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iPhone 4 videos are imported to Picasa with incorrect time

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iPhone 4 videos are imported to Picasa with incorrect time Dan_eff 8/1/11 6:07 AM
My wife and I both have iPhone4s and whenever we import movie files into Picasa the time in the metadata is incorrect, exactly 10 hours behind. The odd thing is all the photos do have the correct time. So if you sort a folder by filename, everything is in the correct position, but if you sort it via Date, the videos are all at the front and in the wrong place. I can fix the date using the fabulous Adjust Time/Date function in Picasa but there's quite a bit of video to fix ....

I've gone back and looked at every video we've imported and they all state the time incorrectly. The really really odd thing is, if I check the videos file dates in OSX Finder, they're correct like the photos, so it seems Picasa is the one having trouble. Also, it happens with all videos from both iPhones.

The other thing is that we're in Sydney (Australia), so I'm not sure if it's a UTC problem (we're exactly 10 hours ahead of UTC/Greenwich mean time). Picasa Web Albums stuffs up the dates of photos all the time, but this video date problem happens on every video, regardless of whether it gets uploaded to Web Albums or not.

iPhone 4 - 32GB
iMac (mid 2008) running Snow Leopard 10.6.8

Anybody have any similar issues, or suggestions?