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Alternative à Latitude

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Alternative à Latitude Renaud Messager 7/11/13 1:31 AM
Hello everyone, is that one of you knows which service can replace latitude? I appreciate, the statistics provided by latitude, and his history trips etc ...

Re: Alternative à Latitude Noisette 7/11/13 4:06 AM
Hi, you can read more about this here:

As explained in the first link, you'll still be able to access your location history dashboard.

If Google plus isn't for you some people have suggested Glympse and Life360 as replacemacements.

I haven't tried either of them myself, so couldn't comment on them.

Re: Alternative à Latitude VTProjects 7/11/13 9:20 AM
Re: Alternative à Latitude gauglerb 7/11/13 9:52 AM