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Genre uses da8iwr 4/26/11 12:57 PM
The Genre attribute
It says it is recommended for media, such as music showing rock and roll etc, but can or should this also be used for other "kinds" of products?

For example one of my clients sells clothing, should or could they put in "Evening, Summer, Dinner" genres?

Or if a client was selling furnture could they put in the room type it would fit in?

Many thanks
Re: Genre uses Celebird 4/26/11 1:02 PM
you can -- but google does not say if
this would help or hurt specific listings.

i would experiment cautiously.
Re: Genre uses da8iwr 4/26/11 1:06 PM
Hmm thats what i thought, as will this have any impact in a good or bad way or will it make any difference at all?

Also is there a list of preferred genre entries that Google would prefer?

By the way thanks ;o)
Re: Genre uses wwwallyh 4/26/11 1:33 PM
Re: Genre uses da8iwr 4/26/11 1:38 PM
Thanks wwwalleyh
I wasn't sure if Google have a published preferred list in the same way as they do with the categories (Product Type)

Re: Genre uses da8iwr 4/26/11 1:38 PM

Re: Genre uses wwwallyh 4/26/11 1:49 PM
Google did not publish it, but those are genres in a true form
Re: Genre uses da8iwr 4/26/11 1:50 PM
Sorry for asking, but what difference does this attribute do, i cant find any field in any search form anywhere in Google that says anything about Genre?

So what is the point of it being there?

And thanks wwwallyh ;)
Re: Genre uses Celebird 4/26/11 2:08 PM
google does not stipulate how attributes
might be used within google-products.

mainly, attributes are used to assign relevancy to items
and to create search-features within google-products.

google sometimes offers similar functionality within
the shipping-search-api as bucketed weighted results.

the best course is usually to use an attribute
as described, with a relevant, accurate value.

product_type accommodates the general concept of a category --
Furniture > Living Room Furniture
Re: Genre uses wwwallyh 4/26/11 2:11 PM
If someone searches for say "rock and roll" and you are using the attribute genre with a value of "rock and roll", it should help your item being found