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Updates to News Sitemap Format!

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Updates to News Sitemap Format! Inbal 11/5/09 10:56 AM
Hi folks,

Recently, we introduced updates to the Google News Sitemap format to help you more easily manage your News Sitemap and articles. To avoid interrupting the inclusion of your articles in Google News, we will need your help.

Although we will support your current Google News Sitemap during the transition period of six months, you should re-submit it under the new format as soon as possible. For more details on how to submit your Sitemap using the new format (including how to add new tags to each entry in your Sitemap, to provide more information about individual articles), please visit the Sitemaps section of our Help Center at:
Once the transition period is over, we will no longer accept News Sitemaps created using the old format and any old News Sitemaps in your Webmaster Tools account will be rejected.
We encourage you to make these changes as soon as possible in order to avoid interrupting your content's inclusion in Google News. To get started, please visit the FAQ at

Please take advantage of this section for all your sitemaps-related questions!