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Using OVT Scanner

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Using OVT Scanner mwoodyf 2/14/09 9:01 AM
I'm using an OVT Scanner to digitize slides on a Vista laptop.  How many slides can Picasa3 import at one time?  I could orginally only import 100 at a time on Picasa2.  After I downloaded Picasa3 yesterday I no longer get thumbnail views on the Import Tray until I finish a group of transferred slides.  (It helps to see if the transfer took).   Also, the Scanner froze after only a few slides.  I uninstalled OVT and reinstalled several times without success in preventing the freeze.   Today I reinstalled Picasa3 and the first batch of 100 slides digitized OK without the freeze.

BTW  the original program that came with the OVT Scanner did not work with Vista--it did work on my old Windows XP but took forver (up to five minutes per slide).  After four phone calls and trying all the suggestions, the company agreed to take it back with a refund.  Then I "accidentally" opened Picasa2 (came loaded on my new computer) and low-and-behold it works.  I'm at 1200 of maybe 9000 to digitize--100 at a time.

Any words of wisdom from anybody?
Re: Using OVT Scanner tom.ohaver 2/14/09 2:41 PM
No wisdom here.  It looks like you're doing the best that can be expected under those circumstances.  Ordinarily, I prefer to use a scanner's own software when scanning, rather than the generic TWAIN driver that Picasa uses; I just save the scans in a place where Picasa can see them.  But in your case the scanner's software does not seem to work.  Five minutes per slide is pretty slow; most scanners take only about 1 minute per slide (depending on resolution and whatnot). 
Re: Using OVT Scanner echoch1 2/16/09 12:15 PM
Mwoodyf,  Can you tell us what driver you're using.  I've been working with this scanner that I've gotten from Hammacher Schlemmer and it shows up as the OVT on device manager.  I can't tell what model it is, and it appears that vupoint has an xp only, and an xp/vista, model.  I don't know which I have.  HS said it was Vista compatible.  But trying this 3-4 times, I've had the software freeze up after using snapshot on 2-3 slides... the live view freezes or blanks and there's no way to do anything. I've had to reboot to get the sw working again.

I am wondering whether your solution - using Picasa will make a difference with the problem we're having.

Re: Using OVT Scanner mwoodyf 2/16/09 2:37 PM
Eric--The driver is classified as OVT X86.  Mine came with the scanner from Brookstone.  Brookstone advised me about three weekas ago when they sent me another disc that it was the latest so I would have assumed it was Vista capable.  I found a website several weeks ago that had two years worth of frustrated comments from OVT users.  It appears that both companies use the same OVT driver and many users have the same problems we have had.  The program that came with it is an ArcSoft with PhotoImpression 6 program.  That's the one that would not work on Vista even thought the literature says it should.  After I did maybe 700 slides to begin with, I upgraded from Picasa2 to Picasa3 last week and got the freeze-up after only a few slides.  However the ones I had transferred did show up on the Import Tray and I was able to save them.  Then I downloaded Picasa3 again and it's been working fine for about 800 more slides.  The only thing I have now with Picasa3 is that the transferred slides don't show on the Import Tray like they did with Picasa2 until I Exit the Digitizing.  And it will transfer only up to 100 slides at a time into Picasa3 for cleaning up the slides and getting into folders for eventual burning onto DVDs.  I'm not sure going back to Picasa2 is practical but it is an option accordng to a website.

Re: Using OVT Scanner rwspiegel 2/17/09 5:15 AM
Hi folks,

Thanks for ideas with Picasa. I have Vista, purchased my OVT from Brookstone, and had the same results - no worky. Now with Picasa I can acquire. However, the contrast is poor; typically, scans are over exposed, and I loose both the bright and dark areas. Anyone have any ideas on how to get the full exposure range of the slide into a scan?


Re: Using OVT Scanner mwoodyf 2/17/09 6:38 AM
My pic results in Picasa are similar to the original PhotoImpressions 6 program on my old Windows XP computer..  I'm not sure why the program decides to do what you describe.  Mine react the same way.  Then there are slides that start out dark and it will improve them significantly.  It will also take some that start overexposed and slowly darken them.  After 1500 slides, I'm getting a good feel what it will and will not do.  You can usually tell in a split second if it will darken it or lighten it.  On several occasions, I was able to "retry" the slide and the camera captured it before it horribly overexposed.  After I load the digitized pictures into the base Picasa program I right click the photos, click "View and Edit" and try some of the the possible "fixes".  If you click the "Tuning" section, you can darken, lighten etc to make them look better.  Yes, it's not a perfect capture.  I've looked at what else may be avaiable and some hardware and programs look mighty expensive.  Maybe that's what it takes to get a "Perfect" result.  But realistically, my early (late 1950's) slides were nothing to write home about to begin with.  Some outdoor (non-flash) pics do digitize more realistically.
Re: Using OVT Scanner rwspiegel 2/19/09 5:45 PM
thanks. that is encouraging. i think i'll keep the OVT and play with it longer.
i also talked to my photographer friend who does this for a living (she's a professional). she has lots of professional quality slides and scanned versions of those slides. she said i'll never get stuff like she does out of the OVT. If i'm serious about it, i need to go look at a Nikon Coolscan... I'm probably not going to spend several thousand dollars on a scanner, but she said that's what it will take to get good images from my slides. i have some pretty good slides of my own, mostly outdoors. i've always been into textures, shadows in the trees and clouds contrast, and the OVT just doesn't get that off the slide (yet).

Re: Using OVT Scanner mwoodyf 2/19/09 6:55 PM

You might also try to "spruce up" the digitized slides in "Windows Photo Galary" after trying them in PICASA.  So far the bulk of my digitizing has been family pics of which most of them are from my oldest camera and taken with the old flash bulb phtography.

Re: Using OVT Scanner JC_spotless 2/21/09 8:51 AM
I have been experimenting with Veho Slide scanner. The drivers which came with software are next to useless (i'm currently using XP). As as been stated above scan time are high and give poor image quality.  I found the best results using XP default twain drivers. I have used these from Paint Shop Pro and straight from scanner and camera wizard with successful. I tried using import from within Picassa 3 but the program crashed everytime. Looks like I'll be using paint shop for a while.
Re: Using OVT Scanner mwoodyf 3/7/09 9:04 AM
I have just stumbled on an answer to the major wahed-out results of the digitizing of slides.  I open Picasa and ask for OVT to import the slides.  The OVT Scanner comes on and the left view of the Scanner view gets somewhat dark in ateps.  I have been using the Camera icon (snap shot) on the scaner view and then the Transfer icon to capture the digitized slide.  I have discovered that the button on the OVT unit is a little faster in caturing the picture to digitize (really dumb on my part to ignore the button on the OVT unit).  But that is only part of the solution of washed-out downloads.  Typically each slide gets progressively lighter when in the unit for digitizing.  Some of them start light and do get darker.  I have not been able to establish a pattern of why some get darker and some get lighter--until now.   The area of the scanner view that captures the digitized snap shot gets completely white or clear after the first snap shot of the three in a tray.  The next two to twelve (I have four trays with three slides per tray) then start with the background completely clear and digitized picture somewhat washed out.  I have discoverd if I remove the tray and let the area get dark again, and replace the tray to the next slide, I can capture a decent digitized picture, one after the other.  Talk about a slow tedious process.  I'm sure it'll lead to missing some slides and forgetting to Transfer some.  Naturely I need to decide what to do.  I have digitized around 2000 slides so far with some reasonable success.  I have cropped each slide to get the best view of the picture and also tried to do a certain amount of tweeking (color, lighter, darker, etc) to get the best final result.  I have deleted at least 15 - 20% of the results because they were just not worth "saving."  Of course I'm debating whether to start over.  This new procedure will triple the time it takes to get the digitzed slide.  I realize this process is something that we and our family will enjoy for a long time.  It may be worth it.  But with many thousands more to go, it'll really become a project.

By the way, uninstall and reinstall of the OVT driver makes no difference.  Hopefully some of you will check on this post and pick this up.

Re: Using OVT Scanner Don80465 3/7/09 10:41 PM
I have been having the same problems and have decided to use a company to do it for me.  Its going to cost a couple hundred dollars but will save much time and frustration.  I have found several one the internet,
Re: Using OVT Scanner mwoodyf 3/9/09 6:46 PM
The procedure I've devoloped is to put two slides in each tray.  I have four trays.  I wait for the View area to get dark and do the first slide.  Then I move the tray to the "open" middle slot and wait for the view area to get dark.  That's when I move the tray to capture the second slide at the end of the tray.  I have found that it goes rather quickly and it also gives me a chance to do some of them over again to capture the best picture.  I've redone over 450 slides that way now and the results are pretty amazing.  Even some of the dark slides come out very nice.  It appears that the equipment is reasonbaly good, It's just that the manufacturer and sellers of the products do not appear to have much of a clue on how to instruct customers to use the equipment for best results.

Re: Using OVT Scanner A s K 3/11/09 3:01 PM
At there are USB driver downloads available for the manufacturers different CCD sensors. Not particularly for this slide / negative scanner. I have no idea if it can actually damage the CCD sensor. I guess not. It gives the opportunity to change the major settings. Run the software simultaneously with the ovt scanner software. Start the OVT scanner the usual way first. If the video scanner is started first than it will scan and saver picture by picture not allowing the ovt scanner to start. It might even work better like that and the previews are full screen. My first scan seems always to be black.
Within the video scanner software you can apply the settings in a filter sub-menu. You can see the result live. Every picture can be tweaked now before saving.   Good luck.
Re: Using OVT Scanner eblong 6/26/09 7:09 PM
I mastered the OVT scanner, thanks to all of your help - A s K gave the real breakthrough.  Here's what I did:

1.  I downloaded and installed the "ECF Modules (OV530)" file (file name is OV530(AV301P)  This installs a program named AV310P WDM Capture.
2. Start up your preferred photo manipulation tool (I use Paint Shop Pro 8, but it seems to work as well with Picassa 3).
3. Start AV310P AVM, a program will start titled AMCAP
4.  Select the OVT Scanner under the Devices Menu Item
5.  Select Video Capture Filters under theOptions menu Item
6.  I set the filter options up as follows:
  Bright:  0
  COnt:  149
  Hue: 0
  Sat:  179
  Sharp: 201
  Exp:  Clear the check for automatic, and play with it.  I found the best setting to be 17 - at the farvleft of the scale, although I found moving it around occasionally was needed to wake things up.  then I always ended up back to 17.

When I captured the image, i used the Gamma setting feature of Paint Shop Pro to adjust the image to fuit my tastes.  I find it to be pretty darn good at 1.8 to 2.2, depending on the image. I've only done a few, but it seems to ne right in that range.  I can achieve much the same effect by using the Fill Light Fix in Picassa.

I found when I did this, I didn't have to mess around with other image enhancing, like I had done earlier. All in all, the OVT Slide Scanner I have now meets my needs.
Re: Using OVT Scanner ojchome 8/3/09 8:35 PM
Hi all  I have a Brookstone scanner and I also have the same problem of over exposure.  I have noticed that indoor flash pics are worse then outdoor ones, as the falsh is more concentrated in the middle of the shot.  I have a Canon flatbed scanner that does slides and film, it came with Photoshop Elements software that supports the OVT scanner also. So what I do is load 3 slides in the tray scan them using the OVT scanner, if they look good I save them, if not I use the Canon scanner and clean them all up using Photoshop  . The Canon takes longer that is why I try OVT first, and when you have 55 years of slides ( approx 6500 ) you don't want to waste time.  I've tried the Photo Impressions that came with the scanner and Picasa they both work about the same but I am more used to the Photoshop software,
Re: Using OVT Scanner tom.ohaver 8/4/09 5:06 AM
I too had thousands of 35mm slides from the last 40 year or so.  What I finally did was to but an HP Scanjet 4050, because it can scan 16 mounted 2"x2" in one pass.  I use HP scanner software to perform the scanning, rather than Picasa's Import, and direct the scans to be saved in a folder that is indexed by Picasa. I run Picasa at the same time, so while it's scanning, I'm busy touching up and labeling the last set scanned.
Re: Using OVT Scanner mwoodyf 8/4/09 6:28 AM
to ojchome,
Please read my comments of 3-08-09 and 3-10-09.  You might find it helpful to speed up the whole process.  I too did find that flash pics were worse than otheres but using the procedure I describe significantly improves the results--in most cases requiring very minimal "cleaning up.".  I've done 2500 slides now with that procedure.

Re: Using OVT Scanner spoleweski 8/18/09 5:29 PM
@ eblong

I am using photoshop instead of Paint Shop Pro like you used. My problem is it only imports at 72dpi into photoshop. How can you get it to import at 200dpi or more instead?
Re: Using OVT Scanner ojchome 8/18/09 8:39 PM
I do not know how to change the imput file size
I access the scanner thru - File / Import / OVT Scanner.   When the copy screen comes up there is a 'format' button. Mine comes up with a resolution of 2592 x 1680, which also cannot be changed.
Sorry I cannot help
Re: Using OVT Scanner ojchome 8/18/09 8:45 PM
to mwoodyf
I haven't forgotten you I will try your method when I get going again!  With summer here I spend my time in working in my yard and garden, except on rainy days which we had a lot of earlier, that is when I did my original posting
Re: Using OVT Scanner spoleweski 8/19/09 7:31 AM
@ ojchrome

I know what you mean. You can only choose one option when you click 'format.' The resolution is good, just not the dpi which seems to be fixed at 72dpi. May try to see if I can change the pre-set preferences in photoshop to see if that does anything. Wish they had a mac driver for this thing. It'd make my life easier!
Re: Using OVT Scanner fotoaction 7/2/10 3:39 AM
Hi, I have been using photoshop since the first version and OVT X86 works fine - if you want a free programme that also works and has many fine enhancements try IRFANVIEW - I have also been using that with great success with OVY X86
Re: Using OVT Scanner johnms 10/16/10 4:46 AM
I too purchased one of these scanners and experienced all the problems described when trying to use it on my Vista based laptop.  I then tried it on my wife's XP based desktop.  It worked fine if a little slowly - but not unacceptably so.  Then I had a thought and decided to run the MS Programme Compatibilty Wizard on the PhotoImpressions 6 software installed on the laptop instructing Vista to treat it as an XP programme.  I've only done a few copies so far but is working very well and responds almost instantaneously.  I'll post again if I run into any more problems.
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