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cant find pictures

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cant find pictures dollydotty 4/26/10 2:32 PM
i uploaded pictures from a sony cybershot digital camera now i cant find them anywhere. any ideas on how i may find them?
Re: cant find pictures Jim2 4/26/10 2:39 PM
Upload to a web site or import into your computer?
Re: cant find pictures dollydotty 4/27/10 1:35 AM
uploaded into computer (picasa)
Re: cant find pictures dollydotty 4/27/10 1:38 AM
imported into computer (picasa)    i dont understand computer jargon!
Re: cant find pictures pixelshooter1 4/27/10 2:43 AM
Hello, Dolly!
It's not difficult, really.  Look here:

UPLOAD        =  Transferring data from you PC to the Web.
DOWNLOAD   =  Transferring data to your PC from the Web.
IMPORT          =  Transferring data from a media device to your PC.
EXPORT          =  Transferring data to a media device from your PC.
                            - or to a different folder on your PC.

MEDIA DEVICE  =  Memory card, Flash Drive, or CD/DVD.

Back to your question:

By default, Picasa3 imports your pictures to C:\Documents\Pictures.
Look to see if they are there.
If so, in Picasa: Tools > Folder Manager:  Set it to "Scan Always" the folder
your pictures were imported into.