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How do I get included in Google News?

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How do I get included in Google News? Harvey P. 10/18/11 1:44 PM
What are the steps necessary to get included in Google News?
Re: How do I get included in Google News? Harvey P. 10/18/11 1:51 PM
Google News attempts to include content from a wide variety of news sources, and we welcome content from diverse editorial perspectives.  We do have some technical best practices that make it much easier for us to include your content:

- Article URLs should be unique, permanent and include at least three digits that don't resemble a year. (Find out more at Reference 1)

- If you prefer, you can use News Sitemaps to submit articles with URLs that don't contain at least three digits.
- Your articles should contain text, rendered in HTML, in order for us to be able to understand your content properly.
- There are a variety of other specific technical issues that we address in our Help Center.

In addition to our technical guidelines, we do have some quality guidelines to ensure the best possible user experience. We may not be able to include your site if your site is in violation of these guidelines. You may want to visit Webmaster Tools Help Center for more information on these guidelines (Reference 3).

If your website follows these best practices, you can suggest your site for inclusion in Google News using our contact form (Reference 4).