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Seriously. Google strikes again

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Seriously. Google strikes again JS84T 7/10/13 4:44 PM
So if it's not so blaring obvious.. Latitude off and maps now showing bargains?

We rely on this feature at work heavily. I'm sure others do also for peace of mind for family members. To retire this service is quite frankly, insane.

It's one of the most used features on these phones. You, and your Mensa members needs to reconsider this stupid move.
Re: Seriously. Google strikes again James'ik 7/11/13 1:05 AM
I agree 100%!! Google maps is simply becoming a spaming central. All the useful features are removed but you get great offers from around. To hell with this Google. I remember the days before Google and when they entered the market. I remember their promise to be like no other company around.... caring about customers, listening to user input, open and user friendly. With the recent moves I can safely say that Apple is now more open to the customers than Google. I use Latitude all the time and I am so mad!! What will you retire next?? Gmail maybe?? It's using so much space on your servers because people like to keep stuff... the only logical way is to give as a two week notice that "your email and your account will be deleted and if you don't like it, please rest assured that we absolutely DON'T GIVE A DAMN!"
Re: Seriously. Google strikes again barryhunter 7/11/13 5:11 AM
Oh, if you using it for work, you meant to use the Enterprise product

Re: Seriously. Google strikes again MPsI 7/11/13 5:39 AM
I agree, this is a terrible idea by Google to remove this modular feature and force it into the Google + package set.  I won't miss it either and soon I won't miss Google either once they alienate enough of their users to go to other search engines, and other providers.  Too bad they are going this route, and it's time for me to change my search engine defaults.  I'll vote with my feet on this one.
Re: Seriously. Google strikes again Uwe Rüdiger 7/11/13 6:51 AM
I agrree too that it is a big failure to kill that feature and move it to G+ ! You are removing feature like Check-In from one day to another with no sense instead of bringing these feature with the same level to both products! Latitude was produced for maps, and only on maps we will see them without switching to another app having none of the existing features like time stamps. layers and co! and where do i use Check-ins? at maps! it is the best and fastest way to look for places. I fogot to say that migration messenger to hangout in G+ was the next  mistake what users didnt want and most of them had not known, im frustrated about your course your sailing like another ignoring concerns !!!
So, stop the retiring or your users will be very frustrated and will use OTHER platforms like facebook or co, and then you will loose money without having advertisment and so on when they leave google

Re: Seriously. Google strikes again alotabass 8/13/13 10:55 AM
Latitude was the best feature of my phone. Words cant describe how pissed I am that this feature has been moved to Google+ I will be searching hard to move away from everything google. Enough is enough.
Re: Seriously. Google strikes again James'ik 8/13/13 12:08 PM
Guys and gals, if you miss Latitude then you should check out an app called Hemisphere. I found it when I was looking for a good replacement for Latitude. G+ location sharing is a joke, I've tried Life360 but this app is for a single family and not for a whole bunch of friends. A lot of people suggest Glympse and while I love this app it's not what Latitude used to be. It's totally different. Now, Hemisphere is PERFECT! It's still in early stages of development but the author is there to help you out. I've exchanged a few email with him and he is always willing to help.
Check out this app and if you miss Latitude you will love it. Yes, it is an add-on app that is not a part of the system but it's the best we can get.