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How do I view my Picasa Web Albums in Picasa?

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How do I view my Picasa Web Albums in Picasa? kn8033 1/11/09 5:12 PM
I have created web albums straight from my folders in Picasa by clicking the 'upload' button or from the Web Album website (  by clicking 'upload'.  I have 7 Web Albums on the website but for some reason in my list of albums in Picasa 3 desktop (on the left hand side above 'folders') I only have 3 albums listed.  How do I view in Picasa the other 4 Web Albums created straight from 'upload'?  Shouldn't they be the same in Picasa and Picasa Web Albums?  I feel like I am missing something simple.  Any help would be appreciated.
Thank you!
Re: How do I view my Picasa Web Albums in Picasa? Don Lind 1/11/09 9:27 PM
Picasa sees your folders on your computer. 
And Picasa sees "Albums" that you have created.

Albums are not "Web Albums," though.  They're completely separate.  Albums are things that you create in Picasa on your PC to add extra organization to your photos - extra ways to view your photos.   Albums are kind of like playlists on an MP3 player.  Albums don't actually contain their own copies of photos...  Albums just "point to" or "reference"  photos in your folders. 

Picasa doesn't ever really show you web albums. 

But, from within Picasa, you can click on a folder or album and then click the "Upload" button or the "Sync" button.  That will upload all the photos in that folder or album into a web album.   The photos remain on your PC.  But copies of the photos (generally smaller versions of the photos) are sent up to the web albums servers.

In Picasa, though, you'll see your folders and albums.  If a folder or album has been uploaded as a web album, you'll see a "View Online" link in the folder's or album's thumbnail header bar.  Clicking the "View Online" link will fire up a web browser and let you view the photos directly from the web album site.

If you've uploaded some photos using a web browser, then, unless that web album corresponds directly to a folder or album on your PC (including the exact same name), there won't be any "View Online" link.
Re: How do I view my Picasa Web Albums in Picasa? knshurts 1/11/09 10:41 PM
Is there a way to "import" the web album into Picasa so I can mange all the web albums from within Picasa?
Re: How do I view my Picasa Web Albums in Picasa? gwizard 1/12/09 4:38 AM
I don't think you can do that.
It would be a neat feature if you could automatically sync your Web Albums, maybe in the next version?