Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here!

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Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! teresaw 9/8/11 1:04 PM
Hi everyone,

We just released the next version of Google Maps for Android (v5.10)! 

You can now attach a photo while you review a Place and have it displayed.

Please go download the latest app from Android Market, and enjoy. :)

Running into any trouble, or have a super awesome idea? Let us know!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! barryhunter 9/8/11 1:13 PM
Is there a more complete change-log available anywhere?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! mattman6 9/8/11 1:32 PM
Sadly scrolling is still broken for entries in My Maps, and hasn't worked since 5.0.  I would really love to have full access to all of the entries I've added to custom maps.  Here's hoping for 5.11 I guess.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! nairbdm 9/8/11 1:38 PM
It seems that 5.10.0 has removed the real-time updating feature of Latitude.

Intentional or a bug?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! teresaw 9/8/11 2:30 PM
@naribdm -- 
The real-time updating feature on Latitude was removed. We realize that this is a popular feature, and you want to see fresher location updates for your friends, but it wasn't working as well as we'd hoped. We're going to revise upon that technology to improve location updating for all users.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! -RotorDemon- 9/8/11 6:27 PM
That's good to know teresaw. Thank you for your response. I liked that feature and am looking forward to it in a later version. It worked fine for me without issue. Keep up the great work!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! dtcaciuc 9/8/11 8:37 PM
Looks like tapping on bus stops isn't resulting in a context pop-up as it previously did. Still works for train stations tho. Might be something to do with local transit provider (TransLink)? I'm in Vancouver, Canada.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ngc2997 9/9/11 12:04 AM
@nairbdm, teresaw: 'real-time updating feature' - does that refer to the NetworkLocationService running in the background permanently? If this was removed (and maybe become customizable in future versions), that would actually be great news. NetworkLocationService was the reason why I've refused to install Google Maps versions later than 5.6 yet..
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! HankyPanky 9/9/11 12:50 AM
have problem with latitude. My router wifi was first used in hong kong. I am now using the router and wifi back in the uk. everytime i use the wifi, latitude places me in hong kong!  how do I stop this behaviour. Looks like Google has cached the original router/wifi location and is using that for geo location. I need to clear Googles router/wifi geo location.
Changing the wifi mac address would probably work, but i have no access on the router menu to change wifi mac.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! rayselop 9/9/11 1:16 AM
@teresaw: i updated the app on my android, but went back to 5.8 because of the real-time updating issue, just wanted ir back. but although it's there again, it says 'server erros, try again later'. any idea if it will be working again soon? It always worked OK for me until today
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! juddbackup 9/9/11 3:08 AM
Never had problems with real time updating.  But now it's gone,  my friends location is an hour old even though they have connection.  :(
I look forward to its return.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! nairbdm 9/9/11 3:57 AM
@teresaw Thanks for explaining this, but I would suggest you explicitly put this in the Changelog because otherwise it's not obvious what is going on. The feature was broken a few releases ago, and then came back working after a couple of weeks in the next release.

Please hurry to get this back, it's probably my most used feature and also my wife's too.

BTW, any news on when the Blackberry version is going to be updated to 5.x?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! nairbdm 9/9/11 3:58 AM
One other thing, like others have mentioned a refresh does not apparently update a location even when a phone is in coverage, and I often find that locations are showing as hours old. This was fine until the last version or two.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! lybra975 9/9/11 6:22 AM
So upset with real time updating gone. I used to make sure my son was getting up and off to school and home safely. Now i have no way of knowing. I know he is at school now but it shows his last update was 9 hrs ago and that he is still at home. Guess i need to find some other app that will provide that feature. Goodbye latitude...
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! CeeTee26 9/9/11 6:38 AM
Real time updating was working fine here too - does anyone have the apk file of the previous version or has server support for this feature also been removed?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! mantus 9/9/11 6:53 AM
Realtime updating was also working fine for me. Hopefully it comes back sooner than later as I used it quite a bit.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! barryhunter 9/9/11 6:55 AM
Previous versions here:

Obvisoully is a third party site, so there is some risk. But I am using 5.6 from that site, appears to be the genuine article. 

turn off auto-updates, then install a version from that site :)
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Ken N. 9/9/11 8:17 AM
Hi folks,

I know many of you are disappointed with the removal of the experimental "real-time" feature, I wanted to give some explanation. We originally hoped it would help in situations where you want to see fresher location updates, but alas it never quite worked. In fact, we found occasions where it actually did the wrong thing—implied an older location was fresher than it was. Keeping the feature in place made it harder to direct our engineering efforts toward improving the overall experience.

As a result, we decided to remove the feature and instead focus on improving location reporting and freshness across the board. I'm sorry the feature didn't work out, we're disappointed too.

As for earlier versions—the real-time feature worked server-side, so I'm afraid reverting to an earlier version of GMM won't restore the functionality.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! dra3b 9/9/11 9:02 AM
Can someone please help me over here... My Google maps does not load tiles in ceratin areas...

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! teresaw 9/9/11 9:26 AM

Depending on which Android device you have, you should be able to go into Settings > Location & Security and see options under 'My Location'. If you un-select the 'Use wireless networks', your location will not be running in the background. 

Your location would just be detected via GPS/network when you open the Maps application.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! rgbose 9/9/11 10:57 AM
Bus schedules don't show up.  Train times show up, but are out of order.  Please allow me to have white text on black background for transit schedules and to make the font bigger.  Thanks
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! nairbdm 9/9/11 3:29 PM
Useful information Ken N, thanks for letting us know. It's difficult for an end user to know what's happening with the Latitude reporting, something that would be useful is maybe a little bit of diagnostics so you could tell whether the location you're being shown is really recent or not. As it stands the black-box level is a bit too high.

And, I don't recall the real-time feature being described as experimental. Maybe a little more accuracy in describing the various features so that we can gauge their reliability?

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Peter Trei 9/9/11 3:58 PM
Let me add my voice to those very dissapointed to see real time updating gone. My wife and I Latitude each other, and it enabled me to see when she was leaving work, so I could have dinner ready when she got home.

Please bring it back.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! kmzoltek 9/9/11 7:12 PM
Hi, my Dad uses real-time updating to make sure the whole family is safe throughout the day. He's very disappointed that it's gone. Please try hard to bring it back. Thank you for all your hard work in making Latitude such a great product! 
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ngc2997 9/10/11 1:06 AM
@teresaw Thanks for your answer. The "Use wireless networks" option is actually un-selected on my device (Samsung S5660 running Android 2.3.3), however as soon as I open Google Maps, the NetworkLocationService still starts running in the background and can't be stopped unless I force close the Maps app itself. So, unfortunately this setting has no effect on the background service. I remember this was no problem in older Maps versions (my phone was initially shipped with 4.x), which had no such service running in the background.

With "use wireless networks" un-selected, does the service just keep running and do nothing?

If so, this would be at least sort of confusing - and I've got a dim feeling that it affects my phone's battery life.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! tedkord 9/10/11 3:56 AM
What is going on with Latitude? I use it to check my daughter's location, but recently its shown her all over the place except where she is. Just last night, it would show her in one area, and one minute later several miles away from there. Refresh again, and shes two miles away in another direction.

I want to use the app in case of emergency, but its honestly useless lately.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Joneze93tsi 9/10/11 9:40 AM
Yes, the loss of real time updating is HUGE.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! demvin 9/10/11 10:42 AM
Very sad to see the Google Maps app team destroying this app little by little.  Many bad management calls it seems.  Latitude (real-time updating aside) isn't working as well as in previous versions.  It's quite sad as I used it a lot with my GF and close friends.  Also, bugs have been introduced in the widget layout in 5.10.  

We now must absolutely go into the latitude screen and hit refresh to see updated locations and this refresh process now takes more than one minute while it was almost instantaneous before.

Please get your act together and stabilize Latitude.  Also please remove Montreal from your list of cities where transit navigation is enabled, because it just isn't available.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Ghostman1974 9/10/11 11:08 AM
Sad to hear the real time updtaing was removed. -1 to Google latitude. Hope in the next versions i see it again... :(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! fernz 9/10/11 12:45 PM
If I do a factory reset on a droid x, will that take me to the old version on google maps? Real time updating is a very important feature for my family..otherwise, please, please fix soon...Also, is there a way to remove the "Ping for check in"?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! kuhlrodney 9/10/11 2:15 PM
real time updating always worked perfectly for me. Now that it is gone maps shows my son miles away when he is actually sitting on the couch right beside me. 
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! barryhunter 9/10/11 2:16 PM
@fernz, as Ken N. notes above, reverting to a old version wont help. The server side part has been turned off too. 

(btw, you dont need to use a factory reset to go back. If you still want to try, just uninstall Google Maps, via the Market. You will revert to the 'stock' version - what ever that is for your handset. Make sure you also turn off "Allow automatic updates" at the same time. Can always just install the latest version at any time again via the Market) 

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! taimar turbo 9/10/11 2:17 PM
Add to the pot of being very being unhappy the real-time is no longer....
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! lightnirod 9/10/11 2:56 PM
Add me to the list of people VERY unhappy with the removal of Real Time updating.  My partner has quite a commute to work and my son to school and I used it daily. I freaked out when I tried to use it and it wasn't working, then next time I looked it was gone completely.  PLEASE bring it back!!!! It was so much safer to simply look on Latitude to see where they were rather than call them. 
Very sad.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! juddbackup 9/10/11 4:58 PM
For those missing real time updates try Latify app on android.  I've used it on my phone and my wifes.  It forces more frequent updates.  You can choose differ profiles depending how frequently you want it to update your location.  I think it helps!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! sjlq3 9/10/11 6:13 PM
Re Teresaw 'have a super awesome idea? Let us know!'

Yup! here's a whizzbang idea. Why not fix the bug which prevents My Places images from being displayed and stops the window from scrolling so that the entire entry cannot be viewed. This worked in 5.0.

I and others have repeatedly reported this bug and despite promises nothing has happened. This is the NINTH update without a fix. Unbelievable. As a developer I just can't fathom how the Google Maps team works. And to think Google used to be so smart.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Nano-Knight 9/10/11 8:03 PM
Is it possible to incorporate the ability to set an offset for the map? Those who dwell in China will be happy to see this.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Jamieay 9/10/11 8:16 PM
Yet another user REALLY UNHAPPY that real time updating was removed. Please bring it back or I'll have to look into alternative mapping programs.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! amaricia 9/10/11 10:28 PM
Definately another google products user very unsatisfied with the removal of real time updating! I use it a few times a day to check when my husband is coming home to start dinner, if the babysitter is on time to plan ahead for a few things and more! Please bring it back in the next update!!!!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! juddbackup 9/11/11 2:56 AM
I'll say it just once more!  Latify!  An app that works with google maps to increase your location updates.  Honestly,  it works
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! kinosh 9/11/11 4:44 AM
I would be happy with 15-minute updates.  Is that possible?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! USMCwidow 9/11/11 8:16 AM
Without Real-Time Updating, there is no reason for me to have this overly bloated app on my phone. The version it came with did everything I wanted - except real time updating - and it did it in a smaller package. I uninstalled all updates. Hopefully Google starts making their changelogs more complete so I'll know when to update again. Until real-time is back, my updates are done.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! taimar turbo 9/11/11 8:44 AM
Latify...where? I cannot find it.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! rgbose 9/11/11 9:29 AM
The bus schedules are in there, but it's that it's nearly impossible to tap on the bus icon to access the schedule.  Please fix this.  People really depend on this.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! matt1996 9/11/11 4:56 PM
So bummed about the removal of Real time updating.  It was something that ALWAYS worked, in my experience.  Please bring it back ASAP.
(unknown) 9/11/11 6:41 PM <This message has been deleted.>
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Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! camisotro 9/11/11 7:30 PM
Just wanted to echo the concerns about tapping bus stops. I've had to revert to 5.9 to get them working again. On 5.10 no amount of tapping seems to work. This is also with reference to Vancouver, but I have tried scrolling to locations in Toronto, Seattle & Portland, and the same thing happens.

However, when viewing Ottawa locations, tapping bus stops does seem to work. Same with Edmonton and San Francisco. No discernible trend as to which cities it will or won't work for.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! jerryd 9/12/11 4:48 AM
Am I missing something?
Just updated my Google maps to 5.10.0
I believe that it is possible to Download maps for use offline via Menu / More / Labs / Download Map Area.
Problem is that I don't have that option?
Under Labs I just have: Scale Bar, Measure and Bubble Buttons.
Any one put me straight?

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! turndev 9/12/11 7:43 AM
What happened to being able to tap a bus stop for bus times?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Aaron Andersen 9/12/11 9:55 AM
@ Teresaw and Ken N., 

I set up another ticket about this ( While I'm personally okay with losing real-time updates, it is quite odd to me that there are no updates from when I was "in transit" between locations. Does part of real-time updating mean that Latitude will not check for locations while I'm on the move?

Also, there seem to be problems with time stamps when the data is eventually updated. I personally lack any technology that would allow me to bounce back and forth between locations several miles apart within seconds. However, my location history for yesterday would suggest I am capable of this. And they aren't locations within a couple miles of each other, like you'd expect from different cell towers swapping my signal. They are locations that I actually have been in that day, sometimes up to 10 miles apart. Feel free to look at my location history for 9/11/11 if you'd like to see what I mean. I deleted a lot of the erroneous updates, but then stopped deleting them in case you'd be interested to see them.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! bismuthtime 9/12/11 9:55 AM
Same unresponsive bus icon problem in San Diego, California. On a Motorola Droid 1. Schedule information is still in there somewhere, though, since it will still give directions by public transit.

Uninstalling all updates solves the problem.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Aaron Andersen 9/12/11 10:02 AM
@ Titus Britannicus, there used to be a link where you could report a bad wifi location marker. I don't know where this went.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Aaron Andersen 9/12/11 10:04 AM
I'm kind of amazed how something we never had or even dreamed of a couple years ago (except for those people anxious enough to lo-jack their kids) is now perceived as an essential part of feeling safe about one's own family members.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! teresaw 9/12/11 10:38 AM
@ngc2997 - 
So the NetworkLocationService will continue to 'run' and not do anything, even if you have Location detection by "Wireless" and "GPS" un-checked. It's most likely not the cause of battery drain (check 'Batter use'). The service will turn on again when you open Maps, because you most likely turn on WiFI or GPS.

@others facing trouble with Bus stop icons not displaying schedules --
Help me clarify what exactly is happening -- 
1. you open Maps,
2. look up a specific bus stop
3. click on the RED place icon for the bus stop


1. open Maps
2. zoom in to find and click on a blue & white Bus icon

@all others lamenting the loss of real-time --
Once again, we apologize that the feature has been removed. Believe me, we are trying to improve everyone's updated location with this it's not gone forever! It will be back at some point.

Thanks all!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ngc2997 9/12/11 10:45 AM
@teresaw Sounds perfectly reasonable, thanks for your explanation. :)
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! bismuthtime 9/12/11 11:01 AM
The problem is with the blue & white Bus icons. No response from them when tapping.

Searching for a specific bus stop will put a red marker on it, and while the red marker is clickable, the "location info" page it brings up does not display any bus schedule information (just the option to "check in here," "add a photo", etc).
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Tealynn38 9/12/11 2:11 PM
HURRY back with real time updates.  Refreshing location doesn't seem to do the trick. It feels like I'm taking a step back.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Fullwave2 9/12/11 3:18 PM
For those looking for Realtime updating, look at the app Glympse.  It's event driven but gives real time updates and optional speed of travel as well.  Just a suggestion.  I certainly have no affiliation with the developer but was just as frustrated as many of you with the loss of this functionality.  I have an Asberger's son with a driver's license and want (read need) to know when he's on the road and when he'll be home.  For those of you who think it's unusual to keep tabs on your kids, it's a lost art called parenting.  My situation, it just happens to be more demanding.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Bob.T 9/13/11 8:46 AM
No Real-Time Updating?  This is a MAJOR loss of functionality.  Whatever problems it was having, it was working more than well enough for most of us here.  Google, stop thinking you know what's best for us and what we do and don't want, and for once listen to your users. 
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! RNASNS 9/13/11 9:59 AM

What happened to all my friends on latitude? I now have to click each one separately, only to view one at a time. I was able to scroll through them before. Why did you screw this app up? And, why did you get rid of "real time updating"? leave It, and still improve it on the next update. What were you thinking? If my xvxvx is working but with issues, I don't get rid of it, I fix it.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Phillip Dampier 9/13/11 4:07 PM
Another Google product ruined by undercutting -the- most important feature.  Real time updating was the entire point of using this, either to track guests and family members gathering together for an event, or for getting an update when someone would arrive to pick up another, or just for chance friend encounters.

Without real time updating, it's effectively useless since the "updated locations" are now woefully out of date, often by an hour or more.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ddog800 9/14/11 5:59 AM
Wasn't working as well as you hoped? That's nonsense, it actually works quite well. I use it regularly to check in on my kids. When does Google plan on replacing this feature with something comparable?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! CalPolyME 9/14/11 8:40 PM
I have to chime in on the issue about bus and rail icons not working.  I'm in So Cal LA Metro area.  This was a very useful feature.  I guess I'll try and install version 5.9.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! CalPolyME 9/14/11 8:46 PM
@teresaw, I'll confirm the issue exists when using the blue and white icons.  For me it does not work for buses or light rails in the LA Metro area (SoCal).  The icons do work for trains at LA Union Station (Amtrak and Metrolink). 
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! jbeers4 9/14/11 9:51 PM
For some reason, I lost the 3d navigation feature that goes with Google Maps when I upgraded to 5.10 from 5.9.0 on my Android Motorola Atrix.   Tried restoring 5.9.0 with dat using Titanium backup, but that didn't fix it.  Tried uninstalling and re-installing 5.9.0 and this bricked my phone.  Had to system reset, lucky I had a backup.  I won't take this version agian, seems like a bug. 
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ryanclem 9/15/11 7:41 AM
I've lost the ability to find my location after upgrading to 5.10.  I'm currently on Verizon in Philadelphia, and I'm consistently getting the "Your location is temporarily unavailable" message since the update. I've powered off / on the phone several times, but nothing seems to help.  I know at least one other person who is having the exact same issue.  Is anyone else having troubles?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Gahvno 9/15/11 10:08 AM

Latitude Real-time updating has always worked perfectly for my family, all using Droid2/Global on Verizon 3g.  Hopefully the Google folks aren't falling into the old MS failed paradigm of attempting to be <everything to everybody>.  Everyone we know with mid-high to high-end phones and a good data connection experienced no problems with the app. It was great and we used it daily - often for safety reasons as did other folks on here.  
The info on this thread from the Google elfs do not explain exactly where the problem was.  If the app was shown to have issues with low-end phones, well... perhaps it's time for folks to upgrade their hardware rather than Google kill a decent app as the result of a non-universal functionality:/

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! mick.blanken 9/15/11 3:37 PM
Hi teresaw,
Want to add my 2 cents on transit schedule problem. As has already been described in detail, I can no longer obtain timetable by clicking on the white and blue bus icons -- they act as if the link is non-existent.  Some, but not all, light rail links work, but not bus links.
If I reset to the factory installed version of maps, the links work fine, but not in 5.10.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! wirelessomatic 9/15/11 7:54 PM
Also very dissapointed that realtime is gone! It worked perfectly for me on EVO 4G, Aria, Droid X, and Samsung Galaxy phones. Please tell us which phones it was not working for? Was this feature taken out to prevent privacy lawsuits? ...seems like it.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! SouthPeak 9/15/11 8:25 PM
Updated to Maps 5.10 and now I get a Force Close when I search for an address.  Searching for a business (Example Nissan) does not error.
Error shown in logs:
RuntimeException: Unknown wire type 6, reading garbage data?
at K.a.a (Unknown Source).
I am on Android 2.3.4, Miui rom v 1.9.9 for Samsung Captivate.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! jwx 9/16/11 1:56 AM
bus stop info not working.....
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Xezlec 9/16/11 4:49 AM
Bus schedules are by far the most important feature of this application.  Now that this has been removed, I have little use for the app.  Someone said something about going back to an earlier version, but as far as I knew, this was impossible on Android.  How do you do that?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Xezlec 9/16/11 4:52 AM
@teresaw The bus stop icons are not clickable.  Tapping them all day does nothing.  Try it.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! teresaw 9/16/11 8:44 AM
Hi all --

Yes, i've been facing this bus icon issue as well. We have already identified the issue and are fixing it. Won't be long before it's good to go again.

For the real-time updates, it wasn't a device-specific error as so much an issue with the refresh algorithm. Be assured that we are working to improve this. 

@askpcguy, thanks for the report. I've seen this from time to time as well, but I blamed my poor old phone which has no memory anymore! Hopefully nothing wrong here, but good to know for further investigation.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! sjlq3 9/16/11 12:09 PM
Hi teresaw,

I note that you have kindly responded to several posters so is it possible to have an update on the problem of My Places (My Maps) not being displayed properly?

To recap the window can't be scrolled and therefore the complete entry cannot be viewed. In addition, images are not displayed. This has been and ongoing problem since version 5.2 of Google Maps.

You can see an example of the problem at This is just one our maps which is affected.

In a previous Google Maps forum, Google Community Manager, Paul Wilcox, said 'that issue with My Places is one the team is working on. I'm sorry this has been a hassle for you (and everyone else!) for a few builds.'

Since then there have been several updates without a fix. Could you please provide a status report?

Many thanks.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Hooo 9/16/11 2:23 PM
Oh FFS. I don't know why I keep checking for updates, but I do. why would anyone want to look at some strangers picture of a place, let alone upload one? what are you guys on? Places is useless, it doesn't find anything near me (central London). I don't miss latitude updates, because it was no use in the first place. I never had bus timetables where I live anyway.
This is supposed to be Maps, how about improving some of the mapping features, and moving all the other crap to a separate app?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! cmacnaug 9/16/11 2:38 PM
I hate to see this go. It was one of my favorite features of latitude. It never lead to incorrect timestamps or locations for me. Guess I'll give this Latify a shot and see how much it kills battery.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Ben_ 9/17/11 3:02 AM
In the recent update I have lost the contact icons for Latitude contacts (including my own). It's fine on the Latitude website, it's just in the Android app. I see the grey standard icon instead.

I've tried a reinstall, cache clear etc with no effect.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ppayala 9/17/11 10:38 AM
Please, bring the real-time updates back or improve the location latency! Google latitude is useless in its current state.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Leon L 9/19/11 6:40 PM
Please respond to the missing Latitude pictures issue. Some users described it in this thread. More details can be found here:
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! David Gold 9/19/11 7:45 PM
My biggest issue is that the volume control is no longer independant of the Media volume control. If I'm listening to a quiet song and have my volume maxed, the Nav voice comes in and practically blows my ears out.

This really HAS to be fixed. Why the heck would you REMOVE something that was essential to it's ability to be used at all?!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Leon L 9/19/11 9:08 PM
I wonder if Google Maps will ever get the ability to rename Starred Places. There is only one weird way to rename Starred Places that I describe in detail here:
However those custom names for Starred Places do not appear in Google Maps on Android.

Another very inconsistent thing. As of recent changes, My Places in desktop version of Google Maps contains in one location Starred Places, Custom Maps and Rated Places. However in Android version these items are all over the app. My Places only contains Starred Places. Custom Maps are hidden among Layers as My Maps. It would be nice to see have this more consistent in the next versions of Google Maps for Android.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! thang2162 9/20/11 2:13 AM
It seems as though navigation volume was removed. If so, I would like to see the feature added back in as this is causing problems for me when I am using my phone to listen to music and navigate at the same time. It used to be that Google Navigate would pause the music, give the relevant directions then resume playing the music. I like that way much more than the current way which has the navigation volume tied in with the music or media volume. As it stands right now, to me Google Navigate is useless as I can't hear the directions over the music. I now have to either choose to listen to music or navigate when I used to be able to do both. Please, fix this immediately. 
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! MBVIRUS 9/20/11 9:57 AM
For me, the real-time update function has been best and most reliable. I hope very much that this function is back online! You have been on the right track. This feature has never let me down!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! teresaw 9/20/11 9:59 AM
@ sjlq3 and others with possible My Places questions --

I'm curious what device you are using where you see this problem? To review, when you open Maps > My Places (in the list view), you cannot scroll down to see all of your starred places.

The scroll bar isn't visible but once you touch the screen and move up/down, the scroll bar appears and you should be able to view all of your Places.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! aetpgh 9/20/11 12:53 PM
I, too, am extremely annoyed by the removal of the separate navigation volume.

Also, I've started noticing that, instead of a synthesized voice that speaks the street names and the text of road signs, it sometimes uses a more natural-sounding voice that gives generic instructions.  In other work, instead of saying (harshly) "turn left at oak street" it just says (more nicely) "turn left".  I'd gotten so used to the street names that I don't have the phone in my line of sight: I just rely on the spoken names, but when it switched to the generic instructions, I had to grab my phone a read it to know which which street it meant.

This was quite disconcerting.  Why did it stop reading the signs?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 9/20/11 6:59 PM
Just read through the whole thread and have to say I am amazed.  Apparently, Latitude worked pretty good, not perfect, and has been updated to remove the best parts--and foul up the way sound works at the same time.  May I say the bloom seems to be off Google's rose?

And I cannot see what use Latitude is without real time updates.

I use Latify, and have experienced a definite degradation in reliability of locations in recent weeks.  Now I think I see why--it has been changes in the Latitude side.

May I also say the changes to the Latitude web page have significantly decreased it's usability.  The map now is squeezed down into an unusable, tiny, useless peephole.  The controls in the left panel are buried into a scrollable space, the time list that formerly was easy-peasy now is a mess.  In other words, the whole page has been massacred.

Latitude, maps, navigation, and Latitude web page design, frankly, have gone into the tank. Opinion.  But just read this thread.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! DMIZE 9/20/11 7:36 PM
Bring back Navigation volume.  It really sucks now when I'm listening to my music via bluetooth in my stereo and the navigation speaks over top of the music and it's really hard to understand.  It's made it to where it's almost unusable and I end up spending more time looking at the map to see what it said, which is not safe.  Just bring it back!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! sjlq3 9/20/11 8:35 PM
Hi Teresaw,

Thanks for the feedback, it is appreciated.

Firstly, the problem has nothing to do with starred places. This problem is that Google Maps for Android no longer displays the user content created in Google My places (previously My Maps).

My places enables user generated maps to be produced for the public. Icons are placed on a map and then content in the form of text and images is added. Tapping an icon displays the content within a popup window in Maps on the 'phone.

Google Maps versions 5.0 and earlier, displayed this user generated content with no problem. Other Google Maps for Mobile platforms e.g Blackberry and Windows Mobile still display the My Places maps correctly.

It is easy for you to see the problem for yourself. Just use your Android browser to visit the following Google My places map. (This is the short URL provided by Google) The full url is 

When you access the Google My places map via the browser, a 'Complete action using' menu should display with a list of options. Be sure to choose 'Maps'.

The custom My places map will now load into Android Maps. Tap on one of the icons. A popup window now opens with user generated content. Note that the images are not displayed and only a few lines of text can be viewed because the popup window cannot be scrolled. Images are replaced with a small blue square with a white question mark. This is just one of our affected maps.

You asked which device(s) I am using. I have used a number of real and virtual devices including Atrix running 2.2 and 2.3. Samsung Galaxy. Samsung Galaxy Tab, Google emulators with 2.2 & 2.3. They all display exactly the same problem when using any version of Maps 5.2 or later. 

Several updates ago, Google acknowledged the problem and I was told that it was being worked on. Can you let me know when this long standing problem will be fixed?

Many thanks

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! bbbbbbbbbbbbbaaa 9/21/11 1:01 PM
Clicking the transit icon for the Bus no longer brings up the route info.  Infact it does not do anything.  Please fix as this is very handy.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! sjmoll 9/21/11 5:48 PM
I created a separate post as there hadn't been any discussion in this thread about the navigation volume, but I am glad to see that this has since been brought up by many people.  There definitely needs to be a separate volume control for navigation.  I keep my media volume muted most of the time, and its frustrating to keep finding navigation muted when I am already driving.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! nyrg1 9/21/11 10:36 PM
What happened to the Navigation separate volume control? Now it is one with the Media volume control and it no longer lowers any music playing to hear directions.

What's UP Google? Are you screwing up purposely to give iPhone 5 an early Christmas in October?!?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! mrhcorp0621 9/22/11 1:30 AM
Hi friends, I have problem downloading GMaps into my SE X10i device.
I cant find google maps apk in the Market via my android device. I tried to download via market website but its not available for my country. I am from Malaysia. Google maps did not support Malaysian users? I am using custom rom for my SE X10i. Please assist me. I really need the Google Maps apk :(
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! joeyxl 9/22/11 10:22 AM

what has happened to the bus stops? have you guys changed someting in the program for that, if so looks like some phones (like mine) wont do anything when you click on the bus stop, it just zooms in or loads the address, before this version it worked fine, but when i goto downgrade, that still does nothing. HELP!!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! teresaw 9/22/11 11:21 AM
For everyone with problems not being able to tap bus icons on the map!

The fix went live this morning, so you should be able to click on the blue & white bus icon. When you do...
- the address/intersection will pop up 
- if you tap the address/intersection, scheduled departures and nearby stations should appear.

If it doesn't work the first time, make sure to go into 'Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Maps' and clear the cache.

If this issue is still alive and well for you, please give me an example of the bus stop (as it previously worked for some, but not others)!

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 9/22/11 11:54 AM
teresaw, can you tell us if there is any attention being given in the maps/latitude team to a fix, soon, for the web page, so that its useability is returned?  The last update greatly changed things (map size small, left side controls hard to use, etc) and truly reduced the ease-of-use.  The map now is ridiculous, and everything is harder/slower to do than before.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! derz 9/24/11 8:51 AM

Device: Samsung Epic 4G

Carrier: Sprint

Country / Language: USA / English

OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): Android 2.2

In upgrading to Maps (5.10.0) the perspective in Navigation mode has changed (for the worse). Instead of the route you're following always facing "up" towards the top of the phone, it now faces in the direction you're heading (up for north, down for south, right for east, left for west).

In other words, this is the perspective we used to have is that shown in the second screenshot from the left for Maps on the Android Market page:

And now, all we have is a bird's eye view -- effectively a map generated by Directions with a blinking blue pointer identifying your location on that map.

This change in perspective makes navigation more difficult. Is there anyway to change the orientation back to always facing "up"? Or can I go back to a different version of Maps to get that back?

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 9/24/11 9:14 AM
Is anybody besides me noticing that maps, nav, latitude all seem to be going to pot?  Changes are being made that degrade their usability--even functionality in some cases.  Ease of use is constantly declining.

Google, you need to step back and take a very hard look at what is going on here.  You are better than this.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! rgbose 9/24/11 10:00 AM
Looks like 'Settings > Applications > Manage Applications > Maps' worked for to get the bus schedule info from tapping the bus icons.  Now can we get white text on black background and font size adjustment for transit schedule?  Please.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! wirelessomatic 9/24/11 10:32 AM

View/perspective is working normally for me.
I'm sure you've tried pressing the compass button on the top left, correct?
Just making sure.

EVO 4G, latest maps version
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! AmadorA 9/24/11 4:37 PM
Ever since I updated my Samsung Charge from the original Maps that came with the phone, my GPS takes 10 - 15 minutes to lock on to my location.

I'm so frustrated with this thing I've come close to throwing my damn phone out the window...
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! karma2burn 9/25/11 9:58 AM
I'm posting this from another thread i used just so that it is seen:

I'm having this same exact issue on my droid x.  Prior to whatever recent update caused this issue, I could be playing music in the background and using the google navigation.  When a turn by turn direction was going to be vocalized, the music would be paused then the direction given and then the music would resume.  

Now music and the gps vocalization are happening at the same time and as Antiseen mentioned, I can't hear the goddamn directions any more.  This absolutely needs to be fixed.  It completely ruins the functionality of the GPS.  The only other option is to sit in silence in the car while the gps is running which is not a real solution.  Please address this issue!!!!  
Level 1
12:50 PM
I just noticed Teresaw said this: "On Android devices running 2.2+, what should not happen is music and navigation sounds playing on top of each other. When Navigation voice turns on to tell you to turn left, music should be paused. If you are facing trouble with this, please let me know!"

I'm letting you know.  I need to have this fixed!!!!!

Also, removing the ability to adjust the navigation volume separately from the media volume is an incredibly dumb design choice.  I'm not trying to be harsh here but why possible advantage does that provide?  The whole gps nav and music integration was working perfectly before and did not need to be changed at all.

Post reply

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 9/25/11 3:02 PM
Google, for inexplicable reasons, has executed a major FAIL with the recent updates to maps/nav.  The sound control issue is but one of the major ones.

I truly hope they do not get defensive and "dig in" with "this is better" or "it was necessary," or whatever, to preserve their dignity.

Some of the others downers beyond making sound unusable (bad) were removal of real-time updates (bad) , changes to latitude web page (bad) , and some mentions about map orientation--but I am not sure that was real or an operator issue.  Others I don't remember.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Golgi Apparatus 9/25/11 4:38 PM
FIX NAVIGATION VOLUME ISSUE PLEASE!!!!!! Very Excited I was able to find this thread about navigation volume.  I own a Samsung Galaxy S running Froyo.  I spent the last hour fiddling with my phone thinking that I somehow broke it. Finally realized it was the Navigation software update.  NAVIGATION VOLUME CONTROL MUST BE INDEPENDENT OF MEDIA VOLUME CONTROL OR THE ENTIRE APPLICATION IS USELESS. ALSO MUSIC NEEDS TO STOP WHEN NAVIGATION INSTRUCTIONS ARE PLAYING.  This flaw is a deal breaker.  Application is literally useless without this feature and I almost killed myself  in my car today because I couldn't hear the navigation and was spending too much time looking at my 5 inch phone.  PLEASE FIX THIS ISSUE. Google navigation is literally the only thing preventing me from moving from an Android phone to an iPhone.  My contract is up for renewal.  Going to give the folks at Google a few more weeks to correct this issue, but after that I am taking the plunge into evil Apple land. You are seriously ruining my day with the issue....
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! PhinTrainer 9/26/11 11:06 AM
Since I updated with Maps 5.1 I can't check-in anymore, I click on the button for it, then nothing happens, sometimes there is the "checking in" message appearing but nothing else.

If updating means introducing more bugs, no thanks!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! clearvu 9/27/11 5:37 AM
Having just purchased a phone with Android, I am a newbee and when I browsed through different Apps I came across the Latitude feature and thought, "wow, is THAT ever cool!" But when I started using it I found that it did not seem to work. I then searched out why my location was not being updated and discovered that Google actually just recently shut it down. How sad. Anyways, I found an App called Latify which somehow integrates into Latitude and works absolutely fine. Since that program works, I don't know why Google can't get THEIR App to work. Latify shows that it is obviously possible for location updating to work.  I have no idea what Google has in mind, but without location updates regularly and acurately being shown, Latitude serves no purpose.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ZeroNRG 9/27/11 5:41 AM
as PhinTrainer, I am experiencing the same cannot "check in"

these are not registered on the latitude website, though the the location history is registered.

first I thought this might be a combination with Google+ and Latitude but after removing Google+ the problem is still there.

as there is no way of figuring out where the problem originates we cannot provide you (Google) with more information
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! teresaw 9/27/11 9:22 AM
PhinTrainer and ZeroNRG -- 

Can you let me know what device you have and what version of Android it is running? And do you both have G+ accounts?

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! PhinTrainer 9/27/11 9:27 AM
I found a solution for me which I'm not sure why it happened.

Sometimes ago, I deleted my G+ and my profile. And today I tried to re-create a profile and suddently Latitude check-in worked again.

I didn't associate the fact that my deleted profile was what caused Latitude check-in not to work, somehow it seems I deleted my profile around Google Maps new update.

The problem happened on both on my HTC Desire and HTC Sensation.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! riddleme33 9/27/11 10:49 AM
My Maps - Still not loading images - still not allowing scrolling? When will this be corrected?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! riddleme33 9/27/11 10:58 AM
Device: Motorola Droid X
Carrier: Verizon

Country / Language: USA / English
OS / Browser / build number (if applicable): OS: 4.5.605.MB810.Verizon.en.US / Google Maps Version: 5.10.1

sjlq3 - points out the exact same issue i am having

...As far as I can tell, images no longer load correctly although they are formatted with standard img tags, descriptions are limited to roughly 25-30 lines...
...I have menus, traffic cams, shopping list forms, etc that help me greatly while on the road. Interestingly enough, when I open the same custom map with the mobile browser, it works (albeit slowly and awkwardly)...

Thanks teresaw for anything you can do to expedite this change.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Leon L 9/27/11 12:49 PM
Google Maps 5.10.1 appeared and for some reason we have to learn about it from forums.
It would be soooo... nice if Google posted release notes for every release.
Is it that difficult? Just one line for every added, removed or changed feature and bug fix.
You would avoid 75% of all questions in these forums if you had release notes.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! rwb2073 9/27/11 6:22 PM
Just want to quickly add to the chorus about the loss of real time updating.  My wife just recently got her driving license and travels on the highway to work.  It was very re-assuring to know she arrived safety.  She's a bit of a worrier so she used it for me too.  So I guess this message is actually two ppl lamenting the loss. :)
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! chelsearulz5 9/28/11 3:32 AM
Though Google products rock, they should realize that not everyone has high end phones with GBs of internal storage. Why does Google maps update itself when I have already disabled automatic updating , it eats 13MB from my 50.
either don't force update or allow us to move it to sd ..
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! rahulras1993 9/28/11 4:33 AM
Hi Everyone,

I am running Stock 2.3.6 for my Nexus One, and when I travel, my Maps keep showing my home location and not my current location, and when I put my GPS on, it works momentarily and then switches back to my home location any ideas? I found a work around by Clearing my cache for Network Services but can we fix this please :)?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! bbbbbbbbbbbbbaaa 9/28/11 6:12 AM
Google, where do I submit my invoice for all the testing I have to do of your applications?
Seems odd that I'm a paying customer and also a tester for your applications that are released to the public. 
When my company builds products we actually test them before release.  Our customers seem to like getting bug free software.  It keeps the customers happy...
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 9/28/11 9:01 AM
"... can we fix this please ?"

Probably not, it seems.  Many things have been reported that formerly worked, now don't.  Not a one of them has been fixed--at least they are still being mentioned, so one would assume they continue.

My personal main gripes, the elimination of real-time updates, location consistency, and the new absolutely awful web page layout have not been corrected.

The sound issue does not affect me, but i can see for people who use music and nav at the same time, that the new mode would be a HUGE issue.  And apparently it worked fine until Google team changed it.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Brian Gregory 9/28/11 5:52 PM
PLEASE FIX USELESS NAMING OF STARRED PLACES unfixed for months as describes by Leon L and me here:

Who can quickly find "Jenny's flat", "John's school" or "Mike and Jane's work" in a list where only the approximate address and postcode are shown.

NOBODY CAN and it's absolutely totally 100% obvious that NOBODY CAN.

Why has this been left like this for over a year.

Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! XANAVirus 9/28/11 7:59 PM
And yet, another feature from Google goes down the drain.

What next, that you take out (the "experimental" dashboard) too?
And I'll bet that if you did decide to axe the experimental dashboard, you would no doubt say - just as you are now - that it didn't work as you hoped it would and that you'll take it out in order for you to focus on making our (remaining) experiences better.

Why can you not leave it alone and still focus on making everything else better, make it a legacy feature or a 'frozen' feature (one that will be left as intended no matter what)?

I really liked the real time updating feature, it worked out quite well for me as well - it was accurate, just as accurate as the main portion of the GPS program.

I have to wonder what kind of environment the Google employees were using their Latitude real-time updating feature in, because here in my state everything has been all A-OK and then suddenly poof, real time updating is good and it is of course because you want to make the experience 'better'.

That's right, you say that it is to make our experience better, when we do not get any choices in the matter. No special permissions to keep use of the real time updating feature, nothing.

I have to wonder whether you actually asked any real people, real users when deciding to axe the feature (and not people employed by Google, who no doubt will agree with you because it is better to show a united front than to be divided and torn).

However, you do have to say that you are disappointed, as I had expected to be in your post as I started reading it, because this way you can appear to not have just removed it with impunity (as a company employee does, because no matter what your paycheck is more important, even more so than a loyalty to the users), rather you would now be able to say (implied) that even though you are disappointed, you did it in our best interests and that of having a richer, more fulfilling experience in using Latitude.

You as a person should feel disappointed and guilty (for real might I add), and you should lobby for the feature to be brought back since you seemed to like it enough that you would be disappointed in its loss, isn't that right?

Now then, the integration of navigation volume into media volume is also a very bad decision.
I use Google Navigation not to actually navigate (since I can't drive), but instead to track the progress towards the destination that I am riding towards (in a car with other family members).

For this, I mute the navigation volume (or rather that's what I used to do, before you took it away, again in with our 'best experience as possible' as the core driving force) because I don't need to know the directions - we have our own GPS, I just do this for fun.

Before, I could mute the navigation (because I don't need to know how we are getting there), and then could listen to my radio application with no problems, but however now that is not possible as muting the 'navigation' volume will also mute my podcast.

So, in the end this is quite the step back, Google (and employees).

Even though I feel that no amount of words to you will convince you that you should feel guilty and disappointed (as you say you are with the most recent update), you should remember that being part of a company is no different than being part of a big group with roles, and that when you join that group you don't give up all emotion at the door.

You might in your job act with passion, but this is different than that. To me, it feels like you are hollowly typing your text, as if it is not you who is writing it but instead a representative telling you that this should be in here or that this shouldn't be in there.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 9/29/11 8:16 AM
I have never, ever been so disappointed in a company as I am with Google's performance with these recent changes in location services.  I can't think of a single change that has resulted in a better situation for the user.  To the contrary, usability and functionality has decreased substantially with every update.

What in the world is going on there at Google?  Have you lost your collective (pun intended) mind?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ZeroNRG 9/29/11 2:01 PM

Can you let me know what device you have: HTC Desire
version of Android: 2.3.3

Google Maps version: 5.10.1 #5101007

And do you both have G+ accounts?
using 2 google accounts
1 is my original android account (aka this account currently logged in/market account)
1 as my google+ account (only not google+ installed on my device (to avoid probs with latitude)
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! rvdv 9/30/11 3:51 AM
I would also like to have realtime updates back. It worked perfectly and I find it hard to believe the reason was 'it didn't work as expected' because it did for me and a lot of others. If it didn't for some, perhaps you should try to make it work and keep calling it experimental until then.
I know I'm complaining about a free product but it's just completely useless without this feature.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! RustyMav 10/1/11 2:14 AM
Bring back real time updating..... It was not mentioned in the change log that the feature is being removed, otherwise wouldn't have updated to the new version.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! chfrank_cgn 10/1/11 2:30 PM
As two people mentioned beforehand ( PhinTrainer and ZeroNRG ) I cannot check in from Google Maps / Latitude on my phone anymore. The last successful check-in was from Thursday (9/29) but when I tried today the check-in checkmark was not visible on the latitude screen, just Add Friends and Refresh. Anything I could do to bring it back?

Replying to your question teresaw from Tuesday 9/27 :- My device is a Motorola Milestone XT720 on 2.1 and I have a G+ account.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! kmurphy17 10/2/11 9:50 AM
I agree with all of above comments regarding the destruction of Google Latitude. Regarding the Google Employee's response on 9/9/11 that it "never quite worked", I actually found that Google Latitude DID work quite well. Yes, there were discrepancies maybe 3-4 times I had used Google Maps over the past 2+ years, but I don't think the issue should have been solved by taking that feature away from the millions of those who used it, ESPECIALLY as a safety feature. As a IT specialist and computer programmer myself, I could not imagine that it is as difficult to fix as Google says it is...
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 10/2/11 10:10 AM
I cannot help but conclude, due to the 'relative' silence of Google on this issue (one input, a generality statement--nonspecific), that there is something going on behind the scenes that we will never be aware of.  Perhaps internal disagreement?  Perhaps conflict over amount of resources to devote to the real-time component?  Who knows.  There is no way to tell.

It may be fixable, but "too expensive" in someone's mind there.  As for the inexplicable change to the sound control, that is, well, inexplicable.  They could simply revery to the way it was when it worked--but don't.  Again, something is operating in the background.  In the worst case, it is simply complete incompetence of this team.  But I vote that there are internal decisions driving it--decisions resulting in detrimental (to us) changes in the product.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! HankyPanky 10/2/11 6:24 PM
The many people who see their location being bounced around within  a few miles of where they actually are, is because they  probably have no GPS data that can be used, and there are no dominant cellular base stations that can be used for triangulation. If local dominant cellular base station are not being received, but more distant and only one or two are being received, the triangulation data will be incorrect, locating the phone incorrectly. All provided that there is no WiFi signal available whose MAC address is on the Google database, that can locate you. With no GPS and no WiFi, and only a few weak cellular signals to use, the phone location will be hopping here, there and everywhere.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! JGreen1280 10/4/11 12:12 PM

@Ken N.

Regarding your Real-Time updating feature, you mentioned it never really worked well. Is there a possibility of bringing this back as a Lab?

I used this frequently in the past, and it seemed to work perfectly for me and other latitude friends of mine as well. Just a few examples of where I used it and how it worked for me:


1. I work in Chicago; live in suburbs, west of city. When my Fiancé decides to come pick me up, I turn on real-time updating as I need to know when she is close and when she gets here so I may meet her curbside. It is a tow zone and parking/waiting is not permitted. Because of this I was required to meet her at the curb when she pulled up. Real-Time updating worked perfectly for this every time.


2. At a local fair, met my younger sister there, but couldn’t find her within. (This was after the removal of real-time updates) We ended up using latitude to find each other, but as real-time updating was no longer available, I walked passed her 2 times before I realized it, as there was a delay in each-others location updates


3. My sister finishing her master’s program - She lives about 75 miles out-side of Chicago and sometimes picks me up when she comes to the city for school. Same issue as number 1 - and now I can no longer efficiently monitor progress as real-time is gone. As a result, those last 20 or 30 min of work are less productive because I have to keep pressing, on my phone within Google maps,: menu, latitude, refresh button, wait for location time to update, tap on my sister to see location, repeat: menu, latitude, refresh button, wait for location time to update, tap on my sister to see location, repeat



I'm sure I could think of a few others if needed.


As for suggestions, I once had an idea of a 'Real-Time' like feature for Google maps, but never submitted it. About 1 year later, you added real time updating; which was close but not quite and was a great feature.

Now, for my suggestion:

A real time updating feature that gives an actual and live GPS stream of location to approved partners for duration allowed.

This is would work or be suggested to work like this:

User 1 is at home, waiting for User 2 to get there. User 2 is going to visit User 1 in New York and is driving from their house in Michigan. User 1 would like to periodically check on the status of their friend, User 2.

User 1 pulls out their Android Phone, opens Google maps. From there, User 1 opens their Latitude interface, taps on User 2 to open the latitude options for User 2. Next, User 1 selects ‘Begin Real-time Location Stream’. At this point, the User is prompted, “WARNING, You are beginning a Real-time location streaming session. This feature WILL consume a lot of battery and it is recommended you plug your device in while using this feature! Would you like to continue?”

If User 1 says yes, another warning is displayed if device is not yet plugged in. User 2 receives a real-time sharing/”location streaming” request, similar to a ‘Check-In’ request. When User 2 accepts, they are also given prompt/warning of battery consumption, as GPS will remain on regardless of app being in foreground or background, even if screen is off. After User 2 accepts, they are then asked for how long they would like to stream location to User 1.

If this feature would be a Lab, then User 2 is prompted, prior to battery warning, this feature must be enabled prior to use, and is given a check box prompt to enable. If this feature is an add-on app, User 2 is also prompted, you must install this add on from the market and accept terms before agreeing to stream location. Making this a separate application helps keep the size of Google Maps from growing immensely as we have seen in the past with feature enhancements.


At this time, User 2 has met all pre-reqs for “Location Streaming” to User 1. A secure UDP session is initiated between User 1 and User 2, and begins transmitting live GPS data creating a truly live location stream. Similarly to how P2P works or Teamviewer even. In the case of Teamviewer, I believe they handle the initial UDP hand shake, and then all future communication between clients is point to point.


I could keep going and going on ways to make this a work, but I am not a developer so I can only speculate on how difficult this would be.


I hope people like this function and will do what is needed to bring it to market.

As I finish typing this (been writing it up for a few days now) I see apple has released a friend finding service which is similar in function. I’m just disappointed I didn’t share it with the on-line community 2 years ago when I first thought of the feature.


Sorry for my rant if you were disappointed with the length, and thanks for taking the time to read my suggestion.


Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Irene3039 10/4/11 12:15 PM
Just be to be clear, will Latitude only update when manually refreshed now?  This is exactly what's been happening to our phones, and it renders Latitude completely useless to us.  Cannot believe Google did this.  Is there any way AT ALL to have it automatically refresh at least once every hour??
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 10/4/11 12:58 PM
"Is there any way AT ALL to have it automatically refresh at least once every hour??"

Take a look at the app called Latify.  It can be set with an update frequency (interval).
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Irene3039 10/4/11 1:26 PM
Thank you, I will definitely do so, seeing as how Latitude became useless.  Really hope Latify works!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! maildover 10/5/11 10:41 AM
Try also app called Latitude Update, on Android Market - it lets you specify the update frequency, anything from each 1 min to 60 min intervals, works GREAT for me, droid.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 10/5/11 10:55 AM
Looks like there may be multiple apps to assist with what Google seems to be unable to do.  Latify, in addition to letting you specify a frequency of update, will show you a screen or list with your history points, and "walk"  through them. Has 3 different profiles you can set with different operation parameters for quick selection, works with Fusion whatever that is, satellite view.

I really like Latify, but I have to admit, I know nothing about 'Latitude Update' functionality.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Irene3039 10/5/11 3:54 PM
Installed Latify, and specified 30 minutes for update frequency.  It works for a few hours, and then reverts back to getting stuck after 1 hour, and then going stale.  Do you have to constantly keep turning Latify on, or might I be doing something wrong?  Thanks!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 10/5/11 4:39 PM
Press menu>profiles. One will be selected; that one is in use.  Look through the items to see if something is set in a way that might cause that (distance parameter maybe?).

Also, they have support forum at
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Irene3039 10/5/11 8:55 PM
Thank you, I will try it. Latitude's failures are very frustrating, to say the least.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Irene3039 10/6/11 9:41 AM
I did try to install Latify, and got the error message "HTC Sense has stopped unexpectedly".  Has anyone else experienced this, or is just my 4G Slide that may be incompatible with this application?
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! movrshakr 10/6/11 9:58 AM
Post the problem at their support site (link in previous post).

They also have a Facebook page; you can also ask there if you have a FB account.
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Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! burrh 10/10/11 3:16 PM
As previous indicated, there are many uses for real time updating on Latitude.  Put it back as a Lab experiment or provide an expectation of when it can be back in the product.  Don't just drop it and state what the problem is.  Let people know what to look forward to.

I'll miss that function of Latitude.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Irene3039 10/11/11 8:45 AM
Yes, I absolutely agree.  Can I ask how long it takes for your location (or those on your friend list) to update if it is not updated or refreshed manually?  For us, it gets stuck for hours on end, when before it updated at least every hour.  Thanks!
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Wandering76 10/12/11 3:48 PM

I have a different problem from everyone else. On my android phone, the new version seems to only give me an overhead map view (similar to what an iphone navigation does). I find this not as user friendly as the old version where the view was more like a real GPS, showing the movement of your vehicle going forward. It seems the navigation is exactly like looking at your route through a map which is redundant since I already have google maps on my phone o do that. 

Am I missing something or have you changed to this view exclusively? Would love to use your great new features, but I am unwilling to give up the easier to follow navigation. 

It is a shame you changed this as this in my opinion what made your GPS better than others, especially for us directionally challenged folk. 

If this is something I can fix on the update I would greatly appreciate a reply...
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! fer.d.fy 10/13/11 9:31 AM
hey, i cannot update my google maps, it said that not available for my device country, but my father and sister can. i'm from indonesia and nexus s user.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! MauiMan2006 10/14/11 7:46 PM
Hello Google..overall I am very pleased to be able to choose all that Google has to offer.  I too was trying to figure out what happened to live updating.  I was going mad trying to find out why I no longer had the live update function in Latitude.  While there were slight hiccupps, I liked it.  As with anything technical, nothing is 100%.  Thanks for giving us the trial of it Google.  I, like others on the board will be awaiting something similar to come down the pike.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! backitude 10/19/11 1:12 PM
I developed Backitude for Android so that I could control my Latitude updates and I could have all my Latitude friends download the app and control their updates too.  It's free and easy, and available on the Android Market.  It allows you to completely control your polling and updates in every sense and control battery usage for such a function to your own specifications.  Not the degree to which Google deems worthy.  Personally, I turn off Latitude detection (manual setting) and let Backitude do all my location polling and updating.   v1.7 is quite established now and working well.  v2.0 will be out soon and bring about many new features and address the 'system wake' bug that some may be concerned about.   Give it a try, you might as well- it's free
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! Paul 10/20/11 12:58 PM
Since Maps 5.11 is available now, I'm closing this thread and marking it as outdated. Please continue discussion in the new 5.11 thread.
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! dzegarra 12/28/11 4:25 PM
I tried with the versions 5.4, 5.7, and 5.8 of google maps and none of then works. The message "Server Error. Try later." keeps appearing. This was a fantastic utility. Im sad to see it gone. 
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! wiyonohoo 9/11/12 8:49 PM
i want to download google maps but it says indonesia is not available. how can i help to make indonesia available to be downloaded? thanks
Re: Google Maps 5.10 for Android is here! ehg 9/12/12 1:38 AM
nope  you can't.
Google will step by step release the several fuctionalities of GoogleMaps App for the several countires of the globe.
They also do not announce in advance when this will happen for a certain fuctionality.
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