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Slow charging Nexus 7

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Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 12/2/13 5:15 PM
My nexus  7 2012 16gb Wi-Fi only , which I bought around 3-4 months a go started to charge very slow this week (around 2-3 hours for every 25%) , Im using the original wall charger and USB cable that came with the tablet, using Android 4.4. also tried a diff socket but nothing changed.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Jalh 12/2/13 8:17 PM
Same problem here. Takes ages to charge, charges only up to 85% and discharges really fast.  All this happened after 4.4 update. At some point I thought it was the battery. I have tried hard reset, wipe the device and factory reset. None seems to fix the issue. Help!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 12/2/13 11:13 PM
I've finally found a way to charge my phone after having the same problem. I'm sure many do not own one, but my 2012 Nexus 7 will charge on the OEM Nexus 7 dock--but not any other way. Out of sheer good fortune, I'd ordered one right before Kit Kat, had not used it because of Kit Kat inducing battery/charging issues, but finally thought to give it a try last night. And to my complete shock, my phone was once again fully charged in only a few short hours after a week of not charging and finally being unusable without power. 

Even better, it continues to charge each time. I'd once gotten my tablet to charge via USB when it would not with AC, but only once. (And no, Google, it's not the case of a singular bad USB port but I guess you'd need to go through all the pains I and others have experienced to understand that.)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 12/3/13 8:08 AM
I hope someone come out with a solution for this, or at least some way to go back to 4.3 :/
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Vita T 12/3/13 12:55 PM
It's charging faster via docking no other solution though right now.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 12/3/13 3:57 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 12/3/13 4:14 PM
... my 2012 Nexus 7 will charge on the OEM Nexus 7 dock ...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 12/3/13 4:35 PM
Thank you! ^^

Slow charging Nexus 7 Jesse Sheets 12/3/13 4:59 PM
Mine just started having the same problem. It takes 8 hrs to charge up. And if it's plugged in while I'm using it it slowly drains. It used to slowly charge while using it when it was plugged in. It's been on the charger all day and I'm only at 56 percent. I hope they fix this because they screwed it up. I knew not to do the update. 4.3 worked fine.
Slow charging Nexus 7 big six 12/3/13 8:14 PM
Same problem here after kit kat update.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Alessia Camera 12/4/13 4:19 AM
Same problem after yesterday, when I decided to reset everything since the battery drained out really fast after the KitKat update
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 12/4/13 5:01 AM
Seems like the problem is KitKat, my problem started the same week I updated to 4.4.

Any safe way to go back to 4.3?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Vita T 12/4/13 1:51 PM
Yes. The official one.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Damien Ortiz 12/12/13 11:06 AM
i found out the problem i change my usb to my old phone charger and it work it charges like a charm. when I play a game it still charges but when it my nexus 7 charger it will only go to 35% and then go stright down to zero so i switch out the usb. It works now
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Bill Schrlau 12/13/13 6:21 PM
me too
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Allison Kaech 12/14/13 11:48 AM
I have had the same exact problem, slow or no charge, quick drain right after the last update. Sucks
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Bill Schrlau 12/14/13 1:25 PM
Im in support now, google emailing back and forth with me on all options so far, nothing working, if something works great, I will share, just watched a you tube video on repairing common issues, the issue is it voids your warranty.  So I recommend try google support first then other options.
Slow charging Nexus 7 unknown 1 12/15/13 1:33 PM
my nexus 7 stopped charging after 4.4 update. I tried every option. No use. In addition some buzzing sound is coming from it. I down graded it to 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 but no use.    
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Can't unwind 12/16/13 1:45 PM
Same here. Nexus 7 (2012) won't charge past 60% since updating to 4.4.2. Tried original charger and various third party chargers. Rebooted, fresh installed - nothing works
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Aadil Shaikh 12/16/13 10:18 PM
Same here, I hope google comes up with a fix to the issue.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Kevin_W 12/17/13 2:47 AM
Same here. I have a Nexus 7 2012, and since the 4.4.2 update, it's been charging very slowly - at half the usual speed, or less.

It seems like every new release of Android introduces as many problems as it fixes.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Bill Schrlau 12/17/13 6:48 AM
Okay so my case is done.  Without any resolve.  I purchased my Nexus 7 november 23, 2012, I did not receive it until around first week in Dec 2012.  However, neither here nor there.  The warrenty is up.  So neither Asus or Google would offer me anything other than I could ship the item to them (at my expense of course) to have a technician look at and tell me estimated charge).  Something has to give.  I kinda need to know how much the cost is to see if it is worth me sending in or just buying a different one.  Im thinking the life span should be more than a year.  Please chime in if I am unrealistic here.  Being that these boards show a lot of complaints about this issue, Im thinking this is a problem.  I know it is one I am experiencing and I think a game changer for my future purchases.  Im feeling pretty hung out to dry by both of these companies at this point in time.  The support on an issue like this, Im thinking laws to protect us against this...  Maybe a "LEMON LAW" for computer purchases.  Not worth it.  I think, the Nexus 7 is a lemon, I will not buy another.  I will be diligent in not purchasing either companies products in the future.  If anyone has a home remedy for this let me know, Im not spending more money on this tablet & the companies that do not stand behind the quality of their products.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Bill Schrlau 12/17/13 6:53 AM
just for the record,this whole process kinda makes me sad, Ive been a vocal supporter of both companies, because of the current options from other companies.  But this interaction looks like these two companies are no different than the other options.  Id rather pay more money for the company product that will stand behind the quality.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Bill Schrlau 12/17/13 6:55 AM
return it now!  get something else, my experience neither company stands behind the product.  and this is a common issue.  I had same thing but mine happened 1.5 weeks after warrenty was up & neither the maker or google offer anything but PAID repairs.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Aadil Shaikh 12/18/13 5:50 PM
Check this out :

Strange solution, but works!!

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 12/19/13 12:37 PM
That video would indicate a possible dirty connection. I've suspected as much and will try some electronics contact cleaner. (You can buy a can at Radio Shack.)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Fred Lages 12/20/13 5:26 PM
Exactly the same experience. Tried everything. Totally cheesed off and disillusioned with lack of acknowledgement of this obviously common problem by Asus and Google. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Kevin_W 12/21/13 1:51 AM
I watched this video, and assumed it was a hoax. Inserting and removing the USB cable from the charger several times? Please.

And then I tried it and guess what? It actually worked. :)

My original Nexus 7 charger now charges (almost) normally. I don't think it's dirt or dust on the contacts, by the way, as three other chargers I have also respond to this trick. I had the slow-charging problem with all four chargers following the 4.4.2 update, and I think it's highly unlikely they all developed dirt & dust overnight.

Inserting and removing the cable must be doing something at a hardware level that gets around the undocumented feature (aka bug) in the software. Clearly, it's a clunky workaround, but until the next release, it's better than nothing.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 12/21/13 6:59 AM
I've now tried it countless times, including cleaning the contacts. It doesn't work for me. I'm beginning to think this problem is more complex than any one solution that does work and sometimes does not. I'm also beginning to think the so-called geniuses at Google are stymied as to its cause and resolution. 

(Isn't it amazing how silent Google has been about this, and also the press? I've come to the conclusion Google's paid the press to say nothing. If this were an Apple issue, it would have been front-page news almost anywhere--tech-related or not. Is that now the power of Google--fully capable of burying the truth and pulling the wool over peoples' eyes?)

On Saturday, December 21, 2013 4:51:24 AM UTC-5, Kevin_W wrote:
I watched this video, and assumed it was a hoax. Inserting and removing the USB cable from the charger several times? Please.

And then I tried it and guess what? It actually worked. :)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 12/22/13 1:16 AM
Exactly same here. It started with 4.4 update and it's even worst after 4.4.2 update.
Does Google know about this STRANGE issue?
Nexus 7 (2012), 16GB, Android 4.4.2
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michele Deriu 12/22/13 12:41 PM
I have the same problem. I'm really wondering because no one seems to have solved this problem.
It's a kind of software bug I think, because sometimes the tablet shows the "incharge" state, bit actually the battery is discharging
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Mahadevan N S 12/23/13 2:16 AM
Same problem here. Takes hours to Charge and Discharges fast. Waiting for an update on this.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 work.hall 12/23/13 8:17 AM
It is the update. Often times, they roll out an update (4.4.2) for the tablets and it screws the battery up. You'll just have to wait until the Android team rolls out an update to fix it. The same thing happened to my Samsung Galaxy. Expect to see a patch in 20-30 days that rectifies it. OR it might be part of planned obsolescence
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 sweendiggler 12/23/13 4:11 PM
For everyone experiencing the issue, do you have USB debugging enabled?  In my case I had it enabled from when I rooted (immediately after installing KitKat).  I initially blamed KitKat, then wondered if I had caused the issue when rooting.  

After trying everything listed in the various threads online, I turned off USB debugging.  Immediately, my battery monitor widget showed that my tabled was recharging at nearly 30% per hour versus the 0%-5% per hour that was being indicted perviously.

If you're not sure, I'd check it out.  Try turning off USB debugging and see if it folded your issues, because it definitely did for me.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 12/24/13 2:48 AM
Unfortunately it's not my case - USB debug is off but the issue persist :(
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Vincenzo Deriu 12/24/13 4:57 AM
I've tried a hard reset+ turning off usb debug but nothing changed. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Zmago 12/24/13 5:20 AM
I'm having same problems. After last update charging is instanely slow.. i've tried different cables and chargers... everything is same.  But discharging... no worries... you can leave it over night and it will waste 30-40% of battery!!! 

I hope that's not trick from google... like Apple has that new IOS updates makes your device slower... maybe google cripples your device in different ways... hew new Nexus 7 is out! So many reasons why buying a new one! One of them is a HOPE that it might charge faster!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Chipperson 12/25/13 12:18 AM
Please for the love of god fix this, its getting REALLY frustrating waiting 8 hours for a tablet to charge.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Chipperson 12/25/13 12:23 AM
It's incredibly suspect, this thread is full of people with the same issue and other forums on the internet yet not one word from Google.
The issue happened EXACTLY after upgrading to Kit kat for many people, this isn't an issue with peoples hardware but an issue with whatever google introduced into kit kat.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 James M Woolridge 12/26/13 5:30 PM
I have the same issue,very frustrating.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Nikvana 12/27/13 7:28 PM
Guys at google, please do something about this, and quick !
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 12/28/13 5:53 AM
Anyone found a solution? Not that I want to be pessimistic but I am under the impression that it is getting worst. The charge is slower and slower day after day. Getting a 20% over a full night charge has now become the normality. I've tried to find a number to contact Google, no luck.

If pushing an upgrade to make your device obsolete is the new trend to force people to purchase the new fabulous and more powerful device, we'll good luck Google. This only push me toward a different company.

Please get this fix.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jaspher Rondilla 12/28/13 11:13 AM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jaspher Rondilla 12/28/13 11:15 AM!msg/nexus/jth6JoXWgMM/vk_xWvUnm9IJ

See my explanation there and why that slow charging happens.


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Zubeir Khalifa 12/29/13 4:09 AM
The only way to solve this as someone has mentioned above. Keep inserting and removing the charger cable. The method I used is go to settings, then about tablet, then click on status. Plug your charger in then look under battery status it will probably say charging (USB). Keep removing and reinserting the cable until this changes to charging (ac). The tablet should start charging normally then.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 12/29/13 6:40 AM
My apologies. I've spent so much time reading different forums, that in the end I concentrate on the most recent message to find a word like "thank you" or "solved". Anyhow, thank you for your response.  I will try that.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 12/29/13 7:01 AM
OK, what is this. How can you redirect someone to a solution that is NOT a solution. If you would have read the comments that follows Jasper solutions, you would have realized that IT DID NOT Fixed the issue. My tablet is showing (ac) but still charging slow like hell. Come on Google, do something.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Zubeir Khalifa 12/29/13 7:05 AM
Sorry sylvain but my method worked for me so I assumed it would work for others if this is not the case I apologise. I don't work for Google so I can't offer a absolute fix hopefully they will sort it out with a official fix soon
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jaspher Rondilla 12/29/13 11:22 PM
Guys i've got a simple fix please download battery monitor widget by 3c, for someone that havent tried my mentioned aboved or didnt worked this would probably help since google weren't releasing the fix. So here it goes the battery monitor widget is capable of monitoring the current flow while charging, so to make it simple try to plug your wall charger then see if the mA meter or the green number in upper right of your screen has high value "it goes red when discharging the current". Mine goes 500+ then 1000mA when screen is off.aprrox of 3 hrs then wollaahh my tab is fully charged.

Regards. Update me for some questions

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Eriks Karls 12/30/13 12:37 PM
My original N7 charger burned down one day so I bought new charger with 2A output and until KitKat update battery monitor widget app showed that out was charging with ~1300-1800mAh but after KitKat dropped down to ~500-600 and on last 20% hit max of 50-100mAh so I tried my HTC charger and for now it is a fix - charges with 790mAh on last percents. That's why I was thinking maybe Google went in apple's footsteps by making it harder to use 3rd party chargers on there devices?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Eriks Karls 12/30/13 12:42 PM
Sorry swipe auto correct mistakes
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 12/30/13 12:48 PM
My problem happens with nexus 7 stock wall charger and USB cable, so I guess thats not the problem, Im using a Blackberry USB cable with the nexus stock wall charger and it does charge faster but not as fast as it should.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ylor89 12/30/13 6:51 PM
As frustrating as this is, I'm glad to hear I'm not the only one...which I thought I was for a while. The last two days, mine has REALLY slowed down. I charged it all night and it's only at 13%. So I charged it all day today and it's gone up to 14%. I'm getting nervous that I'll wake up one morning and it'll be completely dead. I'm going to try some of the solutions here and hopefully things work out! Good luck everyone! :)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Garramone 12/31/13 7:39 AM
Same issue. First time I Googled it and found this thread. Just posting to keep updated on a fix.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 12/31/13 8:49 AM
Is there anybody at Google who reads this?  Are we going to have to do a class action?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 big six 12/31/13 9:16 AM
Same issue here with a 2013 Nexus 7. Tried the Asus charger, no difference. 

And let be clear, this is an issue with the 4.x, my Samsung GS3 was just updated and has the exact same problem.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ylor89 12/31/13 9:32 AM
Hey! I wrote yesterday about how unbelievably slow mine was took all night to charge up to 13% and then all day to move up to 14%. But then I tried the method provided by that youtube clip...sorry, I don't have the link but it's in the thread somewhere. Basically, you have to use the same charger it came with and plug it into the outlet. Then you plug it in and out really fast a few times before finally letting it charge by itself. It's odd, but it actually worked for mine. I woke up today and it's back to 100%! Yay! Good luck everyone! Hopefully this is it... 
Slow charging Nexus 7 yahya latif 1/1/14 5:15 AM
Use higher voltage charger
Slow charging Nexus 7 yahya latif 1/1/14 5:15 AM
Use higher voltage charger
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Chipperson 1/1/14 5:19 AM
@yahya latif Are you dumb? Read the thread before posting crap. People in here are using the official charger and it takes upwards of 8 hours to charge
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 1/1/14 6:31 AM
Yeah Chipperson is absolutely right - it's not about charger (almost all the people here use the original one)...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ylor89 1/1/14 9:28 AM
I'm back... I just wanted to provide you with an update that mine is fully charged again! Yay! It's a very Happy New Year on my end. Wishing you all the best! I'll post again when it fails to charge... 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/1/14 6:10 PM
I've installed the battery monitor widget and tried everything I have seen on this forum. Tablet shows, 90% of the time, a negative mA when charging. Very frustrating.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/2/14 1:18 PM

For everyone's information:  I've finally found a way to contact and speak with someone at Google.  Believe it or not, they are not aware of such issue with the Nexus 7 and the latest update (4.4.2).  The guy at Google went through the consumer support manual.  You know, the step-by-step, "have you done this, have you try that?.  After telling him what I had done:
- The factory reset (no luck),
- Different adaptor (easy for me, I have another Nexus 7 (which works beautifully, since I've been smart enough to not do the update) (no luck)
- Tried my Nexus 10 adaptor (no luck)
- Plugged, unplugged, plugged, unplugged, etc... (no luck)
- Plugged in different computer, via USB.  (no luck)
- Installed, Battery Monitor Widget (no luck - but at least I can see that my tablet shows -500 mA to -300 mA.
- Have I missed something?

Anyway, in the end, the guy did not know what to do.  He even mentioned that he never heard of anyone having such trouble with the tablet.  I told him to get on the internet and have a look at the GOOGLE FORUM.

Oh well, They've transferred me to Asus, since my tablet was out of warranty. (I was one of the stupid idiots who did the lineup to the get my hand on that device, when it was launched in summer 2012).  With Asus, I went through the same process explained further up.  AGAIN, they were surprised to realized that other people were experiencing the same issue as me.  REALLY?  C'mon guys, open a browser and get on the web.  Do some reading, you'll be amazed of the quantity of information available.

In the end:  The solution is.... send us the tablet (at your fee) and we will look at it. (ya right!!!) 
I told the guy.  IT IS NOT A HARDWARE ISSUE, it is SOFTWARE related.  Everything was fine prior to the latest OS update.

I hope this will save you the hassle of going through the same pattern as me.

Slow charging Nexus 7 Ray Escobedo 1/2/14 4:29 PM
I have 2 nexus 7 2012 16gig, been charging both all night one is at 1percent And the other is at 8 percent charged. the problem started after I updated kit kat has gottwn slower and slower now not even charging at all
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 1/2/14 5:13 PM
Mine behaved in exactly the same manner, ans eventually not charging at all. I also no longer have any trust in Google at all. 

On Thursday, January 2, 2014 7:29:28 PM UTC-5, Ray Escobedo wrote:
I have 2 nexus 7 2012 16gig, been charging both all night one is at 1percent And the other is at 8 percent charged. the problem started after I updated kit kat has gottwn slower and slower now not even charging at all
Slow charging Nexus 7 Denis Osborne 1/2/14 5:21 PM
I had the same problem, but I think I just fixed it. It was really strange because my dad has the exact same nexus 7 as me - 16gb early 2012 version -  but using the exact same official nexus charger his would charge in less than 3 hours. Mine took over 9. With the screen on, his was at about +600ma, so we estimated the current coming into the tablet at about 1a (1000 in, minus 400 out to power the screen and background processes = +600ma) - pretty decent. Mine was only +200ma, hence the slow charge. But why? The only difference we could see was the software. Maybe there was some sort of conflict. I uninstalled easy battery saver, and easy task killer. I then rebooted, and hey presto, mine started charging just as quickly as dad's. Its still not lightning fast, but its useable. Anyway, hope this works for some of you guys.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 1/2/14 5:23 PM
Everything Google told you about not knowing is a blatant lie. I went through the very same process as you, but a month ago. At this point, for Google to pretend it's unaware is indeed an outright lie. And yes, it's clearly a software issue--and if hardware, made so by bad software called Kit Kat.

What amazes me is the lack of press about this issue and the complaints which can be found all over the web, not just here. I can only assume Google has used tons of its money to buy off the Android press. I've lost trust in Google and any who just might be getting payoffs to keep this HUGE problem swept under the rug. (Hear me, Android Police? You're corrupt!)

Also for the record, I didn't let anyone buy a Google product this past Christmas season. Instead, three friends were easily convinced to buy Apple. I only needed to show them these threads.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 sweendiggler 1/2/14 5:32 PM
Mine was good for a few days after turning off USB debugging, but is back to the same old crap. I emailed this thread to Nexus Support as I'm still under warranty.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/3/14 5:34 AM
Good luck.  Warranty or not.  All they want at Asus, is for me to pay to send the tablet.  Bullshit.  They just have to read this thread to understand that it is not hardware related.  It's sad to see that no one seems to see the obvious.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 trevor Lucy 1/3/14 6:39 AM
I have an original Nexus 16Gb and find charging rate varies depending on the length of the lead from the plug to the device, but also since KitKat it's been very bad. I do find switching the device off whilst charging helps, then the next few charges will be at a decent rate before it goes slow again. As an IT developer it sounds like a bug to me that gets reset with a hard power cycle. Let's hope Google do have this on their radar and a fix is forthcoming.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 1/3/14 7:11 AM
Granted, not having to pay anything would be fairer, but are you really bitching about having to pay $5 for shipping to get your out-of-warranty $200 tablet fixed? That's a deal I'd take everyday and be most grateful. Remember, although we all know it's only Google's fault, right now they don't have to do anything to help you. 

On Friday, January 3, 2014 8:34:10 AM UTC-5, Sylvain Gendron wrote:
Good luck.  Warranty or not.  All they want at Asus, is for me to pay to send the tablet.  Bullshit.  They just have to read this thread to understand that it is not hardware related.  It's sad to see that no one seems to see the obvious.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 1/3/14 7:17 AM
Given Google's deafening silence about this most obvious issue, and the countless "solutions" being offered by customers which sometimes do and more typically do not work, I'm beginning to think the problem is so complex that Google's supposed geniuses are completely baffled. Otherwise, why has it taken almost two months now? And given my tablet's behavior, did it damage some tablets beyond a simple software fix at this point? I also beginning to think that's another issue with which Google is struggling.

On Friday, January 3, 2014 9:39:39 AM UTC-5, trevor Lucy wrote:
I have an original Nexus 16Gb and find charging rate varies depending on the length of the lead from the plug to the device, but also since KitKat it's been very bad. I do find switching the device off whilst charging helps, then the next few charges will be at a decent rate before it goes slow again. As an IT developer it sounds like a bug to me that gets reset with a hard power cycle. Let's hope Google do have this on their radar and a fix is forthcoming.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/3/14 8:16 AM
The amount of money is irrelevant here. It could be a penny that it would be too much. It is software related not hardware, so no chance they could fix it. If you read other post you'll see that other people sent their tablet and it did not got fixed.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 1/3/14 8:38 AM
Irrelevant? That's called cutting off your nose to spite your face. (It's also not thinking.) Repaired or not, sending it back and having them attempt repair restores a warranty status. The repair itself carries a 30-day warranty then. So save a penny--or $5--to lose $200. Is that smart? (Tell you what, I'll send you $5 and enough to cover shipping and you can send your tablet to me. I'll take them up on the offer. LOL)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 sweendiggler 1/3/14 8:53 AM
That's a bit of an arrogant and apologist response, Jimmy.  The issue is clearly software in this case, perhaps they should just admit it (Like Apple has with the iMessage fiasco) instead of making people send in tablets that clearly won't get fixed.  

Mailing in the tablet, even if it's free, is silly and a waste of resources.  Google needs to own the damned issue like a responsible business entity instead of passing the buck to the hardware manufacturer who has absolutely 0 control over it.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jimmy Pailin 1/3/14 9:03 AM
I certainly offer no apologies for Google. It's completely lost my trust after years of me preaching the gospel of Google. Three people who asked me what tablet to buy this past Xmas were told in no uncertain terms to avoid Google like the plague and buy Apple, and they did. Search these forums and you'll find I feel no differently than you and other posters about this matter, and possibly even stronger than most regarding Google's screw-up. I've skewered Google throughout with a tablet having the same issues. However, sometimes you have to cut your loses. Is it not also quite arrogant (at best) to save $5 and lose $200 instead?

And again, it's not a waste of resources when it places your $200 tablet back under warranty status due to the attempted repair. Think!

On Friday, January 3, 2014 11:53:34 AM UTC-5, sweendiggler wrote:
That's a bit of an arrogant and apologist response, Jimmy.  The issue is clearly software in this case, perhaps they should just admit it (Like Apple has with the iMessage fiasco) instead of making people send in tablets that clearly won't get fixed.  

Mailing in the tablet, even if it's free, is silly and a waste of resources.  Google needs to own the damned issue like a responsible business entity instead of passing the buck to the hardware manufacturer who has absolutely 0 control over it.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/3/14 9:29 AM
I think you are missing the point. I do not care about warranty. It will do me no good anyway. Last summer when same thing happened, it all got fixed with the following os update. Therefore, it would appear that the only solution available is to wait for it or perhaps flash it (I do not know much about this, but it might be an option)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 sweeneyss 1/3/14 1:05 PM

Despite my telling support that I have tried all of these steps (plus some), this is what I got in response, with a request to re-contact if they don't work.  Sigh...

Reboot / Restart Device

  1. Press and hold the power button until the menu pops up
  2. Touch Power off
  3. Touch OK to confirm
  4. After device has shut down, press and hold the power button until the Google logo appears. Device will power on. 
  5. Retest

 Does this resolve the issue?

Check for system Update(install if available)

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Scroll down to System to and touch About Phone or Tablet
  3. Click System Updates
  4. What does it say here?
  • "Your system is up to date". Continue to next step.
  • "A system update is available for your device." Install the update
Reboot to Safe Mode

If you’re experiencing issues - such as apps crashing, reboots, LED (light) notification stopped working, or fast battery drain - on your device, they could be caused by a third-party app. To check if this is the case, you can start up your device in safe mode, which temporarily disables third-party apps that you’ve installed.

  • Press the Power button on your device.
  • Touch & hold the Power off option in the dialog box.
  • Touch OK in the following dialog to start safe mode.
  • Try using your device in safe mode to see if the problem persists. If it doesn’t, restart your device to get it out of safe mode and uninstall recently installed apps to see if you can pinpoint the one that’s causing the problem.
Factory Data Reset
Note: By performing a factory data reset, all data will be wiped from the device. While any data stored in your Google Account will be restored, all apps and their associated data will be uninstalled.
  1. Go to Settings > Backup & reset.
  2. Touch Factory data reset.
  3. Touch Reset phone.
  4. If your phone is password protected, you'll be prompted to enter your Pattern, PIN, or Password.
  5. Touch Erase everything to confirm.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/3/14 5:25 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Anton 2 1/3/14 5:34 PM
My Nexus 7 2013 had the same problem. It took just about 24 hours to charge the damn thing, and then it got stuck at 93%. I had it plugged in for three days, still 93%. Dropped 30% just over a night. Since I have had it for just over a month, I could return it for a new one. I have now restored to 4.4.2 from a previous backup and charged it to 100%. 
Don't know what  to expect now.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Anton 2 1/3/14 5:43 PM
Tried what? Flashing factory image? Yes.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 1/4/14 2:02 AM
I've tried to charge in "Safe mode" but it's still the same...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/4/14 4:35 AM
Anton 2:  you said you've tried it. Did it worked in the end? Did it fix the charging issue?

If yes, could you please tell us more? Which version did you went back to? Do you have the procedure to root, flash, or whatever it need in order to proceed?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 R.I.Lee 1/4/14 9:00 AM
Try getting a new charge
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/4/14 11:52 AM
What do you mean? That is the issue. It does not charge. If you meant chargeR than by reading previous post you will notice that I have already tried several.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 1/4/14 12:38 PM
I too have these frustrating charging issues since KitKat. Wasn't that great before the update either. I did come to discover that I should never let the battery level go below 50 percent. Seems to recharge better if you keep the battery "topped off." However, mine has been at 73 percent for three days now - plugged in the entire time and not being used. I've tried all chargers, wires, sequences to make this thing charge. Nothing reliable to report.
My observation is that the micro port on the device is shoddy and that may have something to do with charging issues. Also, length of charging prong might be an issue. 
Please software and hardware companies -- get it together and give us a fix!!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/4/14 1:12 PM
For what it's worth. I had mine at 45% and not going higher. Desperate time means desperate measure. I decided to flash it with one of the previous OS image from the link I've posted earlier. First step, while the tablet was plugged in my laptop, was to activate the usb debugging (achieved by clicking 7 times on "build number" while in "about tablet" and then going back to "setting" and pick, the new item, "developer options"  in there click "usb debugging). While reading on how to install SDK and proper driver (took some time as I was reading everything I could to make sure I was doing it properly) I notice that suddenly the tablet start charging fast and normally. So far, only things I've done was usb plugged in and usb debugging. Go figure! Could that be it? After four hours I got my tablet back at 100%. I've now restored everything and still on 4.2.2. I'll keep you post if this end up NOT being a solution.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Traves Honda 1/4/14 1:36 PM
I thought for the past month or so it was on my end (Launch Nexus). Guess not. Here is hoping they figure this out because I cant play Candy Crush without my tablet. I can barely read anything without my battery taking a small plunge in life. Thank you to everyone contributing to this topic.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 1/4/14 3:54 PM
In desperation - I just tried the suggested trick of pulling/unplugging the USB plug on the AC adapter a few times, and damn if it didn't work. Went from 73 to 80 percent in less than a half hour. Break out the voodoo dolls and witch doctors! Who needs programmers....
Slow charging Nexus 7 Tom Baarnes 1/5/14 2:52 PM
Thanks for the post, have been having similar problems with 2012 N7 since KitKat. I seem to have cured this by turning off location services which uses a constant 400(ish)MA which is why the battery is also discharging in use whilst plugged in to AC socket. My understanding is that location services run constantly therefore preventing anywhere near the level of charge needed. I hope this helps and look forward to comments on it.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Garramone 1/5/14 5:28 PM
Good advice, but I already had that off on mine. I have been using a combination of battery monitor widget and the reinsert plug method. If I just plug it in, I will still be a couple hundred negative mA, so I just do the reinsert thing until battery widget shows positive and then it works. I'm sure a 4.4.3 software update will come soon. No chance Google is unaware.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 1/5/14 5:46 PM
Im pretty sure Google is aware about this issue

I just found 2 articles talking about the same problem:

in addition to the above issue, Nexus 7 (2013) owners have complained about slow device charging, a problem that has been bugging many since the very first rollout of Android 4.4 KitKat.  Some claim that it takes up to eight hours to charge the new Nexus 7 when using the official charger.  That’s certainly not the amount of time you want to devote to charge your unit.  In the meantime, some device owners have claimed that the problem went away by itself, but several others are still reporting the issue.

Nexus 7 2013 owners are dealing with slow charging issues, issues that seem to have followed them to Android 4.4.2 KitKat. Some users are saying that while using the official charger, the Nexus 7 can take up to eight hours to charge which clearly isn’t efficient or normal. This is a problem that affected owners of the original Nexus 7 after Android 4.2 Jelly Bean arrived last year.


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/6/14 4:36 AM
It's been two days so far and for me, the USB debugging and having the tablet plugged in my laptop seems to work.  It's charging fast and no problem getting to 100%.  

Michael: thanks for these two articles.  At least, Google cannot pretend to not be aware of the issue now.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Fred Lages 1/6/14 10:26 AM
I took the steps recommended by Sylvain Gendron on this thread and debugged the USB, plugged the N7 into my laptop and it started charging very fast. I am delighted.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 April Banks 1/6/14 12:12 PM
It definitely has to be a Google charger. I was using one from my phone and charged tablet fine until update. My phone is android, but not Google or Samsung. After getting the Google charger,AND doing the fast plug in and out with the cord it started charging. I had been at 5% for 3 days LOL. I agree with last update it must have done something regarding it, like Apple, where u can only use their products.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 trevor Lucy 1/7/14 2:25 AM
I've used the original Google charger/USB lead, those from my Samsung phone, generic ones, and combinations thereof. The only conclusion I've reached is that the longer the lead the worse the charging rate - which I put down to general physics regarding power loss along a cable.

Regardless of how well my Nexus charges, there's no apparent reason for it discharging quickly some days and not others, nor charging quickly some days and not others!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Claire L. P. 1/7/14 10:39 AM
Hi All,

Thank you for posting. We are working to address your concerns and will update this thread

Community Manager
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michelle Hurtado 1/7/14 3:38 PM

I apologize for our oversight in moving this thread with more posts to the other with fewer posts - there was no bad intent, just a mistake in direction.  In either thread, we've recognized the issue and thank you for the information.  To help troubleshoot this further, we're reaching out to a few of you directly by email to request bug report data. Bug report data from you is totally voluntary, but we'd appreciate your assistance. Please don't post any bug reports to this forum -- logs might contain data that you might not want to share publicly.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 1/7/14 4:59 PM
Thanks for the answer and info.

I just want to insist that this problem started the same week I update to 4.4 via OTA (KitKat), and a friend of mine with the same tablet started to experience this problem when he updated to 4.4 too.

Now at least we know for sure that they are aware of this problem I hope they  fix it soon. ^^
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/7/14 5:01 PM
Same thing for me. Started right after the upgrade.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 1/7/14 5:20 PM
Charging is a major issue, but so is the often quick battery drain since update. I've resorted to keeping it plugged in almost all the time. Defeats the purpose of a tablet.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Claire L. P. 1/8/14 3:36 PM

Hi All,

To further investigate, we have a few clarifying questions. If relevant, please reply in the forum.

1. For those of who own a Nexus 7 that won’t power on, what level of battery did the device have prior to the charging issue? (i.e. ~0% battery, 30% battery, etc.)

2. When did this battery charging issue begin approximately?



Community Manager

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Eriks Karls 1/8/14 3:42 PM
~ 17/19th Dec, first it was bearable put on charging at some 21(9pm) and in the morning it was full, but few days later needed more than 24h, and then it started to discharge while still being connected to AC charger.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 1/8/14 4:48 PM
Started being hard to charge a few weeks ago. Plugged in all night and only reached 70 or 80 percent. Discharged quickly, even when case closed and sleeping.
Prior to these problems, fully charged every night and charge would last 48 hours.
Also noticed if level below 30 or 40 percent, erratic behavior and difficult to turn on. Have resorted to keeping battery "topped off" and try not to let battery level go below 60.
I have tried the fix written about here on using USB charging on USB debugging and that does work better -- but totally defeats the portability one wants from a tablet.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 trevor Lucy 1/9/14 12:06 AM
I can't say for certain, and my experience is erratic. If I power my 1st gen Nexus 7" 16Gb off completely it charges quicker and seems to run for longer. I too though have seen my Nexus power level drop when using it and it being on charge.

Question: Does the length of the cable between charger and Nexus matter? For convenience I'd like to use a longer cable than comes as standard but I find charging then becomes almost pointless.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 1/9/14 12:19 AM
ad 1) n/a
ad 2) It started with 4.4 update and it's even worst after 4.4.2 update
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Kevin_W 1/9/14 12:58 AM
Claire - my battery charging problems started immediately after the 4.4.2 update. Before that, it was charging at approx. 25% an hour. After, the figure dropped to around 7%.

I've used the workaround suggested here of inserting/removing the USB cable several times from the charger, and that usually boosts the charge rate. But it's a bit hit-and-miss.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Aadil Shaikh 1/9/14 1:07 AM
Slow charging issue started after 4.4 update and got worse after 4.4.2
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 fymzel 1/9/14 8:30 AM
My Nexus 7 (2012) started behaving like this with the 4.4 update, too. Now it's charging behaviour is erratic at best. Sometimes slowly charging between like 2%(!) and 7% in 3 hours, but never reaching a charge above 70% or 80%. Right now I can't seem to charge over 28%.
As others mentioned mine also discharges really fast while doing standard stuff (like browsing) and so fast while playing games it's not even worth it.
With the current state it's in now, sadly, the device is pretty useless. Please fix it.

Edit: I tried all the things people have mentioned here already (killing processes who might hog the cpu, reattaching the charging usb cable, restarting the device and so on.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Claire L. P. 1/9/14 9:41 AM
Hi All,

Thank you for sharing those data points; our team is further investigating the issue.

In the meantime, here are some workarounds and other resources to consider.

Thank you for your patience,

Community Manager 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 TCJNH 1/10/14 11:11 AM
Thank you least we know that someone at Google has acknowledged the issue. 

This is very embarrassing for those of us who have advocated Google products over Apple.  Two friends bought Nexus 7 (2012) models on my recommendation and they are considering trading them in toward an iPad due to the battery issues the past 6 weeks. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 GreenerGiant 1/10/14 11:51 AM
Have you actually read any of these comments Claire? You have posted help for the nexus not turning on. If you had the read the comments you would know that this is not the issue. The issue is with charging very slowly (if at all)! It was the same when I tried contacting Google directly... Such a cop out for an obviously very common problem! I am such a fan of my nexus but am seriously considering 'upgrading' to an iPad mini! Sort it out Google and stop trying to hide the problems by moving threads!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 1/11/14 2:07 AM
It seems to me that the N7 is extremely sensitive to input voltage when charging, as I've got it to charge properly by simply reseating the connection between the USB port and the mainboard, ie. just dis/firmly reconnecting the battery and the USB/audio module.

See this video for reference:

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Marmbite Bee 1/11/14 3:23 AM
I have been having the same problem on my 2012 nexus 7,  since I updated to kitkat. At first I thought it was my live wallpaper so I changed to a different one and that fixed the problem for a few days, then it started happening again so I used a still wallpaper but it has made no difference. I used to always be on my device when it was charging (as I generally remember it needs charging when I am using it) but now it either goes up very slowly then drops or just drops straight away if the tablet is on when charging. I can charge it normally if I turn it off but then I can't use it which annoys me. I have noticed a lot more things running in the background that never used to and shouldn't be. I hope google wake up and realise they need to do something about it because its driving me crazy!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 AfKi 1/11/14 9:25 AM
Is there an update?  My is doing this too (none of the workarounds have any effect).

I have noticed this though:  I used a 2.1A wall wart charger that came with my phone and my 2012 N7 discharges while plugged in.  I tried a portable USB battery charger that outputs 2A, and my N7 also discharges while plugged in.  However, when I use the stock ASUS wall wart charger, it is the only one that WILL charge my device, and the Battery Widget shows about +250ma charging.

Only the ASUS wall wart that came with my device will actually charge my tablet, and only very slowly.  No other wall wart will charge my N7 while it is powered on.

Turning the N7 off and plugging it in to any wall wart will charge it at the expected rate, regardless of the charger type/brand (i.e., it doesn't matter if I'm not using the stock ASUS wall wart charger that came with the N7).

WTH gives here?  This is horribly frustrating, people buy the nexus devices because of their relative simplicity with the OS and updates, it's very annoying to have a tablet that drains WHILE plugged in to a compatible charger, and discharges at an unreasonable rate now that Android 4.4 update was pushed. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jeremie Wade 1/11/14 2:44 PM
Just acknowledging the same problem....2012 Nexus 7, started after update. Slow charge, quick to drain now. Really stinks as it makes it very unreliable to use. #disappointed
Slow charging. Google Nexus 7 Micwal 1/12/14 4:21 AM
Same problem. Have tried all solutions given here for nexus7 Dec 2013. No luck so far so will return to pc world for replacement.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 John Califano 1/12/14 11:15 AM
Hi Michelle Hurtado,

Any update from Google yet?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Acc3903 1/12/14 12:08 PM
I've had exactly the same problem. Except I haven't updated mine! 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Fred Lages 1/12/14 12:37 PM
What is a wall WART charger? 
What does WART mean?
Forgive my ignorance but I don't understand what you mean.
Fred Segal
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michelle Hurtado 1/12/14 1:18 PM
Hi John,

Not just yet unfortunately.  My colleagues have been emailing users for more information to trouble-shoot.  Claire posted this on Thursday:


We'll check in again early this business week.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 AfKi 1/12/14 3:44 PM
Wall wart = the charging adapter that plugs into the wall.  Just a colloquial term.  Looks like a wart on your wall.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Lucifitch 1/12/14 8:09 PM
My nexus 7 began to have this problem yesterday I have had it for a few months no problems... It started loosing battery while it was charging while I was using it so I turned it off and left it to charge overnight. Surprisingly, it did not charge at all overnight. So after much reading I downloaded Battery Monitor Widget and looked to see what was happening. The power from the USB was staying at only 500 milliamps, but the Nexus was using 650 or so a -150 deficit. Showed AC power not USB. So I put in a different USB cord and the power skyrocketed to 600-700 positive a net output of 1300 milliamps which is close to what the wall wart is rated at. So I tried my other Nexus Asus wall wart and a Samsung one as well with the exact same results. So then I put another longer USB cable in the mix and it had no trouble supplying power though at a slightly reduced rate, probably due to the extra length. My conclusion is that there is something not quite right with the USB cord as it supplied only 500 milliamps no matter what wall wart I plugged it into. Why did this suddenly occurr, there are no signs of damage and some of my test cords are over 2 years old and showing wear? I would expect the cord to just fail completely not just default to 500 milliamps like it's a computer USB. All I know is that I have a lot of USB cables and all the ones I tried worked except the one that came with the Nexus-second generation.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 AfKi 1/12/14 8:25 PM
This isn't a hardware issue. Same cords and chargers that worked the day before the KitKat update all of a sudden don't work after the update.  One cord and charger; maybe.  Every cord and charger? Reported by so many people?  Device issue.  The only change with the device is KitKat.  Ergo it's a bug that wasn't caught (or more likely a known bug that wasn't resolved before pushing the update).

I just wish reverting to a previous version of android was as simple as installing a OTA update.  4.2 worked beautifully for me...

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 John Hinshaw 1/12/14 9:18 PM
Having this problem with Nexus7 2013 model and 4.4.2. Today I noticed the slow charging with the supplied charger and cable when the tablet was left on and either dreaming or in standby. An overnight charge got to only 25% or so and once off the charger dropped to 14% in less than an hour. Plugged it back in and let it charge for two hours. Back to 20%; I then noticed that the charger itself was not at all warm. Unplugged from the charger, powered the tablet off, and plugged back into the charger. The charged warmed up considerably and the tablet charged fully in about two hours

This observation indicates that the tablet is not drawing very much power from the charger when powered on, and that it does draw power and charges the battery as quickly as could be expected if the tablet is powered off. To me, this is a bug in the tablet hardware, firmware, or in 4.4.2.

For now I will charge in the powered off state. Perhaps a fix will be distributed OTA in the near future?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Micwal 1/13/14 12:06 AM
I have tried to charge with power off and on. Used original power plug and alternatives. Used various USBs. With without USB debug. Inserting removing USB from plug.
I have noticed brightness level drawing 45% of power even when reduced to lowest level.
Only one answer return to supplier as not fit for purpose.  Mickwal
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Lucifitch 1/13/14 1:58 AM
The software told your hardware that the USB charge is not up to snuff and put it into the friend zone of 500 milliamps.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jeffrey Duddles 1/13/14 3:23 AM
A little to early to tell, but seems like it's working! I'm using mine while plugged in, and level is now going up instead of down. Worth a try!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jeffrey Duddles 1/13/14 3:23 AM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jeffrey Duddles 1/13/14 3:27 AM
A little too soon to know for sure, but it seems to be working. I'm using mine while plugged in and the level is going UP instead of down...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 1/13/14 3:35 AM
WHAT seems to be working?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Micwal 1/13/14 4:12 AM
  why do you think it's has started to work now?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/13/14 4:40 AM
Jeffrey:What is it?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jeffrey Duddles 1/13/14 6:54 AM
I'm new to this forum. I thought my comment was linked to another (the one with a YouTube link about unplugging the USB a few times). We'll see...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 1/13/14 7:01 AM
If I were to hazard a guess, I'd say that he tried my suggestion of reseating the USB port module's connection to the mainboard. I have a 1st gen N7, and have tried various things over the past few months to alleviate this issue, and have concluded that the battery management system is very sensitive to input voltage: anything less than the full 5v on the line and it thinks that the charger can't deliver enough current for fast charging, and so defaults to a very conservative rate. It does this in order to protect your charger from overload. Temporary relief from the problem can be got from just un/replugging the battery, but I think that all this does is reset the charging circuit, and the problem soon returns.

Through a lot of experimentation with various chargers/usb leads etc, I realised the only possibility that made sense was that the USB port on the tablet was causing a poor connection to the rest of the system, this is borne out by the fact that some have found the dock pins charge normally when the port does not. So far, for the last week or so, my N7 has been recharging I think faster than it ever did since it was new.

From all of this I think that the software thresholds for preventing charger overload are probably just too conservative.

EDIT: It seems he was trying something else :)   FWIW I think that all that does (rapidly replugging the USB lead) is cause the charging chip to crash and reset, when I tried it the effect was mediocre and temporary..

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 1/13/14 7:58 AM
Maybe this have something to do with the "fix"

"This update also improves battery life for all users with Google Location Reporting enabled"

BUT in my case was / is OFF. So my tablet  still charge slow.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 au jack 1/13/14 5:03 PM
I can confirm my 8Gb nexus 7 require a long time (usually over night) to charge, wether original charger or an iPad 3 charger.
It also drains battery real fast in say less than 5 hours of use, it can became dead in standby mode within 24 hours with zero usage.

It is upgraded to 4.4.2 because it was not root.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Robert Bibb 1/14/14 5:16 AM
Mine is same way kit kat. Will never charge. wht every1 else is saying but my friend has a dock n we charged it by dock it went from 50% to 95% n 90min. I really don't  need $40 dock but I'm almost ready to throw this thing n trash. I been apple my whole life this was my test for android.  Grade F!!!!!   Trying to wait for fix I don't want to put another dime into this.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 deepak vaishnav 1/15/14 11:42 PM
i had same issue, nexus 7(2012) charging very slowly since i bought. after 4.4 up date condition worsen. i tried everything mention in this thread but problem not solved, then accidently one day i did not find my charger's usb cord, so i use my friends data cable (samsung), and u dont believe it is charging v. v. fast. from 0- 100 in only 2 hr.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 abundantmind 1/16/14 3:42 AM
I've had the same problem for several weeks now.  Finally decided to look it up on these forums.  After I saw the YouTube video about unplugging and replugging the USB connector into the power plug on the official Asus charger, I lost hope...because I lost my "official" charger several months ago.

But after rapidly unplugging and replugging my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone charger out of and back into the wall socket a few times, the darn thing charged up to 100% in just under two hours.

Apparently this solution works regardless of which charger you use.

I just hope it continues to do so...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/16/14 4:14 AM
Update: On January 4th, I posted a solution to charge your Nexus 7. I promised an update, so here it is.
USB debugging and plug your Nexus 7 to your laptop. As long as the laptop is turned on, you tablet should charge normally. It may work without the USB debugging but I have not tried so. Now that I have a way, I'd rather not touch anything else. Still, the issue remain. I want to be able to charge my tablet anywhere I go without the need of a laptop.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 AfKi 1/16/14 6:55 AM
I can state that none of this enabling or disabling USB debugging, or charging via a USB port on my computer vs. a wall wart has any effect on my 2012 N7--still discharges when plugged in to my computer with USB debugging enabled.

I had a glimmer of hope that quickly went away this morning:  After leaving my N7 unplugged all night--lost ~30% of battery during that time--I plugged it in to the stock charger, and checked the battery widget app which showed +1,400ma charging!  Hot damn, it charged almost 5% in 5 minutes.  So I took it over to another charger/cable and it went back to the behavior described in this thread (discharging when plugged in and powered on).  So I went BACK to the stock charger, hoping that it would go back to the +1,400ma charging--it did not.  It hovered around +27ma, if not -150 to -250ma.  So frustrating.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 rucknrun 1/16/14 10:18 AM
I am in the same boat.  My 2012 won't charge using the usb connector.  I did buy a dock and I am able to charge it that way.   That stinks though since I have to take the case off every time.  I just want to be on here to follow the thread.

I tried all manor of charges and different sized wires on my charging cables.  Nothing seems to work except the dock.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 cortiz1679 1/16/14 12:17 PM
same issue.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 1/16/14 1:55 PM
Another +1 for dock charging.

I must add that i have had this problem long before kitkat and on many rom/kernel combinations. This makes me think that it is almost certainly a hardware issue.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/16/14 1:58 PM
All I can say is that you are having no luck with your devices. THIS IS SOFTWARE RELATED. Started the moment I upgraded. Was perfect before that.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Cll1 1/16/14 2:06 PM
I echo software. bought nexus 2012 this year as a present. the first thing it did was update itself (twice to get to KitKat). charging problem from the first charge ( the first charge was after the update). Harder to believe a hardware problem in a brand new product.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Chipperson 1/16/14 2:52 PM
This thread is filling with people that don't even have the same issue as OP
Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/16/14 3:11 PM
Or comment like your that mean nothing (OP)?
As far as I can tell. This thread is dedicated to figure out a solution about "slow charging", and for what I see this is exactly what people are trying to do since Google is not doing anything.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 AfKi 1/16/14 3:27 PM
Was this really necessary?  Most of the posts so far mirror what is in the OP; slow charging.  Crowd-source common symptoms, and you're more likely to find an appropriate solution.  Everyone has different devices operating under different circumstances, but everyone here seems to the common theme of slow charging, fast discharging, or discharging while plugged in to a charger.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 1/16/14 4:23 PM
To reiterate what I said about it being a hardware problem.

Charges slowly through usb on several roms that I am running that are NOT kitkat.

This problem started for me before kitkat was even released.

Charges slowly though usb when powered off.

Charges absolutely fine through pogo points on all roms/kernels but usb charging is slow on all roms/kernels.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Soup4kev 1/17/14 12:59 AM
I would just like to confirm what has already been posted is happening to my nexus 7 also. Everything fine up to kitkat (from jellybean) update, using genuine Asus charger, then after update when tablet is in use and has the charger plugged in, battery level just keeps dropping and doesn't go up at all (charger doesn't get warm)

When I leave it charging all night when not in use (powered either on or off) it is back to full battery in the morning.

I purchased a fast charging cable from Amazon and this seems to keep it charging when tablet is in use, (charger gets warm and battery level rises), that will have to do for now but a fix is required.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Lucifitch 1/17/14 2:03 AM
The people that have "trouble" since the KitKat update are "probably" due the charge cycle being more sensitive to the battery->usb port->cable->charger. Once you eliminate Cords and Chargers you have to go to the next item the USB->Battery. If the battery charges just fine on a Dock and you have eliminated the USB CORD and the CHARGER,  then it must be the USB-> Battery. It's not rocket science. Look at the MICRO USB Port!, Is it full of lint or what not? Could the contacts have been corroded from your long showers playing Pandora or living in a very humid atmosphere? The problem that most people have is directly related to the MICRO USB connection to the Battery, you don't have a good connection so it puts your charge to 500 milliamps, much less than it actually uses. I have heard that some people have had luck cleaning their USB ports with Electronic Contact Cleanert. Put in a new MICRO USB PORT, try to clean it yourself or send it back to get a new one if inside the Warranty. Some cables will still work due to the fact they have superior contacts that will connect better even if the contacts on the Micro USB port on the device are corroded. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/17/14 3:52 AM
Lucifiteh:  Hello!  Have you read this thread before posting such...
Our tablets were working fine until the installation of kitkat. Then the next morning that issue started. It can't be hardware. To much of a coincidence.

Please people. Describe your problem or provide a solution. But read the thread first. It is annoying to see so much idioty when some people are really desperate to have this issue Fix. (Really, you honestly believe that all our USB port got corroded the same night after installing kitkat??????)

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 1/17/14 3:59 AM
Yeah, Sylvain Gendron is right - this IS NOT a hardware and/or wall charger issue.
This is software issue related to KitKat and all we can do is wait for a new OS version with a bugfix.

Google - do you have enough information about this issue? And when we can expect the fix? Thanks!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Romina Ahmad 1/17/14 4:19 AM
Didn't realise this was such a common problem - I use mine for some work tasks , using a standard usb adaptor charger - I can get it to charge up fully if I turn it off and leave it overnight  but it drtains quickly and at the moment for example its been at 41pc all day- never catches up if you are using the device concurrently. tbh I don't want to have to carry round a dockling staging fr work use - I will be getting a Lenovo yoga next as I also have a yellow stripe accross my screen for the past 8 months  ( out of warranty now ) Not a bad tablet for the price  but this is an annoying and frusrating issue Google should sort it out!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 AfKi 1/17/14 6:02 AM
This was already brought up and further addressed in this thread.  Your hypothesis could be true for one person/device.  But for so many people, and coincidentally immediately after receiving the kitkat OTA update; this is clearly a software (or firmware) related issue, not a sudden hardware malfunction, or lint in the USB charging port (LOL).
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 TCJNH 1/17/14 6:16 AM
Has anyone tried installing the Google Play Services update that came out last week?  It is not being pushed, but you can get to it here:

It does seem to have helped mine - Last couple of times I have left my 2012 Nexus 7 charging, it has been fully charged in the AM. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Robert Bibb 1/17/14 8:13 AM
For those who said they were using a battery widget to test current, which one did you download?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Lucifitch 1/17/14 10:30 AM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 1/17/14 2:55 PM
I am using GSam battery monitor and have had this very problem since BEFORE the kitkat update. Currently not using kitkat and still have this issue all roms and kernels.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 1/18/14 9:55 AM
I honestly think there's no need to bicker about the cause of this, as they're linked in my view. Bad hardware connections to varying degrees , plus intolerant charging firmware, exacerbated by the kk update. Make sense to everyone?

Btw, I'd recommend the Google play services update, it really does reduce latent battery drain, well it has for me anyway ;) So may well help with this issue by simply allowing more power to replenish the battery when charging.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Brian Tapia 1/18/14 1:37 PM
I had the same problem with two separate Google Nexus 7 devices. I was using the OEM charging adapters for each one. I tried placing the devices in airplane mode while they charged; and I used several different outlets, but to no avail. Finally, I unplugged my Chromecast and charged the Nexus's with the Chromecast's micro usb. That seemed to do the trick. It looks like the problem for me was the OEM chargers. Hope that helps!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jose Masahiro Iwasaki Canzon 1/19/14 3:43 AM
I hope google does something fast about this issue.... It's extremely annoying....  
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stark 1/20/14 1:14 PM
What I found on my device is that the cable that connects to the USB portion was slightly out of place, I just reseated it and my problem was solved, maybe open the device up and loosen up the screws in the bottom and move the speaker assembly aside and double check
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 TCJNH 1/20/14 2:48 PM
I installed the Google Play services update about a week ago, and that solved my charging problem.  I am not sure if it is being pushed yet, but if you don't have v 4.1 of Google Play Services, I highly recommend giving it a shot to cure the charging problem.  Of course, since there appear to be similar symptoms caused by both hardware and software issues, this will only help with the software end.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Roswell Grey 1/20/14 2:55 PM
Y'know this may be a hardware problem. I have a 32gb N7 2012 model. Bought on June 15, used for three months, then sat on a shelf, completly off until a few days ago. Started having the slow charge issue today, and I'm still on 4.3. I'm finding leaving it off for five minutes will get it charging. I can't use wifi or it'll stop charging. This is very strange, as it hasn't done this before. I am now attempting to update and see what happens. But interesting to note, it was downloading stuff in the background. I have the battery widget to confirm these issues, and my theory of leaving it off is true. It's very strange indeed. Will post my results shortly...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Garramone 1/20/14 7:02 PM
That link says it is an update to 4.1.31. My version already says 4.1.32 and I still have the charging issue.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Chipperson 1/20/14 10:14 PM
What is your theory of leaving it off? Because my device still charges slow on or off. And I'm not sure you have the same problem as us because it only happened to us after upgrading to kit kat, 4.3 was fine are you sure you didn't downgrade from 4.4 or upgrade unknowingly.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Grant Vowles 1/21/14 7:43 PM
I have had the same issue, and have been experimenting with some success with factory resets.
If you factory reset my device and DON'T log onto a google account, the battery works fine.  Charges perfectly, discharges slowly and works as good as new. Success on 3 consecutive resets.  No good if you want to use the app store.
If you log in normally, the device will download a pile of updates and the battery will start misbehaving again.
Turning off various Google add on apps has not worked in the last test.
Last test indicated Google Services was the major battery user with 52%.
I am currently trying a reset with app update turned OFF on Google Play.  I am hoping this works.

Suspect one of the Google Services software updates is to blame for this problem, have not located the exact package yet.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Chipperson 1/21/14 8:56 PM
What apps are taking battery usage is somewhat irrelevant since the device still charges incredibly slow when turned off.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michał Kali Kaliniaczek 1/22/14 3:48 PM
I have the same issue as you guys but i turned off the synchronization option and guess what ?  it worked for me. There must be some google app that is synching like crazy.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 hueyco 1/23/14 11:26 AM
I read all the threads above and tried it. The one that worked for me was not using the original charger but a Motorola charger that I used for my phone, charged overnight and it is holding, so far so good.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Alessandro Michelutti 1/23/14 12:49 PM
Hi, I own a nexus 7 2012 16gB and manager to charge it only with 200mA (about 15h to fully charge it). Today I did a test with a collegue owning a nexus 7 2012 32gB 3G: he could charge at 1A   and me, with his charger (stock charger) , again with only 200mA. We both have installed android 4.4.2, same kernel. No idea why mine takes so long. Does anybody tried to do an hard reset? Was it successfull?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Heavypen 1/24/14 8:22 AM
I'm among the grumbling multitudes, experiencing extremely slow charges from the stock AC charger (Nexus 7) after update to KitKat 4.4. Out of desperation, I plugged the pad to my old XP PC (w/sp3) - via usb 2.0 - and was dumbfounded (literally gobsmacked) when the pad started recharging normally. I've done this three times - just to be sure. The pad charges slow or not at all with the stock charger, non-stock chargers with lower amp (e.g., iPhone 1.0a) or portable battery chargers. But now it charges like a champ with my old XP. 

To help with troubleshooting, I installed Battery Doctor (free). I used the optimize feature to control battery drain. According to the app, I'm getting a full and fast (normal speed) charge. I'd like to know if anyone else can duplicate what I've done. I have not plugged the pad to a later OS/rev PC (e.g., Win8). 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/24/14 12:46 PM
As I explained in a previous post, this is exactly how I manage to charge mine. Plugged in my laptop (win 7)  
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Heavypen 1/24/14 4:48 PM
LOL... who does a deep read on a public forum? Anyhow, it's good to know that this solution is available; at least for some N7 users. Thanks.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/24/14 4:52 PM
Whoever is seeking for a solution to a problem. Trust me I've read everything I could found. Also, reading prevent unnecessary post.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Charles Cropp 1/24/14 5:35 PM
The silence from Google and Asus about this is deafening.  I know it's not the charger.  The charger that came with my Nexus 7 - 2012 charges my wife's Kindle Fire perfectly.  The problem comes and goes for me.  Two days ago, the nexus actually fully charged overnight.  Now, the slow charging is back.  I am really getting fed up with both Asus and Google.  I understand that if its a software issue, it is going to take time to fix it.  But, there's been very little acknowledgment from Google about this.  I'm just asking them to throw us a bone and at least tell us they are working on the problem.  An Apple IPad is looking better and better everyday.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jeffrey Duddles 1/24/14 11:23 PM
This trick of quickly removing and inserting the USB plug worked for me. Immediately it charged completely in a reasonable time, and did not slowly drain while being used while plugged in. It's been over a week, and several charging cycles and all is well! GOOD LUCK!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 1/25/14 8:48 AM
guys try the usb insert-reinsert technique which certainly does the trick. it may have been absurd but you can see it goes positive (use battery monitor widget) with that technique. doesnt last long though.

ive tried to observe 3 nexus', 2 defective with the same issue, and one normal. here is what i found:

1. they all run on kit kat build.
2. the 2 defective nexus i had, first showed symptoms of slow charging (overnight for 40 percent) for a month, before giving up unable to charge properly. so i assume it takes time.
3. it is not version related. i rolled back to 4.1.2 but still cannot charge normally. 
4. it could be probably related to the bootloader since the defective ones bootloader are not updated (4.18 vs 4.23, the latest) 
5. IT IS NOT CHARGER RELATED. im sick of customer service telling me to use OEM, for god sake i tried 3 oems, and all chargers i can find, they charge normally on other tabs/smartphones except the nexus 7.
6. the absurd technique of insert re-insert the cable at the charger area works for some unknown reason, but could not last long though. use battery widget monitor to check it.
7. flashing to stock doesn't work. 
8. no current solution as per google/asus. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 1/25/14 8:53 AM
I have kept mine plugged in 100 percent of the time the past month. Used it plugged in. Managed to keep it up to 100 percent overnight - but the last three days back to unexplained discharges and can only get it as high as 87 percent. What happened to Google's troubleshooting? I sent in my specs as did many others here. But that was weeks ago. Device of no use at this point.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Charles Cropp 1/25/14 9:38 AM
I am using the GSam Battery Monitor.  It shows what my Nexus pulls from the charger.  Sometimes, with the charger plugged in, it still shows the battery discharging.  It is showing the charger as "charging" too.  When I unplug it and plug it back in, the current the battery pulls is different every time.  I just keep unplugging and plugging back in until the battery shows that it is actually drawing power from the charger instead of discharging.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Garramone 1/25/14 2:00 PM
I just tried my LG 1A charger and battery monitor says +500 mA. I use the stock 2.1A charger and I am negative. Smh. I hope they fix it soon.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 1/25/14 3:15 PM
Thanks Charles. I downloaded the battery monitor. Now I have the data to show there is a problem. I have a plug-in multi charger that has AC and USB ports, even that will not get Nexus charging. Last resort was turning off WiFi and sleeping the device. After 2 hours, went from 77% to 99%. But lost 3% just writing this post. Big #fail.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PD_BARBS 1/26/14 2:01 AM
I just wanted to add my voice to the ranks of disillusioned customers impacted by this.  I hate apple and love this device.but if you cant get a good charge on it, its pretty unusable. Like other I find it charges better plugged into the laptop, I'm on windows 8 (another pile of crap, but that's another story).  Its unfortunate that I am seriously thinking of getting rid of it in favour of an iPad mini

Google you really need to get your act together on this, as it would definitely put me off buying another Google product.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Micwal 1/26/14 2:11 AM
I tried every trick noted in this forum and failed to rectify problem. Now sent it back for repair to Asus. Waiting to see how it will work when I get it back.  Always worried it might fail again when I need it.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PD_BARBS 1/26/14 2:19 AM
Was it still under warranty?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 schuler64 1/26/14 6:36 AM
Mine takes 2 days to charge now
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Alessandro Michelutti 1/26/14 10:45 AM
The problem is occurring since months. What is the answer of Google? I haven't  read any concrete solution so far. At the moment my only solution it's charging by connecting to a windows xp laptop (great having a tablet such that). What about the docking station? Is it charging with 2A?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 RonF60 1/26/14 11:33 AM

On Saturday, 25 January 2014 16:48:49 UTC, ResidentRocker wrote:

4. it could be probably related to the bootloader since the defective ones bootloader are not updated (4.18 vs 4.23, the latest) 

My Nexus 7 has bootloader 4.23 and does not charge on the original ASUS charger most of the time. It does seem to reliably charge on an Amazon Kindle charger (which is rated at 850mA rather than the 2A of the ASUS charger). Sometimes switching the cable from the Kindle to the ASUS it continues to charge, sometimes not.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Charles Cropp 1/26/14 12:00 PM
Has anyone here tried the Asus dock?  Will the tablet charge normally using the dock?  I charged it today for 8 hours.  Went from 15% to 44% in 3 hours and then it decided it wasn't going to charge anymore.  So frustrating, I really like Android more than iOS, but I'm getting close to the point of no return.  :-(
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 1/26/14 8:48 PM
so we can now rule out the boot loader.
not the kernel.
probably not the o.s..

i hope its not hardware.
its unfortunate the dock is not available in our locality.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Pete.T 1/27/14 3:16 AM
Mine was taking 2 days to charge however if I power it off, power it back on, then plug in the original charger and cable, then switch the power on at the wall it certainly charges a lot faster. I have repeated this 4 times now,and every time it has charged within hours rather than days. I have no idea why it is working but I hope it helps someone else too.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joshua Calkin 1/27/14 7:41 AM
I bought a dock on Amazon for around $30.  Before, I was getting no charge from the usb port at all.  The only benefit of "charging" it was so that it wouldn't lose any power from where it was at that moment.

The dock, however, charged from 0-100 in about 2 hours, and afterwards, it seems like the battery holds the charge better.  Before, at a time when the nexus still charged 10-20 percent in a days time, it would lose that charge fairly quickly.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Heavypen 1/27/14 5:41 PM
Reposting a solution that works is actually helpful - especially in a very long string. 

So again I repeat to other N7 users - try plugging into a Windows laptop - a solution tested with XP and Win8 PC: you'll get a full charge with normal charging time. 
I've been doing this for more than a week now with high satisfaction.  

However, I'd still like Google to fix this. In effect, my N7 pad is "tethered" to my PC - and that's simply not acceptable.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 1/27/14 5:52 PM
What USB cable are you using ?

The stock one?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Heavypen 1/27/14 6:28 PM
I'm using the USB cable that came with the pad.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jeffrey Duddles 1/28/14 11:46 AM
So... I've been following this string for a few weeks. Now I want to quit. None of the unsubscribe links, email or other things work! GOOGLE make it stop?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Cho CoMo 1/28/14 12:50 PM
Jeffrey DuddlesLevel 1
12:46 PM (59 minutes ago)
Other recipients:
So... I've been following this string for a few weeks. Now I want to quit. None of the unsubscribe links, email or other things work! GOOGLE make it stop?

So... I've been following this string for a few weeks. Now I want to quit. None of the unsubscribe links, email or other things work! GOOGLE make it stop?

Goto My Settings>My Topic subscriptions   on your Groups page and kill the subscription


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 NexusNeil 1/28/14 4:15 PM
This same slow charging issue has just hit my Nexus 7 (2012) 16GB WiFi too.  I updated to KitKat (4.4.2) before Christmas and everything was fine until a few days ago when I noticed that it wasn't charging correctly.  At first I thought I wasn't plugging it in correctly, but then noticed it was charging extremely slowly.  Even after leaving it charging over the weekend I was unable to get it to charge much higher than ~85%.  Last night I left it playing a video on loop to deliberately run down the battery, then plugged in to recharge this morning and after around 3 hours it was still only up to 10%.  I then did a web search, came across this forum and have tried everything suggested so far, but to no avail:
1) charge when completely powered off
2) rapid plug/unplug usb cable from original charger
3) charge from laptop via usb
4) charge in safe mode
5) disable wifi, location, bluetooth etc.
6) Uninstalled the few apps I installed recently
I can't think of anything I've done or installed that may have caused this.  Have there been any updates to Google Play Services recently that may have caused this?  Google, please help - I love my Nexus 7!
(unknown) 1/29/14 2:01 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Heavypen 1/29/14 2:41 PM
I'm a bit surprised that the USB to PC option doesn't work because that's all that works for me. I have N7 w/KK 4.4.2 - doing full charges in normal time going on a week+. I also know that other posters have confirmed that the USB to PC option is working for them and I know two other users that say the same. All I can say is make sure that your USB cable is good; plug socket is good. If you haven't already, download a battery mgmt app (I use "Battery Doctor"). If nothing works, then we'll all have to wait until Google notices the problem and comes up with a fix.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 1/29/14 2:51 PM
Great solution if you have a PC - but I don't have one! Where did it say you needed a PC to charge this tablet in the Nexus marketing? Docks are expensive - why spend another dime on a device that the company won't support?
This is a failure. Perhaps a class - action consumer complaint/suit in order?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 1/29/14 4:40 PM
Count me in fora class - action consumer complaint/suit in order.

I'm sick of this.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 formid 1/29/14 8:02 PM
So annoyed with Google. After the Kitkat upgrade, my 2012 Nexus 7 has never been the same again. Slow charging and that only works when plugged in to my laptop. It doesn't work with the original charger from Asus. I can't believe Google is not paying attention and resolve this major issue. I've tried all things but nothing works.

I'm loathe to buy another Google product if this persists. The trouble is, I also hate Apple. What a bothersome situation to be in. 

Google, get your act together!!!
(unknown) 1/29/14 8:24 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Hello_! 1/29/14 8:51 PM
Hi all,

I ran across this discussion earlier while searching for a solution to the same problems. Awhile ago, probably when my device ran the update everyone is talking about, my Nexus 7 was slow to charge and if in-use while charging the battery would continue to drain at about 20% per hour. However, I found a solution and after knowing what frustration everyone else is going through, I thought I would share it.

The link provided goes Nexus 7 charger listed by Amazon and as of today, 1/29/14, it is $12.90. Some of the reviews said it fixes this problem, and for just under $13 I thought I'd give it a try. It seemed more reasonable than some of the hit or miss solutions that have been posted here at least, and the dock people are talking about costs $35. It just arrived in the mail today, but so far it is working well. Battery is rising while in-use which is really all I care about. I estimate in increased about 10% in the past hour with Wi-Fi connected, brightness about maxed, and running an app the entire time. Only thing I don't like is that it has to be plugged into a wall outlet.

I'll try to revisit this Friday to post more precise statistics. I hope it works for you all too!

P.S. I also don't get why people are having problems with their customer support. I contacted Asus and they were fantastic for me at least. The OS crashed, so I called them up to explain it and they emailed me a report that was easy to fill out as well as well as a print out for free shipping. The best thing was English seemed to be the first language and they were technology literate. Shipped it out and got it back in about a week just like new. The OS wasn't recovered, but that is understandable given it's state. I was honestly pleased with their service and am not usually patient with customer service.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Peranders Dahlström 1/30/14 2:35 AM
I live i Sweden so the charger Hello_! suggests unfortunately does not fit into our AC outlets.
However I can ( it seems) charge from a computer. Yesterday I thought my Nexus 7 was leaving me for good as charging with OEM AC adaptor gave in completely.
I tried connecting it to my laptop at work with no success and at home I had no luck with my stationary PC . I turned off the Nexus and connected it to one of the computers USB ports and it started to charge. Went to bed and this morning, about 6 hours later, it had gone from 14%  to 82% but charging had stopped. It must have "lost contact" as the Nexus was now turned on.
I have now trid to connect to an older Laptop at work and If the Nexus is turned of i t starts to charge but quickly looses contact and does not go above 83%
My AC charger works ( but of course not with the Nexus 7) because I tested charging a friends phone. The USB-port in the Nexus apparently works as I can charge through it from a computer but yesterday I tried to connect a memorycard reader (with OTG cable and the Nexus Media import app) with no luck.

Google must now be aware of this problem but I don´t really understand why they act as they have not heard anything. Perhaps they are completely in shock as they have absolutely no clue how to fix this. I wonder if they really tested KitKat on a Nexus 7 or just ran a simulation on a developers PC :-) I wouldn´t be surprised if that was how it testing was done.
Or perhaps it is NSA that has put trojans in the OS :-)

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Garramone 1/30/14 6:26 AM
LG 1A charger with non-stock USB cable is still going strong. It is actually my daughter's  Nexus 7. I just showed her to watch battery monitor widget and when she plugs it in to make sure it is green. So far plugged in with the tablet on it goes to about +400 mA. Not sure if it drains faster, but we are not tethered to a PC at least. I have to believe Google knows about the issue, but OS updates just don't come out as fast as we would all like.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Peranders Dahlström 1/31/14 10:33 AM
My 2012 Nexus 7 is now definitely going to die. Battery level 9% and I can´t find a way to charge it. The other night it charged through my computer but now it will not. Can´t find any combination of turning on, turning off, inserting and extracting the USB cable or whatever trick that has been suggested in this thread to get the charging going.
F..k you Google.
By the way is this charging problem also a problem with the HD 2013 model as well?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 1/31/14 11:32 AM
Hello all after reading an earlier comment about a nexus with th 4.23 bootloader not having this problem I upgraded and it seems like the problem has gone....I was however gokng throuhh all the other options, plugging and replugging, pogo/dock charging, usb charging from laptop, running a rom with no google services installed.....and llastly updating my bootloadr to 4.23.

Could anyone on the 4.23 bootloader confirm they still have the charge issue?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 rucknrun 1/31/14 12:23 PM
I am on 4.23 and I have the issue.  
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Cho CoMo 1/31/14 1:07 PM
How do we determine the Bootloader version?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 1/31/14 1:12 PM
Thanks for clarifying. This problem is obviously hard to track down. I had this problem for weeks and weeks, however for the last week I have not had it!!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 1/31/14 1:15 PM
To determine boot loaderpower on while pressing both volume buttons, keep all three buttons held till it boots to fastboot screen.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Cho CoMo 1/31/14 1:19 PM
My 2012 would only charge if using the factory Wart & cable. Other chargers did not keep up; regardless of amperage capability.
Then we got the Dock.
On the Dock it also charges OK with the factory Wart etc;
BUT, as soon as we plug anything into the USB port, it quits charging.
Just a bare cable plugged in seems to tell the Charger logic(?) to charge from the USB port.
I use a Logitech Mouse w/Unifying receiver bud.
Can totally replicate the Problem endlessly.
Clearly a flawed charging port decision is being executed.
Google needs to get their GIO logic straightened out.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Cho CoMo 1/31/14 1:22 PM
4.23 loader   .........
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 1/31/14 5:58 PM
this is the only thing that works for me (other than the dock which i do not have and is not available in our locality)

use the battery monitor widget while doing the plug-unplug technique.
do the plug unplug technique 4-6 times, with the battery monitor widget app on, make sure it goes positive +170mah to +600mah before you leave it to charge.

enable the history in battery monitor widget so you can check how it goes. and yeah, monitor it every now and then because sometimes it drops to negative after a few hour so you have to do the process all over again.

works. but with great deal of effort. for people who tried everything. :P
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 2/1/14 8:58 AM
I have been using the battery monitor to see when I am actually charging. I've used many of the workarounds posted here. Some work occasionally.
This morning I was having no luck getting a positive charge, even with wifi off!
For giggles, I put tablet in Airplane Mode, plugged in wart charger and got a positive 180mA. Put the tablet to sleep so I could get it charged completely. Sadly, checked an hour later and it only charged 1 percent and is now discharging at 220mA !
No doubt in my mind this device is possessed!!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 2/1/14 3:24 PM
UPDATE: Nexus fully charged in in 4 hours using Airplane Mode. Not a solution, but a possible workaround.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 NexusNeil 2/1/14 4:19 PM
I concur with ResidentRocker. The only thing that works for me is to install Battery Monitor Widget, then try plugging in and unplugging the charger until you see it go green and indicate that it's receiving around +500mA of charge, then leaving it to charge. You have to keep checking back regularly though, because it doesn't always maintain that level and will sometimes drop down and start discharging, so you have to repeat the process again. However, using this method I've managed to get it back up to 100% a number of times over the last few days.

For what it's worth, my bootloader version is 4.23.

I think I might post something about this issue to CNET or Android Central etc. to see if they can get a story running on this, which might cause Google to put some more effort into investigating and resolving the issue.  It's really frustrating that we've not heard anything for them since Claire posted a few weeks ago. I know a few others who purchased a Nexus 7 around the same time as me (July 212) who are also suffering the same issue.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 2/2/14 12:50 AM
I think it's a good idea to post something about this issue to CNET or Android Central etc. as Google is not communicating with us!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Farmaan Elahi 2/2/14 7:53 AM
I have a temporary solution to it...
Use MultiRom for Nexus 7(2012) to avoid slow charging
Flash the stock Android 4.3
Install MultiRom
Then Add Any Secondary Rom like PA 4 Beta 
You Would be able to charge faster in All the Rom
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 fremsley 2/3/14 5:10 AM
Also July '12 purchase. Have tried most of the tips here, but the only one working is to plug it into a USB socket of a laptop and it charges nicely. Turned Nexus 7 off at 19%, charging all night, then returning to find no difference 10 hours later. Battery monitor never showing positive. Now on 45% after a couple of hours, which was always standard.

KitKat has been a nightmare for my Nexus 7.  Needed to install a 3rd party cache cleaner and clean every few hours if using.  Before I did that it was almost unusable (nearly bricked).  I'm an experienced VMS/Unix/Linux user, who knows one end of a software problem from another. This is not a hardware issue, but something fundamentally wrong in the KitKat roll-out.  Before that, rock-steady great tablet.  After, basket-case. C'mon Gurgle, get your act together. This is weak.


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 AfKi 2/3/14 6:30 AM
Much to my dismay, I bit the bullet and rooted, unlocked, and installed CM11.  The charging/discharging issues don't appear to be a problem (or at least, as prevalent).  The device still appears to discharge far too quickly, but charging seems normal again.  Or at least significantly improved.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 trevor Lucy 2/3/14 11:13 AM
To those suggesting this is a software issue I'd have thought that if the Nexus was turned off then it should charge OK. I'm therefore inclined to think this must be a hardware issue, and the fact different leads/chargers can make a difference, to me, supports this. That said, it may well be that KitKat makes the situation worse. Whatever the cause, the lack of support from Google & Asus is appauling.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Fred Lages 2/3/14 1:29 PM
I tried switching off airplane mode together with wifi before charging and it has, touch wood, reached 100% capacity but it took 6 hours to do so from 10%. However, that is an improvement because I couldn't get it past 10% in the previous few days.
Google!! where are you? Hiding??
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Brian Tapia 2/3/14 1:52 PM
This is what a friend told me, "look at your Google Services and check it. Android has a bug in some Google Services update where they'll stay on and redownload itself over and over again. This causes excessive battery and data usage. It fried the battery in my nexus 4."

This would explain the quick discharge and inability to recharge; however, it doesn't explain why the device won't recharge when in Airplane mode or turned off completely
. The workaround that I've been employing is to use my Chromecast cable instead of the OEM charger and charger cable. There is something about the OEM cables themselves (I've used more than one) that is not playing nicely with my Nexus. The type of cable that the Chromecast uses is one of those ones with a little capacitor in the line and when I use that cable plugged into a USB port on my TV it charges perfectly...provided that I also place the device in Airplane mode or turn it off completely while it is recharging.

I have tried simply plugging the OEM cable into my computer as other users have recommended but my computer goes through a weird loop that says, "Hey I found your device...Never mind I forgot about it....Hey, I found your device...(repeat)." I'm running Windows 8.1 though so maybe there is some kind of conflict there too. Who knows?

Here is the type of cable that I was talking about that works with my device to recharge it:
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Garramone 2/3/14 5:14 PM
"look at your Google Services and check it."

Look for what? And if we find whatever it is, then do what?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Garramone 2/3/14 6:28 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 trevor Lucy 2/4/14 12:16 AM
Whilst it may end up fixing the issues, I can see nothing on that page that indicates it specifically addresses any fixes, let alone charging problems. The only thing it claims is that it is a new version of Google Play Services. Fingers crossed!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Claire L. P. 2/5/14 10:36 AM
Hi everyone,

Thank you for your continuous patience as our team looks into this issue.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 2/5/14 11:29 AM
Glad to know someone is working on the issue. Just funny to see that so far, with all the resources of Google and Asus combined, no one figured it out after more than two months!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 2/5/14 3:35 PM
Well my nexus 7s usb port has given up completely! Taking a look at it with a magnifying glass leads me to think it has mechanicaly failed! The small plastic peice on the inside looks like it has small cracks on it! Looking in the usb port of my samsung galaxy sII,which is far older and has seen more use,  looks in much better shape!!!

This leads me to suggest that the problems are coming from shoddy hardware!

Slow charging Nexus 7 Cara Bolt 2/5/14 6:36 PM
Hi everyone. I was having the same issues, my nexus after one month would only charge 2 to 3 % in one night. Countless emails and calls later with google and asus... With NO help or solution from either one. (Crazy because if this was an Apple product, the media would be all over it) Anyway, it's a charger problem. My mom just happened to try my original kindle fire hd charger and cable. Voila. It went from 2% to 47% in thirty minutes. I'm just so happy I don't have an expensive paperweight.
Slow charging Nexus 7 John Joseph Villamer 2/6/14 3:06 AM
Hi nexus user. Its not about updating our nexus 7.  I tried all versions 4.0 to latest update,  but its not working.  I charge  my nexus 7 24 hours to reach 80%.. But finally  i found the solution..  You only have to do is, use universal power adapter and set to 5volts and 4 to 6 amp.. Now my nexus 7 charging time is 3 to 4 hours to reach 100%.. Thank you  and sory about my English
Slow charging Nexus 7 John Joseph Villamer 2/6/14 3:06 AM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 2/6/14 3:12 AM
By doing everything I could to improve the electrical connections between the charger and the USB port ie cleaning contacts and reseating the USB module onto the mainboard, I got the charge rate to be roughly 20% per hour on a consistent basis.

I still wasn't entirely happy with this as others have claimed that they can get a full charge in around 3 hours, so I bought an Asus branded replacement USB module from ebay, after fitting this today the charge rate has jumped to 36% per hour. This now seems to be about correct, given what I have read of other people's experience.

I should say at this point that I run CM11 rather than stock OS, but as this is based upon AOSP, it may make little difference.

EDIT:I have a 1st gen N7 btw.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Magnus Karlström 2/6/14 1:54 PM
My Nexus 7 will allways charge, bit it takes a forever and discharge is much higher compared with before kitkat. I still have a few days of warrenty and will use it IF this is not sorted out very shortly.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 formid 2/6/14 3:42 PM
5V is normal but 4-6 A is high for ONE equipment. I've looked at single USB chargers and the output is 5V and between 1-2 A. 

What's been working for me (although extremely slow and sometimes doesn't work) is when I charge my Nexus 7 2012 on the USB 3.0 port of my laptop. I've looked at specs and USB 3.0 has 900mA and USB 2.0 has 500mA. That means they are smaller amperage than the stock standard chargers which are 1-2 A. I wonder if Kitkat developers have done something which changes the way the machine takes in power.

So annoying. I can't use my Nexus for fear of no battery!!!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 2/6/14 4:11 PM
piece of advice to those with slow charging issue:

claim your warranty NOW since that is the first sign that later along the line your nexus 7 wont charge! that is at least what i observed in mine. i notice at first it charges slowly, crawls to 100   percent for about 2 months, then later on, wont charge unless you do some excessive rituals (plug- unplug). 

so at first sign of slow charging, claim your warranty,
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/7/14 4:53 AM
Oftentimes, the problem with a slow-charging Nexus 7 is that the contacts in the USB connector have gotten built-up with oxides. One video on-line shows the guy plugging-in and unplugging the large USB connector about four times; which oftentimes fixes the problem for a time.

However, you can easily make a cleaning tool to clean the USB port. The hole in the USB port is 10 mm wide x 2 mm tall. Get a pink pearl eraser and draw a 10mm line on the wide side and measure 2mm down from the top edge. Then, using a very sharp kitchen knife, make slices that are even all the way through the eraser until you have one piece which is at least an inch long x 10mm x 2mm big.

Stick the rubber tool into the hole and rub sideways with a back-and-forth action; you'll only have to do it about four or five times. Afterwards, you should be able to see that they look shinier.

On the Nexus micro-USB socket, on the Nexus, itself, make sure there is no built-up lint in the bottom of the hole. Take a thin needle and scrape-out any accumulated lint in the hole, dragging it up-and-out of the hole with the pin. Don't break-off the connector, of course.

Gee, the problem everybody is blaming on Kit-Kat is gone? (OK, yes, programs running in the background too much can also cause the battery to run-down. But, if you power down your Nexus and you still have charging problems, then this might fix it. If not? Inside your Nexus is an edge-connector with thicker-red and black wires that plugs your battery into the Nexus. Sometimes that connector isn't plugged-in all the way. Try popping off the back, using your fingernail to push that connector all the way in (the Nexus pre-2013 might have to be unstuck, then plugged-in, then restuck... the 2013 might just need the connector pushed-in).

That should fix all problems which are really having to do with a cable oxide-buildup problem, not a Nexus problem.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/7/14 4:59 AM
After having just done what I described and plugging it all back in with the power off it went from 24% to 29% in the time it took to write the explanation. Not bad.

So, don't send your Nexus back, or whine to Google, or complain on boards - fix the real problem. Oftentimes it is NOT the newest upgrade of Kit-Kat. It is that your Nexus is getting older, and as it gets older oxides build-up on the USB connector. Now, when it happens, you will be able to have a tool to fix your problem in 5 seconds.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Mio Hai 2/7/14 9:34 AM
Trust me, they know.  They just want us to go APPLE because they're in over their heads.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Mio Hai 2/7/14 9:36 AM
I think they must have bought stock in APPLE.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Cho CoMo 2/7/14 10:56 AM
Gee, all erasered and cleaned out hole and still have the problem when KitKat is loaded.
Funny thing, Flash V4.3 back into ROM and NO problem.
What explanation now Gary?
Oh yeah, that's right, KK has a PROBLEM.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Chromebookman 2/7/14 11:44 AM
I had a similar problem but it was not related to 4.4.  Check that your USB cable needs a firm push into the micro USB socket on the nexus 7.

If you can very easily insert and remove the USB cable from the socket in your Nexus 7 then even though the charge indicator shows 'charging' the charge is possibly intermittent.

In summary I had exactly the same problem with my 2012 Nexus running 4.4.  The problem was resolved by using a cable which had a much tighter fit in the micro USB socket in the nexus 7

I the cable

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 sanim03 2/7/14 5:18 PM
I have a launch Nexus 7 and it had a few problems (like the auto-rotate issue) but they never bothered me and went away eventually but this is a huge issue. Starting from 2 days ago, my Nexus 7 would take ages to charge up. I tried to use the connect and reconnect the usb charger trick from youtube and it works, but now sometimes my Nexus 7 won't even recognize the wall charger. Also I tried the debug charging trick through a laptop someone mentioned above but that doesn't work either. I don't know how long the wall charger technique will last, but this is the biggest problem I came across my now year and a half old tablet. 

I haven't tried using a different usb/wall charger yet however because I'm assuming its going to be the same thing, but I'll give it a shot. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Ujjawal Nayak 2/7/14 8:07 PM
For me it comes out as an USB cable fault. I changed the USB cable of ASUS charger with my Samsung USB cable and hurray!! Now its charging normal!!! :D
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 formid 2/7/14 9:48 PM
I've been plagued by this malaise for a few months now. I'm usually very methodical in deducing where the errors might be. I can say the following:

- It is not an USB issue or at least not in my case. I've tried different USB adapters, cables, power sources, etc.. So far, the only one that sort of works is when I plug into my laptop's USB 3.0 port using my old Nokia USB cable.

- I don't believe it's the battery dying. This all started when I upgraded to Kitkat. Even when I rolled back to Jelly Bean, it didn't help.

- I've also tried plugging/unplugging the device numerous times. Nothing changed.

I can only HOPE that one day in the not too distant future, that Google can finally fix this problem and return my Nexus 7 to what it was before.

Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/9/14 6:22 AM
I just bought a second hand Nexus 7 2012 a few days ago. It has also this slow charging issue. Somewhere I read that something is loose in most of the Nexus devices. So you should open the back cover and fix that thing, I guess it is beneath the speakers. I'm a noob and I don't have the opening tools so I haven't tried it yet. :(
Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 2/9/14 1:07 PM
it is possible to open your nexus using your fingernails, at least that's what I do. Furthermore reseating the udb ribbon did not fix mine.

Update on my own situation. My usb port compldtely died so I have been using the pogo points for charging as many have stated dovk chsrging fixed their charging woes. For me this worked for a couple of weeks, however I am now having to do the unplug/replug trick on the usb lead. It is progressively hard to get posotive readings on my mah!

I am starting to think the issue is with the charging circuit or the batterh itself!!!

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 5:39 AM
Well, my thought is this...

When you pop the case off and look at the MicroUSB connector, there are four solder pads which connect the connector to the board at the corners. Since a microUSB connector is so tiny and the connector is so huge, the connector has a lot of torque to it, and when you torque it sideways (as everybody does when they plug-in the connector), the solder connections at those four tabs splits a bit and the resistance goes up.

Since, on the Nexus 7 2013, the black connector coming from the battery with the black/red cables SNAPS into the connector, so there's little possibility that it will "come loose" as some have said; I increased the solder blob at each of the four corners.

Can't say the original solder joints were good solid joints. They had that 'cold solder connection' look. Now, they are, though.


For the superstitious who think that the new version of Jelly Bean is the cause - think about it for a second. Do you really charge your Nexus when it is turned-on? Of course you don't. If you do charge it with the power on, the main battery drain is always THE SCREEN. Look at any battery utility and it will show that 80-90 percent of your battery drain is your screen.

But, back to charging your Nexus with the battery off. When the Nexus is off, IT ISN'T DRAINING ANY POWER AT ALL BECAUSE IT IS TURNED-OFF. How can the operating system have anything at all to do with its ability to charge when it is TURNED OFF? It can't, of course.

Superstition is caused when a person doesn't understand how something works, so they invent stupid explanations that don't make any sense. Just pull idiot thoughts out of a hat... you know, like religion.

So, charging problems stem from only a few things.

1. The charger isn't letting enough current flow.

   a. The charger only supplies 1 Amp. If you aren't charging from the regulation charger (which generally could supply you 2.1 amps)... it might be only a 1 amp unit. This means that the max it can put out is 1 amp, and you will have slow charging because it needs 2 amps to charge.

2. The connection to the USB is high-resistance.

  a. Over time, because a USB connector in no way is a proper power-supplying interface because the connectors are just held together via spring tension, a really stupid way of transferring power (particularly when you are trying to transfer as much as 2 amps)... if there is any copper oxide build-ups, voltage drops across that high resistance and you don't get as much voltage at the Nexus. Use a battery widget which shows the charging VOLTAGE. The closer to 5 volts it is, the less voltage drop you're getting. The teeny little copper traces on the Micro-USB connector were never designed to supply, well, 2 amps of current flow. If those teeny connectors get oxidized, then the size restricts current flow by the increase of resistance.

3. The connection between the GROUND pads that solder the connector to the Nexus have gone high-resistance because of a 'cold solder joint'. When solder isn't properly flowed around a tab, between the tab and the circuit board it can almost connect, but if you stress the connector to the side, it might become high-resistance. If that is the problem, increasing the solder blob at each of the four edges of the connector is the answer. Since the tabs on the connector they put on the Nexus tend not to be tinned well, so they tend not to take a good solder blob - this is oftentimes the case.

4. The cable is crap. Cables coming from China aren't even soldered. They aren't even copper. They use aluminum foil instead of copper, and at the ends the aluminum foil doesn't even have anything other than pressure-fit to keep the electrical connection. It isn't 1960 where all cables were soldered solidly with lead-tin solder because lead-tin solder and even the whole methods of soldering copper wires to the connector are gone. Now, you have this crappy little cable with wires that might have two tiny strands (if they are copper) or might be a thin aluminum foil if not. Of course they fail. Moral of the story in that case, get a GOOD cable. Pay $10 for it and only get it if it has a 4 1/2 - 5 star rating. That probably means it is old-world soldered instead of aluminum foil crap.

So, the answer?

1. Stop being superstitious; learn real facts instead of being dense your whole life.
2. Buy a good cable, gold-plated, from a reputable company on Amazon which gives it 4 1/2 - 5 stars.
3. Use a 2.1 Amp charger. Remember that any electrical device, it can't take-in more current than the device can take. Having a 5 amp charger won't charge it any faster than a 2.1 amp charger will. Current works by an equation called I + ER where I is the current, E is the voltage and R is the resistance. A Nexus battery can only take in as much current as it can relative to the voltage the battery is and the internal resistance of the Lithium battery and charging circuit. The charging circuit, on Lithium, is intricate (otherwise the Lithium would blow-up, which it would love to do as that's always been the problem with Lithium batteries). So, a Lithium will take in less current the higher the voltage comes to being the max it needs to be. Therefore, you can't shove 5 amps into the charging circuit even if the person with the Nexus wants it to charge faster than it can charge. Buy a good quality charger, use a good quality charger... and make sure no oxides build-up on the USB connectors by rubbing them with an eraser ever 6 months if the charging current goes down over time.
4. If you have the old Nexus 7, pre-2013, pop the case and check the cable connector. Otherwise, a Nexus 7 2013 has two catches which makes it very difficult to even unplug the cable to replug the cable. Besides, every time  you 'pop the case', you risk snapping the corner of the case off. It doesn't like being popped-open and you can definitely ruin your case that way.
5. Solder the four connectors on the corners of the Micro-USB connector if you are an electronics engineer and know what  you're doing. It will get rid of any possibility that cold solder joints are the problem.
6. Stop blaming the operating system for something that couldn't possibly have anything to do with the operating system. The Nexus is TURNED OFF. It can't be the operating system IF THE POWER IS TURNED-OFF.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 5:51 AM
That should have read "The equation for voltage is E = IR," I shifted when I should have not shifted.


Thus, rearranging, it becomes I = E/R

Since E = 5 volts, and the current at tops is usually .7 - 1.5 amps... you can figure out the resistance that the circuitry is showing to the charger. It varies relative to the charging circuit, not the battery. The charging circuit is designed to vary the resistance so that the Lithium only gets the current it needs at any particular time. When a Lithium goes too low in voltage, WAY too much current can flow in it - thus, the charging circuit has to be intelligent. It watches the battery's voltage and correspondingly changes the resistance between the charging source and the battery to keep the battery from exploding.

Jelly Bean has nothing whatsoever to do with that circuit (which isn't software, but is hardware), and certainly isn't being controlled by software when the unit is turned-off. When any computer is turned-off, it is turned-off... otherwise it would be turned-on and it would drain your battery. So, again, Jelly Bean, or any operating system that you might ever put on an Android tablet, can NOT cause your battery to NOT CHARGE.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/10/14 5:54 AM
Religious superstitious beliefs? If you said that to my face, I would knock your ugly face out.
Anyways, we are not here for some religious bullshit debate. We are just average Nexus 7 users facing this slow charginhg issue. Yes, it may seem irrational to blame the operating system update for this problem but how come all so many Nexus 7 devices' charger and other hardwares that you mentioned got out of order at a time and that too all of a sudden right after the Kitkat update? And we said it started after updating to kitkat, that is the truth. However we don't know why. Whatever the case maybe, we just want a solution.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 6:01 AM
Unfortunately, the internet is a thing where - when certain old problems are fixed by a manufacturer, the old suggestions are still out there.

On the newer Nexus 7 2013, the connector between the battery and the board has very strong snap detents which snap the plug tightly into the connector. You would even have a hard time disconnecting that connector. A connector which is tightly snapped into a socket isn't going to build-up oxides because it is held in tight connection by the kind of connector it is. Those who are recommending people to pop-open their Nexus are, not-only, increasing that person's possibility that the case will snap at the corner (which it tends to do)... but for no good reason.

If you are electrically-minded, you might solder the four solder connections at the four corners of the MicroUSB connector. It is a very tiny connector, and the plug is a very huge plug relative to it. That means the torque the huge plug can give to the tiny fulcrum of the MicroUSB cable is great. Thus, if there are bad solder connections on those four tabs, it might internally crack and cause high resistance. It can't hurt to put nice big solder blobs on the four corners instead of the poorly-flowed solder which is there now. However, only do that if you feel you are an expert electronics engineer. You can ruin the circuit board with too much heat,  you can damage close-by circuitry which might be heat-sensitive.

If you have already verified that your charging unit is 2.1 amps or greater, and have used a rubber eraser to clean the USB tabs on both the charger and cable, and aren't using a crappy Chinese rip-off cable. Then you've already done everything you can.

It isn't Jelly Bean, so rolling back the operating system will do nothing but have you lose all your nice App structure.

ASUS isn't going to sometime in the future fix your machine that has a problem with oxidation on terminals or power not getting to the Nexus.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 trevor Lucy 2/10/14 6:05 AM
Gary, I'm no expert but how certain are you that when a nexus is "powered off" that it is genuinely off? I ask because I know Blackberry handsets don't fully switch off unless their batteries are removed. Could it be that a Nexus just powers down to a minimal state?

Apart from that I agree with much of your post. Whether it's to do with the quality of my USB cables or not, I do find that the shorter the cable the better my nexus charges. I also find that some apps (notably for me a Snooker game) still shows in the battery Monitor even after I've closed it down and 'swiped' it out of memory. Maybe some apps (including Google ones) continue to reside in memory and drain power even when you think they're not running?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/10/14 6:15 AM
It is a hardware issue, no way! Dude it is not just one user facing this issue. Check out how many people are facing this issue. And afterall how come all these Nexus 7 devices' hardwares got out of order all at the same time, right after the Kitkat update? And this arguemwent that you can't charge your device while it is on and is being used doesn't make any sense. People do it all the time. Yes, it may then charge a bit slowly, yet it will charge in an acceptable amount of time and the device will under no circumstance discharge while the charger is plugged in.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 6:25 AM
Did you try using a cut Pink Pearl Eraser, 2mm x 10mm, to rub the USB connections to make sure there are no oxides?

Remember that the biggest culprits are the cable, and the contacts on the MicroUSB connector. Of all the possibilities, those two are the big possibilities.

The cable is oftentimes the culprit because modern cables are just junk. To cut down on costs a crappy company does one of two things. They, either, use aluminum foil instead of wire or they use wire with two tiny strands. Those two strands, not only, don't conduct electricity well (certainly not 2 amps of current); but they tend to snap. If one of two wires snaps? That means you have half the current capacity that you had. Aluminum wiring was a horrible concept to begin with. Aluminum conducts poorly, in the first place. Then, you don't solder it (ever tried soldering aluminum?) you hold it to the connector with tension. Flex that a couple times and you've greatly increased the resistance for current transfer.

If a person is to faithfully transfer 2 amps of current through wire, that wire should be 20-22 gauge. HA! to 20-22 gauge on a Micro-USB connector cable. You will never, and CAN never put 20-22 gauge wire on any micro-USB cable. It is impossible.

So, BANG the cable can't be good. It can't, and shouldn't, supply 2 amps of current; but it does, and it has to. A USB connector was not ever designed with the thought of it being a good power supply connector. It was invented to plug devices into a computer. Now, people are treating it like it is a power connector that can pass high current. Yeah, sure.

So, number one culprit is the cable. Get the best cable you can (MediaBridge makes good cables).

And send potential problem is the Micro-USB connector itself. It wasn't, again, designed to transfer 2 amps of current to ANYTHING. Look at the size of it! Take a magnifier and look at how tiny those edge connectors are. Just as with stars, since stars are so far away, so few photons pass through our atmosphere that the stars twinkle. Same concept, try and pass lots of stuff through a tiny thing and you will fail.

If oxides have built-up on the micro-USB connector, then what are you going to do? You can't easily fit an eraser into a micro-USB connector.

Also, things like lint become a problem. You'd be amazed how much human skin gets packed down inside that hole over time.

Take a tiny needle and carefully pull-out all that accumulated junk making sure that you don't bust-off the teeny tab that has all the circuit traces on it. Use Isopropyl alcohol with the needle to clean the inside of the connector.


And third best possibility for problems is one that people can't do much about. The four GROUND connectors on the corners of the Micro-USB connector. They should have had extra blobs of solder put on AFTER the boards went through manufacturing process. If the company had done that one little thing, they wouldn't have all the people blaming the operating system, now, for what is really bad hardware choices and poor solder joints.

Look at Nexus' ratings in Consumer Reports. Just because they failed to properly solder that Micro-USB connector (or possibly they should have used the wider-thicker Micro-USB connector like many Phones use instead of the wider, thinner one they chose) they have lost lots of potential buyers.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 6:37 AM
Now, the "Discharging Really Fast" problem can DEFINITELY have potential software-related aspects to it. In that case, the Nexus IS plugged-in and IS operating under the operating system.

However, it is far more likely that old Apps are the problem than the new operating system. Whenever you 'upgrade' any system, what all those 500 other companies did (probably not following recommended practices, because with Android there really IS no recommended practice, sometimes) sometimes might bump-into what the guys were thinking when they did the upgrades. Then, those old programs start causing problems. Maybe it is a stay-resident program, for example, which doesn't find the right function any more because that function is now gone or modified. If the programmer was lax (and most are), they didn't put any checks in to see if the proper functions are there, or not, they just did it. So, it fails, then it crashes and the crashed App sticks half-way, invisibly causing problems when you can't see it is causing problems.

Thus, right after any major upgrade, old programs break. And, since the programmers are generally pushing out Apps under way too much pressure from their bosses... they don't do any checks - and your Nexus suffers.


Another thing which happens is, people keep adding and adding and adding apps. They get 30 stay-resident programs and don't even know they have them because many are Apps which are cleverly disguised spam engines. They stay resident when they should never stay resident. What does an App which is a magnifying glass have to stay resident? But it does.

So, try installing a program which helps you stop those stay-resident programs. The more programs you have running in the background, the more power will be drawn. Install a battery app and see where the drain is coming from.

Most of the time the drain is coming from the screen. Install an app which monitors. Then look at the power drain. If it is your screen? Not much you can do about that.


However, most of the problem is what I've already said... it is that Micro-USB should never have been used as the method of charging ANYTHING. It is not at all a power connector. The connectors are tiny and the connection is only achieved by spring tension. At 2 amps, 2 amps needs thick wires that are solidly connected by high pressure and thick wires and connectors, not light spring tension with microscopic edge connectors.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/10/14 6:38 AM
Gary doesn't have even the slightest idea of what he is talking about.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 6:45 AM
And, what exactly do you mean by that.

Are you saying that the operating system DOES have something to do with a shut-down Nexus' ability to charge?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/10/14 6:57 AM
I am not an electonics or electtrical engineer. You may be right about your technical theories regarding usb charging but my friend you should understand that everybidy has been using usb for charging for quite a time in so many smartphones and tablets now. And when it comes to Nexus 7 people have been using the same usb charger with the same cable for months and some for over a year and it has been working perfectly fine. Now as soon as they update their tablets to Kitkat, out of a sudden their Nexus won't charge normally anymore. It detects the charger as in usb mode' while it is connected via AC, and even if you trick it to get it to ac mode yet it will take long periods iof time to charge. And as mentiomned earlier discharge while the charger is plugged in AC mode. And this is not just one or two users who report it this way, as you can say there are numerous people reporting this issue started after they updated to kitkat. If it is a hardware issue, how come so many nexus 7 devices all got of out of order all at tge same time?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 2/10/14 7:07 AM
I'm with Naweed on this one.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 2/10/14 7:10 AM
We have two Nexus 7 here. After seeing the issue, we did not update the second one. The one with kitkat is troubled but the other one works flawlessly.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/10/14 7:15 AM
Sylvain Exactly! :D
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 7:33 AM
The bootloader is all that boots when you plug a Nexus into an outlet. I would blame the bootloader, not the operating system.

The tiny software which you see when you plug-in a Nexus is all that is running. It makes the picture of the battery appear and runs the animation of the battery being charged.

KitKat does not do that. It is firmware's job to do that. KitKat does not load until you have pushed the button, the colorful animation has been shown, and it has been booted.

One can blame KitKat on what happens after that has occurred; but not before it has occurred.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 7:34 AM
One can DEFINITELY blame KitKat on what happens after the colorful animation has occurred. But KitKat is not loaded when one plugs in a Nexus to charge it.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 7:37 AM
Re-installing to factory specs to a previous operating system would fix the problem if it were the operating system. If re-installing to factory specs doesn't fix the problem, then it is a hardware issue.

And, if it is a hardware issue then this is the checklist you follow:

And, if it isn't Nexus software, then where is the problem, then?

The charger. Check to make sure it says 2.1 amps, not 1 amp. Yes...

The cable. Make sure it is the cable that came with the Nexus, or that it is from a reputable company. Yes...

The oxidation. Make sure you have used a pearl eraser to clean off the contacts. Yes...

The solder connections at the GROUND connector pins. They might have gotten cracked by torqueing the connector to side-to-side. Re-inforce the solder connection so it can't happen again. Yes...

If it is a Nexus 7, pre-2013 - it might be the connector is unplugged a bit. Unplug it and then replug it in - but realize that it might snap the corner of your case. Yes...

There is a teeny-tiny possibility that it might be the connector between the battery and the motherboard. Push both buttons in on the connector, pull the cable out, push it back in. That is so highly unlikely that it would not be a thing I would ever do.

That's it.

There's nothing else that can cause a Nexus 7 that is not turned-on to not charge at the highest rate.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/10/14 7:38 AM
Gary at least you now agree that it is indeed not a hardware issue but rather a software/firmware issue. :)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/10/14 7:44 AM
Gary please read Sylvain's post carefully!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 7:45 AM
No, the bootloader is a tiny little boot program with very few program steps and it is not upgraded when you upgrade the operating system. The bootloader is completely replaced whenever someone roots a Nexus. It is not part of KitKat, and if it had been the problem, they could have fixed that in minutes.

The 'firmware' I'm talking about is a thing that doesn't change at all. It is built-in to an integrated circuit chip. It is designed to just show a picture of a battery and run an animation. Nothing else.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Gary Creighton 2/10/14 7:56 AM
Of course I could be wrong. I'm just going by what I know about electronics, I've been an electrical engineer for 40 years, have designed circuits, particularly power supply circuits, I developed a Buck/Boost Power supply that can give either less-than or greater-than the voltage at the input in a variable voltage...

I know cabling. I have, both, soldered cables and taken-apart modern-day cables and know how they both operate.

I know current consumption, and how it works. I know that 2 amps is incredibly different than the measly amount they ever expected would be drawn through a USB connector.

I know computer programming. I currently create Android Apps using BASIC2Android, know how to switch between panels; can't say I'm an expert at Android yet, and I didn't make the Nexus... but I have rooted my Nexus, know how a bootloader works, know about how firmware works.

So, of course I can be wrong. Maybe it loads some strange thing from the operating system that does boot when you plug-in the power supply. I greatly, immensely, doubt that to be the case. I would say there is a .001 percent possibility that that were the case; and, if that WAS the case, it would be such a tiny machine language program that they could have looked it over in ten minutes and determined it not to be any part of the problem.

It is far more likely that more than a year has gone by, and over that year cables have been flexed, and oxides have buit-up, and people have started using power adapters not designed for the Nexus, and the Micro-USB connector has been flexed one-too-many-times, and logical things which logically might occur are the problem.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 2/10/14 9:04 AM
Gary: What you say does make sens. But it does not provide an explanation for the issue. Same generation of Nexus 7 and the problem is only on the one with kitkat. Could it be that kitkat changed something required by the bootloader or anything which would end up triggering the "no charge" when tablet is off? On the other end, if it was solely kitkat, why would it not be All tablet that have the issue. I mean we're only few people here and surely hundreds thousands of this tablet were sold. But for those on this forum, the issue started at the moment they've upgraded to kitkat. Even a friend of my using CM (based on kitkat) has the issue. Very confusing issue. Which is why finding the common denominator is important here.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Alessandro Michelutti 2/10/14 9:57 AM
Has anybody in this forum tried to do an hard reset of his nexus 7 2012?  What was the outcome?I don' t belive it's an hardware problem!
(unknown) 2/10/14 9:57 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 2/10/14 9:57 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 2/10/14 9:57 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 2/10/14 9:57 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/10/14 10:00 AM
Ye, so many people have done hard resets with no outcome. Some have even gone to the extent of flashing custom roms, yet no result. Explain this shit :@
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Magnus Karlström 2/10/14 11:01 AM
Charging over USB is not just to transport electrons from the charger to the battery, I guess the charger and charging circuit in the N7 must communicate about it before things start to happens. Or at least some communication is needed before more then a few hundred mA can be used. Maybe this could explain the charging problems, error in communication?
Some info on the subject:
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe_Smythe 2/10/14 11:47 AM
so far i found a chinese wall wart that came with a usb charge pack on ebay that actually charges my 1g N7.  it's rated at 1A - OTOH i have a 2A charger than shows a discharge when plugged in.  kindle charger also shows discharge.  must be something in the IC's in this charger that lets it work well.  my stock ASUS charger can charge but very very slowly.  i have just installed the battery widget and will see what it says when i get home. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe_Smythe 2/10/14 12:52 PM
didn't mean to barge in on this thread, but i had read all the posts and had difficulty with adding to the thread.  my connection seems a little flakey.  it definitely has something to do with the charger.  my tablet is fully charged now after i plugged it in a couple of hours ago. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Peranders Dahlström 2/10/14 1:00 PM
Got my Nexus 2012 ( bought in october 2012) back from service today. 10 days since I took it back to the shop. 
The information from the service people was that they replaced the I/O board and did a reset.
With the same old original charger and USB cable it went from 27% to 53% in an hour and I was using it all the time looking att videos on You Tube.

It has been on charge for 30min now since I came back home and it has gone from 50% to 75%. The old USB cable fits better so they probably change the USB port/contact as well as the I/O board.
Seems to charge OK and Next I will check if discharging seems "unnatural"

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 2/11/14 4:30 PM
i flashed ubuntu (did not use the multi rom), other roms as well.. sadly no effect.

sick. a tablet that lasts just over a year. to think my first generation ipad still lives to this day with no glitch.
starting to lose hope. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/11/14 5:34 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sarunas Kisieliauskas 2/12/14 12:40 PM
I fixed problem with "Wug's Nexus Root Toolkit " flashing 4,4,2 and bootloader 4.23(wich i think was my problem becouse it freezing some times when i was in it).
happy flashing and flash it from bootloader, not developer option.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/12/14 12:59 PM
Sarunas are you freaking kidding me? O.o
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 NexusNeil 2/12/14 3:14 PM
I ordered the official Asus Nexus 7 dock which arrived today (£24.99 with free delivery to UK from Germany, ordered from the Asus UK website). Plugged it in and straight away Battery Monitor Widget showed that it was receiving ~1750mA of charge, and went from 55% to 100% in around 1.5 hours. Sweet!

Before this it was getting increasingly difficult to charge via USB. I had resorted to using a powerbank battery pack to charge it (1A output versus 2A from the official Nexus 7 charger), but still had to use the plug/unplug technique to get it up to a positive charge rate.  Using the official charger and cable has been getting steadily more difficult, and these days I can rarely get it to charge at all using this.  However, using this same charger and cable with the dock works fine!

Anyway, I reckon I can live with charging via the dock now - not ideal but better than a dead tablet.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Данте Алигьери 2/12/14 9:25 PM
Yesterday gave his device and passed it under warranty. Let's see what experts say (Nexus 7 2013 16 gb)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 trevor Lucy 2/13/14 2:17 AM
I still find my best charging rate is with a short cable (Samsung, I think) and an HTC 1A phone charger. Definitely find using a 2.1A generic charger is slower. Maybe the hardware/software combination is finding >1A too much and throttling the charge rate?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Eriks Karls 2/13/14 2:47 AM
i thought the same after battery monitor widget app showed me that my N7(2012) has only 3125mAh (or something like that) battery not 4200mAh, in help it was written that they take the battery capacity from kernel, maybe the charging issue is too because the N7(2013) has that capacity and charger is 1.35A not 2A.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/13/14 7:44 AM
Sarunas what do you mean by flashing from bootloader and not from developer options? Pleas explain!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 2/13/14 9:03 AM

For me this was certainly a hardware issue. My nexus has been plagued by this issue and eventually my usb port gave up completely!!! Was still charging fine through pogo pins but not having OTG or pc connection was a real pain.

Today I took a a multi meter and soldering iron to my usb port..... sure enough there was no continuity between the live on the back of the usb port and the ribbon connector. Gave it the once over with my soldering iron and now it is charging and usb functions have returned!

The usb chrging is however still requiring the plug then replug trick and still suffers from charging at low mah, around the 300 mark, compared with pogo pins, around the 1200 mark.

There is a problem withe the usb board!!!

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 WebFugitive 2/13/14 11:18 PM
Having this issue as well. Very frustrating. I came across a review in 2012 about the device today and the author gushed at great length regarding the battery life of this device.

My battery life is terrible unless I'm in airplane mode and I'm doing minimal tasks like reading for example.

Additionally my recharge speeds as also awful and I can't gain a positive increase in charge unless the device is turned completely off.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 2/14/14 2:41 AM
I agree with the statement that there's a problem with the USB board, ever since I replaced my one, the charge rate has increased to 25 - 30%/hr. It should be noted that the charge rate decreases as the battery level increases, I'm guessing this is a profile put in place to prevent overcharging. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 joe smythe 2/14/14 6:30 PM
fry's is selling the dock for $35.  amazing what everyone else is charging for it (pun intended)..i want to see this thing charge at >1A rate....
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 joe smythe 2/15/14 5:17 AM
just got a back order notice - they are out of stock already :-(
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 luckysandy 2/15/14 11:18 AM
my nexus 7 2012 wont hold its charge ....ive bought a new battery and still wont charge any ideas how I can solve this?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 luckysandy 2/15/14 11:18 AM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 2/15/14 12:27 PM
Probably nothing wrong with your batteries more than likely the shddy usb port.

To everyone talking about buying a dock, I charge my nexus through the pogo pins with a makeshift dock. Not everyones cup of tea I know,  just saying it can be done. Just google necus 7 pogo pinout and then desigh some way of intrfacing. Works for me.

Slow charging Nexus 7 Trena Dean 2/15/14 3:04 PM
******THIS MAY HELP!!! WORKED FOR ME!!!!*****
1st just by lowering you screen brightness will save a Lot of battery!!!
First time make sure that you try to do it over night or when you not gonna need to use it. Go to setting >Go to apps and click running apps >close all apps running that you can. Then go to setting and turn off WIFI & Bluetooth and turn brightness down and turn on airplane mode. Then turn off the device and start charging. When you are fully charged turn back on device and keep the screen brightness as low as comfortable for you. My battery has been lasting 75% longer. And if you can keep it plugged up while using. Whenever you don't needed the internet turnoff WIFI and place on airplane mode if only playing a game. I have been on my Nexus 7 for hours now and remain above 75% all day. When I utilize the above. Also if the is apps you rarely use. Gonto then play store and turn off automatic update and update them at you leisure and it will save a lot of you battery from unneeded Google updates. Or you can set them to update all at once overnight or when you like. I hope I told you everything. I started doing this 4 days ago and my battery has not went under 50%.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 2/15/14 3:34 PM
@trena dean

Those are great battery saving tips and will help charging times due to reduced battery use  but does not solve the charging problem people are talking about

Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 2/15/14 3:59 PM
If I have to keep it in Airplane Mode, plugged in or on a pricey dock -- face it -- it's a bricked POS.
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 2/15/14 4:42 PM
For god sake google fix it it really frustating to know that your product really sucks! It take a calendar to wait to fully charge not a watch "calendar" is needed to fully charge my nexus 7!
Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 2/16/14 1:27 AM

Bricked = unrecoverable
Faulty = fixable

The problem here is google have more info than most on anything, they know how many nexus 7's have been sold, how many are still in use, and the small amount of people who are bothered to complain about a product that is not fit For purpose. Google knows if it can afford to ignore this problem, which seemingly they can.

Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 2/16/14 4:28 AM
At the very least, unhappy owners should receive a free dock to somewhat mitigate these issues and the growing PR problem. Word of Mouth over this issue will cost them more than issuing docks that apparently will at least charge the tablet.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 2/16/14 5:34 AM
The web and media social are very powerful tool.  Ask the owners of Google. ;)  

You are right Joe, we probably are a small group of people having this problem in comparison with the amount of tablet sold. But this should not be a reason for them to ignore us. I've already start spreading the news about this situation.

All of us, who have problems with our tablet should do the same. Let's remind them about the power of the Web and social media.

Google:  Either fix the issue or compensate us for the troubles we have.  Telling us that nothing can be done because our tablets are out of warranty, is not a good answer. I was one of those to be in line to get the Nexus 7 when it first came out. A year an a half is not what I call a reasonable amount of time for using a good.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 MissNutella 2/17/14 7:53 AM
I have exactly the same problem! I think it is due to the android 4.4 update. It also runs out of charge VERY quickly. I have had my Nexus 7 since they came out and up until the 4.3 and 4.4 updates it charged absolutely perfectly. Now it is slow charging and responds very slowly. Thank you to anyone who posted on this forum, it helped me a lot! 
MissNutella :)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Brian Gee 2/19/14 3:34 AM
Same problem here. Nexus was fine until I upgraded it to 4.4.3. It took me a while to realize what was going on as the nexus7 is seldom used these days. I have the stock charger, have tried countless cables and other chargers. USB debut mode on or off, in a PC USB or a wall wart. Nothing makes it charge any higher than around 200-400mA. It takes hours to charge and will slowly discharge if I am using it even while plugged in.

I know my problem is not with loose solder points on the micro USB because it charges slow on the official nexus 7 dock as well.

I never had any battery charging issues before 4.4.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Pinder 2/20/14 2:03 PM
FIX: Revert your nexus device to a previous Android version. I reverted from 4.4.2 back to 4.1.1 and my nexus 7 charges normally now. I'm not sure if later android reverts such as 4.3.x would fix the problem, but I do confirm that 4.1.1 works. Google it if you do not know how to revert.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 2/21/14 8:17 AM
It's not a fix it's still a workaround.
Google - this issue is a few months with us already - what's wrong with you, guys?
Any news on this?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 2/22/14 4:21 AM
I have been having this problem for a couple of months. Slow charging, very difficult to charge above around 60%. I used the original charger, however no difference when I used a different charger. No difference whether the Nexus was powered on when charging or not. So I blamed the battery, ordered and fitted a replacement, but the problem remained. Having read Gary Creighton's posts, it seems that there may be some issue with the microUSB port, although I am happy to pop the case and change the battery, my eyesight and dexterity these days are not up to resoldering or replacing the USB port. Although I can see nothing wrong with the USB port, there have been times when I have accidentally picked the Nexus up having forgotten that the charger is plugged in, and would have put a bit of a torque on the port.

So I tried the technique in the Youtube video of plugging and unplugging charger end of the USB lead, knowing that it could not possibly work, as there is a hardware issue. Of course, it did. So whats going on?

I also installed the 3c battery monitor app that many of you recommend, which shows the current charge or drain. With that running, and plug the charger in, it usually shows still a current drain. Plug and unplug the USB at the charger end, the current goes green. Or maybe it doesn't, but you can always do it again. But I can get a charge rate of .2 amp to over half an amp, with the screen on. 

I agree with Gary Creighton that there is an issue with the microUSB port. But something in the Nexus is also limiting the charge current, it must do as a protection against damage. Whats more, this seems to be the case whether the Nexus is on or off, so would seem to be in the boot loader not the operating system. Does the boot loader really not get upgraded with operating system upgrades? 

There is also something very strange about the battery history, not that given by the 3c app, but that given by the battery tab in the settings panel, and by other battery widgets. What causes this to be reset? It seems that it gets reset at about the same time as the Nexus starts charging properly. And rapidly unplugging and plugging the charger seems to be one thing which does this reset. 

So my procedure for recharging the Nexus is: 

1) Plug it in to a charger in a different room from that which I will be in (so I don't grab it with the charger still plugged in and further damage the microUSB port).
2) Run the 3c battery monitor app, and look at the current .
3) If it is red, unplug and plug the charger end of the charging cable a few times, being careful not to disturb the microUSB end. 
4) Do this until the current is green, and preferably over half an amp.
5) Power off the Nexus, again being careful not to disturb the microUSB connector.
6) Go away for a couple of hours.

So far so good, not sure it is a permanent fix, but something about the rapid plugging seems to reset something in the device. Thanks for all the information on here, without which my Nexus would be pretty near unusable. 

Dave Carter

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 JT N7 2/22/14 4:21 AM
No idea if this will help anyone, but I'm currently thinking that this is a combination of a common hardware event and a problem with the 4.4 update.

I have the originally described issue, recurring ultra slow or non-charging after the KitKat update. I have now started using one of the suggested battery apps and only charging from the official AC adapter, just to limit confusing side-issues.

Here is what I found. For me, wiggling the micro USB plug sometimes causes my monitored charge rate to drop for no reason, only to recover when I finally firmly unplug and replug the USB cable again.

That I think is why the multiple replugging thing only sometimes fixes the issue, because the root cause is the OS not correctly recognizing recovery from a partial or very limited duration USB cable disconnect -- a common event for people holding their devices as they charge. This is something that some users might have happen naturally more often than others, depending on any number of factors.

Using PC connection charging might work better for some for yet more software reasons, something like some PCs detecting the USB disconnect and resetting things on that end, resulting in the Nexus correctly charging again without replugging as the PC is effectively doing it automatically. Solutions like using a charging station changes the physical situation with the plug and thus "fixes" the issue for some people. Also, sometimes the connection is uninterrupted long enough to charge normally.

Bottem line for me is, until there is a software fix, I will be very carefully plugging in my device for charging at night, checking charging rates before leaving it to do its thing. And using PC charging with the screen off during the day. That seems to work for me so far.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 2/22/14 4:35 AM
I pretty much agree with everything in JT N7's post, which appeared at the same time as mine.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 2/22/14 4:42 AM
Haha i finally fixed this issue by switching to an accer tablet charger. It is 5.35 v and 2.0 amp. Get this charger. I gaurantee it god damn it! :D
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 signal7 2/22/14 8:11 AM
A whole video just to say that it might be an oxidized contact on the charger?  All he did was unplug-replug the usb cable into the charger 3-4 times.  Would have been faster just to describe the process here in the forum and not post the link to the video.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 signal7 2/22/14 8:26 AM
Saying "google it" is not a good way to answer a question.  When you search for how to revert back to an older version, you get all kinds of crazy results with variable procedures depending on what device you own.   If that's a fix, please describe the process or post a link to the process you used.  I personally don't like guessing when it comes to potentially bricking my electronics.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 2/22/14 12:00 PM
Just bought the official Nexus Asus dock with POGO pins.
Placed tablet in and --- WTF ---- discharging at 339 mA.
I've re docked it several times -- still not charging. Therefore - this is not just a USB issue.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 2/22/14 12:05 PM
edg2, I would be very interested to hear whether, by unplugging and plugging the dock, or switching it off and on again rapidly at the wall, you can get the current to change.

Dave Carter
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Joe Stranger 2/22/14 12:35 PM
Well Dave,

I use a homemade dock and sure enough I had to use the plug, unplug then replug trick.

Got fed up and took it apart, it was working woth the usb plug/unplug trick, resoldered all my joints. And since then it works everytime, no repligging usb at all.

I also had my usb fail completely after several months of poor charging, before the kitkst update I might add, so I resoldered the joints and low and returned from the dead, still sucks at charging however"

The point I am trying to make here is if google or rather Asus can use such poorly manufactured parts as they have on the usb board , what qualifies the rest of the device. Could be failures anywhere.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 2/22/14 12:44 PM
Thanks Joe. In my view, the Google employees who read this forum (because they sometimes post in it) and presumably have access to the circuit diagrams, should now have enough information to work out what the problems are. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 2/22/14 1:15 PM
Update on my post re: pogo dock!!!!!!
Seems the battery monitor was not reflecting the charge. Tablet went from 58 to 100 percent in under an hour seated in the new dock! I'm thrilled.
Purchased at B & H Photo for $29.99. Add $2.40 shipping.
Item: ASP7DN7

Slow charging **FIXED** Ekaterina Kurae 2/23/14 8:54 AM
**FIXED * *

I think this problem is caused by different factors for different Nexuses. Some need to revert from the update, some need a replaced charging port, some have a loose battery, some need a different charging cable... and so on.

For me, I think it was either location services using too much power, or an app was constantly trying to auto-update (still using too much power). I was too lethargic to troubleshoot, so I fixed both:

 After the terrible KitKat update: I flashed the stock operating system back on to my 2012 Nexus. It was noticeably faster, but still barely charging.
 Then, I denied location services for all apps that requested it, and I turned it off in Settings.
 After that, I went to the Playstore app and (one by one) unchecked "ALLOW AUTO UPDATES" for Each app I have installed (not just the downloaded apps, but the Google apps too).

 NOW MY NEXUS IS USABLE AGAIN. The battery doesn't drain quickly anymore and the charging doesn't take forever. Also, FLASH WORKS AGAIN ^_^

I Do Not Plan to Update Again, without checking reviews or the forums for known issues...

I hope this helps someone else fix their slowly charging Nexus.

Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Claire L. P. 2/23/14 4:24 PM
Hi everyone,

I want to thank you again for your patience and for chiming in with additional information or potential workarounds.
Our team is still looking into this, and I will repost once I have an update.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Cll1 2/24/14 12:29 AM
My problem was that even though it was a brand new nexus 7, the charger was defective.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Ivan Shingler 2/24/14 2:40 PM
I have found my nexus having problems charging while I use it, it actually starts to discharge, with having more than one tablet in the house I have access to as hurl charger which when used in the nexus actually charges it while I use it, thing is the nexus charger will charge the hudl while in use.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Brian Gee 2/24/14 6:01 PM
Are you guys having trouble reproducing the problem in your labs? I would gladly give you mine. seriously. I have no use for it if it takes over a day to charge it.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** ResidentRocker 2/25/14 12:19 AM
To guys on google
Yeah, if you have a problem you can take mine Too. The perfect embodiment of all issues and workaround here. I have no use for it anyway. Drains quickly charges dayssss..
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Anton Ego 2/25/14 6:45 AM
Give users option to refuse buggy updates without constant nagging from fwupdate and SDM, and data leeching downloads. We can wait for RC versions.
(unknown) 2/25/14 6:45 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 2/25/14 6:45 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 2/25/14 6:59 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** phil bartolazo 2/26/14 7:30 PM
Any update from your team?  Same issue hear.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** signal7 2/27/14 4:11 AM
Initially after the last system update, I had an issue with the battery going dead rather rapidly.  I use my tablet fairly frequently and only really charge it once a week (tip: turning off wifi and bluetooth will really make the battery go a long time between charges).  The amount of time it took to charge seemed relatively unchanged.

For me, turning off USB debugging seems to have fixed the battery consumption problem.  The only reason it was on was because I got my tablet when there were GPS issues with Android and the Nexus 7.  Turning on the developer options gave some added controls that might have helped and I never went back and disabled the developer options.

I also have location services turned off for all apps except Google Maps and I'm not using the charge cable that came with the Nexus.  I typically only carry one micro-USB cable in my gadget bag and that one at the moment happens to be the one that came with my Samsung smart phone.  I am using the Asus charger, though.  Not sure if that would make a difference, but I mention it just in case.

Of course, it may be that I will eventually run into issues with the charger itself and I haven't used it enough for the problem to surface yet.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Hunter Diederichs 3/1/14 11:20 PM
Just adding my two cents. I'm having the same issue. at first I thought it might be my kernel, so I reverted to the stock one (was already on the stock OS) but didn't help. USB debugging is off, location is off but still won't charge. I noticed that using an app (such as android tuner) that reads the charge amount it draws ~800ma rather than the full amount (goes from between -700 and -1000 to between -300 and 50ma). OS reports "charging AC".

It's not the charger or the cable, I've tried with several different ones. And it doesn't seem to be an issue with the connecter on the nexus 7 side since both usb with a computer and USB-OTG are working properly.

Like many of the others it only showed up after I upgraded to kit-kat.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Joe_Smythe 3/2/14 6:26 AM
my stock cable died a long time ago.  i just got a mediabridge cable and it charges consistently at 800+ma,  nice, snug connection.  @ amazon
Slow charging Nexus 7 Mark S2. 3/2/14 9:12 AM
I had the same problems with my Nexus 7. It continued to worsen until it wouldn't charge above 5%. Tried the solutions here with no success.  After watching a YouTube video about changing the charging port (, I opened the back, disconnected the battery and, per the instructions in the video, unplugged the charging port's cable.  Then reassembled everything back the way it was.

I plugged it in and it started charging!  Charged all the way to 100%. It's still kinda slow charging and quicker to discharge than before but it's at least usable now.

One thing that I found curious. Once I had unplugged both the battery AND the charging port cable and then plugged it in, the time and date were wrong (I also had the wifi turned off). Crazy thought - what if there's some type of battery that maintains settings even with the main battery unplugged?  Unplugging both disrupts that and resets the old settings allowing the battery to fully charge??  Again, just a crazy thought from someone who doesn't have a clue.  :)

Hope my experience helps someone out there.


Re: Slow charging **FIXED** phil bartolazo 3/2/14 6:05 PM

It was the ribbon at the charging port!  I guess they become loose with time after repeated insertion and removal of the USB plug.  Take the cover off, remove the battery, remove the copper colored backing overlaying the ribbon to the USB plug.  Then re-insert that friggin ribbon fully.  Be sure it is fully seated.  Put it all back together and VIOLA! 

(Before this, tried all suggested methods including new chargers, cables,  even took the battery out and charged it with my RC battery charger.  Had to get clever, but  the battery fully charged outside of the nexus.  It just would not charge INSIDE of the nexus.  That's how I narrowed it down to an internal connection issue.)

Was very close to buying a mini-ipad and never buying another google related hardware item.  HEY GOOGLE,  WHY DON'T YOU STOP IGNORING THIS THREAD.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** StrayLX 3/3/14 1:53 AM
Yep, reseating the ribbon cable helped mine as well, but I eventually replaced the whole USB port assembly as the charge rate was still less than great.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/3/14 3:30 AM
I have resolved the charging problem with the Nexus 7 Tablet. Hope whoever is having this issue will be resolved also.

Here is what I have done. to fix the Issue.

Cleaned the contacts with Blue Shower cleaner for electrical components (micro-USB port) once it is removed from the unit. Disconnected the battery connector, micro-USB ribbon connector. Finally, once everything is installed back before speaker is connected back I put electrical tape on the micro-USB and headphone jack. Prior to opening the tablet, I deleted a few apps.

Anyone, of these issues could have resolved the charging issue I have.

Follow the link below.

Open the back of the tablet. Below is a link that shows how to remove the back cover of the Tablet. Thanks to Tampatec.

Follow all the steps from video. Do not need to remove the wire connection for the speaker.

1 - Turn off tablet

2 - Remove the back cover

3 - Disconnect battery connection

4 - Remove the micro-screws to the speaker and the micro-USB charging port/headphone jack unit.

5 - Disconnect the micro-USB(charging port) connector from the ribbon 

6 -  re-seat and reconnect all the connectors.

I followed the video link above exactly except not replacing any parts just re-connecting the connectors

Additionally, I did the following.

Reconnect the micro-usb to the ribbon, screw the unit back into place. Do Not connect the speaker yet.

Get electrical tape.

Place the electrical tape on top of the Micro-USB charging port and headphone Jack that is being exposed. Cut the pieces to the exact size
Make sure you do not cover any screw holes with the electrical tape, especially the one where the speaker unit seats on top of the the charging port. 

This should fix the charging issue. Should be back to charging rate at 25% per hour. 

During use, if plugged in still drains the battery, not sure what causes this.

Hope this helps.

Now Charging from 0% to 100% in 3.5 hours, using the original ASUS charger and cable.


Re: Slow charging **FIXED** rucknrun 3/3/14 8:13 AM
I can confirm it has helped my nexus 7 a lot.  More than half of my cables now register green on the battery widget.  Only thing I did was reseat the USB ribbon cable.  It is tiny and a pain to do, but it helped.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Mattdugger 3/4/14 12:19 AM
That's all well and good for those of you with 2012 nexus 7 what about those of us with the very different constructed 2013 version?
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Leslie Robinson-Stone 3/4/14 12:49 AM
Just wanted to add my name to this list.  Purchased my Nexus 7 2013 last Dec.  This past week noticed that although it was plugged in it wasn't charging.  Thought I was having a cable issue.  I keep the tablet plugged in most of the time and this was the first time the battery showed any signs of discharging during use. I switched cables and noticed that it was charging intermittently.  Today it didn't charge all day.  Was down to 40%.  After trying a few things in this post I still couldn't get it to charge.  Finally pulled the cable and adapter from my HP Touchpad and was able to get the device to charge.  Plan to call Asus to see if they are willing to take a look at the port.

 Thanks for all the trouble shooting.

Re: Slow charging **FIXED** rucknrun 3/4/14 4:46 AM
I thought this was only happening to the 2012 model.  Great,  I have this to look forward too with my new one too.

Slight update:  My 2012 model seems fixed but I still have to use a specific cable/charger and plug and unplug to get it to charge through the USB port.  The dock still works great.  Show green every time on the dock.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/4/14 5:30 AM
Maybe If you get a chance to open it again try disconnecting the battery connection and re-connecting it. 
And try repeating the same for the micro-USB  ribbon connection.
Also, try the electric tape on the micro-USB and the headphone jack. 
See if that makes a difference. 
Try using the original Cable that came with the tablet.
I had much success myself. It charges up normal now.
I haven't had to plug/unplug anything from the USB port.

Goodluck with the Second Gen. Model. 

Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 6:05 AM
The resetting USB port is not a FIX for 7 16gig 2012
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 6:06 AM
I'm really desperate for solution nothing works..only to charge it unplug plug method its a pain really pain monitor every hour if it is green ..or not
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Sylvain Gendron 3/4/14 6:37 AM
To RuckRun:

I am confused here.  When you say "it is fixed", what do you mean?  Unless I am wrong, the issue has always been "NOT being able to charge the tablet properly without plugging and unplugging via a computer"

So how can you say it is fixed, if in the end you must still plug and unplug the tablet?

What did you fix?

I still believe this is software related, it all happened after the kitkat update.
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 6:47 AM
I agree to that it is 100000001.00009 percent software issue...this issue occur apparently after updating the os
Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/4/14 7:57 AM
Someone knows where I can buy a docking station at a reasonable price? 60.00 or 80.00 is NOT a reasonable price. Obviously I'm referring to 2012 1st Gen.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Alexandre Souto 3/4/14 1:02 PM
Looked for it on ebay and found a guy that sells a cable that solved my problem and some other guys problem too. It's item 181328938956 on Made me love my nexus again.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Alexandre Souto 3/4/14 1:04 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Alexandre Souto 3/4/14 1:09 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/4/14 2:38 PM
Out of curiosity. If the issue is software and/or hardware, how could this be a fix? It is just a cable.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 JT N7 3/4/14 2:53 PM
Out of curiosity. If the issue is software and/or hardware, how could this be a fix? It is just a cable.

There are some over-eager electrical engineers and DIY hardware hobbyists on this thread trying to solve a different problem than everyone else. It look like they've found their fix, and good for them, but the KitKat update didn't loosen my internal USB charging cable, and that connection doesn't tighten back up when people restore to the old kernel.

So hardware hacking obviously isn't THE solution to charging, and isn't even close to the solution to the troublesome Android update that caused these issues for many people. I really wish those fine hacker folks would take their hardware discussion elsewhere, but it can be safely ignored.

Just be careful.

Don't go opening up your Nexus to fix a software issue. See my message (far) above about the latest update seeming to break the "true" charging state on partial and brief unplugs of the EXTERNAL cable, something which CAN be caused by a loose cable connector or socket, but isn't the reason things are suddenly not working for many people after the update. Hope that makes sense.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 phil bartolazo 3/4/14 3:45 PM
If it's a software problem, then why does switching to a docking station fix the "software" issue for so many people?
Slow charging Nexus 7 Alexandre Souto 3/4/14 3:47 PM
Ebay search nexus charging time you'll find the answer. I did.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Alexandre Souto 3/4/14 3:48 PM
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 3:49 PM
If you dont have idea,dont speculate,it cause u alot of hardware have relationship if the software does not cooperate with the hardware then such issue arise,symetrically
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 3:52 PM
Many people are taking advantage out of our frustations advertising their products etc..dont be fooled..this issue occur since upgrading say YES to aggree this issue they are diverting this issue on hardware which is not...basucally some strategy for marketing their product...
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 3:53 PM
For the google team can u please atleast give us sign or any improvement addresing to this issue.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/4/14 3:53 PM
Phil is correct, if its a software issue then the charging dock should also be affected. Should also give slow charging.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 JT N7 3/4/14 4:00 PM
If it's a software problem, then why does switching to a docking station fix the "software" issue for so many people?

Don't be intentionally obtuse. Read my first post ( It explains how a jogged cable and software issues could be causing this. A docking station doesn't allow the device to move around as much. If you had actually read the replies in this thread, you would know docking stations don't always fix the issue, or even help at all.

 Many people are taking advantage out of our frustations advertising their products etc..dont be fooled..this issue occur since upgrading say YES to aggree this issue they are diverting this issue on hardware which is not...basucally some strategy for marketing their product...

 Yeah, that seems likely. I hadn't considered shills and people astroturfing for electronics solutions, though it does seem less likely than excited EEs getting snooty.
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 4:00 PM
As for the dock issue..dock charger seems to be fix...for God sake...usb port and dock pins slot do have diffrent programs to thesoftware that manages for docking is very diffrent for the usb the issue of slow charging does not affect the dock pin slots..thats ythey sey they fix by dock chargers...for God sake google does not issue the dock chargers for free...
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 4:00 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Souto 3/4/14 4:02 PM
Search eBay nexus charging time the solution is there. I found it and it worked for me
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Souto 3/4/14 4:03 PM
It's a cable lookn for it on eBay,
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Souto 3/4/14 4:05 PM
Did you try the cable????
Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/4/14 4:09 PM
Even if trying the cable product doesnt seems to be the real fix..oh God we address this issue for the google team  not for ebay dealers nexus 7 is all good prior upgrading to kitkat...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Souto 3/4/14 4:11 PM
My iPhone won't charge on China made cables, but charges on the original Apple, then it's a software problem right?!!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 phil bartolazo 3/4/14 4:12 PM
Just read your original post.  In it, you definitely sound like you are describing a loose connection to the internal cable.  But whatever, as long as my info has helped at least one person that is all that matters.  Isn't that the objective?  To help others??
Re: Slow charging N7 Jeffffff 3/4/14 4:35 PM
JT makes sense to me.  My docking port takes a week to charge this thing, just so I can use it long enough to learn it's still useless.  So, if the USB port/ribbon issue has nothing to do with the charging pins, I'm not taking it apart.  I have a feeling many of these "fixes" will stop working in a week, because that's happened too. Although in reality, there may really be 12 different things going on here.

Here's the real crime in all this.  Nobody has mentioned it, but this thing doesn't even make a good $250 paperweight.  It's too damn thin.

Seriously, Google. Step up. The cost to make everyone whole is a rounding error to you guys. I can't speak for everyone, but reasonable people will forgive you if you step up and do the right thing.  At the moment, your silence speaks volumes.  

Besides, surely these threads embarrass you, no?  I know I'M embarrassed FOR you.  

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 James Pellot 3/5/14 8:12 AM
Has anyone fixed slow charging problem by sending Nexus 7 in for a warranty repair? Mine's only 5 months old and it's having the slow charge issue. It used to take 3 hours to fully charge and now it takes 8hr+ even when it's turned off.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Daniel Richer 3/5/14 11:01 AM
Welllll.... Technically speaking, and bear with the fact that I am new to this, but this is my understanding.  A tablet is just like any other computer except that it is based off of a graphic user interface in a touchscreen based medium, as opposed to a keyboard /mouse activated graphic user interface. Graphic User Interface (GUI) is simply put is click on the icon and something happens, for those who don't know. So, to the answer. If you do your research on how to install an OS (Operating System) in this case being whichever the Android version you wanted, on your computer. In this case your tablet. Be ready to deal with the issues at hand. I have never installed android. Although somebody had to. So, my point being, so could you. But the effort is up to you. Companies don't have the habit of back tracking to older versions of any program or OS. But if you learn what to do. It should be as easy as find the older version and find out how to install it yourself.  Next I would strongly suggest that if you do this you may want to learn about how updates work because you have to do some de-programming if you will. Essentially turn off the OS's tendency to want to upgrade to the next version. And probably all kinds of other little bugs that would happen. But they would be little, and you may never encounter them even if they may be a theoretical possibility.  I really don't know if that helps. But it think that's the can of worms you are looking at.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Ivan Shingler 3/5/14 12:05 PM
I am still having trouble with my 2012 n7, only charges as it should when using my partners hudl charger, can get it from 20% to 100% in about 3 hours using the hudl charger, using the nexus is near useless for some reason.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/5/14 1:18 PM
Again, this has nothing to do with charger. I have two Nexus 7 2012 at home. One updated with kitkat. I can swap the charger without any problems. Only the kitkat one is giving me trouble. I was not stupid enough to update the other one.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 JT N7 3/5/14 3:16 PM
Again, this has nothing to do with charger. I have two Nexus 7 2012 at home. One updated with kitkat. I can swap the charger without any problems. Only the kitkat one is giving me trouble. I was not stupid enough to update the other one.

Yes, clearly an issue with that kernel update. More ammo against the "it's an internal hardware problem" folks:

I finally did some careful experimentation, and found that (as was reported by others) unplugging and replugging the previously fully functional manufacturer's USB AC cord at the wall side fixed the issue temporarily (i.e., it started charging again and the battery app showed it was at full strength). It continued to work so long as I was extra careful not to jog the cable at the Nexus plug side at any point. So, combined with reported experiences with differences in OS version, and people actually reverting and fixing this issue, this is obviously not an internal hardware issue for many people in this thread, including myself.

If your device suddenly stopped working correctly while charging after this update, you might have the same issue as the original poster and many other people in this thread, including myself. If your problem is that it never, ever charges correctly through the USB port (especially for the older Nexus 7 devices), then maybe you have the hardware issue and should follow those instructions for a quick (if risky) little hardware hack to fix it.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 phil bartolazo 3/5/14 3:47 PM
Clearly someone needs to get laid. 

Oh, my bad, auto correct.  Get paid. 

Check out your own words.   "It continued to work so long as I was extra careful not to jog the cable at the Nexus plug side at any point."  I wonder why that would be?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 JT N7 3/5/14 4:35 PM
phil bartolazo - I wonder why that would be?

You would already know, Phil, if instead of making this useless post you'd actually read and understood my comments and the others in this thread with similar facts to report.

Reading comprehension is not a lost art. Based on Phil's irrelevant and immature personal attack, I can only assume they haven't covered it fully yet at his middle school. He truly must have nothing more to contribute of substance to the discussion if he has nothing better to do than post this dreck. To even think anyone else would be interested in such a shameful response shows how little Phil understands the issues involved or the otherwise relatively adult and helpful tone of this conversation between peers attempting to solve a problem collaboratively.

Thankfully, Phil's lack of understanding isn't universal, as posts by others have shown, and his comments only reflect on and publicly expose his own personal problems.

On the internet.


Other posters, even if they disagreed with my personal opinions and self-diagnosis, apparently had no issues understanding the simple cause and effect of USB power management and brief physical disconnects on otherwise functional hardware, how such was normal for smaller plug connections on consumer electronics, and how that related to a kernel update. I hope people like that continue to chime in with their experiences, even if they sometimes seem off topic for a discussion that seemed to originate in the realm of diagnosing problems with a software update. I have high hopes still, as most here are able to make comments without sounding like a preteen character from South Park.

And hopefully, having gotten this Jersey Shore nonsense out of his system, Phil can in the future refrain from polluting a thread otherwise filled with helpful and forthright individuals. If not, I am sure someone will continue this tradition and stand up to Phil's attempts to bully and harass people on the internet. Or at least call Fox News so they can do (yet another) scare "news" segment on cyberbullying.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/5/14 4:51 PM

I still think its a hardware problem. Afterall, we fixed our charging problems.

I think it wouldn't be a big issue for others to try your method, unless others have an active warranty. It might fix the charging issue. I am currently charging my tablet within three and half hours.
For some people changing the cable fixed it. And who knows when the new update, if any, will come out soon.
We are all just helping each other.


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 fremsley 3/5/14 5:03 PM
Nexus 7 Summer 2012.  Sat and laughed at my friends with their ipad minis; the fools, paying twice as much for nothing better.  Then kit-kat came along. 1.  Usable boot time is now 20 mins plus. I have no idea what it's checking/downloading, but have tried ALL the workarounds except factory reset. 2. When booted it ground to a halt; 4 Gb spare 'disk' space.  After cleareing caches and popped back to life.  Still doing it via 3rd party software, but recently, that seems to become incredibly slow again. Some of the cache clearance workarounds don't apply to kit-kat either.  

3. Charging.  Used to leave it switched on over-night and charging to a microUSB phone charge.  Suddenly, this didn't work (so no alarm clock). The Asus charger (duck-taped up to stop it falling out of its flimsy socket connection) doesn't work now.  Only way of charging is turning off and leaving plugged into USB 3.0 port of laptop - charges in 6-8 hours (same as original length).

Please let me repeat.  Used to charge battery when on and plugged into anything. Not now.  Doesn't charge when switched off and plugged into original charger or third-party phone charger.  Only charges when switched off and plugged into booted laptop USB. How is this a cable/hardware issue? Using same cable to charge between original charger and laptop. Three different phone chargers, they all worked.  None now.  

Please just fix it Google.  Soon.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/5/14 5:19 PM
If it was purely a software problem. Then Phil and I wouldn't and shouldn't be getting the charging issues fixed. Connectors do get loose, if they are not secured properly. Many other people are purchasing charging cable from Ebay which resolved their charging issues.  if it was software then i wouldn't matter what hardware fixes, none of them shouldn't seem to fix it.

Well, best of luck to all.


(unknown) 3/5/14 5:19 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 JT N7 3/5/14 5:20 PM
Still doing it via 3rd party software, but recently, that seems to become incredibly slow again. Some of the cache clearance workarounds don't apply to kit-kat either.  

TOTALLY OFF TOPIC, but the new problem you're having with operating speed might be a new option Android helpfully turned on for you in an update. You can try to turn off "Wi-Fi optimization", which reduces power (down clocks) your CPU (or at least your network speed, sources are fuzzy on this) whenever wi-fi is turned on. Which, for me, is all the freaking time. This really impacts any operation where both CPU and wi-fi are involved, like checking for updates on apps and using streaming video.

This option is under Settings - Wi-Fi - (thingie in the corner for more settings) Advanced - Wi-Fi optimization, and uncheck it. That might help and shouldn't hurt, and you can turn it back on if it doesn't solve that specific issue.

That was yet another problem I had after an update. I also ran into a lot of cache clearing suggestions online, but this was what actually fixed it for me. Man, I'm going to be slow to update the next time the little popup happens after all this.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/5/14 6:00 PM
As I explained few months ago in this same forum. This is software related. Otherwise, how could you explain that the exact same thing happened when the version 4.2 when out and got fixed with the 4.3?
A good article describes exactly what happened to me. ( Again, it is the exact same thing, with the exception that I am still awaiting for the next update.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/5/14 11:22 PM
Yes I agree. The fact that there are some issues software related such as the fact the battery while plugged in loses its power during usage. 
Hopefully, the Google team could speed up the process of releasing an upgrade with a fix. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 3/6/14 12:10 AM
I agree with JT and others that this is a mixture of hardware and software problems. Not much progress with mine, I got to a stage where the charge would not go above 75%, plugging and unplugging the USB would give me a positive current, but soon after I turned the Nexus off it must have stopped charging because I only got an extra 1% out of it if anything. But plugging into a USB port on my Macbook (using the same USB to microUSB cable), it did charge to full, though I still had to do a but of unplugging/plugging.

Question: Why does the battery monitor sometimes show the status as "USB plugged" and sometimes as "AC plugged"? It seems charging is more reliable with the former. With AC chargers, it is unpredictable which status is shown. In a computer it always seems to say "USB plugged", which is reasonable. But how does the tablet even know, or think it knows, what the source of the DC voltage on the microUSB port is? In any case, what this status is seems to be to affect whether it charges or not, or whether it continues to charge after you turn it off.

Dave Carter 

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 phil bartolazo 3/6/14 6:39 AM
Update, only charged to 85% overnight.  So I checked the ribbon again, very easy this time.  No more difficult than inserting a micro usb card into a cell phone.  Pushed the ribbon back in went for a morning jog, came back and it charged up to 97%.  I really think this is simply a design flaw.  Happens in every industry.  It appears that thin, wide copper backing on top of the ribbon is suppose to help keep the ribbon in place.  I feel that a different connection would alleviate these issues. 

Didn't mean to make this a mudslinging contest.  If I offended JT in jest, then I apologize.  But for heavens sake, calling me obtuse, snooty, useless, an overeager ee, immature, irrelevant, lacking reading comprehension, a middle schooler, a preteen character from south park, Jersey shore, having personal problems etc. etc.  is quite unnecessary.  Even slanderous.  Some might say you are being the cyberbully.  If we were in a bar I would apologize for my part, offer to buy you a drink and wish you well.  Then honor the late Harold Ramis and say "Lighten up Francis."  : )

To be honest I believed my slow charging issue was software related at first.  Tried all of the different software suggestions first.  My early symptom was only achieving an 85% charge.  Then weeks later it would not charge even though the screen said "charging."  Being that I could not use the Nexus without battery power I had to do something.  Bought a charger, no change.  Ordered a battery for $59.00.  Then thought,  what if it's not the battery?  So I took out the battery and charged it separately.  Battery charged fine.  Cancelled the order.  But the nexus still would not charge.  I figured it was time to, go the Mini Ipad route because the Nexus was useless and I didn't want to spend more money on a problematic platform.  After all, our old Kindle was still functioning normally.  So why keep spending money on a product that was having issues.  Before placing the order for the Ipad I decided to take the Nexus apart again.  And then I found the loose cable.  Reinserted the ribbon and it started charging.  I was so happy I didn't have to spend $300 on a new device that I made a quick post on what worked for me.  It may not work for others and that's fine.  I just wanted to share.

So in the end, it might be a software issue as far as the quicker draining.  But I still believe that as far as charging is concerned, the design flaw is the culprit.  Cheers and good day to all.  Even you JT!

P.S.  It just reached a full charge.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 3/6/14 6:47 AM
Phil, when you reseated the USB ribbon cable, did you also disconnect and reconnect the cable from the battery to the device? You may have done this for safety, I would have. But I did find at an early stage that doing this did resolve problems for a while, completely removing power from the device seemed to reset something. Running the battery completely flat did the same. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 rucknrun 3/6/14 6:50 AM
I agree, this has been a temporary fix form me in both cases.  Re-seating either cable fixed my N7 2012 for like one charge.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 phil bartolazo 3/6/14 8:33 AM
Only the ribbon at the USB port.  And more than likely it will come loose again.  IMHO it's just a flawed design. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Pierre Charette 3/7/14 8:50 AM
I have the same problem.  Called google support yesterday, they are of no help.  I was only offered a troubleshooting fact sheet by email.  No help over the phone.  What I received is what I had already tried numerous times as a result of researching for solutions on You Tube and internet chats.  I called back and I was directed to ASUS.  Shame on you Google.  Given there are hundreds (if not thousands of people experiencing the same problem and given that you have sold me this problem; it should be your responsibility to get this fixed with your supplier.  Why does it have to be me?  I am switching to Apple. This Nexus adventure is ending up costing me 250$ rather than saving me as much.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/7/14 9:08 AM
Try Phil's method, at this point it wouldn't hurt to try it. If it works that's great. If you do please let me know if it works. It doesn't take long.

Good luck,

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Wang Yongyi 3/8/14 4:57 PM
I got the same problem. My nexus 7 charges was bought in march 2013. Though there was couple problems ( I replaced because of the screen problem soon after), it still charges. and after the update of 4.42, the battery doesn't hold the power, and charger doesn't work.
it discharges 400 mAs while plug into a usb, and -200mAs on the wall. (with screen on)
I tried couple method, and my final solution is try another charger.
I got lucky cause my phone is LG, which is 5V 0.4A, It charges 100mAs while screen is on, and about 430mAs while I turned the screen off.
Then I got some crazy idea...I got another charger, 5.1V and 0.7A.... so I tired it. got 300mAs while the screen is on and about 670mAs while screen is off. (I don't know whether it will hurt the battery, but at least I got my tablet back.)
The ASUS charger says 5V 2A, however, it doesn't work at all.
I guess it may be some kind of communication between the charger and the device, so the device can control the flow, if Google can fix the problem, that'll be great.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/9/14 2:36 PM
Update:  I've contacted Google and as anyone knows, by reading this forum, they are of no help at all. Once they've taken your money, you're on your own.  Anyhow, due to the circumstances, I've decided to go ahead and downgrade to 4.3. So far, I've plugged it in the wall and bingo it started to charge normally again.  Anyhow, I'll keep you all update within the next few days. Once I know this is not a fluke and it is really working, I'll post the procedure on how to do this. It is not difficult, and when you know how, it's not more than few minutes.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Christopher Reckers 3/9/14 6:02 PM
Really sad that 4+ months have gone by and still nothing from Google on this. The posters on here seem to know more about what's going on than the companies who created the product. If this isn't addressed soon, I'll be hard pressed to give my money to Google again.

It shouldn't be that difficult for someone at Google to round this issue down and at least give us an update, should it?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 3/10/14 12:23 AM

and i didnt wait for google to solve it. they take ages.

as one of the pioneers of this thread, trust me i have tried everything, and started solutions you can see if you back track a bit.
what does not work/or temporary works but not permanent:
>OS downgrading
>bootloader upgrading
>plug unplug with battery monitor (temporary)
>reseating battery cable
>changing chargers/cables/using OEM
>all else above

what works:

from what i observe, some symptoms of failure started prior to kitkat, as to some of the nexus' handled to me. and some kitkat dont have it.
and the dock works. led me to conclude it might be hardware, probably with the USB

OPEN YOUR NEXUS 7 AND RESEAT THE USB CHARGING PORT FROM THE INSIDE. if you do not know how, this video will guide you:

as you can see the 4:07 in the video is the most important, remove the usb port/audio port completely and reseat it, place it back tightly.

my tab was left at 0% charge, unable to charge anymore, so i was left with the option to tinker it. which to my delight, it charges now at 500-900mah. i tried to drain it and charge again charging-recharging 3 times before posting it here to make sure it was not sheer luck, and so it did.

its a hardware problem guys. i just wish google/asus had the courage to admit it rather than we find it ourselves. go ahead try it. post if it works
 for you. it worked for me.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/10/14 12:32 AM
This is exactly what I have trying to tell everyone I wrote down the whole procedure. Not taking any credit away from Phil, but I had done this independently from any knowledge from Phil's post.
But Phil should get the credit for posting it first on this thread.

Phil and I have been telling everyone its not the upgrade of the software. I haven't had any charging issues since i discovered this solution, using the original charging unit.

Now we have ResidentRocker to confirm. Anywho, maybe the stubborn ppl will listen now.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 3/10/14 12:38 AM
yeah seems like no one is paying attention. credits to the guy above me and phil. guys, pay attention to the post/solution we wrote above and dont be stubborn. its hardware. just a simple reseating of the usb charging port from the inside will do. back track a bit, look for the big word:

it will teach you how. go ahead, backtrack a little.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Nelson Cohn 3/10/14 12:38 AM
All I did was uninstall "Google Search" and stop updates from automatically downloading, then restart my Nexus 7. Since I've done that, I have had little problems, on the event if it starts again, I just restart my tablet and it is fixed, 3 days without the problem now.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 3/10/14 1:11 AM
i hope the solution above will not be buried under these useless solutions once again. im not saying the solutions provided by these guys are worthless, but with all due respect, the solution me and user nexus 7 2012 is for those having the WORST problem/case. if it solves with software or deleting/uninstalling, then the problem you guys have does now pertain to the original thread starter or it does not belong to this thread. so i do hope you understand uninstalling something does not work for our problem. again

backtrack and look for the word FIXED!! i posted recently, i hope this does not get buried again. please do not bury the solution by posting unnecessary solutions.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 3/10/14 1:33 AM
I would just like to repost a question, I havn't seen a reply. I genuinely don't
know the answer. For those who use the 3c battery monitor, what is the
difference between the status "USB Plugged" and the status "AC plugged".

Background: plugging in to the USB port of a laptop, status shows "USB
plugged" and the battery charges. Plugging the same cable into the original
ASUS charger, the status (sometimes) shows "AC plugged" and the battery
does not charge.

What causes the status to change? The change is not at the microUSB end, I
have been very careful not to disturb that.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 JT N7 3/10/14 1:39 AM
 ResidentRocker - then the problem you guys have does now pertain to the original thread starter or it does not belong to this thread

Assuming you mean "does not," then you are simply incorrect. The original poster had an issue that was described this way:

Jc18 - Seems like the problem is KitKat, my problem started the same week I updated to 4.4. 


Jc18 - I just want to insist that this problem started the same week I update to 4.4 via OTA (KitKat), and a friend of mine with the same tablet started to experience this problem when he updated to 4.4 too.
As this is the thread that had (long, long ago) a G+ rep comment, it is unhelpful to intentionally confuse the original problem for new people who might be looking for answers.

I am sure the hardware problem is the issue for some people. That is not the issue most people here are trying to fix, merely a recent vocal minority who have luckily found a solution to their problem. Perhaps a new thread would be a better place to discuss the symptoms that lead to that hardware fix, symptoms which are also clearly different from those the original poster and others have. Unless, of course, these "people" are a single smurfer trying to drive traffic from a large, well-followed thread...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 JT N7 3/10/14 1:52 AM
David.Carter - What causes the status to change? The change is not at the microUSB end, I 

have been very careful not to disturb that. 

The laptop's OS might actually be helping you out with re-acquiring the USB charging mode after brief disconnects, something that seems to fail until a full disconnect is performed with the AC charger mode.

See my first post and second post on my findings, and check if un-then-replugging the AC adapter end of the charger from the wall increases (hopefully, fixes) the mA charging reported by a battery monitor app. Doing this without jogging the Nexus end of the cable should remove that as a hardware failure point.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 3/10/14 2:04 AM
Unplugging and replugging does change, and often increase the charging rate. But the USB plugged/AC plugged status often
does not change, even though the current does. 

I haven't done enough experiments, but what I think happens is that if you power off the Nexus with the current showing green,
and the status showing USB plugged, then it always charges to full. If the current is green but the status shows AC plugged, then
quite often, but maybe not always, it charges only a bit, showing that it has stopped charging soon after power off.

Hence it works better with the laptop, when the status is always USB plugged. Even then sometimes I have to unplug and replug
to get a positive current. 

When the cable is plugged into the laptop, even wiggling the microUSB end of the cable does not cause the status to go to AC plugged,
even if it may change the current.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 ResidentRocker 3/10/14 2:52 AM
Yep. Sometimes even if you turn off with the green in monitor, you end up having drained in the morning. Ive been past that. That was my usual solution until one day it emptied to zero due to draining, had nochoice but to open it. Point of nothing to lose anyway.

Again,try reseating the usb cord inside by opening your tablet. It wouldnt hurt to try. There is a guide above. I hope it works for you. Mine charges normally now. 3-4 hours full.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Vicente JT Vega 3/10/14 3:56 AM
bought this on ebay worked great for me and FIXED IT. It's a branded cable from a major company thicker than normal thus more amperage used it with original charger and now takes less than 3 hours to charge, if it don't work for you just return it you'll get a refund.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Vicente JT Vega 3/10/14 3:59 AM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Michael Garramone 3/10/14 4:33 AM
"I'm not saying the other solutions are worthless, just useless and unnecessary." Thanks for clearing that up, ResidentRocker.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/10/14 6:12 AM
At this point, hardware or software does not matter. There is obviously two distinct problems here and I am willing to try any possible solutions but not the ones requiring money. I do not want to spend another dime on this thing that is not even good to be a paper weight.  

Honestly, unless someone think otherwise, only good can come out of this.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/10/14 7:08 AM
Update: I downgraded to 4.3 yesterday. Although it did seemed to work. Today, I confirm that it is NOT.

Either the original upgrade to kitkat changed something that was not overwrite when I downgraded and there is something else I must do, like changing the bootloader in conjunction with the downgrade (if this make sense)   or It must be hardware which turns out to happen at the same time of the upgrade to kitkat.  

Tonight I'll open it and try the usb option.

Sorry for my bad English. It is obviously not my primary language.

Slow charging Nexus 7 rondec june rubio 3/10/14 7:43 AM
I already tried all option that this thread mention from reseating the USB,downgrading to any lower grades operating system,changing power different combinations of power cords and chargers believe me no luck seems to be the solutions...if I could only see the googles office right next to our house I will surely throw off this piece of rubbish product of them so they may recycle it to make a garbage bag!
Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/10/14 9:01 AM
Planned obsolescence... :(
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Mark Mastie 3/10/14 9:55 AM
Yeah, and then you only get 3 hours of use for a full day charge...

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 H Ramoon 3/11/14 1:37 AM
True same here
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 H Ramoon 3/11/14 1:37 AM
True same here
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sergiotron 3/11/14 2:02 AM
ResidentRocker's solution worked for me!!! Thanks a lot man!!!! Months since I saw the Nexus battery with full charge, and today the miracle happened... Thanks a lot again!!!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/12/14 5:00 PM
It would appear that the docking station is indeed the way to go. I've received mine this afternoon. So far, it has been charging the tablet at a rate of +700mA and more.  I even seen +969mA.  

For those who read the forum, you know my position, as to what I believe caused the slow charging.  I still think it is not a coincidence, if many of us experienced the issue at the same time that kitkat was released. Whatsoever, hardware or software, every one seems to agree that the docking station is the way to go.  

I do not have the knowledge to explain why a software could interfere with hardware, but as I said, I do not believe in coincidence.  

Therefore, instead of throwing your tablet in garbage, try that docking station.  They are not easy to find, at a reasonable price, but I've  managed to find one (new) for 50.00 taxes in.  Most stores are out of stock, and some others try to rip you off by selling at 80.00.

Best of luck.

(unknown) 3/13/14 8:44 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 3/13/14 8:44 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Slow charging Nexus 7 New User Mountain Lion 3/13/14 9:02 PM
Same issue here.... Mine starting to slow down charging and speed up draining on the battery since last two updates (right now is 4.2.2 version)... But guess what, I have luck - amazingly the unplug/plug back method WORKS (as shown on YouTube)!!!! So, I'll highly recommend you to try it first before you jump in to try anything else, and good luck!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 brandmarked 3/14/14 9:00 AM
Nexus 7 2012 here. Same problem. 

Just adding my weight to the numbers.

Incredibly slow charging using the original charger. Seems to have come on since KitKat installation. Four hours to get to 40%.

Battery runs down even when not in use. I charged it just over a day ago. Not used it, and down to 14%

Mine also seems to turn itself off randomly too even at 20 or 30% charge.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/14/14 9:15 AM
In a nutshell, here are your options.

1. Buy a docking station.
2. Plug and unplug your tablet on a computer usb 3.0, while using a battery widget.
3. Open the back of your tablet and try the usb port fix, explained previously.
4. Wait for the next OS release.
5. Send it to me instead of throwing in garbage.

No matter what your decision is, don't even bother trying to contact Google. They don't care about you and will not help.

Slow charging Nexus 7 Shari 3/15/14 9:14 AM
Im so frustrated right now someone please help. I just bought a nexus 7 tablet and it is sooooo slow charging and eats the battery fast. I try to read the posts but my eyes are getting bad to many of them. I have tried everything is there something im missing, some little trick I need to know about
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 3/15/14 10:14 AM
Shari, is this a new Nexus? Or a second hand 2012 model? If its the first then you should return it under warranty. If the second, then there are a number of tricks on here, all of which work for some people and not others. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 3/15/14 10:16 AM
And basically these tricks were summed up by Sylvain two posts above. There is much more detail on each (maybe not number 5) in posts further up. 
Slow charging Nexus 7 Alexandre Souto 3/15/14 10:17 AM
Ebay search slow charging nexus 7 it works i bought the cable
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 3/15/14 10:20 AM
And there is another one which may work for some people. I haven't bought this cable, probably not being in the country where it is sold, and currently my Nexus charges from computer USB reliably, but not reliably from the ASUS charger using the same USB to micro-USB cable. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Cheryl Bales 3/20/14 8:24 PM
I'm really frustrated as I can't use my nexus more than a few minutes before it runs down.  I've tried charging with different cords, wall charger, usb through the computer, and it really doesn't matter.  I'm about ready to buy a Samsung.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 phil bartolazo 3/21/14 8:00 AM
Anyone willing to toss out their Nextbook might as well try the USB ribbon cable fix I posted above.

UPDATE:  Cable continues to loosen with time.  That returns it to a slow/no charging state necessitating opening and reinserting the ribbon.  I decided to put double sided scotch tape under the USB ribbon, then regular scotch tape on top.  Now it charges flawlessly time and time again without loosening up!  And now I don't have to open her up to reinsert the ribbon anymore! 

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nexus 7 2012, slow charging solution 3/21/14 8:07 AM
UPDATE: I have had to reinsert the connector to the ribbon again just once after the initial surgery. It started to charge slowly for me as well. I have used electrical tape to hold it in place. 
Fully charging in less than 3 hrs from 0% to 100%. I also have added an app for monitoring my battery. Hopefully, everyone else should give it a try don't hesitate the warranty is already void by now for the first gen. 

Slow charging Nexus 7 Bernardo Danzi 3/22/14 1:20 PM
i noticed that using ipad air wall charger will charge the nexus 7 faster.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Magec 3/27/14 8:10 AM
I am also having the same problem now :-(

It only started a few days ago, and I have been on 4.4 since it came out.

Not sure if I need to get it repaired or wait for a software update!!

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 rucknrun 3/27/14 8:19 AM
I feel confident that the fix above works.  I tried it the first time and it started failing again.  The second time I made sure I got that tiny ribbon cable in there really good and put a small piece of electrical tape to hold it in place.   It has been a week plus and it is charging with any USB cable like it should.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sylvain Gendron 3/27/14 9:07 AM
You better forget the update. It will not happen.  

It is in French, but bottom line it says "no more update" unless you root.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Fred Lages 3/27/14 10:33 AM
Use it as a missile, a doorstop or a paperweight. ...that's all it's fit for
We have been set up.
The Nexus 7 will turn your hair gray.
Google will not do a thing about it...They piss me off.
I bought a "Hudl" for 119GPB...goes like a dream...but why should I have had to spend more?
Google have really let us down.
Shame on them
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 3/28/14 9:53 AM
I will never buy another Nexus device even I was happy with Galaxy Nexus and I'm happy with Nexus 5.
Thanks Google it's time to say goodbye!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 3/28/14 4:10 PM

According to a source familiar with the situation, Android 4.4.3 is, unsurprisingly, going to be a pure bug-fixer release.

I wonder if the Nexus 7 2012 is going to get this update and if it is going to fix slow charge problem
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Will Schmitt 4/2/14 3:51 AM
Sorry, but Could you explain what you mean by the USB ribbon?  I've tried different chargers and along with the original Nexus 7 charger, I can only get it to charge 37%.  Thanks
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Ginny Kaled 4/7/14 4:19 AM
This just started happening to my N7. After charging all night it was only at 50% and now with less than an hour of use and still plugged in I'm at 45%. This is ridiculous. I hope they come out with a fix for this otherwise it's going back!!  Need a device I can depend on
(unknown) 4/7/14 4:19 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 4/7/14 4:19 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 trevor Lucy 4/7/14 5:30 AM
In case this helps you:

I've definitely found that using a low-amp charger (1A) instead of the supplied 2A plug, along with a relatively short USB lead (approx 50cm) charges faster. I've tried the ASUS and a generic plug (both 2A or more) and the Nexus charges slower.

I do find that unplugging/replugging the charger makes a difference - I do this at the mains plug end, not the Nexus end (that way the nexus connection stays still).

I do kill off unused apps (swipe them off the task list), and I do have a cleaner app running which tidies up memory/storage.

I use a charging monitor (can't remember which one, but it was one recommended on this discussion) and I do see the charging rate fluctuate... EVEN IF the only thing I am doing is refreshing the charge monitor.

Whilst I think the Nexus should charge with any plug/cable, I'm in a position that I know what works for me. I can't decide whether this is a hardware, software or a combined issue. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 4/8/14 4:06 AM
I've found the only way to maintain consistently fast charge rates on my N7 20012 is to avoid using the USB port altogether, and charge via the pogo pins - ie to use a dock. I'm still using the official asus charger/cable btw.

I gone through the options of reseating the ribbon cable, cleaning contacts, even as far as replacing the USB module, all of which improved matters, but not to a reliable level. This has led me to conclude that the mainboards connection port doesn't give a solid enough connection to stop the internal charging controller cutting the charge rate over time.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 4/8/14 4:19 AM
I have not commented on this thread for a while, but I have found that I can charge really quite reliably from the USB port on my laptop, but not from the ASUS charger using exactly the same USB to microUSB cable. I charge mostly with the Nexus off. 

What is this internal charging controller? Clearly it is a large part of the problem. Has any software upgrade done anything to it?

Using the 3C battery monitor, irrespective of the current, the monitor reports one of two states "USB plugged" and "AC Plugged".

If the state is USB plugged when I switch it off the nexus will charge. If it is AC plugged it seems to stop soon after switching off. So sometimes the charger
will charge it, sometimes it won't, I find the best solution is to plug it in to the laptop overnight. 

I havn't tried to reseat the microUSB ribbon. Whilst I can still charge from the laptop, it seems too much of a risk.

Dave Carter

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 4/8/14 5:46 AM
Just did some re-research ;)

My thoughts on the charge controller are based on this g+ post :

and specifically this comment:

"The battery and the SMB347 are perfectly capable of charging at almost 2A.  1.86A draw from a 5.1v supply to be specific.

However the SMB347 drops the charge current by 200 mA for every 0.1 volt drop of input voltage from the power supply.  The Asus charger drops its voltage under load enough that the N7 only charges at 1.2-1.4A or so."

The SMB347 is apparently the model number of the charging controller. From what I've read it may have parameters that can be set in the kernel, but I'm not entirely certain what these are. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David.Carter 4/8/14 7:20 AM
Thanks for that. Thats very useful if depressingly technical. But it does point to a mixture of hardware
and software/firmware issues. 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 David Richard Carr 4/9/14 5:09 PM
Really? What about the batterys inbuilt pcb and charge safety chipset, that can be flashed during an update to increase or decrease battery life and limit charge input.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 vincent_g 4/11/14 12:15 PM
After months of going though the same annoying non-charging issue with my Nexus 7, I finally found out some way around the whole problem.
Let's be clear about it: the problem is still there, and that work around I developed simply allows to manage the issue, without solving it. A real solution rests with the folks at Google, who have to do do something with the OS, as it seems very likely that Android is the problem.

There has been suggestions that quickly plugging and unplugging the USB cord in the transformer unit could make the Nexus somehow 'latch' and start taking charge. It works, but the problem is that this is like tossing dices and going for a double 6. One unplug and plug cycle may get your the 'double 6', but if you do it 4 times in quick succession without ensuring that the second or 3rd attempt did latch, the 4th may simply be a dud. Add to this the problem that, if you monitor the battery using an application that is running on the Nexus itself, that application would bring its own instability to the charging issue, compounding the problem further.

So here is what I did.

1- procured an energy meter. I got mine from Amazon for less than $20. There are several models available, from $15 to $36 (just search for 'energy meter'). No need to get overly fancy, you just need something that would display the current, or alternatively, the power being transmitted
2- since plugging and unplugging the USB chord is getting tedious, and likely to cause wear on the cable, I also got myself a switchable USB hub. Now plugging and unplugging is replaced by cycling a switch, a much more comfortable proposition (that hub cost me $13)

Now, to recharge, one may need to power off the Nexus (not only screen off, nor Airplane mode; a real power off that will require booting on power on). That is because the Nexus is filled to the brim with behind the scenes services that wake up and go to sleep all the time, which could just as well trip the unit into a different power usage mode, including some that do not charge at all or may even deplete whatever is left of the battery charge. We evidently don't want that. We also want the Nexus to be as cool as possible; I suspect that when it is warm, some process inside make the system 'nervous' and likely to avoid recharging.

Next, you plug the charger in the power meter, pass the USB chord through the hub, and cycle power on and off until the energy meter shows that you have at least 2.7 watt flowing in. If you have 2.5 watt or less, the unit is not charging. If you manage to get it above 4 watt, you are recharging correctly and fast (although you may have to settle for around 3 watt). Now, keep watching the power meter, as it may fall off. If it drops below 2.5 watt (and if it does, it will drop below 1 watt in less than 10 seconds; this dropping power is, as far as I can tell, perhaps the most vivid demonstration that something is wrong with the _OS_, and not with anything else), cycle the USB hub switch until you get a stable reading of above 2.7 watt. Keep revisiting the power meter display regularly, ensuring that it remains in the charging band, as it could decide to go south with zero warning. When you see a residual of 0.2 watt and cannot get it any higher, chances are your unit is fully recharged. Boot it up and check.

Once you have a good and reliable charging approach, you can try to see if you can get your unit to charge while sleeping (as opposed to being completely off) or even while turned on and operating; the point is that you have a working Plan B that will get you charged for the next day.

Of course, the best thing would be for Google to acknowledge that something got really messed up with one of the latest version of Android, and FIX IT. But that Plan A is not up to us.

While the extra hardware cost me $30, it is a lot less than what I value the frustrations I had to endure for months. Luckily, your experience will be similar.


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 justin williams nexus 7 user 4/11/14 4:49 PM
Kinda hope you know that this makes absolutely no sense to a lot of people.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Naweed Nijat 4/13/14 3:53 AM
The USB ribbon fix solved my Problem!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Peranders Dahlström 4/13/14 8:57 AM
How this slow or non charging problem can entirely be a software/ OS problem is getting difficult to believe.
As I wrote 10 februari I sent  my 2012 nexus for service (left it at the shop 1 feb. and got it back 10 feb)  as it was still under the 2 year warranty.
Asus service changed the I/O board  including USB port I guess as my old nexus cable seende to fit better. It changed just fine again with original USB charger and cable.
I then ( after a couple of days) left it in standby mode as I had bought an iPad mini. Today ( 2 months later) I tried to turn it on but it was dead. I used the " reset start" - volume button and start button - to get it to start charging. It changed to 75% in less than 2hours.
It is of course possible that the os upgrade caused a problem to the i/o board and battery management but I am not so sure. My Nexus 7 is still on 4.4.2.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Cool Nexus 7 4/13/14 9:52 AM
Hi. I have had my Nexus 7 for a year and there has been no problem with charging it. But  I would reccomend trying to charge your nexus by connecting it to a computer if you have one. If you do this speeds up charging!☺😉
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PoodleinCH 4/13/14 12:34 PM
I've had my original Nexus 7 for about a year and a half.  It started charging slowly 2-3 months ago, and it gotten slower and slower.

Worried, I started investigating yesterday and trying different things.  Today, I went to Settings > developer options, and saw that I had "usb debugging" checked and also a setting to leave screen on while charging.  (I don't remember why I would have turned these items on.)

I turned both those off, and then my tablet charged from 50% to 100% in about an hour or two.  So much faster!

We'll see if it continues to charge fast.  I'll post again in a week or two and let you know.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Angel Yaos 4/13/14 7:21 PM
Cant see the charging battery icon on the battery of my nexus 7 while charging. Infact not charging but the battery level goes up.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Angel Yaos 4/13/14 7:21 PM
Slow charging Nexus 7 Angel Yaos 4/13/14 7:21 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 4/14/14 5:09 AM
Hi. I have had my Nexus 7 for a year and there has been no problem with charging it. But  I would reccomend trying to charge your nexus by connecting it to a computer if you have one. If you do this speeds up charging!☺

Your wall charger should charge the tablet a lot faster than using a usb port on your PC, so if you find otherwise I'd say there's a problem.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 kiera Hamilton 4/15/14 11:31 AM
My first nexus 7 broke. So I got it replaced with a nexus 7.2. My first wouldnt charge. But before that I had to have the charger in a certain angle. This has starded happening to my new nexus. Help!! I dont want it to brake again!! I dont have warranty on my new one!!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Stacy Diaz 4/17/14 6:32 PM
My tablet do not want to charge. the only way it charges is when i press it down really hard. other than that, it doesn't charge. Any suggestions?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 (unknown) 4/20/14 10:53 AM
try flash full factory img, 
dont sorted flash separately..
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Julie Liburd 4/21/14 2:26 PM
Can't believe I have wasted my money. Wish I had bought a different make. Are they even working on the problem
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Bomba Seven 4/22/14 9:25 AM
Hi, the time of the warrenty doesn't really matter, 'an item has to last a reasonable amount of time', which yours clearly didn't.  As it's a device who's usage, or lack of it, can be checked, you're covered.  You could have had it stored 10 years & you still be covered.  Contact the manufacturer stating that you are aware of this & if necessary threaten legal action, they will fold because the law is on your side.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Shawn Fausset 4/24/14 11:52 AM
I have had my Nexus 7 for 21 months. It periodically began charging slowly about 9 months ago, before the KitKat update. I reverted my KitKat update and it made no difference. I also tried the plug-in, unplug and it also made no difference. USB debug... no dice. 
Some time ago, I also noticed that my audio out had stopped working with all but one of my auxiliary cables. As has been mentioned before, the audio jack and the USB port share a common replaceable board. I rolled the dice, ordered and paid for a new board and installed it. Voila...that was one month ago and my tablet now works like its new. Charges normally and holds charge normally. Enough time has passed to convince me that this was my problem. The boards are available for about $60 and the installation instructions are simple and widely available online. Hope this helps some of you.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 milo brandon 4/25/14 7:16 AM
I am also having this problem with my first gen nexus 7. My nexus working fine until an update. I didn't pay much attention, because I didn't use it very frequently, but recently I have purchased a chromecast, and thought maybe I can use my nexus7 as a remote. I realize the boot takes upto 2 minutes watching these circles go in and out seems like to take forever. i felt that the battery draining so fast that I that I can only get a 4-5 hour usage, and when not is usage so the battery conitnues to drain, nothing more irritating than leaving your device battery at 40 percent, and come back to it half a day later and see you need to recharge it. I paid a full price for it 259+tax , barely used it, and now it's a piece of crap. My advice to people never buy an ASUS product.   
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Claire Doherty 4/25/14 2:33 PM
My nexus takes approx 12 hours to charge and lasts approx 2 hours. It is so frustrating!  It's been since the kit kat update! Surely Google have sorted a update by now to cure??????
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 psxdumy 4/26/14 2:41 PM
I'm having the same issue with slow battery. And I can agree with Bill that both company's service has been pretty bad. They want you to send it back for any issue. Even in warranty it takes forever for them to get it back and even then the problem might not be fixed. I was so excited to have the best tablet for such a great price but I don't know why I have to go through all this hassle when they could simply replace the device for a new one. I think it's because they released a new model so they don't want to give those to replace the old ones that should, as Bill pointed out, last more than a year.
Edit: My problems were sort of resolved on my own, and I must admit I was hasty in contacting customer service. The first problem was ghost touch, which went away when I cleaned the finger oils off my screen. The other problem is slow-charging, which still kinda happens and I haven't figured it out yet, but I it varies with different chargers, so I think the charger is the key here, really.
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Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 milo brandon 5/1/14 5:59 PM
I hope that this helped you not to buy a nexus.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 milo brandon 5/1/14 5:59 PM
REMOVE ME Slow charging Nexus 7 New User Mountain Lion 5/1/14 7:06 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Vincenzo Deriu 5/2/14 7:23 AM
Ok, my 2012 nexus 7 now does not charge at all.

What about a class action against google?
Slow charging Nexus 7 Kannan Murthy 5/3/14 8:06 PM
Yep, I know, I use a N7 2013 and the battery drains very fast and takes around 5-6 hours to charge completely. This happened only after the 4.4 update!
Slow charging Nexus 7 Jiboy Kitsune 5/3/14 8:47 PM
if got the the problem right after OTA update 4.4, try factory reset through setting.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Rubén Blanco 5/7/14 10:46 AM
This is a scam like the hell of big. I've been experiencing this issue since about 5 or 6 months.
When I first purchased this device it charged in 3 hours max, but now it's ridiculous  I plug mi device in the night at about 24h. and when I wake up 10 hours later it's still in 80% it's impressive this piece of shit. and other times it doesn't charge at all just dry the shit. I'm very dissapointed, and if this keep going on I won't never buy a google device, and I hope this issue doesn't break apart the battery, i'm feed up of this shit of battery and the hell of time that take to charge, i cannot even nor work with this shit right now, it is useless right now.
I'm very angry.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 joel carlos 5/7/14 12:53 PM
I too have this problem. I bought the tablet and it seemed to work good tghe first couple of days. However, my charging has now gone to hell and it takes forever to go up just one percent. As I type this right now, my tablet is plugged in and deteoriating, not gaining any power. The battery charge widget that that was recommended in this trhead reads that my overall battery flow is negative, even though it's plugged in!

This is really dissappointing, Im never buying a google product again.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Rubén Blanco 5/8/14 2:43 PM

 Hi, I 've been about 1 year an a half with the nexus 7 and just about 6 o 7 months ago the time for charging was being each time more and more slow, this issue is for sure knew for Google however they are doing anything to solve it or even for recognise that it's theirs. 

I cannot be every other day charging and discharging because of this shit of device, and if they think we're going to throw away the devide to switch to the recent version they must be seeing pigs in the air.

Somethink like this I had imagine with a company like this.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Magnus Karlström 5/9/14 1:21 PM
Lets start with saying that it is a shame that google and asus can't fix this for us.

My conclusions this far is that the slow charging is a hardware problem, in my case i depends on bad USB cables, with a good cable it charges as it should. Other people have problems with the USB connector or battery connector.

The decreasing standby time and general battery life is in my world a software issue from google. Just leaving my fully charged nexus 2012 in standby drains the battery in less then 100 hours. Clean installation done before. But if I set the device in airplane mode the battery last something like 250 hours, just like it did when new. To me this is a software problem, after googles updates the device is not going into sleep mode as much as it should while in standby and while being used it is sending more useless info to google or something drain the battery faster. My workaround has been to use airplane mode frequently and lately installing an app that force it into sleep most of the time while the screen is off.
Slow charging of asus tf101eee,pad Nilam Yadav 5/9/14 11:54 PM
I have Asus tf101 it's charging it very very slow it is possible when I shutdown it it is the USB problem or wall adaptor problem and it is program problem Pl give me solution.
Slow charging of asus tf101eee,pad Quoc Anh BuBu 5/10/14 4:50 PM
I have faced this promblem once time and I can tell you my solution

First of all,my device is Nexus 7 2012 Wifi and it took me 12 hours to chare it fully.I did everything included wipe date or hard reset,everything related to software.However it still did not work anything well.

I started to think it is about hardware issue.Because I live in Vietnam so the only thing I can do is contact ASUS VIETNAM.Fortunately,the issue was fixed.

The promblem is my USB port on Nexus 7.They changed for me the new USB port about a year ago.I need only 3 hours to charge fully my N7.Now the problem come again to me but not that bad,the old time it took 12 hours,now it took me 6 hours.

I hope my experience can help all of you.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jc18 5/11/14 8:32 AM
Almost 6 months later after I created this post and still no oficial solution from Google or Asus.

I still have the same problem.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 milo brandon 5/11/14 8:55 AM
wow 6 months. I have given up hope, I barely use my nexus 7 now. Basically threw away money. very disappointing.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Quoc Anh BuBu 5/11/14 8:58 AM
Try to contact Asus to fix the USB Port on the N7 or spend money to buy a dock
Re: Slow charging of asus tf101 Nilam Yadav 5/11/14 11:45 PM
I have Asus tf101  it's charging is very very looooow I don't know what is the problems when I shutdown it then it charge very slowly I put it in charging overnight Pl give me solution of it pl
Slow charging Nexus 7 nav-45555 5/12/14 6:36 PM
Good thing I read this thread. I bought a BRAND new nexus and for the first charge overnight, it only charged 25%. I am returning this shit back!
Slow charging Nexus 7 nav-45555 5/12/14 6:36 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Charles Cropp 5/13/14 12:09 PM
I invested in a dock.  When the time comes for me to buy a new tablet, it will NEVER be a Google or a Asus product.  I can't help but think this is planned obsolescence.

Also, FYI, Nexus 2012 tablets will NOT get the new updated Kit Kat when it is finally released.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Amiya Shrivastava 5/13/14 8:33 PM
I was facing the same problem with my 2013 model of Nexus 7. I found that my charger was faulty.

I left my Nexus 7 to charge overnight using the charger that came with it and the following morning it was only 50 % charged.

Then, I replaced the charger with my old Nexus one charger and within an hour it was completely charged.

(unknown) 5/15/14 10:33 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Slow charging Nexus 7 Robert Dentici 5/15/14 10:35 PM
It seems like many of you have not seriously investigated the issue with your nexus, or are not tech savvy. It's completely understandable!!! I'm not the best at this nonsense either but I did conquer this problem 2 ways!  I've had my nexus for 2 years almost and it made it through 7 months  Afghanistan! Don't steer people away from this product. It's still the best around!!

Fix 1:  Download this battery app BATTERY MONITOR WIDGET by 3c. It shows the voltage and amperage your battery is running. Utilize its widget and change it's upper and lower displays to the voltage(mV) and battery flow(mA). When you plug in your charger watch for the increase in Voltage(mV). Make sure its >50 and turn off your screen. [NOTE: UNPLUG AND REPLUG IN THE MICRO USB QUICKLY TILL U GET >50]. After 15 minutes recheck it and see if the flow shows a positive number. Which it should!! The great thing about the app is their is a tracking program that tracks its voltage as it changes to show u how fast its charching and discharging! Great app

Fix 2: This method is more for people with steady hands. To do this method you will need to remove the back cover. Once u do this there's a huge thing in the middle. That's the battery. There's a few little cords connecting it to a small black rectangle. This rectangle sometimes comes dislodged from dropping your nexus. Be very careful with this because removing it takes some finesse. Once removed simply replace it back in its spot till it sticks tight. This should reconnect the wires to the charging port receptors and fix your slow or zero charging problem. I'd suggest downloading the app above as well to track your battery life! ;) remember only do this if you can't do fix 1.

If the words aren't enough feel free to email me and I'll  give you pictures and video of what to do!

Good luck ;)

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Brian Gee 5/17/14 12:40 PM
The whole unplug and replug really quickly is total nonsense and if people are doing this to get the N7 to charge at the correct amperage, then they are just going to ultimately damage the charger or USB plug. The only reason why this even may remotely work is because it is tricking the software into going into/out of trickle charging mode. The fact of the matter is that since the KitKat update, many N7's just cannot seem to ever go into full charging mode regardless of charger/cable.

If people are having success reseating their battery's ribbon cable then their problem was a completely different problem. That is a physical problem with the N7. The slow charging since KitKat is a SOFTWARE problem. I gave up on waiting for them to fix this problem and purchased a non Google branded tablet.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Claire Doherty 5/17/14 11:21 PM
I will try the re fixing battery etc but i agree with Brian, think I will have to get a new one, may have to go for the apple brand this time although think these before the kit kat update were overpriced to do the same thing!  Will also think about changing phone too now to link with my tablet as currently my phone is a Google product too. Shame they don't seem to be doing anything about it was quite happy with my products until then!
Slow charging Nexus 7 Barbara Hershman 5/18/14 7:55 AM
Help !!!!!!! My tablet won't charge
Slow charging Nexus 7 GoogleTakeoutDoesn'tWork 5/23/14 3:46 AM
I just got this issue yesterday. I've been on KitKat for a while. Thankfully, I've got a few months of warrany left, gonna use those. If anyone finds a definite solution, please, post it.

-Nexus 7 2012

Slow charging Nexus 7 GoogleTakeoutDoesn'tWork 5/23/14 3:46 AM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Eugenemcf 5/24/14 10:58 PM
Ha! I have been trying to fix the charging problem for ages, reseating battery coonector, buying new charger and cable but to no avail.

Then in desperation took the mini USB connection apart and reseated - and - it worked! Then I had a look at this forum to add my experience - lo and behold - the FIX is already discussed.

Thanks to ResidentRocker and all others involved! So all I can add is that I fiddled with the male internal part of the USB port as part of the exercise and may (repeat may) also have repositioned it slightly in the process.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 fred helldorfer 5/26/14 11:02 AM
I had slow and eratic charging problems.  The USB connector on the
Nexus opened up from use and was a poor connection.
I ordered a NEW USB/earphone connector.
Found it on EBay. Item number...301162352906
It is easy to see the replacement was better constructed.
I followed a utube video on how to do the replacement.
Followed the exact instructions.
Caution!  The screws are very,very small. Jewelers screwdrivers are needed!

After the replacement was done I plugged in the factory USB cable and charger. It now charges like it did when new.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Lucas Vinicius 5/26/14 12:21 PM
Hey, all

See this article. and check if it resolves the problem of yours.

Lucas V.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Ted B Meyer 5/27/14 9:06 PM
After skimming all the prior posts, I finally figured out what was wrong with my wife's Nexus 7. Like many others, her Nexus was charging erratically, and getting worse. The most promising solution appereared to be to open up the case and reseat the USB port. However my wife refused to allow it (I'm better at disassembling than repairing). So as I was trying to figure out if I was willing to take the chance, I started to fiddle with USB cable and the port. To my surprise, when I wiggled the cable from front to back the screen went from charging to not charging. I discovered that if I layed the tablet on its screen, and tilted the back of the USB cable connection upward (upward slightly... Don't force it)(I just placed a pink pearl eraser under the connector) the tablet would charge up to 100% overnight (the first time that has happened in months). My conclusion is that it is a hardware problem, a poorly designed or assembled USB port, any association of the problem with software or is updates is purely due to the tablet aging and the port becoming looser with additional use. Bottom line, the tablet is charging consistently, I didn't have to take it apart, and best of all my wife thinks I'm a genius. Hope this helps you.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 fred helldorfer 5/27/14 9:15 PM
The only permanent fix is to replace the USB port.

I outlined what I did in an earlier post.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Ted B Meyer 5/28/14 4:46 AM
I agree, replacement of the USB port is a preferred permanent solution. I just wanted to share a simple, easy, short term solution that doesn't require jeweler tools and replacement parts.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Kim Leaphart 5/30/14 9:05 AM
Slow charging...  I was reading some other complaints, about slow charging, someone mentioned going back to 4.3 instead of 4.4, I am not computer savvy. Could you please help?  

Thank you
Kim L.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 GoogleTakeoutDoesn'tWork 5/30/14 9:23 AM
Well, to my knowledge, to go back to 4.3 you would have to unlock your device (which removes all data,  although you can back it up via adb) and then install a recovery, then you would have to flash the device image. Although, for myself, all I did to fix it was make sure the cord was going into the device completely straight.

FYI, I have a 3rd-party cable bc mine broke, but this solution worked for others as well.

I would give a full tutorial for going back to 4.3, maybe when I have time I will. Kinda on a time crunch at the moment.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Nealla 6/1/14 8:27 AM
I downloaded the Battery Monitor Widget App -  Voltage shows 3755 mV or more and Battery Flow shows +112 mA.     Yet, this is the SLOWEST charging Device we have.  (and we have an iPad, a Galaxy Tablet, a Galaxy 4 Phone, a HotSpot, and an iPhone)    Yes, it has only started since updating to 4.4 KitKat.     I wouldn't mind if you could use it while plugged in.    You know?    Like when you have a laptop that won't charge anymore but you can still use it for hours plugged in.   The problem is that EVEN PLUGGED IN the darn thing says that it is charging, but it drains while you are using it so it turns off eventually in the middle of use.   Crazy.   I have tried the FIVE  (yes, 5) other chargers and cables that we have in the house for all the other devices.  I really didn't want to mess with opening it up, but guess I'll have to.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Aaltbt 6/2/14 11:24 AM
Touch wood, but I seem to have fixed my son's Nexus (which became utterly useless after Kitkat update)

  • Unlocked and rooted the device with 'Nexus Root Toolkit' by Wugfresh (windows pc required)
  • Installed 4.3.1 SmoothROM v5.3 (just picked a random 4.3 Android mod to be honest)
  • Opened up the tablet, removed battery, reconnected the wiring and squeezed the usb-port a bit (plugged in cable was a bit wobbly for my taste)
  • Installed Battery Monitor Widget and deleted all statistics, history and such. Entered battery specs.

Not quite sure what did the trick, but charging is as it used to be. Battery life too.
After months of collecting dust, the tablet is being used again.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Eugenemcf 6/3/14 3:07 AM
Ha Ha! So I spoke too soon. I have the same erratic, impossible problem everyone else has. I'm thinking of replacing the USB port ... but think it might just be another dead end. :-(
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Christopher Reckers 6/3/14 2:34 PM
I have had problems with my Nexus 7 2012 since the end of November 2013 (which is when the KitKat update rolled out).  The battery drains quickly, even when not in use.  When I try to charge it via the AC adapter, the battery percentage will hover on the same number when not in use and will slowly decline when in use and plugged in while "charging".  According to the battery monitor built into Android OS, it appears that WiFi is always on even though my settings show it shouldn't be on so I feel the software / firmware is causing a mess of other issues (did they even test it?).  It worked perfectly fine before the update.  The battery life was fantastic and it charged quickly via the AC adapter.  Now that it is having difficulty charging via the AC adapter since the update, I have no doubt that the software is at least partially to blame (and probably mostly to blame due to the other issues that appear to have popped up with battery drain) and may or may not be tweaking a hardware issue that previously wasn't a problem with the previous update.  I have been partially and temporarily successful using the following methods:

- Charging via a USB connection on a laptop or computer.  This charges the Nexus much slower than the AC adapter used to before the update, but it does charge and I don't have to plug / unplug a hundred times.  This suggests the USB seating port is just fine.
- Performing the random unplugging and plugging the USB cable back into the AC adapter.  Because I haven't installed a battery monitor on the Nexus, the only way to tell if this is working is whether the Nexus charges.  Otherwise, 

I am not willing to open the Nexus 7 myself to try any hardware mods as that will most certainly void the warranty.  Besides, this problem wasn't caused by me so I don't feel like I should be the one who should fix it.  However, the 4.4.3 update is supposedly rolling out today and should apply to the Nexus 7 2012.  Has anyone tried installing this and, if so, does it fix any of this?

If not, I bought my Nexus 7 last year in July and will be making a warranty claim to Asus to put it in the records.  By the way, I find the fact that it has now been 6+ months and Google employees have completely abandoned this thread makes it very difficult for me to justify another Google OEM purchase or convince others to do the same.  It is sad, because I feel like Google offers an awesome and competitive product if they simply support their own endeavors.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 bruce_w 6/3/14 5:19 PM
For me, this slow charge issue just started around May 30, 2014, after a bunch of app updates (the app updates may be irrelevant)
Symptoms on a 2012 Nexus 7 are:
1) extremely slow charge rate, like from 0 to 10% overnite (about 7 hours)
2) normal discharge rate once I get it charged
3) I did a battery drain and recharge to calibrate the battery software. Doesn't seem to help.
4) I am charging with the original charger
5) I find that my Kindle 9W charger seems to charge my Nexus7  a bit faster, but that may just be a manifestation of non-linear charge rate.
6) charge rate is extremely slow even when the Nexus7 is powered down,so it's not running software
7) I installed a battery monitor app after problem started, it showed Nexus7 discharging even while plugged in.
8) There were app updates but no app installs when this started.
9) I'd say the problem had a sudden onset.
10) Nexus7 is in daily use and I kinda depend on it. It's "My Precious!"

This Nexus 7 is out of warranty but less than 2 years old. I would not like to think it has planned obsolescence, and I don't want to buy a new one if this problem isn't fixed.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sofia Helena 6/4/14 2:57 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 milo brandon 6/4/14 3:17 PM
I don't get what an ebay page has to do with thread? 
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Claire L. P. 6/5/14 10:26 AM

Hi everyone,

We appreciate your patience regarding this issue. As it turns out, a new update to the Android OS recently started rolling out; unfortunately, this release will not address this specific issue.

We realize that this issue is not going away, and please know that it is still on our radar. We hope that a future update will address it.

If you haven’t done so already, please read through this thread to determine if there are other workarounds or users’ suggestions that can help you out in the meantime.

Thank you again for your patience,

Claire & Paul
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Christopher Reckers 6/5/14 12:30 PM
Claire -

Thanks for your response.  Would you advise that we send our tablets to Asus if they are still under warranty?  Is the warranty being extended since this appears to be an issue present during the warranty period and is known by Google?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Aníbal Herrera 6/8/14 4:19 PM
I bought my Nexus 7 in august 2012 and I used to love it, however, six or seven months ago I started to suffer this slow charging thing that render it unusable.

In the beginning I thought that due to my heavy use of the tablet the battery was depleted, and I bought one (55€) But the problem persisted.

Thanks to this thread I know that maybe a dock (20-40 €), maybe the microUSB jack OEM (20-40 €) can fix the issue, the hardware part at least.
In the end, too much money for a gadget with only one year of use, one I thought of as a low-cost alternative to a netbook.

I don't want to waste more money. I'm very dissappointed.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 milo brandon 6/8/14 4:32 PM
Last night I've decided to unlock/root my nexus 7, and I have to say I am very happy with the result. The nexus works like it did before the kitkat update. The OS feels smoother, and charging is shorter, and the battery last longer.  I would highly recommend it, as I felt I had nothing to lose, I went ahead.   I followed this guide, I'm not very techie and don't want to type anything, here is the guide www(dot)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Nich Weidman 6/16/14 12:06 PM
Man...not like seeing these response.  Loved my Nexus and couldn't say enough about it, but then I got hit with this this weekend.  Left it turned off and charging overnight, and it only got up to 13%.  By the end of the next day, 24%.  And, yes, the OS updated last week.

From what I see, this issue dates back years and still isn't fixed?  Really?  <sigh>  I was really stoked that I finally had a product I didn't feel I needed to root, but okay, I guess if that's what it takes...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 John Irvne 6/16/14 4:00 PM
I am able to charge mine by 10-15% per hour.

1. Download the battery monitor widget by 3c
2. Turn wifi off
3. Load the battery widget and plug your charger in, attaching it to the nexus
4. Gently pull the USB cable from the plug a few mm and you should see the widget say "AC charging"
5. Tap the 'battery flow' to update the figure.
6. If the battery flow is positive (green writing), tap the power button on the nexus to go into sleep mode.

Your nexus should now charge. :)

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Matt Peckham 6/24/14 6:46 AM
I've had this issue.  And it seems that the issue is something to do with the OEM charge block.  I have a Samsung charge block from my Galaxy Nexus that charges it at about 3 times the rate. The Asus charge block won't charge ANYTHING fast now. I think that's your major issue. I could be wrong, but it has had this issue for quite a while. I can charge it to 30% on the Samsung in a couple hours, whereas turned off, I only got to 43% while I slept for 6 hours with the ASSUS block.  That thing is worthless.

I'll test a few other chargers, may be buying some new blocks real soon...
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Randall J Burns 6/25/14 10:11 PM
I tried John Irvne's suggestions. I also had to replace my power supply and USB cord-and I cleaned off the microUSB connector of the Nexus 7 with some canned air. I _was_ able to get the Nexus to Charge. What I found especially interesting is that turning the WIFI off made HUGE difference in charge time.  I think  the 3c app was what enabled me to see just how big a difference turning WIFI off made. I think there is either something off in one of the later updates of android that might be increasing wifi use or something that I recently installed(I also installed an app called Navigator right about the time this problem started).
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 John Califano 6/26/14 3:19 AM
I received the update and as Claire stated it did not fix the issue. It actually made it worse. Cannot get over 6% with it connected to charger for 48 hours. Just received notice for 4.4.4 update and cannot install due to low battery.

It has been six months now. I hate to say it but will have to move to Apple if this is not fixed very soon.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 6/26/14 3:36 AM
Dock definitely the way to go for those of us that hesitate to perform "surgery" on their Nexus. Mine charges quickly and reliably. Dock app makes a great clock face w/weather while on the charger. Dock bar is well made, portable and reliable.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Pauline Crowhurst 6/27/14 9:08 AM
I had the same problem, my nexus 7 wouldn't charge at all. It was dead. But I read on youtube about getting a docking station, it arrived today and after plugging it in it started charging. I got it from asus £30.99 inc post. Dearer from amazon. Hope it works for you.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nitin bhaidiya 6/27/14 9:30 PM
i checked charging details of my device through this app :
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 nitin bhaidiya 6/27/14 9:31 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Christopher Reckers 6/28/14 10:28 PM
Claire and Paul -

Google is going to have to do a better job of servicing customers if they want to be taken seriously next to their competition.  Part of that is having a responsive customer service group that answers people's questions and advises them that these issues are taken seriously actually being worked on, and another is not taking six months or longer to address the issue.  NOBODY IS GOING TO BUY THE NEXT SHINY NEW TABLET YOU RELEASE IF YOU STILL HAVEN'T FIXED THEIR OLD ONE.  Especially in a small and potentially growing install base.

The way I see it, the following are possible solutions (I am proposing these in lieu of nothing being suggested by Google's customer service):

- Inform those on this forum of the issue (I hope you know by now) and the expected resolution date and how you plan to implement these resolutions with no cost and minimal effort on our parts.
- Inform those on this forum that you have given up on the Nexus 7 2012 and 2013 and you will be sending us brand new tablets of the current lineup, given it is non-Asus since noone has eliminated that as the issue, to compensate us for the functionality that we expected to receive or continue receiving from our tablets and all of the time and trouble this issue and Google's inaction has caused.
- Continue to do nothing and ignore the problem.
- Tell us to go pound sand.

My post may seem severe, but I think Google's lack of response has necessitated such a response as it appears that Google doesn't really have this issue as one of its priorities.  Please let us know how you're proceeding with this issue so we know whether we should continue to pursue Google products in the future.

Again - it is completely ridiculous for one of the largest software / hardware companies in the world to not have this resolved 6+ months after the issue was initially posted.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Nick Minnican 6/29/14 12:22 PM
I am reading through this forum as the same happened to me this weekend to my 2012 nexus 7. I was charging it when it was switched off over night last night and when I checked it this morning it had managed to go down by 4%!!! tried chargingit again this morning and stayed rooted on 17% and hasn't moved.  It has always charged better connected to my computer at work using an old nokia connector that is only 3cm long. I'll have to see how it does tomorrow as I have left that cable there. 

Very disappointed that Google have not responded considering they have know about this issue for so long.  I would obviously prefer option 2 of Christopher's suggestions, however judging by the previous responses I feel we are more likely to get options 3 and 4.

From what I have read so far I am not convinced that rooting and installing CM would help, but I am tempted. 

I'm a little concerned that when I tried my wife's kindle charger the plug just beeped at me.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Steven Tarbox 6/29/14 3:47 PM
Another user here with this problem on my 2012 Nexus 7.  Strangely we have another example of this tablet in the house which isn't affected.  I'm guessing this is down to slightly different hardware and so driver compatibility. This isn't the first problem I have had with a nexus product either.  This issue has been known for some time and even with software updates happening in the meantime the issue still exists (and appears to be affecting more model.  Google say to use the original cable - mine was such good quality it lasted 2 weeks!

My solution to the problem is more dramatic than most but much more permanent - I will be purchasing and iPad as soon as I raise the cash.  Des

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Steven Tarbox 6/29/14 3:48 PM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 usbhell 6/30/14 2:41 AM

I’ve been suffering from this issue for months on my 1st Gen Nexus 7, but solved my problem today. My device has been charging slowly or refusing to charge and also would not connect via usb to my pc. I had changed both the battery and the charging port without any success. Anyway I noticed the long flat cable from the usb port connects to the main board directly below where the battery connects, under some black sticky tape. Mine had worked itself loose and reconnecting it properly has solved both my issues. 

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 E Glaholt 7/7/14 10:27 PM
After having to charge my Nexus 7 overnight I purchased a new charger through Amazon.  Now the tablet  takes 3 hours or less to charge from 45 to 100%.  The label on the charger is PWR+.  I also noticed that the plug fits firmly while the EOM plug was loose.  Hope this solves some of your problems.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 chris lenthall 7/8/14 2:16 AM
I have been having the slow charge and discharge problems on my 2012 nexus 7, I have just tried this , clthis
And it seams to have cured the problem
Hope it off some help
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Steve Nemiroff 7/13/14 2:52 PM
I've tried everything listed above!  The plug/unplug worked for a few days, but now I can't get the battery to be green above zero.  
Any new ideas or suggestions from anybody?


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 chris lenthall 7/13/14 11:07 PM
this worked for me

How To Fix Nexus 7 Slow Charging and Battery Drain Issue

In order to Cache Partition Wipe you’ll need to access recovery mode on your nexus 7.While these button combination varies, you’ll have to try the following:

>Turn off your Nexus

>To access Recovery mode on your nexus 7 — press and hold power button,When the google logo appears , quickly start  to press and hold the vol down , while still holding the power button

How To Fix Nexus 7 Slow Charging and Battery Drain Issue

Navigate to recovery mode, Use the volume buttons to move and the power button the select.(Press vol down twice then the power button)

>You will be greeted with a :No command ” Prompt. It is okay, this is normal.This will only appear on the screen for about 20 secs

>While Pressing and holding the power button, Press the volume up key then release both

>Recovery Menu will now prompt

>Now, you can proceed to wipe cache partiton to  Fix Nexus 7 Slow Charging and Battery Drain Issue.

>Press the volume down key 3 times then press the power button the select.

>You will see a word at the bottom- Wiping cache partition..

>When it’s finish , press the power button to reboot your nexus 7

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Steve Nemiroff 7/14/14 4:01 PM
Tried the cache partition wipe.  Still Battery flow of -853mA and the status is discharging.  I'm thinking this Nexus is now just a paperweight and Google could care less.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 chris lenthall 7/15/14 8:28 AM
That did not last long , back to slow discharge and slow charge .This makes it no longer usable
Slow charging Nexus 7 Vivek Vijaynath 7/22/14 11:00 AM
I too am facing this problem after updating to 4.4.4. However I nowadays charge my Nexus after shutting it down completely. It works as a temporary measure.
(unknown) 7/22/14 11:00 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 7/22/14 11:00 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 7/22/14 11:00 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 7/22/14 11:00 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 7/22/14 11:00 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Slow charging Nexus 7 bpol 7/23/14 3:14 AM
Since this seems to be a problem for nearly a year, we obviously do not have a simple solution.  I created a survey (Google Form) to collect everyone's experience.

Please complete the form to let everyone know what you have tried; what has worked, and what has not worked.  Hopefully our collective experience will identify the problem and a solution.

Slow charging Nexus 7 Steve Nemiroff 7/24/14 3:25 AM
After a week or two of my nexus being dead, where the battery was fully drained, whenever I plugged it in, it wouldn't even load up, nothing.  Well last night I plugged it in walked away and come back this morning and the damn thing is fully charged!  WTF is going on with these?
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 7/29/14 12:25 AM
This survey is a very good idea!
But it is sad that there's no response from Google for many weeks in this forum :-((((
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 7/29/14 12:37 AM
Hi Claire and Paul,

it's very sad that Nexus 7 is affected by this issue for about a year and you still don't have solution for your customers.
You "hope" that a future update will address this issue but it's funny - with such approach my next update will be to iPad.
Is this what Google is really looking for?

So - please let us know WHEN this issue will be fixed and if there's no chance to fix it how will Google react on this and what will you do for your customers.

Thank you very much,
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Kevin_W 7/29/14 1:11 AM
Petr - I wouldn't hold out much hope of getting a response from Claire or Paul if I were you.

Their communication is one-way: just the bare minimum to let people know they're aware of the problem, but nothing else. They never reply to messages. I'm sure they're monitoring the forum, but they also know that Apple is too, and all their other competitors. So they don't want to say anything that can be used as ammunition against them. It makes perfect business sense, of course, but the result is a pretty bad customer experience. Which they've obviously decided is the lesser of two evils.

I've been thinking about Claire's last email. Reading between the lines, I think we can conclude the following:

> It's a software problem  - Claire said it would be addressed in a future Android update, so it's something that was (a) caused by a previous update and (b) will be fixed by another one. There may well be hardware issues too, related or unrelated (that's an ongoing debate here).
> They can't easily replicate it or positively identify the fault. If they could, they'd have fixed it long before now.
> It's not affecting all Nexus 7 2012 users. If that were the case, they'd have thrown everything they've got at it to fix it fast and avoid a PR disaster.

I suspect that internally, they're keeping very quiet about it, to maintain plausible deniability, as the CIA might put it. When I spoke to support people, they were completely unaware of the problem, even though a simple (Google, ironically) search brings up this very thread.

As for me, I've been using the plug/unplug USB cable workaround, which works pretty consistently. But I have to plug/unplug a minimum of five or six times, and the Battery Monitor has to show at least 400ma or more for it to work (if it reaches 400ma before five or six plug/unplug cycles, it tends not to work).

A pain in the proverbial, but better than nothing until Claire, Paul and the folks at Mountain View get off their proverbial and sort this mess out.


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 7/29/14 2:55 AM
Kevin_W> I do agree with you that this is difficult issue. As I'm in the IT for many many years I can imagine that it's caused by combination of HW & SW issue and that it's not easy to fix it.
But Google's approach is something from the dark side of the moon for me.
People all around the world are facing this issue and (at least) people on this Forum are helping Google to identify the issue - sending Bug reports, additional informations, creating surveys etc.
And it's more than one year! when this bug was reported.
So Google had enough time to say:
1) OK, it will be fixed in several weeks so please be patient and wait for the fix.
2) It can't be fixed so we're very sorry and we'll give you your money back/replacement/something else...

But in reality Google is saying: we don't care about our customers and it was your fault to buy our flagship Nexus 7 device. You can't use it because of some strange HW/SW issue? It's your fault!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 chuei80 7/29/14 8:53 PM
Hi all,
I have been facing Nexus 7 slow charging issue for a year and basically I have been given up my Nexus 7 (1st gen) since it can't be charged up at all, UNTIL recently I find a way to fix it.
My Nexus 7 problem is due to the Mirco USB charger port. I got a replacement from China and fix myself. You can get the charger port:

With my Nexus 7 fixed, I assume it is due to oxidation of the charger port which causes high resistance and slow charging (or not charging at all). I believe some issues may due to 3rd party apps that are not matched with Android update. 
I am running Android 4.4.3 now. 

Replacing the charger port is not that hard. Just be careful of those small screws.
Hope that helps for some of you.


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 bpol 7/30/14 5:33 PM
Here is a link to the summary of responses that I have had to the survey so far.  The only interventions that people have reported success with have been
-Cleaning the micro USB port
-Replacing the battery
-Using a docking station that uses the pogo connection


Even these successes have not been consistently replicated.  I just replaced my tablet's micro USB port yesterday.  I'll update my response after seeing how the next few days go.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Steven Tarbox 8/1/14 3:48 PM
Little update from me.  In my case this is definitely a software issue.  Either than or it is a heck of a coincidence that my Nexus 4 also started to charge very slowly and had accelerated battery drain straight after updating.  As a result I am using another nexus 4 we have spare in the house (ironically it's owner upgraded to an iPhone 5s as they where sick of android) and am praying it doesn't die on me come the next update.

As for the nexus 7, I reset it back to factory but there was no change.  After charging it back up to 100% I turned it off.  When going to use it the next day it was totally dead and would not boot, even just into the boot loader - nothing.  I connected the nexus 7 charger and waited - nothing, i was looking at a brick I thought.  Decided to try a long shot and (sort of)  trickle charge it using the Nexus 4 charger - it worked!  I let it charge fully up using this method (still turned off) and turned it on.  While the battery drain was not as good as before the update it was much better than it had been.  I ran the battery down until the unit turned itself off at the low battery level warning and charged it with its own charger successfully.  I should add I used the same cable throughout.  Wether I tripped something by using the lower rated charger on the totally dead unit I don't know.  However the problem still does remain albeit with much reduced severity.

My personal theory is that there are different variations of hardware out there, with the "drivers" perhaps not working optimally for all of the different versions.  Reason I say this is the 2 nexus 4's in our household had totally different max volumes from their speakers, some googling at the time revealed others with similar experience with newer phones compared to those purchased at initial release.  I would say it's quite possible all of the other nexus devices have these subtle variations in components, due to changes in supply availability and supplier upgrades if nothing else.

However despite the above, I remain totally disgusted with google.  This thread has been running since last December and still this issue exists - indeed it seems to be getting more widespread.  Yes there are units which have hardware faults - there always will be, but far too many people have reported success in solving this issue both here and in other places by rooting and rolling back the operating system to a previous version for there not to be a problem in googles updates.  Ultimately I have now purchased an iPad Air and the nexus 7 has been consigned to a drawer, probably never to be used again.  Likewise as soon as funds allow my Nexus 4 will be replaced with an iPhone. As for google, I frequently find myself using bing instead these days.


Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 chris lenthall 8/2/14 5:41 AM
i have just replaced the usb charging port as an earlier poster had mentioned , it took all of 10 minuets from start to finish  and cost £17.95 of eBay . i can report that once i plugged my charger back in it charged up to full and the battery monitor app was showing a healthy charge , fingers crossed that this has rectified my problem .

i bought the part from here
hope this is of some help
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 StrayLX 8/2/14 5:54 AM
Well I hope you're one of the lucky ones for whom this seems to be a permanent solution, but I have to say that for me the affect was short lived. The reliable way I found was to bypass the USB port altogether and buy a dock.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 edg2 8/2/14 6:01 AM
My dock w/pins was the way to go. Hated to cave in, but choice was a brick or a usable device. Dock is actually quite attractive and useful. I've used it now for nearly a year.
Shame on those corporations that left us all to deal with this issue. Fool me once . . .
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Eriks Karls 8/2/14 6:45 AM
My nexus 7 started charging almost normally after 4.4.3/4.4.4 update. Even thou I'm using not official charger (my HTC charger because official burnt down)
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jamie Sendall 8/5/14 3:13 AM
I can not believe that this method has worked I just do it and my nexus came straight on I haven't been able to turn it on for weeks.    Thank you
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Jeremiah Mee 8/5/14 3:51 PM
Which method did you use and has it kept working?
Slow charging Nexus 7 Alexis Kenoyer 8/8/14 9:15 PM
Mine is doing the same thing it's basically 1 full day to charge and 5 hours to die
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Ekka Gallagher 8/9/14 9:55 AM
Phil you're SAVIOR!!!!

Already tried all the methods
And when i read this thread and phil's post **FIXED**
It is true, my nexus now charging and the battery monitor show +mA with green letter :D and it charged using a cheap huawei wall charger and not the original asus charger and the cable.

I almost order the dock for $50 here in Indonesia, and thank god i read phil's post.

I am not tech guy, at first of course i feel scare to tear this device, but with guarantee expired, i got nothing to lose

So this what im doing

1. Following the youtube vid about repairing usb port
2. Open the back cover with nail
3. Continue with unscrew the speaker
4. Unscrew the usb port & headphone jack
5. Detached the usb port & headphone jack
6. Then i realize the usb port latch connect with the shitty ribbon cable & the shitty ribbon cable placed so fragile with nothing clipped or glued, just laid there under the battery.
7. Detached the battery connector
9. Under the battery youll see a copper seal, tear it carefully until you see the ribbon cable under it
10. I placed the usb port & hp jack like before and screw it
11. Pull the ribbon cable carefully and fitted in to the usb connector
12. Close the latch
13. Reseated the battery
14. Connect the speaker, screw it
15. Connect the battery connector
16. Closed the back cover
17. Plug the charger
18. And the battery icon appear and charging
19. Turn on, open the battery monitor
20. Aand every letter is green :D even with cheap charger adaptor

Forgive my bad grammar...
Hope this help

And yes you're right phil, THE RIBBON CABLE IS THE PROBLEM ITS SO FRAGILE, how come google let this happen, is it no Quality Control for such big company releasing the flagship product?? And still no good response until today.

Thx all

If i have a time ill upload the video about fixing this ribbon cable

And now its 33% after 20 minutes charging with huawei charger :D

Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Srijith G Nath 8/9/14 10:35 AM
Hi everyone,

I recommend you contact the place where you purchased the device and inquire about a possible warranty or repair service. If you purchased the device directly from Google then please reach out to the Google Play Support Team.


Srijith G Nath
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Dan Bliss 8/10/14 1:58 PM
I have tried a combination of a partition cache wipe (from the boot menu) and another odd suggestion of unplugging and plugging in the USB cable 5 times from the wall socket whilst attached to the nexus and that seems to have worked. Earlier in the day or took me about 8 hours to get to 60% charge. After these fixes I got to 99% (from 60%) in under two hours. try it!
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Souto 8/12/14 3:16 AM
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Nick Lee 8/13/14 8:44 AM
Reading the initial few posts, I saw an amazing trick which works! By Plugging in n out repeatedly works well for me..  
More than 10% charger in less than 30min..

I was initially worried that either the n7 or the charger might explode..  But turn out,  all is fine..  (luckily)

For me,  I plug in n out the USB cable from the Asus charger,  while the other end still connected to n7

N I repeat the same procedure, Plugging in n out from the n7 charging port,  while the other end is still connected to the charger..

By doing the 2 steps above,  Android tuner ma flow becomes positive at 4xx

Hope this tricks lasts n works for u guys

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Concerned Taxpayer 8/13/14 5:21 PM
This worked perfectly for me!  Thanks.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Marc Snelson 8/17/14 5:55 AM
Gang.  My Nexus 7 has been driving me nuts for months.  The only thing that would work was plugging and unplugging the USB cable and even then it would only charge sporadically.  Today I followed the instructions about cleaning the USB socket and the USB socket ribbon connectors.  I used some electrical contact cleaner and the corner of a folded piece of kitchen towel to clean the ribbon contacts and could see the dirt coming off onto the paper towel straight away.  I sprayed the USB socket internals too and let everything dry before reassembly.  I connected the charger and switched to the battery monitoring widget and BOOM, 1418mA immediately and 5% charge in 5 minutes!  Thanks so much for this, I was just about to bin it!  This has made my day! Thanks again.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Kevin_W 8/19/14 6:07 AM
Just a quick update:

I bought a replacement Asus USB charger/headphone jack cable a few months back, after somebody on this thread said it worked for them.

I've been putting off fitting it, as the whole process looked very fiddly, with lots of small screws. Well today, I finally bit the bullet and did it. In the end, it wasn't that bad, though it did require a steady hand and much squinting.

And the result? Absolutely no difference. My Nexus is charging exactly as before - that is, slowly and painfully, unless I use the unplug/plug trick.

I always thought this was a software problem, but had a niggling doubt that it could just be an issue with hardware instead/as well. Today's experience (at a cost of $25 for the cable and $20 for precision screwdrivers) removes all doubt - in my mind, at least.

Roll on Lollipop, is all I can say. I think it's the only hope of fixing this problem.


P.S. Hello Claire and Paul at Google. Don't be strangers. It's been ages - we really should catch up.

In case you want to try what I did (it's worked for others, and might just do for you too):

Ebay listing for USB charger cable:
YouTube video:


Slow charging Nexus 7 Olivia Shields 8/24/14 6:14 AM
Wait I'm confused I haven't updated to 4.4 but my battery still drains quickly and it takes a solid 14-16 hours to charge fully so what is wrong
Slow charging Nexus 7 Anna A.S. 8/29/14 10:16 AM
Had the same problem for about a year. Bought a new wall charger, mine had bad contacts because of plugging unplugging method.
Bought a new USB port. It was very easy to change it. The port came with some tools.
My Nexus 7 2012 is like new again!!! Can't believe it.
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Souto 9/2/14 2:04 AM
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** ILIANA INGRAM 10/8/14 11:09 AM
This sounds insane but intriguing. I'll try it TX. What do you think cases the difference?
Re: Slow charging **FIXED** Sionyn Jones 10/14/14 3:28 AM
indeed hurry android L i hope they get this problem fixed its uneatable that google has been quite on this issue
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Sandra Leon 10/14/14 3:56 AM
same i am tired of this it will charge like up to 85% then it never goes up yo hundred try looking it up on youtube maybe that would work i need help
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Marc Snelson 10/14/14 4:41 AM
Gang.  My previous fix worked for a couple of weeks and then gave up.  Changing the charger cable also worked for a few days and then gave up.  Disassembling and cleaning the USB port worked for a short while and then gave up.  I bought a Nexus dock and now use that to charge it via the push pins and I have not had a single problem.  My feeling is that the large flat yellow ribbon is the fault.  Give up stressing about different fixes and just buy a Gen 1 docking station.  It is the only thing that works.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 pete051 10/14/14 10:01 AM
Ok this may not be the solution but it may point in that direction. My 1st gen nexus 7 started with the slow charging problem changing cables didn't help but removing it from its case for charging did, as the case has a magnet in the lid to put the tablet into standby when closed I assume the problem is the software responsible for that function. But solution appears to remove tablet from case when charging hope this helps.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Daxst3r 10/27/14 4:00 AM
I have a device for measuring USB voltage/current. Last week I took my N7 on vacation to Portugal, to my surprise it charged at 1100mA every time. Bought it back to the UK and its now charging at 240mA again.

Why would location make any difference?
UK 230-250vac @ 50hz
Portugal 220-230vac @ 50hz

I'm at a loss to explain it......

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Janice Tipping 11/1/14 10:15 AM
I have had charging problem with my Nexus 7 not charging up even overnight.   The battery icon was showing as charging but when going into 'battery' via settings app, it showed 'not charging'.  I tried another charger and same thing.  I  have now tried a third charger that I have hardly every used and was in a bag in a wardrobe!  And my Nexus 7 is now charging.   It seems chargers do not last for ever and once they start causing problems it is best to chuck them out and get a new one.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 P Dales 11/1/14 11:46 PM
Bill you are not alone in your frustration with nexus7.  I got one as a gift and 6 mos. Later the battery port became loose. Sent it to Asus 3 X and 2 weeks later, the battery port became loose again. I fought with Asus especially when they asked me to pay for shipping after their technician didn't fix the problem.  I got Asus to send me a new nexus but after 2 mos. Of having this device, the battery has trouble charging. I feel like ripping my hair out,shouldn't a device last a year?  Buy APpLE and save yourself the headache.  gOOGLE should be ashamed of themselves and credit back their customers for producing a tablet that doesn't even last a year.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Rampy 11/11/14 10:33 PM
I am really surprised & frustrated that this issue hasnt been solved when so many of Nexus 7 users are facing this problem.

Can we get a refund as I do not remember using it for any use (as it just doesn't get power on for me to work on).

Very very disappointed & hoping that Google & Asus would do something else they are forcing their users to never get to a Nexus in future!
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Arnold Padernal 11/12/14 10:29 PM
specs: 2GB memory 32 GB ::::: yesterday i have problem on turning on my unit . but i figure it out how it does not need to open the units its just need to super imposed start up using this commands : long press Power and + volume for 15-20 seconds and i well boot up on Google but after few seconds it well shut off , down worry its not dead its charging if you plug your original charge in the wall . next step is to charge my phone for 3 hours doing so i have charge 85% battery and i open my ASUS N7 and sign in on Google account and install directly a Battery saver Application . now when i'm at 45% i charge it again now my Battery saver declares 1 hour charging for 100% full . as i can observed its fast charging its super normal like just same other of my tablets or phone. i well make an update when i finish my observation with in a week . i well post the final how to do if you just received a new ASUS Google  N7 2012/2013 version 1st and second generation. my rate of charging now is 2 hours. 100% full
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 11/19/14 5:15 AM
Hi Claire and Paul,

yesterday my N7 (2012) got an update to Android 5.
Can you confirm that this bug is fixed in this new OS version?

Thanks & regards,
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 PeCaTB 11/19/14 5:15 AM
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 rucknrun 11/19/14 11:08 AM
I updated mine to Android 5.0 and it seems to charge again using any usb cable.  It is usable again it is great.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Steve Nemiroff 11/19/14 4:20 PM
Haven't turned my Nexus on in months because of the slow charging...Now it is dead and I can't get it to turn on even with it plugged in.  Was hoping to download this new update to maybe solve the issues.  Any suggestions?

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Eugenemcf 11/19/14 4:45 PM
I have the same problem.

I will be using this strategy:
1) "fiddle with cable/USB - check in one hour" strategy. Although dead there will hopefully be a cable position/charger configuration that will start to charge the unit. Remember to hold down the power button for over 30 seconds if checking whether it will turn on or not....

And then:
2) upgrade to 5.0
3) Hope.

Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 DannyBoy444 11/19/14 4:57 PM
Bill. I refer you to this website.

My tablets front screen whilst locked (since "upgrading") says 11 hours until full charge. Never seen this before. This upgrade is garbage.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 GoogleTakeoutDoesn'tWork 11/19/14 6:15 PM
My apologies, but, my experience with the charging issue was solely with hardware. I had some issues, then they resolved themselves, and then the tablet wouldn't charge at all.

Fortunately, the 2-year Walmart warranty I purchased had 30 days left, so I sent in my device and had it fixed.

TL;DR: Don't depend on the update to fix your issues.
Slow charging Nexus 7 Ehsan Shaykholeslam Esfahani 11/29/14 6:49 AM
Same problem here. SOLVED!
1-It is not a android version issue (Although kitkat drains battery faster)
2-It is not technical problem of either charger or Nexus. Then no fixing is required.
3-It is just a physical problem when your connections get dirty.
Please concider that old batteries have lesser efficiency and by doing this process you will not have a new fast-charging battery! This solution depends on the condition of your battery, too. But at least you will not loose charge when connected to the charger and you can make sure that your charging problem is not caused by the charger and usb cable.

I have a nexus 7 wifi-only 2012, which I bought about 1.5 years ago. Some day my Nexus started to charge very slowly (it took half a day to charge only about 50%) so that when I was working with it (especially when the wifi was on) loosed charge even connected to the charger. First time I faced this problem, I changed my usb cable and everything was okey but charging speed was slower than the time when my nexus was new. That time I was running jellybean. But after a while, same problem occured again. This time with kitkat. I changed my usb cable again but nothing changed! I bought a new charger with a new usb cable. My charge speed increased but still loose charge when working witn my tablet when connected to the charger. As I had the same problem with two different operating systems, then I concluded that this problem is NOT RELATED TO THE ANDROID VERSION. I assumed it as a physical problem. Since my charger and usb cable was new I guessed that the problem comes from the nexus usb port. therefore I opened nexus to access the usb port. I used a hard razer ro unbend the usb port metal body so that I could see a black plastic that had multiple copper connections. I made a low concentration HCL (1cc hydrochloric acid plus 99cc) and put one drop of the solution on the copper connections for 5 minutes. then I dried it. Finally I cleaned that connections with methanol and then packed the usb port again. I connected my old charger and old usb cable and what a surprise! everything was okey again. I did not loosed charge when I was working with nexus and charging was fast again. I even made some charging logs both times and compared the charging speed.
Sorry for bad english,but I just wanted tonshare my experience with you may help!
(unknown) 12/17/14 2:48 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Slow charging Nexus 7 Recnelis 12/17/14 9:17 PM
I just solved the slow charging problem on my Nexus 7 (2012). For me the culprit is the poorly aligned charging cable connecting USB port inside the device.

Like many Nexus 7 (2012) users, I experience the slow charging around the time Kitkat was first released. I first also thought it must be a software issue. After a few updates, the problem persisted. I then began suspecting that it may be beyond a simple software problem. So I built my own charging dock (a few bucks for two pins and a USB cable plus some wood work) and it charged my Nexus 7 happily (>1000mA in sleep mode, or 4~5 hours from 0% to 100%). This further confirms that it is more likely to be a hardware issue. My self-buit charging dock works great. The only downside is that it is cumbersome to carry during travel.

Later I decided to explore more. I first cleaned both USB port and cable plug. That did not improve anything for me. Then I noticed people suggest re-seating charging cable, and that indeed solves my slow charging problem.

Here is my suggestion/tip on doing the re-seating. First, please refer to YouTube on how to disassemble Nexus 7. You don't need to go too far. You don't even need to unplug the speaker. Once you open your Nexus 7, just unscrew the speaker and put it aside with its cable still connected. Then disassembly and USB port. You don't need to touch anything else. Now take a close look at the cable contact (from under the battery) very carefully. You should notice marks on the tiny needle-like metal contact. For my Nexus 7, the marks indicate that the USB port does not align with the cable very well. It was off to the left, and some of the pins were almost missed. So I cleaned the metal contact by the pure alcohol, re-aligned the cable slightly to the left, and clipped it back on. I also checked the other side of the charging cable (same connection), which is located next to the upper right of the battery under a black tape. That connection appears OK. Then I assemblied everything back, and started charging it using the stock charger and cable. Voila, the charging current is >1000mA in sleep mode and about 400~1000mA in use. I have tried it multiple times with consistent results.

I recall the first time I charged my newly-bought Nexus 7, the battery level went down if I used it during charging. Now I can charge and use. Apparently this is another example of poor quality control.

Hopefully this will help some people who have the same slow charging issue.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Daniel_S. 12/18/14 6:52 AM
By hacking one of my spare USB cables to attach a pair of multimeter for current + voltage measurement, I ended up discovering that my N7-2012's stock power adapter has output voltage regulation issues, sometimes putting out as little as 4.5V at 200-250mA output current. Although the stock adapter is rated 2A at 5.2V, I never measured the N7-2012 drawing more than 1.1A. Wiring a capacitor across power and ground stopped voltage from dipping lower than about 4.8V, at which point the N7 draws around 600mA at most.
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Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Recnelis 12/18/14 7:06 AM
Daniel_s, did you try another working charger on your Nexus 7? If it yields similar results, most likely the problem is on the Nexus 7 side. If you can charge it through a charging dock but not USB port, it can further narrow down the issue to be either USB port itself or poor contact between the USB port and the charging cable under the battery.
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Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Daniel_S. 12/18/14 8:39 AM
The point of my post was to point out that the stock adapter (at least mine) has output voltage regulation issues. I have "no trouble" getting my N7 to charge apart from being quite fussy about the amount of force that needs to be put on the micro-B connector to get a good charging connection - at least when using an unmodified cable.

Not many people have a pair of multimeters, spare USB cables to hack apart and assorted other spare parts for experimentation purposes. In my case, the adapter's poor voltage regulation issue can be substantially improved by adding a bypass capacitor across the USB power wires. Adding that capacitor also made the N7 much less fussy about the connector, which seems to imply that the N7 also has insufficient input power bypassing to smooth out ripple from USB wiring and connector losses when the N7 starts drawing current from USB.

So, from what I can see, it looks like the stock power adapter is marginally stable and the N7-2012's power input is also marginally designed. Put two marginal designs together and you get a very fussy setup, which explains at least partially why the N7 is so fussy about contact quality.

I plan to attempt a hardware hack on the N7 once I get an oscilloscope to make before-and-after measurements - strip some solder mask from the PCB to make pads for extra bypass caps and see if that helps with charging reliability, backlight flicker, general device stability (my N7-2012 was crashing just about every day until I soldered an extra cap on Vcore, now it lasts about 20 days between crashes so I suspect it is not the only supply rail that might need extra TLC), random WiFi drop-outs where the WiFi chip stops responding (WiFi dies and then the WiFi chipset refuses to turn back on after being turned off, only way to restore WiFi is to restart the tablet, also occurred on a nearly daily basis until the Vcore hack so between these two issues, that often meant more than one reboot per day) and hopefully more. The PCB already has half a dozen capacitor pads where I would want to add some but they are for something like 0201 packages which are nearly impossible to hand-solder (maybe with a SMD rework hot-air gun but I do not have one) and are also too small for the 1-10µF 0805 caps I want to put on.

As you can see, I have looked into this far beyond the typical power adapter and cable mix-and-match, and plan to look into it much deeper once I get adequate equipment to do so.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Recnelis 12/18/14 8:59 AM
Wow, that's quite a project, Daniel_S. Don't forget to post your results here once you get the chance to do so. I believe there're plenty of people like me would love to see the results. Thank you.
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Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Daniel_S. 12/18/14 9:09 AM
Many modern device disregard the resistors.

Instead, the power management IC measures input voltage and current, finds the current at which the source starts cutting off, backs off a bit from there and uses that as its setting.

Also, if the voltage drops lower than expected for a given current draw, the PMIC may back off well below whatever the adapter claims it is capable of providing.

Additionally, even though the N7-2012 may have shipped with a 2A adapter, the power management circuitry inside the N7 might not be designed to draw that much - the most current I have seen my N7 draw is 1.1A at 5.05V and it loses about 200mA per 100mV of voltage drop from the adapter. If the adapter delivered the full 5.2V at the micro-B connector, I would not expect the N7 to draw more than about 1.4A based on that current derating slope.
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Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Daniel_S. 12/18/14 11:49 AM
So far, I have been leaving the data wires alone. The N7 sees whatever the N7's stock adapter puts on them and I have measured that as just shy of one ohm, little more than the #26 data wiring resistance on my sacrificial cable. So no, the reason my N7 does not draw more than 1.1A is not the lack of 2A charge-only "AC signal."
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Daniel_S. 12/18/14 12:06 PM
I plan to put the results out somewhere once I find whatever I end up finding.

Having devices that should theoretically last 5+ years (except the battery, depending on usage patterns) become nearly unusable after 12-18 months due to penny shaving rubs me the wrong way. Practically all the issues with my N7-2012 feel like they can be explained by Google/Asus cheaping out on a handful of sub-$0.01 SMD caps, many of which already part of the PCB layout but omitted from manufacturing.

We'll see in a month or two.
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Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Daniel_S. 12/18/14 12:55 PM
Cutting the wires and seeing current drop to 500mA would only prove that it actually senses the data wires to set the current limit.

Devices only draw as much current or power as they are designed to and only up to whatever they currently need. Just because a device shipped with a 2A adapter does not mean it is actually capable of drawing that much.

I suppose the alternate question would be: can the OEM adapter actually deliver 2A? I suppose I could put together a crude electronic load and see what sort of I-V curve I get.
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Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Daniel_S. 12/18/14 2:51 PM
Well, done testing the stock adapter from 500mA to 2A in 100mA increments and it loses a steady 30mV per 100mA starting from 5.05V with 3'(x2) of #24 power wires. By tapping the cable close to the A-plug, voltage starts at 5.15V and drops by about 8mV per step, which is roughly 3X better.

I also cranked current until over-current protection kicked in. It tripped at 2.48A and at that point, voltage was down to 4.45V near the micro-B connector and 4.97V near the A-plug, so the adapter is definitely capable of delivering 2A while remaining well within 5% of 5V - though I have no idea how (un)clean that power might be at this point..

Cheaper cables typically use thinner #26 or even #28 power wires which are going to fare much worse.

Morale of this side of the story: use short cables with thick-gauge power wires if you can find them.
Re: Slow charging Nexus 7 Samuel Mayfield 12/28/14 3:55 PM
you proabbly jammed the micro USB it in or pushed down on the micro USB when it was in your Nexus if before it charged fine and there wasn't a slow decline in charging then that is probably what happend
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