How to star a location?

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How to star a location? Cyberius 10/13/11 12:59 AM
I am trying to add a star using Google Maps on Chrome so that I can navigate to it with my phone.  I would imagine that, like with my phone, I could just search for a place, click the floating marker and there should be a hollow star on the popup.  But there is no such thing.  Google Maps help also describes it exactly this way.  I am logged in with my gmail account.  This is insanely aggravating.

What do I do?
Re: How to star a location? Why so confusing? 5/12/12 4:08 PM
I am also having the same problem. I am a busy person and don't have time to figure this out. Is there really no way to create a list of your places so that you can sync it to your phone and just click the location you need to navigate to? I mean do I have to keep writing down the address for all my work meetings and continuously type them into google maps every time I have to go to a meeting? I don't even know how stars work, since I see no way of staring a location. I guess I am used to Apple programs that make things really user friendly. The best products are those that just make sense and you never have to read a manual to figure it out. 
Re: How to star a location? treebles 5/12/12 4:37 PM
You do have that functionality on the Android version of Maps and Navigation.
It is a different matter with Apple devices though. Google does not develop the Maps app on iOS, Apple does and decides what functionality the provide. Google only provides access to the back-end data to display the map.
You should be able to star items on any desktop platform on the browser version  of Google Maps, but maybe you can only synchronize the Star items on Android devices.