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Using a different background image in a collage

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Using a different background image in a collage carljh 3/28/10 11:14 PM
When setting up a Picture Pile collage, I would like to use an image from a backgrounds file (materials, textures etc.) which is in a seperate folder from the photo file I am using for the collage.  Is there a way to do this as it seems that you can only use photos in the file you are working with?
Re: Using a different background image in a collage tom.ohaver 3/29/10 5:36 AM
Yes.  There is a trick to that.

During the collage creation process, you can add more photos at any time on the Clips tab.

1. Click the Clips tab on the left side of the collage creation page. The folder of photos you've been working with will be available under the Clips tab.

2. Select the photos you'd like to add, and click the  (+) button to insert them in the collage.

3. If you want to add photos from a different folder, click the Get More button to find additional photos in your Library.

4. Select the photos from your Library.

5. After you've finished, click Back to Collage in the Photo Tray. You should now see your additional images displayed on the Clips tab.

6. Select the images you'd like to add, and use the  (+) button to add them to the collage. You can use the  (-) button to remove images from the Clips tab.

Once the background image is added to the collage, select it (click on it once), then click the Settings tab and click Use Image (if it's already selected, click Solid Color and then Use Image again).  It will make that image the background of the collage.  You can then remove the small individual added background image from the collage and the background will remain.
Re: Using a different background image in a collage carljh 3/29/10 8:53 PM
Thanks Tom, works fine.  Perhaps in a newer version this option could perhaps appear in the background settings?