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Show bus routes on google maps Julianne 6/3/09 10:55 AM
I would like to see which buses run through which areas. The maps provided on the Pittsburgh Port Authority website are woefully unscaled.

It would be useful if I could select a bus route, and see it displayed on Google maps. That way I could see all my options available to choose a bus.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Maps Guide Adam 6/3/09 11:16 AM
Hi Julianne,

Have you tried using Google Transit? Check out the route I generated via the link below.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Cinnion 6/14/09 11:31 AM

As someone who uses both Latitude and Maps, I have to say that all of these are lacking in some degrees (though less since the bus stops have been added to map view, though I wish they also showed up on the mixed/satellite view as well) , and I think I know where Julianne is coming from.  From personal experience, I know there are times when you know things such as how difficult it is to connect from the 11C to the 54C (the 11C generally runs a bit late getting to the AGH stop, and sometimes arrives just as the 54C is leaving).  And there are times when you know other details.  But just being able to see the different routes drawn on a real map, as opposed to some of the maps from PAT which are almost useless, and to thereby to know that the 11C also intersects with say the 61s/63s/67s out of downtown to head up to CMU... it would allow the human to do what computers sometimes cannot do well (afterall, why are there folks still doing PhD's on subjects such as routing algorithms).

If you or someone else work in the PGH office and wish to discuss this, I would be quite willing to chat in person sometime, especially given that I work up two floors from that office, and have friends in that office.  But ideas which I have include being able to click on the stop, click on routes in which I am interested to have added as layers (just like the polygons and PoIs from my maps are), and go to another stop and do it again, then finally zoom out and see where they might intersect.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps wandana 3/11/10 4:57 PM
Yes, I have the same trouble with the current transit system/maps that Julianne mentions. Is there a mashup of bus routes and google maps so I could just see a complete bus route drawn out on a google map. that'll be an awesome feature.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps antomega 3/1/11 7:41 AM
I would also love to have the ability to pick a bus route number/name from a list of local buses and see it plastered on the map from end to end, including time-specific destinations so I can see what options there are and exactly where buses go to/from.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps outrageous 2 5/29/11 11:12 AM
San Francisco recently opened up their data sets.
As a test we are working on an application to show "Eco Routes" bus, bike, walk options. It is a bit of a nightmare but it will happen.  Nextbus integration could be a reality.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps JKirchartz 9/6/11 5:59 PM
All transit agencies have open data, port authority has theirs at , you can see the complete list at

I wish I had the time to figure out how this worked to do a mashup because I would LOVE this functionality I'm looking for a new home and I want to see how hard it will be to catch a bus to work, much easier to see the routes than to do a search every time.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Julianne 11/6/11 8:02 AM
It's unfortunate that there's still no good way to do this :(
The problems I face are the ones everyone describes: I'd like to know my options of where to get on/off a bus; What other routes intersect with mine; Alternative route options, if I miss my intended bus; And when I'm home shopping, what my potential bus options will be.
I guess we'll just have to continue crossing our fingers.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps justmar2000 4/26/12 1:40 PM
Yes, I also wish that there was a way to just turn on all routes as a layer in Google Maps (or Earth), or even just search for "bus #48 route, Seattle" or some such thing. They have the data, google transit pulls it up, but it just won't show up
Re: Show bus routes on google maps verbascum 5/6/12 5:56 PM
I tried to add just one bus route using the make your own map, or add features (whatever it's called). It took ages because the help opened in a new window which replaced my map and I kept losing it. I actually knew the route so at least I didn't also have to switch between my map, the instructions and the bus map'. We have brilliant bus maps in NYC but no way to relate the routes to actual places, such as lists of restaurants. I need to know what's near each bus route, not have to state my start and end points and be told how to get there. I can't believe I'm the only person who has thought of this. But I'm not surprised: try finding a map showing bus routes around the USA. Might as well travel underground. Where are you starting from? Where are you going? Which day? What time? NO! I want to see the map and then decide.
Is anybody adding bus routes to google maps?
Re: Show bus routes on google maps verbascum 5/6/12 6:10 PM
I agree.
Every transit outing can be an adventure once you know the routes well. I look both ways to see which bus is coming. Those waiting at the towards-town stop don't understand why I sometimes rush off in the other direction to intersect with another bus which ends up further back along the train line. But it can save time and you might get a seat. I've done this in New York and London. It would be much easier with this (what is a mashup?)   
Re: Show bus routes on google maps zevans23 5/11/12 4:13 AM
This is definitely doable - because Transport for London have done it, here!
Re: Show bus routes on google maps verbascum 8/23/12 9:48 PM
That's brilliant!
I moved from London to NYC about 18 months ago.
I'm really angry that all those geeks couldn't be doing something REALLY USEFUL and for them VERY EASY
What's so hard about adding coloured lines to a google map?
Has it actually been done?
Any actual examples?
I "downloaded" some Google transit stuff but it was all gibberish.
Here we are, level 1.
Can someone from level 2 please explain why nobody is improving our transit lives?
One day perhaps bus drivers in London will learn that their jobs would be more interesting if they learned about all the other routes so they could be helpful to passengers instead of playing the game of how many they can knock over by slamming on the brakes.
At least there are bus maps at the main stops in London so you can work out alternative routes while waiting.
Not in New York, nor Countdown.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps nickoberg 9/23/12 12:07 PM
i have been trying to make a bus route for my city (lexington, ky) with google's map maker, without much luck. i did notice that when looking at NYC on the browser of google maps on the iPhone, you can select the layer to show the tranit lines, sadly not the bus lines. seems like a no brainer to show the paths of the buses in cities!
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Me850 7/28/14 11:21 AM
Click on Directions. You should see some icons at the top of the left screen. Click on the icon that looks like a bus. Type in the name of your transit company. For example, in Phoenix it is called Valley Metro, Phoenix, AZ. Once this shows up, then you should see all the bus routes now. Save this as a Favorite. Hope this helps
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Aber Abou-Rahma 10/20/14 5:39 PM
Yes sir, many thanks for your time. This is exactly what I am looking for.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps getta morales 10/26/14 7:49 AM
smoke shop on cheltham pa

Show bus routes on google maps Myles Kantrowitz 1/3/15 5:03 PM
18454 149th ave Jamaica 153st
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Bruce Schwalm 3/28/15 12:10 PM
It's been 5 years and more since this question was asked. As far as I can tell, *no* transit route information has been added to Google Maps. Why not just make it a "layer"?
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Marek Connell 4/7/15 3:21 PM
Seriously, this is a no brainer.  You're a tourist in another country and you have the the typical squared up metro map and you can't tell how it relates to the geographical map.  Put the goddamn bus routes on google maps....and keep the names of the metro stations visible at a reasonable zoom height.  Hurry up google, otherwise I'm gonna figure out a way to do this!!!
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Igor O. Barinov 4/9/15 10:00 PM
Same here, great live timings bot no way of seeing if another bus might be suitable for where I'm heafing... Very surprised it's still not possible.
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Igor O. Barinov 4/9/15 10:00 PM
Re: Show bus routes on google maps Susan smit 5/6/15 7:01 PM
Google don care a shit anymore that is why we cannot see the bus routs anymore 
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