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Why do I keep getting a disk space error?

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Why do I keep getting a disk space error? jjones2hockey 2/18/09 7:44 PM
Whenever I try and upload photos off of my camera now, it says there is not enough disk space for picasa to 'work its best' (they worded it differently...but...yeah) - and I had it so that it deleted my pics off my camera when I uploaded them and then there wasnt enough disk space so it deleted them and DIDNT UPLOAD THEM and I CRIED.....they were precious pictures, so I bought premium storage on the web albums, and uploaded everything there, and now I'm getting errors there, too!  "unable to process image".
Re: Why do I keep getting a disk space error? Don Lind 2/18/09 11:59 PM
Picasa 2.7 would delete photos from the memory card after a failed import (if you were using the "safe delete" feature).  That bug appears to be fixed in Picasa 3 (I've been unable to reproduce it in Picasa 3).  Did this happen to you back on Picasa 2.7?

You can usually recover photos that have been deleted off of a memory card.  There are programs that can do the recovery - but you have to avoid writing anything to the memory card immediately after the photos were deleted from it.  You can search for these "recover deleted files" programs - I recall that there are a few that other Picasa users have recommended - I think one of them was even free...   You could probably search the forums and find those recommendations.

So now you're having trouble getting photos uploaded to the web albums site?  That's likely a temporary issue.
Re: Why do I keep getting a disk space error? chanchan 2/19/09 12:22 AM
 jjones, to supplement what don has said, here are the undelete programs --
if your photos are not in any of these places, you have a problem.  though not impossible to fix.  there are undelete programs that you can download, that will help you retrieve your photos.
"Glary Undelete" (, free 
"NTFS Undelete" (  i think also free   
 at this very moment, are your photos anywhere to be seen?  on your hard drive?  on your desktop? in your recycle bin?   if so you can make sure that picasa is scanning those places.  if you're already scanning them, and you still don't see them in picasa, take a look at this list here, to discover if your photos are hidden or too small.  the last item on this list is to rebuild your database, but i don't think this would help as they probably aren't in your database yet.
it makes sense that if your photos aren't visible in picasa, you wouldn't be able to upload them to the web albums.  you need the one to do the other. i don't quite understand how you were able to even try to upload to the web, from your camera.  whatever, the upshot is you don't have them there, either.  (there are other ways to upload, bypassing picasa, but you weren't working with either of those.)
jj, i know you already feel terrible.  losing any pictures feels bad.   losing precious pictures is heart-wrenching.  so please, two things...  in the future, do not delete things from your memory card or camera, until you are absolutely positive that they are on your harddrive.  and then make a back-up.  as you see, anything can happen.  uploading to the web is A way to keep your pictures, but it is not recommended as a backup.
good luck,  chanita
Re: Why do I keep getting a disk space error? Angielou 3/23/09 8:13 PM
The question of why "it says there is not enough disk space for picasa to 'work its best." was not answered. Can someone answer that please? I get the same message all the time. My pictures are already being saved in the D:/ drive. There should not be an issue. So why do I get that message as well??
Re: Why do I keep getting a disk space error? chanchan 3/23/09 9:03 PM
angielou,  no one has answered the question of the BIG why, because no one knows.   not even google staff.  since quite a few problems began with the update to 3.1, it might be something that got "broken," while staff was making other plans.  they're trying to figure out what when awry. 
 in the meantime,sometimes it is a matter of a camera not being configured correctly, or needing to be reinstalled.  sometimes it's a corruption of picasa, sometimes of something with the camera, and sometimes the memory card.  sometimes it's a matter of firewalls.  and sometimes this, and sometimes that.  i don't remember all the thisses and the thats.   again, we don't know why, and that's why we present theories and possible fixes or work-arounds.   chanita