Google Map License Policy and Price?

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Google Map License Policy and Price? 10/27/09 7:49 PM
I've got a question.
We need to display ship's location in map.
This service uses intranet for our company member.(NON-Commercial)
From N.Y to London...
use latitude and longitude, indicated location.
Can I use Google Maps API for free???
If I can't use Google Maps API for free... what kind of license I can buy and How can I buy it?
Please reply to me the Map license policy ...
and if I must buy it, how can I buy and price information...
From Seoul, Korea. Republic of
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? Alvin 10/29/09 3:59 PM
Hi William,

For more information on the Google Maps API, I suggest you visit the dedicated site linked below. For specifics on applications and pricing, please use the 'Contact Sales' button in the upper right of most of the site.

Maps Guide Alvin
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? 10/29/09 5:53 PM
Thanks Alvin.
I'd already clicked 'Contact Sales' and received a mail that ask other Google Employee.
So I sent a e-mail...
And I don't received reply...
Thanks for your reply.
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? Stensio 5/17/10 11:43 PM
I have the same problem. I need some kine of a pricing indication before we start developing, but I'm still waiting for a response... Is there a local represenative somewhere to contact?
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? ehg 5/18/10 5:59 AM
are you aware the API is a free app acccording their terms [1], [2 ] & [3 ].
The above answer of "Alvin" referes on the Enterprise API only.
Only in very rare cases a company needs the enterprise API I believe.
So are you really asking about Enterprise API and never getting an answer then please confirm this?

I'll try then to get the attention of  Google about your problem about the missing  Enterprise response.

Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? Stensio 5/18/10 6:26 AM
Thank you for your fast response. Unfortunately, we cannot use the free version since we are planning to incorporate Google Maps in a logistics application that violates 10.9c in the Terms of Service.
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? ehg 5/18/10 6:44 AM
Ok I suppose you clicked earlier  in the page [1] the contact link to fill the form as in [2] and you send the filled form to Google. But you never got a response.
Am I right assuming this?

Please confirm this again.
cheers ehg
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? Stensio 5/18/10 6:56 AM
Yes, I filled in the form a week ago and once again today. Thank you for your help!

Kind regards,
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? ehg 5/18/10 7:17 AM
ok will try to get directly the attention from the GoogleTeam.
cheers ehg
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? Antonio7 7/10/10 12:39 PM
I am facing the same issue. The automated sales reply message had regional contact persons. I emailed 2 of them but no reply (since 2 weeks now). There was no phone numbers for these people, only email addresses. I don't know how Google wants to do business ! they have a serious marketing issue. I am looking into other solutions while waiting. Ping Maps quality is bad. I would use satellite imagery with MapInfo if the decision was up to me ( It looks even cheaper !).
Google Maps  - UK FAQ page says "starting at just £7,700 per year"
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? njasarevic 7/19/10 7:18 PM
I am also having the same problem. I am not getting any reply from Google sales. I am supposed to start development this week........
I am not sure what Premier Map API includes (one that cost $10,000.00) in term of usage limitations (views per day limitation). In addition, if we are going to use a static map I am not sure if I can do so with free license or if I have to buy Premier API?

As of today we do not need more that 2500 map views per day but this may change very fast (within 3 to 6 months) so I need to know what is my best option. Our database may go from hundreds to millions users in few months so number of views will increase drastically. I also need to know how costly is transition from free Map API to Premier Map API (what modification is required) ? Is this going to require additional development or is the difference only in Key change? Are APIs the same for Free Map vs. Premium Map?

How will you be using Google Maps?

My team is developing application for mobile devices, Smartphones and tablets, for digital content delivery (i.e. coupons, event information, flyers etc.).
Mobile application (this client) is a free application (no charge to consumers) that supports all major operating systems, Android, iOS, BBOS and Symbian. One of the features of our application is LBS, which we call "Where Am I" and "Where Am I Going".

"Where Am I" feature will identify user location and tell user where the deals/contents/stores that they are interested in within 5km radius of current location. We will host data base of deals/content/stores; Each deal/content/store will be referenced to full address. Furthermore we are also thinking of giving user option to look for store within 5km radius, 10km radius and 20 km radius...

"Where Am I Going" services will tell user how to get to the location of deal/content/store they select. To make it simpler we are going to do so via location markers or map paths; location marker or map path will show user location and deal/content/store location.  

We are mainly interested in Static MAP API and JavaScript Map API thus we also need to know if there are any limitation for using those with our mobile application.
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? abbycrc 9/9/10 4:00 PM
I am also looking to get an answer to the request I sent in through the "contact sales" link. I'm looking to get a quote for the Google Map API Premier for my company and am trying to do so within the next 24 hours, but have not been able to locate a contact phone number or email address for anyone at Google. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? njasarevic 9/10/10 5:07 AM
Hi abbycrc,

Please see below the answer that I received from Google "Specialist" for Maps API premier. I received that email on July 19, 2010; Since then he has not reply back to me (I send few emails, but lo luck). I was also trying to contact Google back again hoping to get another "Specialist", no luck. We are using free JavaScript APIs for now since it does what we need..................

Hi Nermin,

Thank you for your interest in Google Maps.

I'm Carlos Cuesta, a specialist on the Google Maps API Premier team. I've read your inquiry and need some more information to determine how to best help you:

1. How will you be using Google Maps? What specific Premier features you are most interested in?
2. So that I can better tailor my response, what is your Maps implementation time frame? Do you anticipate you will go live within 3 months or are you still in the discovery phase?

I look forward to your response. Below, I've listed some common FAQs that I often receive from people who are trying to learn more about our products.



- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -


1. What is the Premier Maps API?
The Google Maps API Premier is required for any commercial, restricted access, or non-publicly accessible website.  The Premier service includes:
- Enhanced features such as SSL encryption & advanced geocoding
- Service level agreement (99.9% guaranteed uptime)
- Backing by Google's technical support team
- Online usage reports to track your map page views
- Full control over advertising
- Professional geocoding service

Please note that if you charge fees for access to sites that embed our maps, track assets, or build internal applications that are not freely accessible to the public, you must use Premier.

2. Is it possible to just license the geocoding service?
At this time, it's not possible to license the API soley for geocoding purposes. Bulk geocoding and caching is allowed, with the understanding that the geocodes are for use with a Google Map at some time.

3. How much does Premier cost?
Annual licenses start at $10,000 and include:
- For Public-facing websites or customer-facing extranets: 1 million map page views per year
- For Non-public-facing websites or internal applications: 250K map page views per year
- License may be purchased in higher quantity and unlimited volumes.

A map page view is defined as a single load of the Google Maps JavaScript by your users' browsers. Page views are different from transactions, in that only the initial load is counted, subsequent activity such as pans/zooms or view changes do not incur extra page views. In the transactions model used in other solutions, transactions are billed for all activity on a map (pan/zooms and view changes). Therefore, on average a single page view equals about 4-5 transactions.

Please contact me directly for a pricing quote if your application exceeds the limits listed above. Note that you can upgrade your Premier license at any time if your map usage grows.

At this time, we do not offer licenses below the $10,000 level.

4. How can I try out Google Maps API Premier?
For development purposes, you are authorized to use a Standard Google Maps API license key as an Enterprise License key for 30 days - at no cost. This means that you are licensed to use Google Maps behind the firewall, in an internal application, or as part of paid or premium content for 30 days (e.g. the Premier full licensing agreement). The trial is still subject to a limit of 15,000 geocodes per day.

To sign up for the key, visit If you have already signed up for a key, please mark the date of this e-mail as the start of your 30-day trial.
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? sathyac 10/19/10 5:57 AM
We are developing a web based software.We like to include google map in our product.It is not free software.User have to purchase.Google map will be an added feature along with others.Can I use GMAP API for free?
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? ehg 10/19/10 11:07 AM

I'm a developer of GoogleMaps which is a web based software and it is a free software. User don't have to purchase.
I like to include other web based software products into GoogleMaps. Your software will be an added feature in GoogleMaps along with others. 
Can I use your web based software for free? Please answer this question I have about YOUR product.

BTW have you read their "Google Maps/Earth Terms of Service" in [1]?
O did you read the over there  referenced "Google Maps/Google Earth APIs Terms of Service" or the in [2] referenced FAQ of the API in [3]?
In [3] in the chapter "Understanding the Terms of Service" Google answered the FAQ "Can I use the Google Maps API on a commercial website?".
and answered this as follows in [4]:
"As long as your site is generally accessible to consumers without charge, you may use the Google Maps API. For example, if your website is supported by advertising, it likely falls within the Google Maps API Terms of Service. If you charge people to place information on your map (e.g. to list their homes for sale), but you display this information using the Google Maps API on a free part of your site, you'll also meet the Google Maps API Terms of Service.

However, not all commercial uses are allowed. If your site meets any of the following criteria you must use Google Maps API Premier:

  • Your site is only available to paying customers.
  • Your site is only accessible within your company or on your intranet."

Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? PhanuJ 11/3/10 1:16 AM
Hi ehg,

Your answer is very helpful. However, according to the content in Google Maps APIs Terms (10.9)
"the Google Maps APIs can be used to track assets (such as cars, buses or other vehicles) as long as the tracking application is made available to the public without charge."

Does the condition also applicable to dispatch, fleet management applications (in case that the service is free to public)?
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? ehg 11/7/10 4:40 AM
I'm neither from Goolge nor affiliated with them so I can't decide this.
But from my own opinion I would answer to your last question "Yes".
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? federico.fricke 11/9/10 7:46 AM
How much is the Google Maps API for unlimited use?
Can I purchase one license and use it in several host or the license is per host?

If any one has any answer it would be very helpful.

Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? mashunya84 11/16/10 8:00 AM
Googd day!
I'm interesting in licenses below 10 000$. How can I get price list?
Thank You in advance!
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? Cheng Wear 11/24/10 12:14 AM
Contact Google Map Enterprise team, they have different packages at different tiers. Another model is user-based, charged by number of users instead of page view.
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? basa993 5/4/11 12:34 AM
The only way that I could find out the cost of Premium Navigation was to follow the procedure on my HTC and was pleased to find that it did not impose a cost but gave me options.
1. A free 30 day trial
2. 1 Year at £3.49
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? basa993 5/4/11 12:36 AM
The only way that I could find out the cost of Premium Navigation was to follow the procedure on my HTC and was pleased to find that it did not impose a cost but gave me options.
1. A free 30 day trial
2. 1 Year at £3.49 + £1.49 for speed cameras
3. Perpetual at £22.98
Re: Google Map License Policy and Price? James_UK 5/12/11 1:21 AM
I am interested in this same topic but possibly slightly different.  I am looking to use the technique of embedding a quick map that basically uses the google map url with request parameters.  I am not sure if this falls under the same conditions at the Google API "Terms of Service".  I am looking to use this on a company internal application.  Based on Google API Terms & Conditions I would need to use Premier because of this but seeing I am not sure if the "quick" approach follows the same Terms/Conditions as what I would consider the true programming API approach I am at a loss.  Does anyone know an answer for this?

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