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Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update

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Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update Daniel (Google Community Manager) 5/9/12 11:13 AM
Hi Google Maps for Android users,

We've recently released an update to Google Maps for mobile on Google Play.

This round includes:
  • Indoor walking directions and business photos
  • Google Offers
For more information on how to access and use these features on your android device, check out our blog post.

Bugs that we're currently investigating:
  • Navigation voice issue for 4.0.2 
Thanks for all your feedback so far — please keep it coming, it helps us decide what to work on! To learn more about Google Maps for mobile, don't hesitate to visit our Help Center.

Community Manager, Google Maps 
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update zere123 5/9/12 12:09 PM
Nice, but, did you break the support for mocked locations? Before 6.7.0, if I would add a TestProvider (faking the GPS-Provider) to the LocationProvider, I was able to change my location (this is something that I need during the development of my applications). Now, it is not possible to get a "fix", although my app is running and setting the TestProvider location. I tested this on an HTC Desire HD and the Nexus S, with a maps application < 6.7.0 this is working, with the current version it is not.
This can also be tested by using the app "Fake GPS location" (available in the play store) which has stopped working (I'm not affiliated to them in any way, but it can be used to test the behavior).
If I activate the wifi localization on the devices, Google Maps now only shows the right location (apparently obtained by the wifi networks, instead of the faked GPS location), the HTC weather widget shows then the mocked location (provided by the TestingProvider). Before this change, the Google Maps application also showed the location from the TestingProvider (relying on the faked GPS location if it was more recent than the information from the wifi network).
Note that you need to enable "Allow mock locations" in the settings, before you can test this.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update ByteMaster0 5/9/12 2:08 PM

I've seen reports that navigation voice doesn't work in some instances of 4.0.4 on Verizon Nexii.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update zere123 5/10/12 1:55 AM
Ok, it is now necessary to set the Accuracy in the Location object (maybe Google Maps is now ignoring all Location object that don't have an attached accuracy). Before 6.7.0 this wasn't necessary.
Nevertheless, I'm waiting for your offers feature to be deployed in Europe. :-)
Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update TonyAntonucci 5/14/12 5:22 PM
May 9th version is flawed. Many problems.

GPS location not working. Has my correct location, then will change to incorrect location.

While driving my position does not update... like I am not moving even when going 50mph.

Street names gone in navigation.

How do I get the previous version where all this worked?

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update Mic123456 5/15/12 2:17 PM
I have a Motorola Atrix and am experiencing a similar problem to TonyAntonucci.
After updating to the latest version of Google Maps on my Atrix it couldn't locate my position with any degree of accuracy.  It shows my location jumping around and the window that says "My Location Accurate to ... meters" ranges from 20 to 3,000 meters.  I uninstalled the update, which took Google Maps back to its factory version and now it can locate me just fine, but I've lost all of the new features.  What can I do???  I've restarted my phone, cleared the map data and cache, and even reset my phone back to the factory settings, but still whenever I use the latest version of Maps I experience location problems.  I rely heavily on Google Maps on my mobile, so this is a big problem!
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update IToldYouSo 5/17/12 9:47 AM
Like Tony and Mic I'm having problems with GPS.

Every few updates Google Maps seems to cause my GPS to completely quit working. Unfortunately the 6.7 update is one of those. It was working fine prior to this update. I'm running Android 2.3 on an LG Optimus V. I've used the GPS Status app to clear aGPS data and update it and that did nothing. I also left it outside, with a clear view of a good chunk of the sky, for about 30 minutes last night and got no satellite lock.

Again, this has happened before. When I first got the phone GPS was working great. Then I got a Maps update and GPS quit working. At the time I didn't connect the two and I thought it was a hardware problem and just lived with it. Then a few months later I got another Maps update and voila! the GPS magically started working again.

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update Andrey M 5/17/12 1:42 PM
Same problem here. Moto Atrix, 2.3.6.. After updating maps to v. 6.7, GPS location does not work, only network (accurate to 800+ meters). Uninstalling the update (back to v. 5.8) fixes the problem with GPS location. All other apps using GPS (compass, google navigation, gps info, car locator) work fine, this is clearly v. 6.7 problem. But on my Moto Xoom 4.03 this version of maps works fine.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update bbbbbbbbbbbbbaaa 5/18/12 2:48 PM
Is there a way to opt out of Offers?  I have zero desire to receive any offers.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update Sleeksorrow 5/23/12 8:25 AM
Multiple serious problems, regressions and feature loss on Samsung Galaxy S2 running official Android 4.0.3.

- Even when not using maps or navigation at all, the device uses much more battery than before. No latitude in use. I expect the problem to be in the geolocation function that is provided by maps to other applications like weather services.
- Navigation now uses so much energy, that device does not load even on a 1000mAh supply while navigating.
- When reaching the destination and I end navigation, then it often freezes with black screen. Reboot needed.
- No night mode anymore when entering a tunnel.
- No position prediction anymore when entering a tunnel, position just stops, then complains about lost GPS signal.

Maybe more, but this were the things I found obvious.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update GimpyMAB 5/24/12 6:02 AM
Same problem, Bell Atrix 2.3.6, no location in Google Maps, I re-install version 6.6.0 and now everything works, I put the version 6.6.0 in my dropbox and I created a link so you can download and reinstall.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update Sleeksorrow 5/24/12 6:10 AM
I really appreciate your helpiness and kindness. Thank you very much! Tho I hope you understand that I don't want to install anything from such a private source out of general security concerns.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update Sleeksorrow 5/25/12 6:53 AM
Small update: The interpolation of position while in a tunnel is not completely broken, it's just... sometimes. Driving the same tunnel again now and then, sometimes it works, sometimes position just stops and device complains about lost GPS.

Funfact: It's not the bugs that are bugging me most, it's the complete lack of replies from google reps since 16 days since the first issue has been mentioned.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update apostleair 5/28/12 9:56 AM
Can you please tell me why google does not support my business location for the third time in a month.  I just want to get this resolved, this is my busiest time of the year and no one has been able to fix my listing and when it comes up the information is not correct.  Please, Help.   John Haddox (972)835-0590
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update 小冰 5/28/12 10:55 PM
When I updated to 6.7 the compass didn't work. when I tap the compass icon, nothing happend , it didn't rotate any more.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update apostleair 5/29/12 7:47 AM
Do not understand what you said how does the compass have to do with it.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update 小冰 5/29/12 6:50 PM
I mean that when I tap the compass icon on the screen the view doesn't rotate as usual, and the arrow doesn't point to the right direction.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update supermjr 6/12/12 7:31 AM
Exact same problem on my Atrix as well. I also rely heavily on Google Maps and this is extremely problematic!
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update supermjr 6/12/12 7:53 AM
Official Google Bug Report:

Please star it to expedite resolution -- the more stars/votes, the faster it will be addressed by Google.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update remi.jenkins 6/15/12 5:51 PM
I have the Atrix as well and I have the same issue. It seems like Google and Motorola can't play nice together now that they are related.

On Tuesday, May 15, 2012 5:17:25 PM UTC-4, Mic123456 wrote:
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update LiQUiD50 6/22/12 2:47 PM
im also on an atrix 4g with all the same issues as others. please fix my location problem. when using navigation everything works.  factory reset does not help. only current option is to downgrade.  
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update david-g 6/28/12 7:00 AM
Problem still exists in Maps 6.9.0 :(
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update Lorenzo Zoil 6/28/12 12:19 PM
This latest update (Android) sucks like the world's supply of vacuum cleaners all running together! The old Labs version of caching 10 square miles/km of map worked beautifully, storing the map tile on my SD card in just a few seconds.  I've now been waiting 10 minutes to download a comparable area, and it still isn't done.
Google has taken a really useful and helpful feature and turned it into bloatware, seriously guys, are you trying to be even worse than Microsoft?  Have you employed some ex-Government employees?  Because in my experience they are the only people who can take a thing of beauty and screw it up so badly.
Please, roll it back, soon!
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.7 update Lorenzo Zoil 6/28/12 12:29 PM
And just to add, it's now taken 20 minutes to delete a stored map.......
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