Google Latitude for Windows laptops?

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Google Latitude for Windows laptops? TruckerDJ 7/18/09 7:32 PM
It would be great to see a Windows Vista version of Latitude to work on my laptop with the option to take it's GPS information from one of my com ports and use that to determine my position in Latitude. 

If there is something like this in the works I have no problem being a tester for the application. 
Re: Google Latitude for Windows laptops? Tiagao 7/26/09 7:10 AM
Actually you wouldn't even need a GPS... Google is collecting info about wifi networks around the world and merging it with gps coordinates, so if you are in a big city, probably Google can point your location only based on the wifi networks you are in range. To have this in a laptop is just a matter of time, you can try this with an ipod touch or an wifi cell/PDA right now...