i.e., corrupt photos, crap, etc...Once all I had on my memory card was valid files that Picasa would recognize everything uploaded just fine.  Kind of goofy but it worked for me.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. SluggoBear 9/22/09 10:06 AM
I'm still having this problem with iPhone. None of the posted suggestions work. This is a bug that Google needs to fix.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. rpweeks2006 2/13/10 7:28 PM
Re: Picasa 3.5 or 3.0 importing
Look in the lower left of the Picasa importing page, and there is a little box that says choose.  type in choose. another box comes up. example:  type in my pictures or pictures. and it will import just fine. (or where ever you want them to go; I just say My pictures, XP; pictures, Vista and 7.
Hope this helps you import easily.
Good Luck!!:)
Re: An error has occurred during importing. Tombell38 3/24/10 10:09 AM

I had too to find a way around this problem under Windows 7 and the last version of Picasa.
I thought of changing the software called by windows when connecting the camera (a Canon EOS 400D in this case).

So I right clicked on the SLR Icon under My Computer and opened the properties to change the autorun parameters.
I had no choice for changing Picasa to MSPaint or anything else.
I could only reset to default paramaters, so did I.

I unplugged the SLR and pugged it back, Picasa launched (:-<) but I got no error and could manage to upload the pictures.
I retried and it worked again.

I hope this could help.
Re: An error has occurred during importing. rootedlikeatree 4/24/10 9:24 AM
I was having the same problems with Picasa and the Moto Droid. I was trying to import directly from the Droid into Picasa. When I did I got the same error messages as everybody else here. I tinkered around with changing the file folder in which the pictures or videos import into. That didn't work correctly; so I uninstalled and reinstalled through the download I got from the Picasa website this morning.

That didn't work either. I ended up going to My Computer, opening up the Removable Drive: E (Your drive may be different than the E drive on my computer) then I went to DCIM and selected the camera folder. Once I opened up the folder containing all my photos I then opened up a My Pictures and created another folder in it. Once that folder was created I went and opened it up.

Now I have the folder open that contains all off my photos on it on the actual Droid. I went and selected all photos from that folder and dragged it into the new folder that I created in My Pictures. Success, it actually worked. Then I opened up Picasa and it automatically imported the new photos from the folder in My Pictures.

These steps are the long way of doing things, but it does actually work this way. I hope that my solution will help other people that are finding themselves in the same situation.

Good luck to all - and leave your solutions here as to help anybody else that may need it.