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Saving locations/Dropped Pin

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Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 7/19/13 4:51 AM
My Google Maps was updated to version 7.0.2 on my Galaxy S3.

In earlier versions, I could drop a pin at an exact location along a street and then save that location. I can still drop a pin but the 'Save' option is not always available. I can only save dropped pins locations at certain points selected by the application.

The other thing is that renaming saved locations is unnecessarily cumbersome, requiring going to bookmarks. The locations new names sometimes are not reflected in the maps Starred list.

Is it just me or do other users also have the same experience?

Saving locations/Dropped Pin acs111 7/19/13 6:18 AM
I can only save or star a business or points of interest locations. I often star places such as addresses which don't have a business attached. Has this feature been removed and why?
HTC one
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Jony der 7/20/13 5:32 AM
About a year ago when I was still using Symbian, the starred items feature worked very good within the app.
I could create a starred item at any location, regardless whether it Google was listing any address or business. I used this very often as in Turkey by far not every road/address is listed or correct. Now with the latest version of IOS I cannot even save a starred item when it indicates "dropped pin". This has removed a very important functionality for me. If there was any alternative right now it would have made me switch.

Not seeing many responses to this so wondering if there are only few people out there missing the "freedom" of placing a starred item at any location.

Google, please re-introduce the feature for IOS and also make it possible to search in starred items.

Thanks, Jonathan
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 7/20/13 6:13 AM
I too really missed old feature where I could drop a pin anywhere and save it under an easily recognisable name.

I now use an old Nokia 5800 Xpress Music for my voice guided navigation as I can use it even without a SIM card. I find the old Nokia Maps even better than Waze on my Samsung Galaxy S3 which needs a data connection.

I also find the Nokia Maps voice guidance much better. For instance "follow the course of the road for 20km" means I can stay on the high speed lane without worrying when I have to change lanes to make an exit.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin frad 7/22/13 2:30 PM
I too have noticed this feature has been removed.  I often want to star a location that is "in the middle of nowhere" on a map.  Not necessarily a specific road address or business.  I often used it when in a parking lot to easily mark the location of my car.  Sometimes when I am driving through the country side places are not always listed on the map, but they are still there and I want to star them. It seems so fundamental... I don't understand why it was removed.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tara Doran 7/23/13 5:43 AM
This update is just awful. I used drops for places that Google gets wrong and now I can't...arghhhhh I don't even understand what good points there are too this update.
Re: terrain, labs(measure), cyclng,my maps, my places and offline maps missing?!!? acs111 7/23/13 6:03 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Yury Perzov 7/26/13 12:22 PM
Indeed, I use this feature all the time. Renaming locations, pinning hiking spots. Regression indeed
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin hthree 7/27/13 12:04 AM
ditto here.  Bizzarre that I can SHARE the location with someone else or with another app, but i can't save it for myself....
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Anders Jansson 7/27/13 12:37 AM
On Android.

I have the same problem and miss the feature.

I have also noticed that my old saved stars (with only dropped pin) no longer are seen. Really bad.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Ashraf A.Shafik 7/27/13 7:12 AM
I Have the Same Problem On My GalaxyS3
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Blahhhhhh 7/27/13 3:12 PM
Same problem here.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Marc MacDonald 7/31/13 10:05 AM
Using an HTC One, same problem. Maps updated, and I can no longer save custom places, which is incredibly inconvenient for me. I own a siding company, and used the dropped pin/save location feature to keep track of multiple job sites. Now I can't. I don't understand why they removed this function, but they need to reinstate it.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Ryan McVicker 7/31/13 2:20 PM
On a nexus 4, same thing.. What the actual f$%k.  This is insanely dumb.  This was one of the most used features by me.  I also used the map tools they got rid of like the distance tool... I thought they wanted to out do apple, not become worse.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 8/2/13 2:23 AM
I have also noticed that now I cannot drop Coordinates at a pin. I need to sometimes send or use the coordinates and I have to use some other app to do this.

This revision is definitely a big big step back and I no longer use Google Maps for navigation. I use Waze on my S3 and I have resuscitated an old Nokia 5800XM which allows me to pre-download maps when I have WiFi and I can use it even with no SIM card in the phone. Also the Landmarks feature in Nokia Maps allows me to save a specific position by entering the coordinates.

Google Maps Team. Please give us back the useful features. We want features not just a preety face!

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin acs111 8/2/13 2:28 AM
In order to search nearby you have to physically type the words or say it. This would be fine if we were using Google glass but we're not.
This update is so annoying
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin shaggyaxe 8/4/13 9:03 AM
Yes, I think you have the key on this issue -- unless the marker pin is on an address, you can't "Save" it.  Even my old saved non-address locations that still show in the browser for Google Maps, do not show in mobile Google Maps anymore.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Mat teo Bel Li 8/5/13 1:30 AM
Same for iPhone , we are getting back instead of evolving . I can't save it and also I can't remove some of my old saved location too
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 8/6/13 5:16 PM
Same here :/ no progress yet :'(
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 8/6/13 5:16 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin upcamo 8/7/13 12:14 PM
Saving a location should have gotten easier but now it impossible most of the time. my phone instructions say to up up the info sheet, great, how do I pull up the info sheet. better yet can I go back to the old version. Really a bad-bad-bad update
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin D Snyder 8/7/13 1:15 PM
Not only dropped pins; I thought one of the greatest features of the previous version, was being able to add a business name directly to the contact list by simply touching the business name and then selecting add to contact. This new version has become completely useless to me because of that.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin skuzzbag 8/10/13 1:37 AM
This needs fixing as it was a very useful feature. I also used to use the distance and elevation height plugin as it was good for planning walks but can no longer find the plugins at all. Why dumb down when what people like about Android is the fact it isn't dumbed down?

Just because maybe only a few people use something that doesn't mean it should be removed completely especially when it's not in the way.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Hug H 8/11/13 5:17 PM
Any answers yet? I find this issue maddening.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 8/11/13 5:28 PM
No response whatsoever from the Google Maps development team. Perhaps their new philosophy is "show rather than substance"
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 8/11/13 5:28 PM
Saving locations/Dropped Pin BigBear 8/11/13 6:01 PM
A couple of week ago, When I stared a location with no street address, the location was stored with geographic coordinate such,121.412263 you can find in

But now, all new starred location are stored with street address bound, which cause huge deviation after look back a couple of minutes.

Google, please allow users to star a location by simply storing the geographic coordinate associated.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Kradak Thomas 8/12/13 8:45 AM
Yes. Truly annoying. More power to the people. I'm frustrated with the same thing from my desktop Chrome browser. 

Case in point: this morning I read in the news about a sinkhole that destroyed a condo in Orlando and was curious if I could use Google maps and the photo in the article to find the destroyed building. I did, but found that I wasn't able to drop a pin on the building to check later if it was razed or re-built. No such luck. The closest I could get was down the street a bit.

Does anyone have alternative map services to suggest?

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 8/12/13 9:07 AM
I have got so fed up that I don't use Google Maps at all. If I am on my Samsung Galaxy S3, I use Waze. I often also use my old Nokia 5800 with Ovi Maps. Ok, maybe the maps are not so current but for almost all intents and purposes they are good enough. The best part is I can download the maps onto my phone at home and I don't even need a SIM card in the phone.

When I want to mark a location, I want to name it as "Mark's Home" instead of "Carnarvon Street, Wherever". Nokia and Waze both allow me to do this. It gets worse if the location I want to mark is along a long street. Google puts the pin in the middle of the road and sometimes at the intersection. When I am appraoching it at the intersection, I want to know whether my destination is on the right or on the left of that intersection.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin WhatsYourSign 8/12/13 8:06 PM
I've been able to drop pins and share them by pressing and holding on a location (iOS6).  Might work on Android phones....
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Marc MacDonald 8/12/13 8:19 PM
That functionality is indeed still there, but as I found out the other day, sending the link of a dropped pin to a friend or coworker results in an "approximate" result. It never showed the location I actually requested shared, just the general region. I tried this several times with various friends/phones, same result every time.

And needless to say, sharing a dropped pin does not help me save a specific location for later use.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin John VanB 8/13/13 6:23 AM
I am also at a loss to figure out why this very convenient functionality has been removed. I want to be able to save any location on the map I want by dropping a pin and/or starring, and not be locked into a category search that doesn't nearly cover everything someone may search for in a given area on the map. This also involves search nearby which has been removed for no good reason I can think of.
It appears as though Google is taking a lesson from Microsoft and taking something perfectly good (XP and Windows 7) and turning it in to something everybody hates. Maybe next they may want to follow Microsoft again and make a useless tablet and cell phone with a user interface nobody wants. I can't blame Microsoft at this point if they jump on this huge FAIL on google's part and use the opportunity to push bing maps and nav.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Chris Beazeley 8/13/13 1:22 PM
Would also like to save specific places too. Good for me as well as the kids we teach. want to be able to 'pin' a house, etc
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Anujeet Ghatak 8/13/13 6:56 PM
Cant save a dropped pin on my Galaxy Tab2 either. Anyone knows the codes the new google maps work on?
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Dave Maric 8/19/13 6:04 AM
Another disgruntled user who will look for alternatives to Google maps.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Dave Maric 8/19/13 6:04 AM
(unknown) 8/19/13 6:04 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin DagR 8/19/13 6:11 AM
Hello Google, can you see this thread?

Can we get any feedback from Google on this?

 / DagR.

Saving locations/Dropped Pin Jakub Sadowski 8/20/13 4:16 PM
Yeah same here.  Tried to save the place where we had a cae accident and it won't do it.  SUCKS!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Adnan Khan 2 8/21/13 2:42 AM
It is so frustrating that I am forced to use alternate mapping apps.  Not every place has an address in db, and without address it can't be saved.  First I tried using apps on market which let you save a maps place with Share functionality.  Now finally I have started looking for other mapping apps.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Seán P Barry 8/23/13 2:28 AM
Me too, I now can no longer save dropped pins and star them for future navigation unless the place name is searchable and found. This limits the functionality greatly as not everywhere people need to go is now savable. Please google rectify this issue soon, it is a severe setback in the update.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Mostafa Sharaf 8/24/13 1:36 AM
Same here!! :/
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Danesh.Manoharan 8/24/13 3:17 AM
Same issue here. Can'tnmark off road areas :(
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Pontus Petersson 8/27/13 2:39 PM
I do also miss this Good old feature!
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 8/27/13 8:15 PM
Everyone is desperate about missing features but it seems to me as if no one from maps team cares :/ I'd say this is the first time ever on Google when I'm not satisfied with the service. Hell, I even paid for another map app :'(
Saving locations/Dropped Pin beterhans 8/29/13 3:41 AM
Same here can't save a pin without address
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Jony der 8/29/13 5:39 AM
For a moment I had hope, noticing an updated Gmaps application in the Apple store, however after installation it is still not possible to save a location which is not defined by Google.

It would be nice to have a response from Google confirming they see this as a feature (somehow) or bug and if the latter if they plan to fix it and when.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Maxwell.N 8/29/13 6:24 AM
same problem here - so annoying if you want to save a friends house or something, now you cant :(
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin c7borg 8/31/13 2:53 AM
Another +1 for a saved and ediable dropped pin. . So frustrating I can't find my way back to my location without getting out a os map with a pencil marker lol..
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lianna Wilson 9/1/13 10:32 AM
It is very annoying. I found this thread after being inconvenienced by this (lack of) feature as I hadn't realised the old pin system had been changed.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin FERDY BURGOS 9/2/13 7:32 AM
I miss this feature  for me it's really important any workaround? Other app downgrade? Link?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin jimkcx 9/3/13 7:43 AM
I miss the feature as well. Just a minute ago I needed to drop a pin on a field where we have flag football games scheduled. I don't know the address and the field doesn't have a name. After about 30 minutes trying with Google maps I gave up and used Bing maps.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin awdwawd aawdawd 9/3/13 3:23 PM

this is extremely annoying, especially the fact that there is no single reply in this thread of a google employee or something like that.. PLEASE shut down this website if you don't even pay attention to it, little fucktards
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Michael Worthington 9/5/13 2:39 AM
Please please please reinstate this feature Google. Maps is half the app without.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin A.Yazji 9/5/13 4:53 AM
Same here .. i'm lost without saving location feature 
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Maxwell.N 9/5/13 7:24 AM
This problem is not limited to the google maps app, the new desktop version is also missing this feature. Quick! Save all your locations now before they switch you over!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin elphy 9/6/13 2:03 AM
Unbelievable crippling of Google maps features, and loss of trust if previously saved locations become inaccessible.

Same problem here. Perhaps they wanted to force people to save within their listing database to increase the value of that data to their advertising business. I guess a pin half a street from a business is hard for them to link with that business.

Nevertheless this will backfire since it makes the app
 unusable for many situations and provokes anger at loss of data.

What a catastrophic "update". My peer group almost erupted in protest when this came out and we are all investigating alternatives now.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin elphy 9/6/13 2:03 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin elphy 9/6/13 3:03 AM
Yes, although on desktop Chrome,  I can click on a star with any location (accessed by right-click "what's here?" option), the star does not then appear on the map!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Maxwell.N 9/7/13 12:13 PM
Now fixed in google maps preview
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tara Doran 9/7/13 1:17 PM
What do you mean maxwell?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin cyrylski 9/9/13 5:41 PM
I have the same problem. I often use it to go hiking while travelling to new spots. Since it started to approximate to nearest address it's truly a pain.

Unless there's something different in return when it comes to mapping spots for pedestrains, this give-and-take is discouraging... It's not like everybody travels with a car everywhere, Google. People walk too, even in the US.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin papiGiulio 9/9/13 6:52 PM
Comon google, who on earth decided to remove the friggin PIN function. You just made google maps 50% less useable. Wait make that 99%
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Jared Overstreet 9/9/13 7:24 PM
I just noticed this was missing last week...    It made me sad.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Chen Asraf 9/9/13 11:58 PM
Likewise. Really miss this feature, why was the new Maps dumbed down? Are everyone expected to not use all the functionality? Also, what happened to proper offline apps, and the labs features?
Saving locations/Dropped Pin mcherm 9/10/13 2:44 AM
I just wanted to chime in to say that this is an issue that affects me as well... and quite a significant one. For the first time, I am looking at alternatives to Google Maps. A map where I cannot make my own marks is far less useful.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Daniel Rozinsky 9/10/13 3:25 AM
Yes, I miss the old features of Google maps. I really liked being able to drop a pin anywhere on the map.I really like being able to rename it and add it to my address book. I recently have needed to use Google Maps to find clients sites so I can visit their facilities. It is difficult to add them into my address book. in one case I was visiting a city hall and the parking was a few blocks away. I wanted to bookmark parkingbut I could not. I also could not bookmark the actual building I wanted to visit. Navigation got me close but after that I was on my own.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Dukko 9/10/13 4:00 AM
Same here, I'd like to pin an address!
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Chris Law1 9/10/13 4:42 AM
Google please bring back this feature!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Ben Alwood 9/10/13 6:10 AM
me too
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Dan Toth 9/10/13 6:40 AM
Yes, please bring back this feature!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Marshall Head 9/10/13 6:44 AM
fix please goooogle.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Patrick Nichols 9/10/13 6:56 AM
I have the same issue and would like to get back the old functionality
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin JugHeadHair 9/10/13 7:06 AM
...  and another long-time user annoyed by this. Any  alternative  software  or workarounds?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Thomas Doolittle 9/10/13 7:09 AM
bring this feature back... I hate having a bunch of "stars" with no personal labels
Saving locations/Dropped Pin debernardis 9/10/13 7:22 AM
I noticed that too, and find it extremely inconvenient. And this is not the only thing lacking in comparison to the previous versions. It was possible, for example, to browse your itinerary for every day in the past, because it was saved (don't know if on Google servers or on the device). Now this is inaccessible, but it was quite useful to recall which day one had visited a certain place, or what was done on a certain occasion.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Benji Kauth 9/10/13 7:47 AM
I have the same issue and would like to get back the original functionality
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Wepiha Te Ata 9/10/13 7:58 AM
Same issue, please regress to accommodate pinned/starred locations!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin eGalvan88 9/10/13 8:05 AM
God dammit Google! Stop thinking like Apple! Your products/services have been awesome because they offered a lot of features. I get maybe you don't wanna clutter that shiny new UI, but there is always an option to put extra features on a context menu or whatever. BRING BACK YOUR GOOD OLD WAY OF DOING THINGS for God's sake!!
(unknown) 9/10/13 8:07 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Achshar 9/10/13 8:12 AM
Just a heads up, this thread has been linked on reddit. Expect a lot of replies flooding your inbox (yes I know this ironically includes this reply but you have been warned)

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 9/10/13 8:22 AM
What is amazing is that with all these comments, not a single member of the Google Maps team has responded.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lukas Frimer Tholander 9/10/13 8:35 AM
+1 for re-introduction 
(unknown) 9/10/13 8:41 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin David A Brooks 9/10/13 8:45 AM
I won't update to Google Maps 7.x until it's not a huge downgrade from 6.x.  This thread is an example of one more feature that was previously useful that was removed for no discernible reason.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 9/10/13 8:48 AM
@Lawrence Ho:

there is a member of the Google Maps team responding:

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin David Rodriguez1 9/10/13 9:26 AM
I didnt even know this was an available function. If it has been removed it must be brought back. Helps a lot with various tasks
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin oblivinated 9/10/13 9:31 AM
I spent 4 years starring locations I've visited, restaurants I like, places I go often; whenever I used to pull up Google Maps I would see the map dotted with stars, it was a wonderful feeling yet at the same time provided me instant access to useful information. Yet with the new Google Maps all this has disappeared. I've downgraded for now but eventually the old version will start to break somewhere and I'd be force to update, but I don't think I could ever part with my bookmarks.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Alex Mawson 9/10/13 10:02 AM
dont know how this works, but i wanted to voice my support for dropping pins,  why in the world would they get rid of that?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Kaden Mitchell 9/10/13 10:05 AM
I thought I was going crazy when I couldn't find the save after maps updated on my phone. But this make sense. 

Any google peeps care to share why this was removed?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Makapav 9/10/13 10:06 AM
Thanks for raising this Lawrence! I second your issue.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin SamC53 9/10/13 10:07 AM
This is ridiculous.  I can't stand the mobile app anymore as it is.  Can't find how to save offline maps.  Zoom buttons removed.  Pain in the butt to pinch and zoom.  Why do they assume we use our phones with two hands?!?

And now this?

Bring it back google.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Makapav 9/10/13 10:07 AM
Same reason for everything else they seem to be doing these days - dumbing shit down under the pretext of UX.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin DewJ 9/10/13 10:36 AM
Id like this feature back as well, as I often go where googlemaps has a little trouble with addresses.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Alex Ushomirsky 9/10/13 10:49 AM
This is the major reason why I use google maps, and I use them almost every day!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Edyta Hetman 9/10/13 10:56 AM
Hi guys. I noticed that problem while testing new maps on my laptop and wrote to Google about that. Here's what they replied:

Hi Edyta,

Thank you for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the problem you reported isn't easy for us to fix at this time:
I want to save a custom location (a free pin) on the map, but there is just no option for that.
We did want to let you know that we've escalated your report to the appropriate engineering team. Even though we don't have an immediate fix to your problem, please be assured that we're working hard for a resolution. 

So it seems like the problem won't be sorted soon, but at least there's hope they're working on it.

Saving locations/Dropped Pin rekloki 9/10/13 10:57 AM
It needs to come back for sure.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Some Other Stephen Yang 9/10/13 11:19 AM
In what world is taking away functionality an improvement? I have lots of places marked by pins, but now I can't get any useful directions for them.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Electrochris 9/10/13 11:48 AM
I just read on another thread - just uninstall the update in the google play store, and it will revert back to the usefull maps.  I did it - and it works great!
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Davin Chapman 9/10/13 1:06 PM
Please bring back saving to dropped pins. And don't assume I use both hands please. Most often am one handed, especially in maps.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Graig Leatherbury 9/10/13 2:24 PM
Between loosing this ability & ripping Latitude from Maps, Google has really botched this App.  I'm still trying to find an alternative to Latitude!

Google, please remember which is your head & where it belongs, because it seems like you have it stuck in a dark hole.

Saving locations/Dropped Pin DaveC397 9/10/13 3:02 PM
Please add the ability to change the name of a starred location in google maps app!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Mario Olivio Flores 9/10/13 4:02 PM
I would also appreciate having this ability returned to the maps.  It was very convenient for locating where one parked.  Especially true in countries where the maps are not as complete as they are in the states.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Abby - Google Community Manager 9/10/13 6:06 PM
Hi all,
Thanks for sharing your feedback on saving locations from dropped pins.  We know that this functionality is important to you, and the team is working hard on it.  We appreciate your patience, and we'll be sure to share an update when it's available.
Thank you,
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Mosa Yosefi 9/10/13 6:51 PM
I really need the old version of Google map.this is very hard to accept downgrading a useful application from Google!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin João Azevedo 9/11/13 1:50 AM
Thanks for your atention

Another option lost in this new map was the ability to navigate with another offline gps app instaled.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin harshal.m 9/11/13 3:20 AM
Yes. This is missing and would like to see it back soon.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Minas Vasiliadis 9/11/13 4:54 AM
Same here. Very disappointed. I'm gonna rate zero until this gets fixed. It's unpercievable to have a map that lacks the ability to save custom locations. Redoubtable Google, fix this!
(unknown) 9/11/13 4:55 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 9/11/13 4:55 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 9/11/13 4:56 AM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 9/11/13 4:56 AM <This message has been deleted.>
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Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin samalolo 9/12/13 10:49 AM
Yeah, it's ridiculous that I can no longer save dropped pins on a map. The workaround is to drop the pin, then share it via email, then go back and search the emails. 
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Russ Schnieber 9/13/13 10:55 PM

This is absolutely brain dead. . .  I work and travel all over Asia. . . in China for instance every city looks the same to me and I can’t read any of the signage. . . so I used to be able to mark the hotel. . .  take a day long walk and easily find my way back. . .    smart phone??? Really?  Doesn’t seem so smart to me. . . 

It’s just amazing they have not responded here. . .  this is their “ask a question” site. . .  right?  Notice that someone in monitoring and deleting post but not answering. .


Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Itsa Trap 9/14/13 10:53 AM
Let's be clear about a few things:

1. The feature of saving an "arbitrary location" (whatever definition that is; everything has latitude and longitude) has been removed not just from the app, but also the on-line Google maps. No longer can you mark a specific parking lot you have to drive to in a large campus. Want to mark some future hiking/camping locations? Well you can go to hell, I guess.

2. Companies like Google don't care about anything but putting ads in your face. That's where most of their labor goes, I can guarantee you that. They have absolutely no product management, consistently launch unfinished products, and can't for the life of them put two and two together. My take is their employees don't actually ever use most of their products. How come a search for "5 n in lbs" can't trigger the converter but the first result says "converting Newtons to pounds"? How can my Android phone lock the screen while I'm using a bluetooth headset during a call? I can guarantee you most of Android's problems stems from the fact that most of their employees have iPhones. Open source my ass. What that means is you can "fix" your own Android version, void your warranty, or maybe get together with some other people to do it, and Google couldn't care less if anyone makes an improvement or not.

3. Google's business model, like all large Internet companies today, is simply to amass data. Because of their enormous budgets, they can also buy large amounts of data. Case in points, maps. I can guarantee you a substantial portion of that data comes from federally-funded satellites (i.e. we paid for them). So instead of, I don't know, showing me a map scale, Google has done their "research" and decided it is more important to suggest that I search for Mexican restaurants. As a result the data that we paid for is now held hostage by a company that has the resources to develop an application to easily access the data (something governments are usually bad at) but they don't make money off map scales or knowing the elevation so why would they bother?

4. Apps are the single largest step backward in software development history. First, there was 99% of people having Windows. Made it easy to write software---you only write it once. Then there was Linux, but there you were always left to the cannibals. Then Apple got popular again and everyone had to write everything twice. Just look at how different Microsoft Office is between the two; not only do they not talk to each other on a global scale, but they clearly have to write a substantial proportion of the code again. For a while, it seemed that the Internet could help. Finally you could write an application with a front end which was then the responsibility of someone else (the browser) to render properly in different operating systems. At least then you could say the application developers in theory would not have to worry about the OS anymore. This was the closest thing to "cross-platform" everything. Needless to say it didn't work out perfectly in practice. But *most* things did, including Google Maps. Now enter apps. Because marketing idiots just see the app store as billboard space, you have to have an app even if you have a web-based application. So now split the programming staff further, and start from scratch again. The result: 80% staff overhead, inconsistent behavior across devices, inconsistent functionality, inconsistent user interface, and slow response to consumer demands.

5. Speaking of user interface - why don't you stop changing it every month. There are times that you get different search options depending on the device from which you go to the website. Wow. Image search is one of the worst offenders in this regard, but so is Google maps, which now insists on clogging up screen real estate with people's pictures that I don't care to see anyway.

The Google maps teams need to call their parents and ask them how to use a map. Not everyone is exclusively getting directions to the nearest Starbucks. Some of us are actually "exploring"; zoning laws, hiking, etc. If I want to know the elevation and lot boundaries I have to have both Google maps and Google Earth open. Are you telling me Google Earth's database is incompatible with that of maps? I wouldn't doubt it.

For us users, let's just stop hoping. You can complain if you want, but they won't listen. They don't care. They are going to do what they want and never actually bother talking to anyone who uses their products. They are down to 15% efficiency but they are all billionaires so who are we to judge?
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Anujeet Ghatak 9/14/13 11:19 AM
The latest update of google maps is allowing me to star a dropped point though navigation to that dropped point is still not available. Also cant rename the star as per my requirements
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 9/14/13 11:20 AM
Hi Itsa Trap,
Thank you for your feedback - be sure: 

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin elphy 9/14/13 11:50 AM
At least we have an acknowledgement here.

Just to report I can now star random coordinate locations on the web maps (Chrome browser, UK) by right-clicking "what's here".

The star then does NOT show up on screen, however it appears next time I load maps up and it appears (under its coordinate name) in "my places".

I can't report on the Android app because I'm running an older version until updating doesn't represent a huge downgrade (and it's of course not just this pin issue that's the problem).
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Itsa Trap 9/14/13 2:16 PM
I'm using Chrome in Windows in the US and when I right click I don't get a menu.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 9/14/13 2:32 PM
Itsa Trap,
I'm sure you will get a menu if using this  maps URL and then rightclicking the map - will you get it?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Itsa Trap 9/14/13 2:32 PM
When I left click in a random place, I get a black dot somewhere nearby on a road; it "snaps" to some nearby location. Then under the search box I get some "description" of the location, the directions button, and an X button to close it (no star). If I click on the description, in many cases it will then move somewhere nearby again and then provide me with the star. But in some cases, it moves to a wildly different location that has nothing to do with what I clicked on. Since Google maps doesn't value latitude and longitude as being useful, I can't even give instructions on how to reproduce this problem; this location will be difficult to find without a sequence of screenshot "zoom instructions".

Just to highlight how completely out of control this is:
1. I used Google Earth to visually navigate to the offending location from Google Maps.
2. I dropped a pin to get the latitude and longitude in a format I could copy and paste.
3. Open a new tab of google maps, and enter the latitude and longitude in the search box ( 35°40'5.25"N, 118°30'10.90"W). From what I can tell, the location is a perfect match (at least with respect to the roads, which, amazingly, don't always have the same names between Google Earth and Maps).
4. Now I get a location with no description, the directions button, and the star.
5. I star it; nothing happen.
6. Go to Google Bookmarks; I see the location at the top of the list.
7. I click on it; it opens Google Maps with the star marked at the black blip I get when I click anywhere near that location. The description now shows "Unnamed road" like it did when I would click in that area. But now I cannot click on the description; it does nothing.

So this 7 step process is what it takes to bookmark the wrong location, albeit less wrong than the following:

1. Click somewhere near the star. I get the "Unnamed road" description but now I can click on it; you may or may not see the black dot directly over the star (I can't see it right now; sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn't). No option to star the location appears.
2. When you hover over the description the black dot appears and "blinks" in a "sonar-like" manner. 
3. Click on the description. Welcome to the location for "Mount N Lake Hotel", 7 miles away (driving distance).

Note I can get directions from that hotel to the star by clicking on the star.

So basically, finding exact locations on a celestial body hurling through the void of space and plotting them on your screen instantly is easy, but figuring out where you clicked on it with your mouse is rocket science.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Itsa Trap 9/14/13 2:48 PM
Yes, because apparently you guys still have the "old" version of Google Maps. Go to ours and see the difference. No street view dude, no zoom slider (only +/- buttons), suggestions for Mexican restaurants, etc.

You ready for the best part?

1. You can go to the exact same location I am having problems with on the UK site.
2. Right click, as you say, and select "What's here".
3. You will get a green down arrow exactly where you clicked, and an "A" marker where I get the black dot.
4. The search box changes to the exact latitude and longitude where you clicked! I verified this by then pasting those coordinates into the search box of the American Google Maps.
5. I attempted to star the green down arrow. I am told I need to log in. When I do, I am taken to, centered on the UK, and it's the new crappy UI with a pop up with "Welcome to the new Google Maps". So thanks for not only taking me away from where I was looking, but also giving me the new crap interface that doesn't work.
6. I go to google bookmarks and my attempt to star the green arrow obviously failed; it's not there.
7. I hit back twice to go back to the place I was looking at. Try to star again, get taken to login again (as if my computer isn't littered with cookies). This time, when I log in, it takes me to that place instead of the UK. But it's the new interface so it looks exactly like the american one but I can verify it's got the location of the green arrow because I changed it a bit from step 2. The star from my earlier post is visible at the road.
8. When I select to star this new point, the star on the road disappears!
9. When I go to bookmarks, the old bookmark shows a new updated time, and when I click on it, it goes back to the black dot location (location of the "A" in the old interface).

The only blessing is that this revealed that the version of maps you get is clearly user dependent, not regional. So I went to Help & Feedback on the top right and reverted permanently to "classic" google maps. On my phone I will still be screwed because I'm not about to start the fight with auto-updating. I guess for now there is a way out for me until Google finishes mucking this up and take the classic version down.

On Saturday, September 14, 2013 2:32:39 PM UTC-7, ehg wrote:
Itsa Trap,
I'm sure you will get a menu if using this  maps URL and then rightclicking the map - will you get it?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 9/14/13 3:04 PM
our both posting have crossed and are about different things.
to your last posting:
I can't follow or replicate all things you described
Entering im GMAps seachbox in its classic view  your coordiantes  ( 35°40'5.25"N, 118°30'10.90"W) I get a red (reversed geocoded) red marker at a "unnamed" road and a green arrow pinpointing the exact coordinates.
now clicking the red marker I can star it directly and get it immediately shown on GMaps:

I also get the starr listed on "MyPlaces/starres (left side of GMaps):

I however confirm I can't click left side the starred item to get it displayed if using GMaps in any other tab.

But if rightclicking  the starred item at GMaps left side  (and selecting open in a new tab) I get in the new tab this:

I can't remind this was half year ago the same. Older starred locations I still can click to get the maps zoomed to the starred location.

Thats a summary of what I actually experienced.



Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 9/14/13 3:06 PM
the best part for me is going to bed because of the time:
It's midnight in Germany
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Omar Zuberi 9/14/13 6:55 PM
I've decided that ever time I come across a location I can't star like I used to - I'm hitting the "report a problem" button and sending an issue to Google about it.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin francoluis 9/15/13 4:34 AM
I confirm that in Portugal version of Google maps I have the same problem. Until recent versions I pinned a place in maps for android and I could see it on the desktop version.
Now in 4.3 version I can't save arbitrary locations and the desktop version, I user the option on the what's here tag but to am approximate location.

Please Google correct this because is one of most used features of maps.

I can save locations in locus pro in android but is not shared to desktop.

I'm going back my maps version.

Best regards.

Luis Franco

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin francoluis 9/15/13 4:34 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Minas Vasiliadis 9/15/13 3:46 PM
I've already switched to yandex maps and I'll even use Apple maps if google doesn't offer back this ability.
I must admit, they have some guts to monopolize maps obtained used public means.
A paper map does a better job for all I know.
You administer half of humanity's private data, give us a bloody map.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Mohammad Al-Mo'tassem 9/15/13 6:11 PM
Same problem here, :(
i need also to assign my friends address location to ther details in google contacts.
I know that i'm dreaming :(
(unknown) 9/15/13 6:12 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 9/15/13 6:12 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin DagR 9/15/13 10:47 PM
I clicked "Report a problem" on Google Maps on the web and submitted a error report with these words "Can not save dropped pin". I got the following reply shortly after from Google:

Hi Dag, 

Thank you for reporting this problem. Unfortunately, for various reasons, the problem you reported isn't easy for us to fix at this time:
Can not save dropped pin.
We did want to let you know that we've escalated your report to the appropriate engineering team. Even though we don't have an immediate fix to your problem, please be assured that we're working hard for a resolution. 
Thanks for helping us to improve Google Maps! 

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin pjsgsy 9/17/13 3:14 AM
Me too.  Insane to remove the most useful features!  For instance, on a recent trip, my location (hotel) is not on the map.  Drop a pin and save it for easy backward navigation, but no...  Cannot save or name pins! 

Android ver btw. Google, please, please, please bring back this functionality. 

Think of it as man overboard - you should be able to drop a pin anywhere you find interesting, name it, navigate to it.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin cerib 9/18/13 12:06 PM
Please reinstate the option to save or name pins. I am working and driving abroad a lot. The old version worked perfectly. I just tapped and starred the location and it was easy to then to get the directions the next time I wanted to visit. Using this update, I had to type in the address of my Apartment, then it took me to wrong place, about 5 km away.Obviously, I
I realised this,  but if I could star my location, the problem would be solved. Fix it quick google or I am looking for another map app.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Mohammad Usman Ali 9/21/13 1:49 AM
I used to feel Google as a milestone of the century,
Now I doubt it.
Why Google destroying their reputation by this app update?
Google should take notice of this and learn from Nokia maps.
(unknown) 9/21/13 10:03 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 9/21/13 10:05 PM <This message has been deleted.>
(unknown) 9/21/13 10:05 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Bora Gurel 9/21/13 10:08 PM
Well, this isn't an "issue" really. More like someone just flipped an off switch on a functionality some of us use daily and has relied on for business, exploring, etc. Hence the justified rage.
I just turned off auto updates and uninstalled updates on the maps app, reverting back to maps version 6. All of my lost stars, along with the zoom buttons are back. Can drop pins anywhere and star them, no problem. This was the first time in my android experience where I had to uninstall an update to increase functionality.
As fixes go, it's a crappy one, I agree, but if people start reverting like this, maybe the Google maps android team will sit up and take notice.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Disapointed in Google Map 9/23/13 3:19 AM
I agree, The update to Google Maps has lost a lot of functionality that I used a lot.  Are they bring these functions back?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Stephen Gladwin 9/23/13 11:03 AM
Is there a way to revert to the old Maps app version just before the major change to the look of the interface, and the dropped functionality of saving places.  I preferred the old app version in every way that I care most about. 
If reverting is not feasible, as an optional interim fix for users until you solve the functionality you've dropped from the app, please recommend a different Maps app that you see as the best interim solution?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Omar Zuberi 9/23/13 12:04 PM
Go to App info and hit 'uninstall updates' - that should revert you. If it just says 'uninstall' then that should also revert you.

However, if the app disappears, you can download the 6.14.4 maps APK from here . I did a complete uninstall of the new maps two days ago and have been running 6.14.4 ever since with no issues.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Stephen Gladwin 9/23/13 9:14 PM
I'd like to try that. I went to Maps in App Manager and clicked uninstall updates which made Maps disappear from the downloaded apps list but the app didn't revert. How do I uninstall Maps to prep for the old version download?  Thanks.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin chimpsville 9/24/13 12:41 AM
I haven't used the maps for several years and just want to make an itinerary for a driving trip around Mt.Rainer starting in Portland, OR...up the Columbia, across Hwy 97 to Yakima up to know the usual stuff.  This is a typical trip
for us in the 60s.  It's just impossible to lay out the legs of the trip w/o everything blowing up..



Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin chimpsville 9/24/13 12:41 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Omar Zuberi 9/24/13 2:24 AM
That's strange that it didn't revert - have you tried installing the older version now?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Stephen Gladwin 9/24/13 7:30 AM
Without uninstalling the app first, I've downloaded and installed the older version from your link and it seems to have overwritten the Maps app nicely to the older version.  Thank you. Waze is a pretty fun app alternative to Maps, but I haven't figured out how to drop a pin with Waze either so old Maps version it is.  Thanks for the quick reply Omar.  
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 9/24/13 7:55 AM
Long press on the spot you want to save. Click the information button on the right side of the pop-up balloon and you will see the option Add
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Stephen Gladwin 9/24/13 8:38 AM
Thanks Lawrence.  Yes, that works.  In Waze, I thought the long-press then "Add" was snapping to the nearest address but it actually lets you save the pin where you long-press it and allows navigation on the road closest to that point.  That's exactly what I needed to save mouths of parking lots and such.  And Waze allows me to rename the pinned location, unlike the older Maps pins.  Hopefully Google will add all the best aspects of Maps and Waze to one app or the other, or both, since Google now owns Waze.  I would love to be able to see, view and share GPS coordinates.  A little odd to me that such a fundamental and simple piece of info isn't accessible through the apps.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Nicholas Bales 9/25/13 8:27 AM
Uninstall Updates will revert you to the version that was pre-installed on your phone. Unless you have the latest Android 4.3, it should still be Maps 6.x.

If you have Android 4.3 and Maps 7.x was preinstalled with it, then you're out of luck. You will need to root the phone and uninstall Maps 7.x with something like Titanium Backup. Then you can manually install the Google Maps 6.14.4 apk that is available on the web.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Stephen Gladwin 9/25/13 11:35 AM
I have had my s3 for about a year. The latest updated version of Google Maps was not pre installed on it.  When I uninstalled updates through the application manager for the Google Maps application, the application did not revert immediately which seems to be what you're saying should have happened.  I then downloaded the version 6 apk and installed using Google installer and that resulted in the application reverting from the new version to the old version successfully.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin jtnewsom 9/25/13 1:39 PM
I have exactly the same issue on my PC using Chrome.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin peter hoth 9/26/13 11:36 PM
I am having the same problem too. I wish i can get the old google map back on my android. :(
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Nicholas Bales 9/27/13 1:02 AM
Why don't you roll back to the version of Google Maps that was preinstalled on your device ? It has been explained plenty of times in the forum.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Payungsak Supasri 9/27/13 7:53 PM
Some devices come with preinstall map that are already version 7.xx up.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Nicholas Bales 9/28/13 8:11 AM
In that case, you will have to root the phone to uninstall Maps 7 and reinstall Maps 6.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 9/28/13 8:21 AM
Will installing version 6.x overwrite the pre-installed version 7? Or version 6.x won't install without rooting?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin jtnewsom 9/28/13 12:57 PM
Problem is in Google data banks.  Can't (or won't) fix.  It may be more political and capitalistic than technical.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Payungsak Supasri 9/28/13 7:22 PM
Roll back to map6 is the best choice for now. Now I have s2(the old phone with map6) and note3(with map7), when I save places, I use s2. When I wanna view, then I use note3.
seriously google MUST do something about it. If there are any alternative app, I would really go for that.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Payungsak Supasri 9/28/13 7:26 PM
Using 2 smart phones doesn't make me look smarter at all Google.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin jtnewsom 9/28/13 7:30 PM
So very true.  I've just noticed it too with your post.  I am now going back to the PC to work with every map I use.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin erkme73 10/1/13 5:54 PM
I flashed back to maps 6.14 and it works like it should. Granted, no latitude, but at least I can mark where I parked my car.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Christian Bratt 10/2/13 2:54 AM
Why!!??  It was just great before this update. Please add this function again!!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Sam Petrocelli 10/3/13 9:08 AM
My workaround I found for this was to use the Android App "GPS Status". If I am hiking or something and want to save a random address I just open up GPS status go to settings->share->copy to clipboard. Then I paste it in a Google Keep Note on my phone. It's a quick and dirty workaround. The pasted item looks like this:

I am here: 37 25.23 N 122 5.3 E,-122.08407

So it's an accurate workaround that produces a working google maps link pretty easily.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin harryw86 10/3/13 11:18 AM
I totally agree - google has made google maps crap.

I can't believe they've done something as stupid as this.

Why dumb down your product?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Ravenheart 10/3/13 12:57 PM
Google what the fuck did you do with maps....
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Ric Walker 10/6/13 12:56 PM
It seems that Google has hired some morons to work on their map application.  I emailed them about saving places and naming them and they said they weren't planning on implementing a feature like that.  They have totally de-evolved the maps to make them nearly completely useless.

I work much of the time in places that don't have cell service.  Not only do the maps not work, you can't save places and name them anymore, but you also can't download maps ahead of time either.

I've sent a mass of "report a problem" complaining about all this.  What I've got back I can only interpret as "We don't care, we want to be the worst program possible."
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lynda Benson 10/9/13 10:37 PM
You could have worded that better.  The world is changing but that's still a very disrespectful way to communicate and I hope you get a grip and not do it again.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Ventura Matas 10/11/13 5:07 AM
Thaks very much.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 10/11/13 5:56 AM
Lynda, please tell us which comment you find so objectionable?

Rick Walker's use of the word "moron"? Would it have been more acceptable if he had said "idiots" or "fools" or "clueless clowns"?
Ravenheart's use of "WTF"?
Harryw88's remark that the revision is "crap" and "stupid"?

Like the majority of the people who have voiced their dissatisfaction with the new "improved" version of Maps, I have been using Dropped Pin to remind of places I have visited over the years. We used to be able to accurately drop a pin at a precise location and give it a meaningful name at the same time.

What we are all saying is that this is an extremely useful feature and we just cannot understand why the GMaps team in all its wisdom has decided to remove it.

If you go through all the threads on Maps, you might have noticed that this is one of the most active. It is an indication of the frustration faced by real users. Coupled with this is the GMaps team saying that it is difficult to implement this feature. Huh? It was there all along.

Many folks have proposed work arounds. Perhaps you like Apple's approach to the antenae issue on the iPhone 4 "We've got no problem. You just don't know how to hold the phone."

Lynda, loosen up and get a grip on yourself
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin sreekanth VR 10/11/13 7:42 AM
Whats happening to google?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Ric Walker 10/11/13 5:44 PM

Let me put what Google has done in terms that even you can understand. 

For this I'm going to assume that you are smart enough to have and drive a car.  And that you love your car and drive it all over town nearly every day.

Now one day the manufacturer or your CarX shows up and says to you "We have this excitingly great anti-glare new windshield that allows you to see in the dark like its day out."

You say, "Oooh, that's neat!  I would like that."

So they install it, making several modifications to make it fit.  It looks good.  You go out to drive your CarX and find that you can only turn right while backing up.  You can go straight forward, or back up to the right.  You can't turn left.  You can't turn at all while going forward.  You would naturally be upset and complain about the change to the manufacturer in all the ways they made available.  You want to be able to turn going forward or backward like you used to.  It seems reasonable that a car should be able to do this, because it used to do it.

The manufacturer responds to to your complaints with "We're sorry.  We don't know how to implement turning left or right while moving forward with the new modifications.  That's a feature we haven't implemented yet."

Now Lynda, tell me how you wouldn't be screaming derogatory statements at your car manufacturer???  Then tell me how I'm being disrespectful when some moronic new hire at Google has just about totally destroyed an application that was way ahead of the competition?

*** note for some of us older folks who actually remember the remote control cars with the wired control and the cars went forward or backward to the right !!!  ***

Saving locations/Dropped Pin gegool 10/13/13 2:22 PM
Each update makes it worse. Dropped pin, favourite location option,dropped! Navigation is slower, as unable to touch where I want to zoom forward to, now have to use 'arrow head', too slow! No plus, minus icons to enlarge and minimise.  Would like to save routes. Why change want works?
Saving locations/Dropped Pin gegool 10/13/13 2:22 PM
Saving locations/Dropped Pin gegool 10/13/13 2:22 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin g7gridden 10/15/13 5:15 AM
I agree.  This update is so much worse.  I live in a location where there are NO street names or numbers, and there is no mail delivery to my home.  I used to be able to add my location so that I could navigate home.  Now the feature is gone.  Clearly the Google developers have never been in a rural location, or lived outside the United Sates in the many many countries where street addresses as we know them in the USA simply do not exist.  Even the US embassy in Nairobi Kenya only has a street name, with no number .. and there are many buildings on that same street.  The good news is that the maps themselves for my location [Kenya] now have a whole lot more detail than they used to.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin PaulwC35 10/20/13 2:46 AM
I agree I am an avid hunter and used google maps to star areas of interest. I have had these areas marked for years, since the mobile update it has wiped all of my locations out. I can access saved or recent locations but when I bring them up it only shows up on the nearest rd not actually where it is... very disappointed with this change    
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin kiiwii 10/20/13 6:09 AM
star a no-name place as hike spot is kind of fun.

*Don't be evil / stupid / asshole!!*

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 10/20/13 7:08 AM
not sure what of the three above things are releated to you.

I agree having fun is a good thing.
But are you really sure not getting fun it using a product you didn't pay for is a matter of evil, stupidness or assholes?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin kiiwii 10/20/13 8:59 AM
So, let's review google's "don't be evil / do no evil" thing.
What's the point of that may I ask?

So, if you're saying google maps is a free product of google,someone doesn't like it, leaves it alone.

Fine, if google means to drive out their used-to-be loyal users and be a law onto itself.
Cut out the useful function for certain users and do whatever it is benefited.
This is stupidness I called.

Think of Google Buzz,Google Reader,Google Talk,Google Latitude ..
i wonder if this is "do no evil".
Oh google is no evil but angel ?

Raising haters from itself inside is such a cool thing, google!
Good job, well done and long way to go.
That's what asshole dose.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin KOKJ 10/22/13 6:28 AM
Would you mind sending me the APK for your older version of Maps? I found some saved older versions on my other phones but for some reason they will not install on my Note 3.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Sagar Biyani 10/25/13 3:24 AM
Even am facing the same issue, cannot save locations... Earlier version was much better,,,,
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin kenkimg 10/25/13 7:58 PM
Hey Sam Petrocelli, THANKS VERY MUCH for that workaround u posted awhile like a champ!! Had to fumble alittle with the procedures, but after the first time, no sweat. Since this works, why google removed this and is taking their good old time reimplementing (if they ever do) is beyond me... Being able to plot wherever on the maps (rather than only at known locations) is certainly necessary and essential. C'mon google, get on the stick with this! In the meantime thanks again Sam for figuring this out.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ackim 10/25/13 8:38 PM
Well just revert.  I too updated google maps, then noticed that navigation was gone and accidentally touching outside the map hid the app.  A real problem because I was actually driving at the time about to take an exit.  So uninstalled google maps, downloaded the old apk and disabled auto update.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin raghavendra kumar 10/25/13 9:06 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Luke Murphy 10/28/13 8:11 PM
Fuck the maps team! This and the fact you can't access my places is ridiculous.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin GsBBoyDan 10/29/13 2:59 AM
Yup, just more proof googles employees are a bunch of monkeys. First youtube went to shit, now google maps.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 10/30/13 5:29 PM
Switch to locus maps, I did out of pure desilusion with google maps (¬.¬)
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 10/30/13 5:30 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 10/30/13 5:31 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 10/30/13 5:31 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 10/30/13 5:31 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 10/30/13 5:31 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Tomas Juricek 10/30/13 5:31 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin can sarigul 10/31/13 10:31 AM
same problem with android... Also I cannot see the names I assigned from before... the new update is horrible !
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin carl_seattle 11/5/13 8:36 AM
So irritating. C'mon Google - fix this ****!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Sam Petrocelli 11/5/13 3:26 PM
Honestly, they have probably done this in an effort to force all roads to be cataloged.  If the road doesn't exist, you can't save the address, so this raises the need to add the road name to the database.  Another possibility is that some software developers from Apply made their way into Google and pulled the old 'oversimplify until features are removed' card.  My analogy for this is a person cleaning a classic painting, but can't control themselves, and cleans right down to the canvas.  You have to know when to stop.  
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Gagandeep Singh Pandher 11/6/13 8:31 PM
Indeed, this is very annoying.. Please bring that feature back.. It was so useful to mark places and save them quickly..
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Pronto. 11/9/13 10:36 PM
Workaround I'm currently using is to share it to Keep and reference all locations from there. Rollback is bound to break sooner or later.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin olestokie 11/11/13 4:10 AM
Try finding farms, often way off road so need to pin entrance, nowhere near anywhere else. Co pilot here I come, 
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin John R. Osborne 11/12/13 3:15 AM
I also think the latest version is a step back. .  Apart from the dropped pin issue, it is also tricky to start up navigation - especially if you're on a hurry!!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Omar Zuberi 11/12/13 6:29 AM
Can anyone else confirm if we can again see our old dropped pins in the latest Google Maps app?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin vvarrior 11/13/13 11:55 PM
I can. But I can't save a location, either on the computer or my phone. 
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Arjun Venkatraman 11/17/13 2:53 AM
This is still not fixed! Maddening indeed!

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin nase bear 11/19/13 4:03 AM
iOS 7.0.3

same here. Just googled to try o find a solution but looks like there isnt one. Fu&*ing insane. I'm hating this new maps so much. So cumbersome and not even that fu&*ing pretty. POS. I just moved to Tokyo and am trying to navigate and I feel like a drunk blind toddler every time I try to use google maps.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin thedudemaster 11/21/13 4:42 AM

How frustrating.  I can see the pin on the map.  That's where we need to get to for our weekend getaway.  But can I save the location?  Nooooooo!  Why not?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 11/21/13 5:07 AM
because the world is permanently changing and with the world the product Google launched for free usage also.
Can use the old GMaps version 6 if downgrading your Phone.

But if using versiion 7 you can't

Your AAAARRRRRRGGGHHHHHH!!!!!!!!    &  Nooooooo!  will nothings change - just looking ridiculous.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 11/21/13 5:18 AM
ehg, are you speaking for the GMaps team? Because if you are, then I can understand why the "improved" version 7 is so blur. What is your point apart from repeating that the product is free?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin AtifSiddiqui 11/21/13 9:43 AM
Wait a minute, let me understand what I just read here. You are saying Google can take out useful features and make the product a complete piece of software garbage and they can do it because they are giving it for free. Right?

Well first of all, you need to understand it's not just free. It's even LESS THAN FREE, and that is the business here. Google Are making a lot of money for selling its services for free. It's a while different science.

With just the anonymous data collection of maps is worth multi-trillions.

To my knowledge so far, the only reason they are not fixing it is because someone at Google Maps team out of their misplaced sense of self righteousness believe that dropped pin should always snap to a known road or location. This might (still million cases where it doesn't) hold true for US UK and Canada because almost (maybe 80%) every place is automated mapped by Google Cars and other bots. rest of the world is not. Google Maps data is still 70% based on MapsMaker, on which this dropped pin feature is Angel of death.

I've been skipping the maps 7 update for very long, but quite recently I installed the HTC sense 5.5 update on my HTC one and it comes with the curse of default maps 7. Can't get back. I've tried a lot.

And that's the reason that's stopping me to buy kit Kat or recommend anyone anything android 4.3 or higher.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Dan Caporale 11/23/13 3:26 PM

I think what Lynda was getting at was that "screaming derogatory statements" at anyone is not conducive to civilized discourse, and only sets back the goal you're trying to achieve. Assuming that this feature was implemented by a "moronic new hire" is naive and quite frankly makes you sound like a dick. The code evidently has been refactored in a way that precludes adding this feature back in easily, but we're all here voting for it to have resources devoted to bringing it back. That's how the process works for a piece of software you got for free, unlike the hypothetical car you paid for. Making assumptions about what's going on with the dev team and condescending to others about it is just foolish.

All that said, I really hope they add this feature back in.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin AugustFalcon 11/24/13 8:50 AM
Hey, thedudemaster, if you are using the Android app, and the Pin you dropped has an actual physical street address that appears at the bottom of the screen, then just tap the address and a new window will open up with the options Save(ie star it) or share. Tap the star and you will have just saved your pin location and it will appear in the list of Saved Locations when you tap the little person icon in the search bar on the normal Map app screen. BUT, if there is no street address and instead you get something like "near the Old Barry Farm" then there is no way to star or save it.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin osx 11/24/13 1:27 PM

On Saturday, November 23, 2013 11:26:27 PM UTC, Dan Caporale wrote:
   The code evidently has been refactored in a way that precludes adding this feature back in easily

This may not be the true reason for the feature to be dropped for months now.  Rather, it is possible that Google would prefer to have saved locations neatly bundled into sites, in order to have a useful (read: monetizable) relation between users and sites.  This does not work so well with random geographical locations scattered around the sites.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lyndon Llido 11/24/13 7:45 PM
Same here, I can only see Share option. However, when I don't have internet, I tried saving my location, I can see a Star but can't successfully press it. 
Saving locations/Dropped Pin mitvinder 11/29/13 5:20 AM
Im gonna start Using Bing maps for same Reason.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 11/29/13 6:54 AM
Hi mitfinder, as far as I understand the subject of the thread it is about the actual (ans in fact existent) difficulties to "save droped pins" on an Android device.
Now and reading your posting I tried to check on playstore any Bing application working on my two Androids (a Nexus 4 & an older Samsung with Android 2.3.3)

The only bing app I found isn't compatible with my both devices.
(and beside of this lack) It doesn't seem to save droped pins on a map.
Would you please enlighten me what Android application you refer to writing "Im gonna start Using Bing maps for same Reason"
Thank you
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin mitvinder 11/29/13 10:00 PM
i came to thread to find a solution for the problem of "not being able
to save the location of dropped pin" , same as others, here i learned
that there is no way to do that now. so by posting this reply my sole
purpose was to attract the attention of google maps people, that
people might start using some other application because of this
problem. me too tried to find other apps including bing maps. i tried
waze, downloaded bing app, havent tried hard or i will find a better
solution. but its good to know that somebody read my message and maybe
google maps team might read it too. trust me, in corporate markets,
only way to attaract attention is to tell them that we will head other
way. not a nice way but still have to do it. cheers.i am talking about iceberg phenomenon.  If one user is speaking that means 100 users are already doing it.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin mitvinder 11/29/13 10:12 PM
From your pic mr. Ehg you look old enough to get my point which is- wait f Ir it....and its just on my it comes- that its reactions of you and me when expressed will change this wor lld for here signified in the form of gmaps app. Sorry for taking a little humorous route to get to my point...only if gmaps were working properly. ..
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ChugBug44 12/7/13 1:17 PM
On a Toshiba Laptop, same issue. Only "Get Directions" no button to drop a pin.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 12/7/13 2:40 PM

this thread is about any supposed lack of the GMaps application (take a look to the selected categories)
But you seem having a problem on a laptop. 
Note none of the browser based GMaps versions ever have had a "button to drop a pin."

I have the feeling your post is off topic of the thread. 
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin francoluis 12/7/13 7:48 PM
Just bought Nexus 5 and the only way I have to save a star and use my maps is through Locus Pro (it's worth the buy).

I've stopped using Google maps. It's a shame Google is not giving back this function to the app because in version 6.14 it works ok.

Best Regards,
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin mitvinder 12/8/13 4:08 AM
Respected ehg sir. I think I have found a working solution although not complete but serves the purpose for short term. Just open chaton chat message to someone and in attachment button select send location option. Map  opens. Drop a pin at exact place and send to anyone. Not a solution to saving a location but you can drop pin and send it.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Amit Adhiya 12/13/13 6:26 AM
Same issue... Can't save places if it is in the middle of nowhere... Can't save a building or street with a person's name... Google Maps sucks. Nokia Maps used to have all these functions in addition to having speedometer and estimated time left to your destination.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Europa76 12/13/13 1:49 PM
Google, can you hear us???
We want to be allowed to save ANY place on the map. PLEASE.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Mikel Robinson 12/13/13 9:50 PM
Im so disappointed. Not only on mobile but also desktop I cant seem to just pin a location and star it unless I revert back to the old google maps (on the desktop). I love the 3D version of the new maps but that functionality is important. please bring it back especially to mobile!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Nicholas Bales 12/14/13 1:46 AM
The Note 3 has Android 4.3 with Google Maps 7 preinstalled, so you can't roll back to Google Maps 6. The only way is to root your phone (which might void the warranty) in order to uninstall Google Maps 7 and reinstall the apk for Google Maps 6.14.4.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin George Dent 12/14/13 8:30 PM
Agreed. Like another complaint here I saw, this is especially painful in Southeast Asia, where the places you are actually allowed to star are few and far between in smaller cities. Not having the ability to star any location makes Google maps good for commercial use only, and selling advertising, I suppose, which is why they are not so fast to fix this problem. Really a shame.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Reem Almarzouqi 12/14/13 9:59 PM
Using Galaxy S4, same trouble :/
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Cristian MARIA 12/15/13 8:51 AM
I am VERY happy with MapFactor Navigator (find it easily on G Play). Very easy to save exact locations with custom names and everything. Even better, no data connection needed if you download the country map. Only thing is that you need to find a way to backup the app data in case U wanna reset the phone, upgrade OS...
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lyndon Llido 12/15/13 7:42 PM
I found a workaround with the latest version of Google Map.

1. Press the location to drop a red Pin. 
2. Share the location and choose Google Keep. Pin and share as many as you want during your travel.
3. When you are at home, access your Google Keep in your computer through
4. Copy a link appearing on your Google Keep, then paste it in the browser and search. 
5. You must also be able to automatically log on to Google Map. You will now see an exact coordinate of the location you shared, select and copy it. (it would look like this, 7.1144860, 125.6233940)
6. Once the Google Map appears, which you are singed in, select the Return to Classic Google Maps. Select My Places
7. Paste the location coordinates, search, once the green arrow appears, drop a blue pin, save it as part of your places, click a star on the green arrow. 
8. Refresh your mobile Google Maps, and you should see your latest STARred Location.
9. Review all your shared location through Google Keep, and painstakingly and manually input them in your May Places. lol. 
10. At least by this way, you will still be able to enjoy your Google Map. 
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin francoluis 12/17/13 2:50 AM
For a more efficient workaround I use locus map pro in android which has a "My Maps" function that can edit the maps in the Google account.

Best regards

(unknown) 12/21/13 6:29 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin chamila83 12/21/13 6:32 AM
Thanks alot Lyndon, it works.

still better than having to not mark my favourite locations!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin chamila83 12/21/13 6:34 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Teri Moss 12/21/13 6:56 AM
Ditto. I need to be able to drop pins in the middle of wherever. Hope we get that feature back.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Teri Moss 12/21/13 6:56 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Teri Moss 12/21/13 6:56 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Walter Peterson 12/21/13 11:00 PM
Just like I don't have the time or want to remember to go drive my home computer to do all of this, just to get the once simple dropped pin location to work, I'm just now terrine around to commenting in the mighty workaround.

Indeed I'm sure this works, but I'm also sure that tens of thousands of other users will be to frustrated to even come find this posting and your remedy. Google, if you're listening, this is not the final solution. You want me off my desktop. You want me to be able to do this function in 3 key strokes. You want me happier than I am..  

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Parvie 12/23/13 11:28 AM
exactly the same problem for me using HTC ONE V. But the problem is the same on web browser on google map on computer. Google  : please put back this function !!!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 12/23/13 11:39 AM
on classic GMaps you still can (and it never stoped) save any location to your MyPlaces as/at a custtom maps.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin caleb young 12/25/13 10:45 PM
You have to mail it to yourself. GOOGLE READ YOUR FORUMS!!!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 12/26/13 6:27 AM
You seem believing "Google doesn't read their own forum" 
If so why are  you writing in that forum   "GOOGLE READ YOUR FORUMS!!!
Or are you addressing this to a user participating that thread?

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin DagR 12/26/13 11:38 AM
Hey everyone!

Open Google Maps on your phone, add a Dropped Pin and click it, then choose "Report a problem". Add a note under "Other" asking Google kindly (or not so kindly) to put back the option to save a dropped pin.

Then open on the web. Click "Report a problem" down to the right. Describe what is the prblem and submit to Google.

Since Google does not pay attention to this forum, we need to inform them by submitting problem reports. If all of you do this, maybe Google will wake up.

 / DagR 
Re: Map Editing via Mobile (Android) Sean Carring 12/26/13 10:39 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Russ Schnieber 12/26/13 11:36 PM
what works? 
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Dan Wheeler 12/28/13 2:21 PM
Other users now have this substandard experience!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin NiallPL 12/30/13 5:24 AM
For the first time in ages I needed to drop a pin to mark a spot on a map only to find Google removed that feature, because... still baffled, I have no idea why.


I used [choke] MS BIng.  That works just the way Google used to, really simply and intuitively. Hopefully MS won't parrot everything Google does and drop this invaluable feature too, or we'll all be stuffed. 
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin JD3.1415926 12/31/13 6:02 PM
Absolutely horrible. The software development industry continues it's downward spiral in terms of quality and sustaining product utility. If it was easy to fix they would have done it already. Somebody screwed up big time.  At this point they're probably trying to figure out how reintroduce the functionality without jeopardizing the delivery date of their next whiz bang feature release. I guarantee you there are some pissed off support teams within Google.
(unknown) 12/31/13 6:02 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lawrence Ho 12/31/13 7:12 PM
Ehg, you gave a mark against your posts. Does it mean you are considered an expert?

You try to sound like you speak with authority but really most times you are dead wrong or are just making noises.

Some time back you chastised another poster that we are discussing the mobile version of GMaps, not the desktop version. You added that there never was the ability to star a random place. Well, I have good news for you. I have reverted to Version 6.14 and I can put a pin in the middle of an open field. Or perhaps you are going to tell me I have a hacked version now

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Γιάννης Α Μυλωνάς 1/1/14 9:03 PM
The option to save a place just by pressing it on the map was the greatest option, and now it's gone, Google should bring it back otherwise will lose a lot of users like me
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Ubong Asuquo 1/3/14 12:51 AM
Can't save a location . Can only drop pin or share
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Soha Fahmy 1/4/14 3:22 AM
I have the same proplem and i need some help
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Soha Fahmy 1/4/14 3:22 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 1/4/14 3:55 AM
Soha, there is no help regarding that issue in the version 7 of Android GMaps so far.
Google is aware the many requests and I seriously am  hoping they are hard working to re-implement this.
But I do not know for sure.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lobalobo 1/4/14 11:53 AM
Any progress?  Please report.  This functionality is hugely important.  When will Google Maps allow: (i) custom saved places; (ii) renamed saved places; and (iii) My Places maps on Android?  Please update information. Nothing in this thread since September.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin thefrontrowseat 1/5/14 7:12 PM
I have found many things that Google has been doing that has been extremely maddening! We are the users and we do have options such as stop using any Google products at all! Maybe then and only then will Google start to listen to their users again!
(unknown) 1/9/14 5:44 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin larrytxeast 1/9/14 5:54 PM
One fix is that you can download & install via "side-loading" the .apk file of the previous version of Google Maps. I managed to get version 6.14.1 from appsapk and have it saved on my phone's microSD card.

However, if you install it, you can't revert "back" to version 7 even by un-installing the "updates" (6.14.1) the only way is to "wipe" the phone. I can't find a way to create my own .apk file from my phone with version 7. Also I have a Kyocera Rise that has version 6.6.0 but I don't know how to create an .apk file of it (I use File Expert and it doesn't seem "detect" system apps).

Also, one thing I've always done and glad I still do--I save "drop pin" locations outside of Google Maps by using the GPS Status app to derive the current location's coordinates (all decimal format) and typing a description of what it is and saving it as a note in ColorNote. I can then always pull up the note and highlight-copy-paste the coordinates in Maps.

This brings up another problem: you can't use parenthesis to add a description to a location, which would then show up if you saved the place in "my places," making it effectively a workaround for not being able to rename a saved spot. Used to I could plug, say, 32.222, -092.354 (Aunt Gina)  and then the spot would show up on the man saying "Aunt Gina," or if you saved/starred the spot it would show on the list as "Aunt Gina" not 32.222, -092.354 (you could still see the coordinates under "details" etc). Now you don't see "Aunt Gina" anywhere.

Good thing I found the 6.14.1 .apk file and saved it.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Minas Vasiliadis 1/10/14 3:46 PM
F.U,C.K Google. I downloaded the .apk of an earlier version, i moved it to my phone and installed it and tadaaa! I can save locations. Again, f,u.c,k Google. They give you a map with images from public satellites and then they forbid you to take notes on this map. It seems like a practical joke. I have started to hate google since it started to make changes without thinking of the user. Google earns its power from us. Switch to another email provider. Use bing maps or open maps or yandex maps. Boycot these smartasses please.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin steve graves 1/10/14 10:20 PM
This is just stupid, but I found a workaround. Free app called PinDrop. You can drop a pin in the middle of the forest, and you can still save it, and add it to a favorites list. But why is this not part of Google Maps. Stupid. Nokia Maps is so much better and works offline for the entire world, no data roaming, and works when internet connection is lost, or non-existent. Reluctant switch from Nokia, and already regretting it. Google needs to fix this, and offline maps too, please. I wonder if anyone from Google actually reads these?!
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Nelson Mores 1/11/14 12:42 PM
This is the type of behavior I expect from apple, not Google. How could someone sit in a room, decide to remove a feature, and not think of the consequences? I have to agree with a comment made earlier, are you even using your own apps? Change management should not be a new term for a software development company, particularly evaluating consequences of these changes. I've been very patient for the past few months, but still there is no answer, it's time to move on and consider other options. I hope this is not the new Google way, because if it is, you will end up losing your customers.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin oneperson 1/12/14 2:07 AM
The only way to make big companys listen, if for you to vote with your feet on mass.
If they don't have the data, they have nothing to sell.....

I will just use another app.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Karl Prince 1/26/14 10:38 AM
Seems like Google Maps development have employed the Microsoft 8 "ideas" team to come up with this "improvement" of being unusable being better
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Al Blake 1/30/14 1:03 PM
there are so many post on this and no answer from Google that my paranoia kicks in.
its all to do with marketing and mining your data
they want all those pins stored with a validated address - so they can use/sell/market analyse and make $
they dont want random stuff with Lat/Longs as positions.
thats the only reason I can think for this
is seems to be all versions (IOS as well)
I tried to add a drop pin for a cave we had located in the australian bush last weekend using Lat long though google maps on a PC
I cant
(or they've made it so difficult I gave up).
after all a cave in the bush has no street address and no possibility to target ads at it..........
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin megusta 2/6/14 5:58 PM
agreed. would love to have the same features from PinDrop fully integrated into Google Maps!  Google - please let us know if you have plans to do this!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Zapa Zaparl 2/9/14 3:40 PM
I would like this feature to be enabled again :-(
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Zapa Zaparl 2/9/14 3:44 PM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin JustinXK 2/9/14 10:13 PM
same thing for me. I cant drop a pin and save it.. :/
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Skoi Sirius 2/14/14 8:16 AM
Alright, I'm glad I'm not the only one going crazy over this.

I travel a lot in countries where dropping pins and saving them has been one of the only reasons I'm ever able to find some of the cool and off the beaten path things I find out here again.  With this feature removed this has become difficult.

Why they would remove this make absolutely NO SENSE.  Seriously.  And the fact that this thread is from last summer (2013) and hasn't been replied to and/or remedied is just...lame.  Hoping for a change as soon as possible.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin (unknown) 2/14/14 10:54 PM
This update is just garbage. I work for a local government and do lots of jobs all over the city, which require me to bookmark locations. Why the fuck do I need to star these??? 

Forced to drop google map as it is no good at all anymore.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Jose Maria Calvo 2/15/14 8:55 PM
This feature should be enabled again
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin francoluis 2/16/14 1:36 AM
Just upgraded to latest  version and it still doesn't have the 2 issues we all have been reporting:
1- my maps is missing from the app
2- the pins that are not in a known map feature don't have a save feature

Drop a comment in the comment section in the app with a link to this forum to reinforce the push for these features!

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Deepak T 2/16/14 9:37 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Madfusker343 2/16/14 12:10 PM
Total crap!  Anyone have a new maps program for Android?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Nicholas Bales 2/17/14 1:41 AM
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin George Hyros 2/19/14 1:21 PM
Apparently, bookmarking arbitrary locations and/or custom names for locations is no longer supported by Google Maps. 

Since Google Maps now uses Google Places for its directory of destinations, you can only save locations that are fully represented by "place" objects in Google Places. In most cases, these "place" objects are represented by addresses (though they are often in the (sometimes very) wrong place), or in the case of well-known businesses or other named points of interest, the "place" objects may also be represented by their names. But even addresses will show on your list of favorite (starred) places as the address and not any name you try to give it. Arbitrary locations (lat/lon coordinates, or your current location, for example) can still be navigated to or even shared with an audience, but they can no longer be saved because they do not have a corresponding "place" object to reference.

I guess this is Google's way of trying to get people to more reliably report place information to add something not found or to correct something wrong (like an incorrect pin location, for example), instead of just creating a custom arbitrary pin within their own account - that really does nothing to help Google improve its Places database, which, unfortunately for us, is a higher priority for Google right now than fringe conveniences for a relatively small number of people (let's face it - this change impacts a small minority percentage of us a minority of times).

The best advice I have is to, first of all, use a signed-in Google account (create one if you don't have one), and then simply search for what you're looking for and if you don't get the results you expect, report it to Google through the Google Maps problem reporting tool (available on both desktop and mobile).

In the end, we're far more likely to get support for custom names for actual Google Places in the future than a return to being able to save arbitrary locations, which can possibly undermine the Places database.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin George Hyros 2/19/14 1:24 PM
Pins that do not coincide with an indexed Google Place cannot be bookmarked on Google Maps any more. This is apparently Google's attempt to bolster its Places database by giving people more reason to report any unexpected search results, whether missing or just incorrect.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Madfusker343 2/19/14 2:58 PM
I want to mark my own spots, and don't really care what others see.   It's not about a "place", its about what I want. Sure, Google makes money on "places", not my stars, but it's also about a product that works good for me!   If I see something I want to look up later on desktop, i star it on my phone.  This provides a star on my *own* profile, even if it's a rock in a field.  I may want to go find that rock next week. This existed in previous versions of mobile Google maps.  To get it back on desktop you have to revert back to the old version on the web by clicking the gear in the bottom right corner, then fill out the survey and tell them how they missed the forest for the trees on the new version....
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin nkomp18 2/21/14 4:06 AM
Just want to also express my frustration about this.

The new maps have only but removed the best features of the original app.

In my case these were:

a) Measuring distances of a path  using a ruler
b) Saving a dropped pin's location
c) Saving a map offline after defining the borders of it and then managing these maps.

The last one still exists but in a mangled disfunctional form as you can no longer predefine the border. Instead you need to trust that google will include enough of the map.

It's all extremely frustrating. I used to use the old maps 6.14 but since the OS upgrade that version no longer works so now I am stuck with 7 :(
I really wish a competitor will listen and create a version with all the features that are now missing
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin virajmaster 2/22/14 6:50 AM
+1, it is really important to be able to drop a pin, and save it.  For example, if I found a cool bike trail, I like to just drop a pin and save the location for future use/directions later.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Rob Lancashire 2/25/14 1:41 PM
Want to save locations but comes up with dropped pin, how can I get rid if this and save my location I want??
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin SimonB27 2/27/14 10:08 AM

On Wednesday, February 19, 2014 9:21:41 PM UTC, George Hyros wrote:
Apparently, bookmarking arbitrary locations and/or custom names for locations is no longer supported by Google Maps. 

Since Google Maps now uses Google Places for its directory of destinations, you can only save locations that are fully represented by "place" objects in Google Places. In most cases, these "place" objects are represented by addresses (though they are often in the (sometimes very) wrong place)

Indeed, this wouldn't be such a problem in towns if Google actually got its places right.  I was trying to save a place for a meeting tomorrow and Google's idea of where the offices are is on the wrong side of the road and on the other side of a nearby intersection.  This I could deal with if I could drop a pin on the right location and save that but I can't because Google has "improved" it to the point that it's useless.

Think again Google before everyone goes somewhere else.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin cyndi 2/28/14 12:58 AM
Strange that a navigational tool is solely dependent on an address instead of a coordinate fix.  I'm working in Africa and there are many locations that do not have addresses.  Shame on Google.  Such a basic nav feature and what's worse is that it used to work.  I've sent feedback via the app, hopefully if enough people do that they will reconsider.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin pixelfixx 3/8/14 3:36 AM
I would like to add my voice to the growing list of users requesting this feature back.  I've tried getting along without it but enough is enough.

This was a retrograde move, Google, and it would be nice to hear you listen - and RESPOND - to your customers.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin nathancolquhoun 3/8/14 4:34 AM
I'm sitting in Costa Rica where I have dropped pins all over the place from the last time I was here with an older version of Google Maps and it was wonderful (also dropped pins in Turkey, Iceland, Ghana and North America) trying to save where I am and to my dismay I stumble across this thread and realize the annoyance of depending on something I have no control of (also see Google Reader).
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Olivier Temam 3/9/14 5:50 AM
Same here...
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Sparkytheteacher 3/11/14 5:27 AM
This is still a big problem - any workarounds? Google? Any progress on re-instating your old features?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Hoàng Trọng 3/11/14 8:54 AM
Google go fucking down. 
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Paul Pann 3/12/14 5:21 AM
Google team: please make us able to save dropped pins
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Skoi Sirius 3/13/14 10:25 PM
Everyone!  Try it now!  It seems like this last update actually fixed this issue!

Report back...

Saving locations/Dropped Pin Skoi Sirius 3/13/14 10:25 PM
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Lyndon Llido 3/13/14 10:50 PM
Yahh, finally i've tried it. Thanks Google. Im a proud Nexus 5  users and this feature being granted to be back again is the icing on the delicious kitkat.
Saving locations/Dropped Pin Amit Adhiya 3/13/14 11:16 PM
Thanks Google... You've listened to your users...  This will surely pay off!!!

I still can't give the dropped pin a custom name... Can others?

Saving locations/Dropped Pin DagR 3/13/14 11:37 PM
Finally. What took you so long, Google?

The feature seems kind of half ready, but it's there!  Maybe we'll see another update in 2015.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Zapa Zaparl 3/14/14 2:05 AM
It's not perfect since you need to have a road to enable the feature.  You cannot save a place that has not a road.  But less is nothing...
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin AugustFalcon 3/14/14 10:14 AM
Zapa Zaparl,

Not so. You do not need a road. However, if you drop the pin and then click on directions it seems to use the closest address and apparently you can then associate the Dropped Pin with that address (Haven't tried that yet). 

BUT, it always remains named "Dropped Pin" so the only way you can search for it is to save it and visually search on the map for the gold star or search for some portion of the lat/lon combo.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Dan Wheeler 3/14/14 11:19 AM
Pins can be dropped once again! 

Dropped pins are beyond nice - they are essential - but they not very useful when they are all named Dropped Pin!!! Further, when I browse at my multiple "Dropped Pin" pins from the Android are renamed to a nearby street or building (and not necessarily the closest). Editing the names and descriptions is an essential function. 

A nice first step, but still no realization from Google how these things might/should/will be used!

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Zapa Zaparl 3/14/14 12:32 PM

Oh! It works now!  I don't know what happened but the first time I tried the star for saving the place didn't show.  Now I tried in the same place and It appeared.  So, everything looks great.  Thanks :) :)
Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Lobalobo 3/15/14 5:08 AM
Now that we can add dropped pins, is there any way to name the dropped pins?  There is a process to name the dropped pins using Google Maps on a laptop.  But I can't get the names to appear on the phone.
Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Nelson Mores 3/15/14 10:12 AM
Thanks Google. Thanks for listening.
Can the New Dropped Pins be Named pixelfixx 3/15/14 3:20 PM
Thanks to Google for listening - and thanks to everyone that posted asking for the feature back.

One more thing, Google, please could we have the ability to name our dropped pins and search them?

(unknown) 3/16/14 3:22 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Can the New Dropped Pins be Named João Azevedo 3/16/14 3:29 AM
That`s the missing feacture to be perfect. Lets go Google just one more efort.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin s1th25 3/26/14 7:53 AM
This was the best feature when i had Symbian phone back in 2010. just because of this, i am having to tag some random place which can be saved near the location i wanted to bookmark n later have to recollect that ransom place name just to figure out the place i want. Tedious ... Hey may be this is a good app idea ?! 
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Abby - Google Community Manager 3/27/14 9:12 AM
Hi all!
Thanks for confirming that you are able to drop a pin and save lat/long locations.  This was an update in version 7.7.

I've passed your feedback along to the team that you're looking to rename these saved locations as well, instead of seeing their latitude and longitude info in your saved places.

Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named francoluis 3/27/14 11:34 AM
What I have done is to place a link to in my android.
In this page you can rename the bookmarks. So I believe it shouldn't be difficult to add this feature directly in maps.
I still can't see "my maps" layers in 7.7 which was also removed since 6.4.14. Will this be in next version as well?

Best regards.

Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Amit Adhiya 3/28/14 4:25 AM
Hi Google

Yes, we are looking to rename these saved locations (automatically getting it added in "My Maps") instead of seeing their lat and long locations, AS WELL AS want to be able to see the "My Maps" layers, without which, this whole exercise is useless. Hope this does not take too long.

Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Pam Sykes 4/3/14 12:46 PM
This still doesn't work on the iOS version - it's utterly insane that such a fundamental piece of mapping functionality can be missing for so long. I am reduced to using Apple Maps, which makes it as easy as it should be.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Sasidharan vk 4/3/14 1:13 PM
Exactly, same is my case.  I am using a Galaxy S3 and am experiencing the same issues. explains four steps to accomplish this.  It is practically impossible to save a place while you are on the move.  If you are so particular to save a place, you need to stop at where you want to save and wait to see whether you are lucky enough to see the star appear on the screen.  I would suggest a better way.  Uninstall that cumbersome Google map and go for some friendly map like yahoo maps or so.  Google has gone damn greedy that you need not expect something friendly from them.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin aplastun 4/13/14 8:34 AM
I work out at a remote site building a pipeline.  It's in the middle of nowhere out in the prairies of Russia.  No streets, no addresses, no villages or towns.  Just the steppe.  The current version of Google Maps isn't letting save a dropped pin...  Is it possible to enable Google Maps do that?  I remember Android being able to do that a couple of years ago.  Could you enable iOS as well?  Thank you :)
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Ebenezer Monney 5/3/14 2:42 AM
Whoaa!!! I can't believe people will actually want to rename saved locations rather than remembering some arbitrary coordinates???
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named lwman 5/8/14 11:44 AM
Yep, maybe in a couple of years we will have everything that was in Maps 6 and removed in Maps 7. But I doubt it.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Muiris Francis 5/12/14 10:19 AM
Bump. Cmon Google sort this broken feature out or we will find another maps solution.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Paul Dangcil 5/25/14 2:15 PM
I can drop pins but I still cannot rename the coordinates!!!! What the fuck is wrong with Google???
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Dirk Green 5/28/14 1:33 AM
It still does not work properly.

I dropped a pin on a new building, which wasn't in the Google Maps yet (showing as a parking lot). To my surprise, the people I sent it to ended up in the building next to it! They blamed me for sending them to the wrong location!

I checked, and sure enough, my starred locations were showing correctly in My Places, but when opened from a link in e-mails, it jumped on to the next nearest building/address!!  This happens both on my phones (Samsung and HTC) and on my PC browser.

What kind of insane logic forces you to addresses or existing buildings?

Insane and utterly useless for unaddressed locations (new buildings or locations in a park).
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Stephen Choat 6/5/14 2:25 AM

 Currently running the latest version of Maps for Android (8.1).

 I am confused why someone would think that saving the actual Longitude/Latitude would be far more rememberable than a Name. In the Older version 6 (which I may return to), although time consuming, you could amend the names in 'Google Bookmarks', which would then sync with the Maps application.

 Who is running this project, Mickey Mouse!.

 While I'm having a rant, is there a more direct contact to complain about issues with the Maps application for Android? I have a number of other issues,

1. Alternative route screen - Why does it not select the fastest route, is there a setting that should be selected?
2. Navigation Colours - Route 'BLUE', Navigation Icon 'BLUE', in fact the same blue, on top of each other. WHY?
3. Freezing - In my short time of running V8, never used V7 because it was sh*t, and the programmer deserved to be shot!, V8 has frozen twice on my Samsung S3, to my recollection V6 never did this.

Anyway I would be grateful if you could pass these issues over to the Google maps team, along with my best regards, hopefully all will be sorted by V12!

Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named ehg 6/5/14 3:57 AM
hi Stephan Choat,

since this thread is full of rants (including parts of your last one) you can't expect to get much help here.

You have IMHO still two options.

1. Give a general feedback through the feeback option of GMM application.

2. post concrete problems as you experience it with GMM  in a separate thread staying very on the purpose avoiding any kind of rants.
If we can replicate the matter on devices of the TC's we will escalate it to Google.
There is no other way to contact Google as in the both options.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin SHREENATH BANDAWAR 6/12/14 7:13 AM

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Greg Culverwell 6/23/14 9:43 AM
Google maps on Android is a sick joke.  It looks good until you try to actually use it.
My son was involved in a car accident and phoned me for help. He sent me his location from G maps,  but could not find him. The location it took me to was a dead end road leading to a large and very empty field. I eventually found him (by the good old fashioned method of him directing me over the phone. He was in fact 3km away from the location Google took me to.
You cannot save a dropped pin by name - just the co-ordinates. As soon as you drop more than one,  which one is the one you want? Ha ha very funny Google.
Tried to navigate in South Africa to the southern Mozambique border. According to Google there is no road to the border -  it ends about 50km before the border. In reality the tar road has been there for the last 50 years. Instead it insists you detour 350km through a 3rd country!
Google is also unaware that there are actually roads in Southern Mozambique,  despite the fact that it knows that there are towns and resorts (including the phone numbers and web addresses).
You may say well what do you expect in darkest Africa? But I tried to use it in & around London 2 weeks ago. What a wast of time.  It seemed determined to route you by the slowest,  most inefficient route possible.  I ended up using paper maps and timetables.  

Google is to big to give a shit.
The best answer I found was Sygic.  You have to pay as small amount of money,  but the maps are downloaded (no need for a connection), accurate and detailed - it even showed half overgrown sand tracks in Southern Moz.

Please Google,  if you can't be bothered to do it properly,  at least let us remove it from our devices. Better yet withdraw the app until you can hire some competent developers.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Elfos 6/25/14 2:52 AM
If it ain't broke don't fix it... It's completely absurd to take a perfectly working product and turn it into shit just to give your staff something to do. Look, if there's nothing to do, maybe do something else, like the Google Toilet, or whatever, just don't f*ck up a product everyone is happy with. Ugh!!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Felim_Doyle 8/4/14 4:20 AM
The link below supposedly tells you how to set locations such as Home and Work using either the Classic or New interfaces but I don't seem to get the suggested options on my Android 4.4.2 Samsung Galaxy S4. I'll try it on my laptop using Google Chrome later and report any success.

In the meantime, Google Search seems to think that my workplace has changed whereas Google Maps is (almost) correct but I can't seem to be able to edit it to make the address more accurate.

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Huffo James 8/14/14 3:47 AM

A workaround: You can create custom maps with markers at any exact location that you want.

1. Log in to your Google account.
2. On Google Maps, you want to create your own custom map. 
   - On Chrome there is a drop down that appears under the Search box with "My Custom Maps". Click on this and create "Create" a new custom map.
   - On IE click on "My Places" and then on "Create Map"
3. Navigate to the location where you want to add your marker.
4. Click on the 'Marker" icon and then position it on the map at the location where you want it.
You can name the markers and put extra text to them

I hope this is of use to somebody. No doubt some will not find it helpful and will want to rant at me. Ah well, my advice is worth at least what I'm getting paid for it ... nothing!  ;-)

(unknown) 10/28/14 10:09 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin richard normand 10/28/14 10:14 PM
That's right thanks for the reminder of the Create Map "feature". It so unhelpful that i completely forgot about it .I tried to use it when it came out,
but it's clunky as hell , impossible to use on the go,unless your life is your smart-phone . it's a totally different tool than what people want. on a smartphone this thing stink !

USER experience:
BEFORE -Long touch option to PIN.
Result you can see it in your default Map view for quick easy use

AFTER - Find the Create map Feature
            - open the Create map Feature
            - Find Create New MAP feature
            - Write New MAP name
            -RE-search your location
            -FINALLY PIN
Result you CANNOT see it in your default Map view for easy access

The team behind this update totally FAILED user friendliness / usability . Congrats !

Like Elfos said "If it's not broken DON'T FIXE IT"

Well now it's broken ,please FIX IT!
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Dennis T. J. 11/15/14 5:55 AM
Here is my story(sorry for long, but it includes the ways i found):
I bought an Asus Zenfone 5 LTE and it came with factory default google maps 7.x.x. As we all know gmaps v7 is totally useless.
I tried to get used to it, didn't work. Then as an average android user i decided to root the phone and install gmaps V6.14.
Because the zenfone is so newly released, there is no STABLE root method/file on xde-developers. Some users reported that their phone turned to a brick. After I read all these negative experiences I decided to stick with the stock. 

Then I started to look a way how to use Google Maps V6.14 without uninstalling V7. Thanks to some developers they came up with a version that can work with the existence of V7.
here is the link:

NoMod_6.14-Compiled with S3s_CM10.2_FW one worked for me very well. After handling a few minor glitch, i managed to use my beautiful Gmaps V6.14 flawlessly.
Can save any places, dropped pin works very well...all the nice features of 6.14.
(Btw, I deactivated everything about gmaps V7.x.x on my stock phone system, although both versions were working together without problem.)

I was happy with this....until 2 weeks ago; gmaps V6.14 started to snap to known places and roads when i want to drop a random pin. 'Till now I couldn't figure out how and why it happens. So, now I can assure you it is probably google database related, not gmaps app version. 

Here my solutions:
Everyone remembers Nokia Here maps right (RIP Nokia)?. Recently they came up with their legendary Here maps available for more android users. However Google keeps deleting their app from Play Store, as you can guess why!  Here is the link where you can download the apk:
Many things that we complain on this forum have been solved in their maps app. I installed and using it frequently. It works nice! Although some functions are still missing but reminding that it is still in Beta version. So expect more improvement. Hey People, use HERE app, feedback your requests and help them improve. This is what we have done for Google Maps; now it's Nokia Here's turn.
(btw, I also tried Yandex maps, but for my region it still lacks a lot of things, so...maybe still need to wait more for Yandex)

And last, please read this part very carefuly:
According to a google insider (very close friend of mine; also connected to Mr.S.B You know who I am talking about!), told me that because of his Russian roots, Mr B is intentionally punishing US, Western users with their app functions. He said Gmaps complaints escalated up to him; he(Mr.B) is hearing the requests, but doing opposite way to disrupt businesses; as a revenge of US/Western countries' sanctions against Russia. As you know Russia's annexation of Crimea of Ukraine caused these sanctions. 
I just couldn't believed when I heard this...What a treason!

That's all from me now. I hope the solutions above can work for you.

Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Dean Fujioka 11/21/14 12:29 PM
Has there been any headway on the naming of dropped pins? I would like to use names rather than gps coordinates...
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Skoi Sirius 11/21/14 9:42 PM
Sadly and somewhat pathetically, nothing yet.

Thank the gods we can at least save Dropped Pins again though.
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named francoluis 11/22/14 5:31 AM
Up until know you could use:

But has of this version the name defined in the bookmarks appears briefly and then disappears misteriously. Seems to be replaced by the name of the place which is nearer or something like that.

I think this bookmark vs places issue is still not over yet...

Note : this actually worked in maps v6.14... since then it has been a problem !
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named m12954 1/1/15 2:30 PM
Worthless answer - typical tech answer. Read the question, don't read what you "think" the question is!
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Mo Boost 1/18/15 12:20 PM
Came to this while trying to name dropped pins and stunned that this is not fixed. My nearly 10 year old Garmin allows me to name locations.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin aressto 1/20/15 5:39 AM
they should add this 100%
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin aressto 1/20/15 5:44 AM
about Mr S.B. - very funny, he is buisnesman not politician. And we are russian users also get pain in the ass about this problem. Cant name pins. Thats DAMN STUPID!
Re: Can the New Dropped Pins be Named Brooks Beatty 3/18/15 9:38 PM
Yes please, let me change the lat/long to a name. I save a lot of places with no addresses (fishing ponds, river put ins, etc.) and this would be super helpful when looking through my saved locations. Please please please. Thank you
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin FortKnox 5/18/15 1:30 PM
Add my voice to the cacophony shouting for naming dropped pins.  I am trying to save the location of a parking pullout for a great hiking trail we found yesterday.  The pullout is at 35°05'15.2"N 82°35'53.6"W.  I've saved it to my Google Maps so I can get driving directions next time, but with it only being named "35°05'15.2"N 82°35'53.6"W" I'll never find that when I want to.  I'd like to rename it to "Ashmore Heritage Preserve parking" only for me.  PRETTY PLEASE?
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Katerina S. 5/25/15 1:18 AM
Alternatively, for the mobile maps on Android,  you can try “Planimeter - GPS area measure” app for bookmarking locations on Google Maps. This is a paid app but very useful in many situations.  For example,  notes mode in the app allows you to label locations and quickly switch to Google Maps for navigation to a selected point. Here is more info about it:
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin FortKnox 5/25/15 9:09 AM
Well I solved my dilemma, and maybe this approach will help some others.  I finally realized that I can just add the GPS coordinates 35°05'15.2"N 82°35'53.6"W as an address in a Google Contact.  Then I can name it, have associated notes, multiple addresses and phone numbers, etc.  I can even have a custom label for the GPS coordinates, "parking pullout."  I use multiple addresses to mark the last actual street address about 1.3 miles before my random GPS point, 101 Persimmon Ridge Rd, Cleveland, SC 29635.  This was an especially handy realization since I have zero free space to install any more apps on my phone.  I'm all good now, just using the basic tools I already had.  :-)
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin connie j kruse 6/16/15 11:21 PM
I am lost in Russia ... or Ukraine,  
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin siamakaghazeinali 6/16/15 11:53 PM
new version of Google map is piece of shit! i don't know why they changed useful version to this? it seems to make job for some looks luxury but can not compare with old old version you could plan trip very clearly,do you think every thing who is new must be better? why you did not ask costumers point of view or get survey for what you are doing? in old version when you searched business it could show handereds in separate part with lots of info and review now you'll get crazy pop up?.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin avvimalkumar 6/26/15 10:57 PM
dont think like apple... its not the olg google anymore.... people should look for alternative...
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Jong1 7/15/15 5:38 AM
Wow! Quite unbelievable that this is still a problem 2 years after originally being broken and one year after our "Community Manager" acknowledged the problem with labelling dropped pins.

I have just wasted hours of my life trying to use to rename locations, as suggested all over the web. That was clunky enough until I discovered, and as others have said here, it no longer works. It seems the above page is updated when Google maps locations are saved and if bookmarks are removed from this page they are also removed from "saved locations". However, if the name is edited (from coordinates to something meaningful!) or if a "bookmark" is added manually these changes never appear in Maps. Crazily inconsistent and just plain poor.

I would say "hopefully this will be fixed soon" but after 2 years I'm confident it never will "fixed". All we can hope is someone re-inventing the wheel again, sometime down the road, has more sense than whoever implemented this mess.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin francoluis 7/15/15 11:50 AM
Quite true. The present version of the map briefly shows the bookmark name but immediately after it replaces with a generic one. The only way I found to recover the lost functionality is by creating My Maps (using android or desktop app) and then opening them in the maps app.
Nevertheless it is a clumsy solution because the maps are only read on the maps app. You have to change the names in the "my maps" app...


I've been acompanying this thread for several years now and it's a shame that simple use case is not yet solved. Hope is the last thing to dye, though...

Best Regards
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Makapav 7/21/15 5:13 PM
Finally! Dropped pins can now be named and renamed! There appear in My Places for easy management.

Read this:
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Amit Adhiya 7/22/15 11:33 PM
I installed the apk for Maps version 9.12 from the link provided in the thread. This seems to work if you want to nickname businesses. I can't rename a dropped pin (as in a picnic spot) yet. The overflow button doesn't appear when there's no place card already in place.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Steve Hatten 7/24/15 11:20 PM
Has Google Maps updated this feature yet?  It is now 2015.  I am working in China and like the map features, but need to be able to save location names.
Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin ehg 7/25/15 3:40 AM
Can't tell about GMaps in China 

But the recent version of GMaps availe here in Europe and a feature described in their HC article as: "Give a place a private name"
can do this.
Good luck

Re: Saving locations/Dropped Pin Makapav 7/25/15 1:47 PM

Here's some detail behind how some guy suggested exactly what we've been asking for through the feedback menu in the mobile Google Maps app and they delivered it in no time. We have been asking for it for years through the forum but no one in the Google maps team even looks at this, let alone acknowledge it.
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