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How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3

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How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 terkar123 8/27/09 12:41 PM
All my pictures are now in Picasa 3, but, they are all out of order.  Is there a way to organize them by some order?  These are very old pics and do not have date taken.
Re: How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 chanchan 8/27/09 1:27 PM
out of order by what parameters, terkar?    since these are old pictures, i'm assuming they don't have pre-existing file names, either.
did you scan those photos in?   if yes, did you scan them in the order you wanted them to appear?   
if you scanned them in the order you wanted, file names will have been assigned according to that order.   is that what's scrambled?   then you could use folder>sort by> name.      if you didn't scan them in order, then you will have to start moving pictures around to get the order you want.    and then i'd suggest doing a pictures>batch edit>rename, so that they will stay that way.       chanita
Re: How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 terkar123 8/27/09 2:26 PM
Old photos.  No existing file names.  I Scanned them into a desktop folder - unfortunately not in the order I wanted them to appear. These were pictures that were glued to the page and when scanned came ;up as 5-8 pictures on a page.  I opened the folder and page by page cropped them into separate pictures. So now I have them all separate in a folder on my desktop.  I thought I could create a new folder and move them from the desktop folder to the new desktop folder.  I thought if I moved them in the order I wanted they would go into the new folder that way - not so.  I tried to move them around in the new folder but only have so many years of life left and this would take up all that time.  I gave them a number 1 to 221 thinking they would be in order the next time I opened the new folder.  Not so. Help!
Re: How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 chanchan 8/27/09 3:15 PM
when you scanned them in, they were given a filename/number.   (mine appear as scan.0001, scan.0002, etc. in my harddrive.)  when you arranged them and then moved them to another folder, the computer had no way of knowing you wanted THAT order, and so rearranged them back to the original numbers.  
if you decide to spend the time to put them in order again, i suggest you
1.   do it in picasa, where you get a better view of things.
2.   do the batch-edit i referred to.
      highlight the entire set of pictures, go to pictures>batch edit>rename, and enter a name and starting number when prompted,  or instance, Scans-1001.   you can give it whatever alpha name is meaningful to you.   you MUST put in the hyphen.  it's good to start with the number 1001, to lessen any possible complications should you ever want to send the photos to any outside applications.
having just had to reorganize an entire set of scans for a SECOND time, i can tell you, it gets faster each time.   ;-).      chanita
Re: How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 terkar123 8/28/09 11:47 AM
Chanitasambista:  When you say "Give whatever alpha name is meaningful....'  Can I just title the picture for example Mt. Rushmoore-1001  Crater Lake-1002 etc?  Also when you say highlite an entire set of pictures Can I highlite the folder or should I hold down the ctrl key and left click each picture individually?
Re: How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 terkar123 8/28/09 11:52 AM
Also, I notice that each picture in my desktop folder has a file number and a title that I gave them for example 1    Mt. Rushmore  12  Crater Lake, etc I gave 4 spaces to allow for high numbers. the Picasa the picture has nothing.  When I click it I can give it a title but that title does not then show up unless I click on the picture.  This will make it very hard to keep track of them while numbering and titling.  Any Suggestions?
Re: How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 chanchan 8/28/09 3:44 PM


no, you can't, not if you want them to stay in order.     to keep your entire order, the filenames

must all be the same name.   you can do a rename one photo at a time, which is tedious.   sometimes people want to change just one foto.  but you can change them all at one time.  to  the same name, that is. 


you could do this, which will demarcate subsets by showing captions   you don’t have to caption each photo.   in fact, the changes will stand out better, if you don’t.   rename the entire folder TRIPS, or VISTAS, or some such.  again, remember the hyphen 1001 (VISTAS-1001)   go to the first Rushmore photo, and give it a caption.   hmmm, how about "Rushmore."   scroll through, and when you get to the Crater Lake, give that a caption.  and so on, through the folder.    now select view> thumbnail caption> caption.   the name change will show up at each new subset. 


one man here got quite inventive.   he put a title sheet in between the different sections.   you could do that with a collage with a caption, or with text on the collage itself.    the absolute simplest, most noticeable title sheet is a blank, with the name texted onto it.   how do you get that?   shoot a white sheet, or whatever color, or a wall, or something blank.   (with a camera.)   use the text tool on the edit page.   now create a collage from that.   or you could use a photo as your backdrop in a collage, and text on that.   here are a few examples.


 another work around (less interesting than the above, to my mind).   picasa doesn't allow sub-folders, or sub-albums but  you can create them, recognizably, within a folder.    for instance, the examples you gave are photos of geographic places.   highlight all the photos from Rushmore.   do a rename of those, starting Rushmore-1001.  they will be named Rushmore-1001, on up through how many pictures there are in that group.   the hyphen is absolutely necessary.   the numbering is generated from whatever is beyond that hyphen.  do the same for Crater Lake.   and then the next set, and so on.  the file names will be seen if you go to view>thumbnail caption> file name.

Re: How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 chanchan 8/28/09 3:50 PM
oops, i'm sorry, i didn't quite finish.   
under the blank title sheet... one advantage is that you can also write a lot of text if you want, describing that trip.
unhappily, to my mind, you cannot show both the title and the caption.   so that page insert is nice, once again.
regarding your second question, yes, you can highlight the entire folder at once.   right click the title, and select all.
well this has been quite a treatise.   i hope i hit everything i wanted to, and i hope it gives you some useful information/ideas.   you know where to come, if you have more questions.   chanita
Re: How to arrange order of pictures in Picasa 3 chanchan 8/28/09 3:52 PM
one last thing, terkar.   you have to do all the arranging before you do your rename/renames.   otherwise you still get disorder.    chanita