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Crop Styles

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Crop Styles Starfire77 10/12/09 2:53 PM
Here are some improvement ideas.
The cropping feature in Picasa is handy but limited. Can the programming team add some new crop styles or patterns?
Stuff like the basic shapes - circle, oval, triangle, star, pentagon... etc.

How about a style like crop to border so that the user could take a persons face from one photo to be use with another background?

PS. Thanks for adding back the scanner support
Re: Crop Styles Jim2 10/12/09 3:38 PM
Good idea, but after 5 years of photo editing and thousands of photos I've never needed anything other than the standard crops. 
Picasa is intended to be a simple to learn basic editor and organizer, - and I think it accomplishes that goal quite well.  Every once in a while we see an enhancement suggestion that (1) would be used rarely, (2) is available in more advanced (and difficult to learn) applications or (3) would raise the complexity level of Picasa to the point of frustrating users.
The only additional crop option I'd like is a custom one.
Re: Crop Styles Don Lind 10/12/09 4:27 PM
I'm pretty sure that the photo itself needs to be a rectangle.
And the crop defines that rectangle.

There could be an "effect" that whited-out or blacked-out everything outside of a user-specified oval (or star, pentagram, octogon or whatever :-)
But the photo itself would still be a rectangle... 

And I'll second the request for a custom crop where WE define the aspect ratio...  that comes up quite a bit in the forum...