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Latitude Retirement Announcement

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Latitude Retirement Announcement Abby - Google Community Manager 7/10/13 5:23 AM
Dear Mapping community,
Today we’re announcing that Google Latitude is no longer part of the Google Maps app, and we're retiring Latitude on August 9th, 2013. Products being retired include Google Latitude in Google Maps for Android, Latitude for iPhone, the Latitude API, the public badge, the iGoogle Gadget, and the Latitude website at

This means that after August 9th, your friends list will be deleted and you’ll lose the ability to share your location with your Latitude friends. There will also be some changes to Location Reporting and Location History, including changes to third-party applications that use Google Latitude. Please see the Help Center for more information.

We understand some of you still want to see your friends and family on a map, which is why we've added location sharing and check-ins to Google+ for Android (coming soon to iOS).

Frequently Asked Questions in the community:

Q: When will Latitude actually be turned off?
A: All Latitude products will be turned off on August 9, 2013.

Q: I really like Latitude - are there any other alternatives?
A: Location Reporting and History settings for all your Google apps and services have been combined into a single setting for your device. Check-ins are available in the Google+ for Mobile app. You can also share your location with your circles, and see your friends on the map, with the Location sharing feature of Google+ on Android and coming soon for iOS.

Q. What will happen to my friends list and location data?
A: Your Latitude friends list will be deleted. As long as you don’t delete your Location History, you can find it in the Location History dashboard.

Looking for more information about the Latitude retirement? Please see the "Where's Latitude?" link at the bottom of the side menu in the app to learn more about the future of location sharing.

Google Maps Community Manager