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My Tracks 2.0

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My Tracks 2.0 Jimmy Shih 7/12/12 1:30 PM
Dear Users:

Today, we launched My Tracks 2.0 on the Play Store.

The changes are:
- Major UI update
- Improved flow for sharing a track
- Improved flow for inserting markers
- Option to use track location as the default track name
- Bluetooth and ANT+ sensor bug fixes

Re: My Tracks 2.0 WCHettel 7/12/12 2:49 PM
Version 2.0 now with a 'Major UI update' and still NO "Pause" function!
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Zach Crum 7/12/12 8:29 PM
how do i get the old version back??? i need average moving speed and moving ride time. saturday morning (3am) leaving for Portland (Seattle to Portland ride).

This is info I use every ride I'm on, as the moving speed is usually 2 to 3 mph faster than overall and how we judge our progress.

thanks. i know i've posted this question in a lot of places. but the one feature completely removed from the UI is the one i use the most during the ride.

thanks for your help.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Zach Crum 7/12/12 8:40 PM
and a post script. I use both total time and moving time, displaying one or the other is not useful when I need to see both.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 ellisgolub 7/13/12 6:54 AM
The My Tracks update is unstable on my HTC Evo shift.  It requires forced stops, and uninstalled itself, resulting in lost data.  I've reinstalled it and the same thing keeps happening.  How can I revert to the previous version.

I would advise everyone to not update to this version until it is stable.
(unknown) 7/13/12 7:39 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: My Tracks 2.0 smacdav 7/13/12 7:41 AM
I also need both total and moving data. I find it very annoying that I now have to choose.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 smacdav 7/13/12 7:45 AM
My ride to work this morning had no automatically inserted statistics markers every mile and I couldn't find the setting in the new UI to fix this. Where do I go to tell My Tracks to automatically insert a statistics marker every mile?
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Jimmy Shih 7/13/12 9:24 AM
I added a feature request to allow displaying both total and moving time stats.

Re: My Tracks 2.0 AlastairStevenson 7/13/12 10:04 AM
I think MyTracks is a brilliant app and I use it a lot, when walking, when (occasionally) running and now also when cycling. The updates usually are good, and take the app forward.
However - having just upgraded to the 2.0 version I feel motivated to express a few gripes - as well as some thanks to the developers for an excellent app. I know you listen to feedback and treat it on it's merits if it's constructive, and apologies if it seems a bit negative.
So let's see:
- No longer get moving time along with total time.These are important together. There is enough screen space given that speed and total distance occupy a whole line each.
 - When back home and reviewing a track, only half the screen is available for the map when in landscape mode and the GPS warning and Mode buttons take up the whole top half of the screen (Samsung Galaxy S). An option to time-fade them would be good.
- Can no longer wait for and confirm GPS lock prior to starting to record a track, as the 'start recording' is no longer accessible from the map screen. Yes, I know it won't actually start recording until it gets a lock, but it's good to have the confidence of seeing the GPS lock before starting off.
- Only a single line available when editing a track description. Maybe I'm a bit verbose with these, but this makes it a lot harder to check and review, and there is no obvious reason, there is plenty of space for a multi-line window.
- The 'track type' icon in the left column of the track list doesn't reflect the type of previous tracks. If an old track is re-saved, the icon then correctly matches the type.
- I preferred the map mode remembering the previously loaded track instead of having to select again from what may be a massive list. Maybe it's just me - I do tend to dwell a bit on a given track, and I have a large stored list to choose from.
Feedback over. Maybe others will have similar comments.
It's still an excellent app.
Alastair Stevenson
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Jimmy Shih 7/13/12 10:39 AM
Hi Alastair:

Thank you for your feedback. Please help us track these improvements at 

1. Yes, we will add back the option of displaying both moving time and total time.
2. Agree. Please file a request to remove the GPS warning when just viewing a recorded track.
3. On the status bar, Android has a gps lock icon. The orange "GPS warning" message is somewhat redundant. Any suggestion? How about the record button being orange instead of red if it doesn't have gps lock?
4. Please file a feature request for the description edit box.
5. We decided to only show the icon for new tracks due to time constraint.
6. We want to make it easier for users with large number of tracks. Any suggestions? How about the track list being more like the Gmail inbox where you can add star/labels and view tracks by star/labels.


Re: My Tracks 2.0 AlastairStevenson 7/13/12 3:13 PM
Jimmy - thank you for the swift response.
(1. Yes, we will add back the option of displaying both moving time and total time.
- Great. That's good to see.
(2. Agree. Please file a request to remove the GPS warning when just viewing a recorded track.)
- OK, will do.
(3. On the status bar, Android has a gps lock icon. The orange "GPS warning" message is somewhat redundant. Any suggestion? How about the record button being orange instead of red if it doesn't have gps lock?)
- That sounds like an approach that would be intuitive. I've seen it used like that on other apps. Maybe yellow for no lock to ensure good contrast, for all users.
(4. Please file a feature request for the description edit box.)
- OK, will do.
(5. We decided to only show the icon for new tracks due to time constraint.)
- Fair enough. It's not a big deal, and it seems you know about it, makes sense if it's a new field in the schema.
(6. We want to make it easier for users with large number of tracks. Any suggestions? How about the track list being more like the Gmail inbox where you can add star/labels and view tracks by star/labels.)
- Personally I'm OK with tracks simply sorted by date, and I usually try to title them usefully to help find, however highlighting in some way and providing a filtered selection is presumably easy enough to do and could usefully narrow a search.
But my feedback was aimed at avoiding the need to go find the last-loaded track again for when I still want it, when I start the app. How about an entry at the top of the track list on startup something like 'Reload last used track'?
Alastair Stevenson

Re: My Tracks 2.0 Jimmy Shih 7/13/12 3:25 PM
For 6, we can do something similar to contacts, have a label called "Frequently viewed" before a list of all your tracks.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 jctexas 7/13/12 10:02 PM
I too would agree with many others on this board. As a My Tracks user for over a year (in which I tracked over 6,000 cycling miles) I am disappointed in version 2.0.  I see no improvement in the cosmetic changes made to UI or the UI flow.  I also see no new functionality; only reduced functionality.  I will give it a few days to see if it is just me, but at this point I also am seriously considering moving back to version 1.0.

My biggest issue is the following. Previously in V1 you could long press a track name and a menu would pop up allowing you to share the track.  It then would ask you what format you wanted to share, GPX, TCX, KML, CSV, etc. I would use this to "share" a GPX version of the track with Google Drive which I then would load to Strava via my PC.  In V2 sharing a track is still possible, though only through the main menu (additional navigation required from V1), but you can only share a text summary of the ride, not the actual GPX file. In order to get the actual GPX file to Strava, I have to first save the GPX file to my SD card and then go into the Android file manager to send it to Google Drive.   Multiple additional navigation steps and I have to leave My Tracks to send it to Google Drive for importing into Strava.

Please bring the ability to long press a track in order to share the GPX file (not the text file) or add to the Share menu the ability to choose GPX, TCX, KML, CSV or text.

Thanks for a great application and listening to my gripes.

Re: My Tracks 2.0 WCHettel 7/14/12 3:41 PM

On Thursday, July 12, 2012 11:29:27 PM UTC-4, Zach Crum wrote:
how do i get the old version back??? i need average moving speed and moving ride time. saturday morning (3am) leaving for Portland (Seattle to Portland ride).

 You can download any of the older versions HERE.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 kdurkin31 7/15/12 5:31 AM

Hi Jimmy, I must also express my need for moving and total stats. This app with those functions is the reason that I use android phone vs. I phone. For me it’s all about My Tracks…LOVE this app. I did not update to the new version, luckily I read the reviews first. BTW I was going to go to Verizon today and get  the Samsung g3  but I guess I will have to wait to my tracks gets fixed. Please hurry…. I want a new phone, mine is soooo old.  Lol.  Every bike ride recorded on my tracks for the past three years. Thanks so much to the whole My Track team.

Re: My Tracks 2.0 haayman 7/16/12 12:00 AM
This morning I used the new version for the first time and it crashed 3 times on me. The first time I could continue tracking, but the second time it had stopped tracking too. I will install the previous version ASAP :-(

Also: why did you diminish the font size of the stats page? I can no longer read the stats while riding my bike.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 bistrostu 7/16/12 12:13 AM
H Jim, I think I can alleviate your problem somewhat. After the track is saved to GPX there is a Success message displayed, and from there you can hit "Share track file" instead of OK, and this gives you the chance to send via gmail, skype etc. This means you don't need to leave the My Tracks app.

Despite this, I totally agree with Jim that sharing a track file as an email attachment takes more steps and is less intuitive in My Tracks 2.0.

I use My Tracks exclusively for recording bike rides to send to Strava, so at the end of every ride I would do the same thing - on-map menu > share with friends > a gpx file > ok > gmail > enter email address > send. When I read that one of the features of the new version was "Improved flow for sharing a track" I thought great, I'd love to skip a couple of those steps, but not to be. Ok so it only requires one more step now, but that extra step is …More, which irritates me because it says that my use case isn't important enough to warrant space in the menu over the five other menu items that I never use (two of which do the same thing in different orders). In fact, with the exception of Help, I use any one of the extended menu options more than I use any one of the primary menu options! Surely there's a way to fit 10 menu options on the screen!?

I said it was less intuitive didn't I? I'd better justify that remark too. Now, instead of selecting "Share with friends" to send a track file via email/skype etc, I have to select "Save to SD card". I honestly could work it out the first time. Luckily I'm persistent enough to try all of the menu options to work out what I have to do.

Thanks for reading my petty gripes! I will have forgotten about this in a week's time, but I'll still be using My Tracks 2.0 because I like the new interface, and I like having the freedom to rotate my phone while a track is being saved! Thanks Jimmy.


Re: My Tracks 2.0 jctexas 7/16/12 6:59 AM
Thanks Stuart! I don't how I missed this.  I guess I was focused on the way it used to work and because so, I couldn't see the Share with Friends button on the success message.  I  tried it this morning and it works great for what I am trying to do. In reality this workflow is actually a couple clicks less than v1.0 required so I take back what I said about the UI flow being worse.

Thanks for your help.

Re: My Tracks 2.0 Wyo1950 7/16/12 9:32 AM
I have used My Tracks newest version twice and both times it repeatadly crashed. I never had this problem before the current update. Please help I would hate to lose this app. If it can't be fixed can you tell my how to revert back to a stable version? Thank you for any help you can provide.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 cjhughes 7/16/12 9:47 AM
My biggest complaint with the new interface is the reduced font sizes. I use My Tracks as a cyclocomputer and with my aging eyes, the new interface is unreadable while riding, particularly in landscape mode.  On the statistics tab, I really don't understand why 1/4 of the screen needs to be used for the mode tabs - this really seems like a waste of useful space. Also, the ratio of black separators to the black-on-white statistics could be lower to allow the numbers to be bigger. It might help if the screen were zoomable. I ride with the stats tab open most of the time, so this is the one of most interest to me.

The app seems really slow now. On my Droid X, it can take several minutes to start displaying data. I usually have to respond to "Not responding" pop-ups at least twice before the display is running normally. I also agree with the previous poster who requested some way to tell if the GPS signal was found before pressing start. The app doesn't seem to try and get a lock (as shown by the icon) until start is pressed now. V1 was a bit slow to start up, but this is just awful.

I also had several crashes when I first installed the update, but after powering down and restarting, I haven't had any more.

Let me add another vote for displaying both moving and total time and average speed.

Re: My Tracks 2.0 MrNoName 7/17/12 7:12 AM
Google developers, a quick question. What were you thinking?
This may seem a tad harsh, but you had a great chance to step up your game, but you dropped the ball here, big time.
OK, now that I've vented, I feel better and onto some constructive suggestions.
Font size. Please, we're riding bikes, running, etc. All we want is the ability to see the numbers clearly at a glance.
There is much wasted space on the stats page. For example, the entire width of my phone (HTC EVO)  has the lines of space available for speed, total distance, and moving time.
There is no way with my imagined cycling prowess could I ever produce a speed of more than 2 digits...ever.  The same with the lines for time and distance. Do you realize the magnitude of the numbers that would be needed to be produced to fill up that empty space?
There is alot of dead space available on the stats page. I challenge you to make it clear and easily readable at a glance from 3 feet away while moving at 25MPH. 
(And on that note, yes subtle gradiants of light gray, black, white look pleasing in an office, but a majority of the people using this app are outside. Give us bold white on black or black on white. If it hurts your eyes in the office, it's still not contrasted enough.)
Bring back aggregated stats. If that selection is still there, I can't find it. It was great to pull it up just to say, 'wow, I've ridden alot this year!', and for other reasons as well.
Like others have mentioned, the large orange GPS block that consumes the screen when reviewing the maps. Seriously?
The space wasted at the top for the tiles? Screen space is a huge commodity. Why waste it on button that might be pushed only once during a ride? The swipe action was much better, eliminating the wasted space on the buttons.
Bring back the moving and tolal times speeds. Please. Why was this eliminated in the first place? 
I can't really figure out why there was this huge desire to completely gut a great product?
Please do a roll back, or give us the ability to roll back to the older version until you truly get this 2.0 version ironed out.
Also, if anyone is out there that can give me instructions on how to download the older version, it would be very much appreciated.
Thank you again Google My Tracks Team for listening to my rant. I'm sure you spent many hours working hard on this project, but us consumers, even if it's free, are a demanding bunch. 
Re: My Tracks 2.0 MrNoName 7/17/12 7:19 AM
One more item...
As others have mentioned, it's imperative to be ablle to lock in a GPS signal before recording. 
I travel quite a bit. I need to know my app is locked in, ready to record in LA, not in DC where I was just earlier in the day.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Wyo1950 7/17/12 7:41 AM
I posted yesterday that every time I use the new version of My Tracks it crashes, over and over and over again.  I asked for help as I thought maybe there was a fix.  As of now I have received no help or information.  Of course this morning it crashed again and get the picture!  I really need to roll my tracks back to a previous version can anyone help me?  Or does anyone have an altenative to My Tracks that you like?  Thanks for any help...
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Zach Crum 7/17/12 9:19 AM
Hey Wyo1950, someone posted the link to the older versions on one of my posts. Here ya go.

Older versions of MyTracks
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Wyo1950 7/17/12 9:31 AM
Thanks!  Reviewing that list it apperas that maybe this one   MyTracks-1.1.16.rc2.apk   would be the one to revert to.  Did you reinstall an older version and if so which one?  Thanks again
Re: My Tracks 2.0 smithwickmw 7/17/12 2:18 PM
Not really an improvement or an upgrade, imho....
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Gill 7/17/12 4:34 PM
My biggest problem is that I like to pull up a blank map/satellite view of the area I want to visit first, which I could do in the old version by pulling up an older track in the same area before starting a new track. I can't seem to do that now. Also how do I enter stats markers? And although I rarely used it, where is the option for spoken markers every mile? 

And I noticed today that it seems to be overestimating distance on walks.

Having said all that, thanks for a great app.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 WCHettel 7/18/12 2:15 PM

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012 10:12:31 AM UTC-4, MrNoName wrote:
Also, if anyone is out there that can give me instructions on how to download the older version, it would be very much appreciated.

Hi MrNoName,

You can download ANY older version HERE
.  The prior version is "MyTracks-1.1.16.rc2.apk".  It will install over the new version 2 and replace it with version 1.1.16.  I have done this myself and had no problems at all.  If you download to your PC you can email to your phone as an attachment and then "open' the attachment to start the install process.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 MrNoName 7/18/12 4:27 PM
Thank you very much!
I just downloaded the previous version and it seems to be working quite well.
Thank you again,
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Wyo1950 7/18/12 7:48 PM
I see that you already got the download but I wanted to add that when I went to the previous version on the list provided there was a barcode.  I scanned it with the scanlife app on my android smartphone and it immediately downloaded and installed!  Worked great...Just another way to get the prev. version...
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Wyo1950 7/18/12 7:52 PM
One more thing thanks to Zack Crum for leading to the place to get the prev. version download. 
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Gradually 7/18/12 8:17 PM
Same request.  I'd like to switch back to the old version until the new version has a stability update or two.  The widget is a great idea, but is prone to freezing on my Samsung Galaxy S.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Wyo1950 7/18/12 8:55 PM
Were you able to see the previous posts?  You can download ANY older version HERE. The prior version is "MyTracks-1.1.16.rc2.apk".  Look at the post from WCHettle on how to install or if you can do what I did if you can scan a barcode. When I went to the previous version on the list provided there was a barcode. I scanned it with the scanlife app on my android smartphone and it immediately downloaded and installed! Worked great...Just another way to get the prev. version
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Gradually 7/18/12 8:59 PM
Yes, thanks.  Will have a look for the barcode option now.  Do I need to delete the new version first?  And what happens to my data?
Re: My Tracks 2.0 MrNoName 7/19/12 6:00 AM
Hi Gradually,
I used the barcode option.
I didn't have to delete the old 2.0 version. I was prompted a couple of times if I really wanted to overwrite a new app though.
And after the 1.xx instal, I'm getting a prompt from my  updater that there is a new version of My Tracks available.Yeah, I'll pass on that one.
But, so far so good with the old version installed.
I did notice this intersting thing about the widgets on my phone, ( HTC EVO)
When I first downloaded 2.0, the present widget I had would not open up the new version app.
However, if I went to all of my available apps, it would open. I removed the older widget and then installed the new widget and version 2.0 would open.
Same thing happened with the older 1.xx version after I reinstalled it. I had to slide and delete the 2.0 widget and then find the 'new' 1.xx widget and put it on my screen.
It seems like the widgets aren't compatible.   
It's great having the old version back on my phone.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Chas 7/19/12 9:47 AM
Yesterday was the first time that I had to use the new version. After reading everything I was not sure what would happen. Well to say that it crashed twice within 15 minutes. I just shut it off. Everything that has been said before is not just a couple of unhappy people with the changes. They are right on the money. I ended up keeping track with my wireless bike computer. It does not give all of the details of my tracks but works. I am going to go back to the old version as soon as I finish this post.

To mention again from a previous post. I could not read the data while riding as it has gotten so small. I would have to take my eyes off the road for a long period of time which I would rather not do in order to focus so I can read. My eyes are past the age of 18 as most of us.

I am all for change and improvement but this was only a change not an improvement. If this version was the first version I installed I would delete at once and look for something else. I do know that this is a great product.

Thank you to those who posted the link and how to revert back
Re: My Tracks 2.0 smacdav 7/19/12 2:23 PM
The complete lack of response to my question below seems to me an indication that this option has been removed. I have joined the legions of those who rolled back to the previous version, but if this is the direction that Google Tracks is taking for the future, I'm going to start looking for a replacement.

On Friday, July 13, 2012 10:45:38 AM UTC-4, smacdav wrote:
My ride to work this morning had no automatically inserted statistics markers every mile and I couldn't find the setting in the new UI to fix this. Where do I go to tell My Tracks to automatically insert a statistics marker every mile?
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Pullover 7/20/12 6:54 AM
I really like the app, but what about the voice announcements per mile?

Doesn't work on my phone anymore (since 2.0) ... is this feature removed
or is it possible to (re)configure this feature somewhere?
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Pullover 7/20/12 7:00 AM
ok, I've found the solution in the buglist...

1.Launch MyTracks application
2.Record track 
3.Tap on Menu → Voice frequency
Re: My Tracks 2.0 smacdav 7/20/12 7:40 AM
So you have to set it track by track and can't just have a default? That's ridiculous.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Pullover 7/20/12 7:57 AM
I'm not sure. I only discovered the option and will try it later today...
But I think the setting will be global and 'only' the global settings option is missing?
Re: My Tracks 2.0 smacdav 7/22/12 11:04 AM
What did you find out, Pullover?
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Pullover 7/23/12 2:07 AM
It's like I thought. Once you have set the voice announcement option, it will be stored.
But anyway, I think it's a bug that this option is only available from within a running record.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Andi! 7/23/12 5:47 AM
My feedback for 2.0:

  • new widget with big "start/stop" button takes to much screen space. I liked the old one-row height better where you pushed the arrow for start/stop - may be support both formats?
  • german translation for line 3 of the widget is too long and badly word wrapped
  • when you open MT via the widget you
    • can't start/stop tracking from the GUI (there is only "Play Track")
    • can't get to the track list (have to open MT via the icon/launcher to get there)
  • the missing display of both moving time and total time
  • position stability - yesterday for the first time i had a jump in position (20km back and forth) which never happened (on the same track) before

Older issues (already present in v1 app):

  • voice announcement: german version of introductions sentence is cut of early
  • sometimes the music player stops after voice announcement (usually it fades back in after an announcement)

Re: My Tracks 2.0 Zach Crum 7/23/12 11:03 AM
Um, thanks for the credit, but it's not mine. Someone forwarded the link to me.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 smacdav 7/24/12 5:54 AM
One final thought from me for the developers; having rolled back to 1.1.16 rc2, I have to say that the version I have currently installed is perfect for use on my phone (Droid X, Android 2.3). It's got the "Play" feature that was supposedly introduced with version 2.0, it opens with the map view, and it shows both moving and total times/speeds. Put all of this functionality back in (at least as options) in your next release and I believe you'll have a happier user group.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Ian_Holls 7/27/12 4:39 AM
I agree, the new version is worse ! How do I insert mile markers automatically now? In the old version I had them in so that I could check my pace every mile, now the have to be added manually, I don't want to stop in the middle of a run or ride to add a marker, I want them there on the map when I look at it later. Please, please get them to bring back the old functionality!!!
Re: My Tracks 2.0 smacdav 7/27/12 5:00 AM
This is exactly why I went back to the earlier version. Get it here. (Note: I didn't find this link; it was posted earlier in this thread.)
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Outsider580 7/28/12 1:42 AM
Tried this upgrade for the first time today, How disappointing. I'll be going back to the old version as well.
Maybe try getting some developers that actually have used the app to upgrade it next time.....
BIG BIG Thanks to those that posted links to the old far superior version here.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 jk-bk-vk 7/28/12 6:12 AM
Having now worked with the new version for a couple of weeks, I'm making some general comments here. I Would like to suggest they be reviewed and perhaps added to the developer wiki(s) so that future contributers can be appropriately (in my opinion) guided by a long-time, very grateful for the work, end-user. I will try to log/note specific suggestions using the issue tracker on the project developer site.

  • have used mytracks for at least 2+ years
  • regularly daily use (year-round): for running/jogging, bicycling (all types)
  • occasional use (seasonal, or just rare): x-country skiing, canoe trips, car trip,...
  • exclusively used on phones
  • have developed a few very small apps deployed on emulator, phone, and Market (2+ years of intermittent playing/coding, i.e. I have a some familiarity with the framework/platform)
  • two physical devices:  a T-mobile MyTouch 3G (original, only OTA/approved updates; i.e. not rooted, T-mobile service provider); and an ATT branded Motorola Backflip (rooted, running latest released cyanogenmod, no CELL service contract -- just use wireless (when available)).
  • very often I have all three of my GPS devices (MyTouch, Backflip, and an old Garmin Etrex) with me while training.  (I like redundancy when tracking important data, and I like to compare/average the numbers !!)

My general comments, I'm making these because it seems that the new version's UI may have been designed without keeping these considerations forefront:

  • the vast majority of users deploy this app on the smallest device they own. because of this not only is the physical size of the device small, it may be compute constrained as well (i.e. the minimum RAM, ROM, flash, CPU, etc.). This means the least common denominator for testing is the smallest commercial hardware that supports the oldest platform the MyTracks developer chooses to support. Design and testing should be performed for this device (or emulator for that device). We're not going to take our tablets on a jog with us!
  • Nobody likes to have to search through menus (or visit other views) to apply actions to their current view. Many of the above comments by other people about audio support, upload tracks, saving/reading tracks from sd style storage, etc. are in this category. Honestly, I spent two very frustrating days just trying to figure out how to get to the tracks screen & start new recordings  -- really I did, two days just to figure out that I needed to use the back-key to get from the tabbed view to the tracks view, no tab for tracks, no menu-item for tracks list --  where were they???? Actions for a view should be in the UI for the view.
  • The point above should be augmented with the following - although a control/action should go with a view containing the target of that control/action; very common controls/actions should be redundantly available regardless of a view. Things like start/stop recording should probably be available everywhere. The new interface is modal -- the stop-recording control/action behavior follows this suggestion; but start-recording does not.
  • Most importantly, review old UI  for all controls/actions and make sure that they are present with similar availability in new UIs. Previous developers create(d) their UI based on both their own ideas and user feedback. This will prevent errors of omission.
  • Lastly, but very important in my opinion, resist the gratuitous use of "eye candy" -- visual changes that are primarily of cosmetic nature -- and do not really provide a user with either valuable content and/or focus; especially for any views that are available/used during track recording. As an example (just an opinion)  the old method of switching views (chart, map, data) might not be as pretty/intuitive initially, but when running and biking it made more sense to provide the user with as much screen real-estate/information as possible rather than using that space to present the tabs that were infrequently used (when cruising down the road, we don't constantly switch between views, we tend to stick with one!).

I realize this post may seem insulting to a programmer with a lot of pride in their work and lots of experience ?  But it is most definitely not meant to be insulting, I want it to be taken constructively, I have the utmost respect for anybody that puts time into such a wonderful piece of software and does so without renumeration other than the satisfaction of knowing how many people enjoy using the app!!! Keep up the effort!!

Re: My Tracks 2.0 Gill 8/1/12 9:40 AM
@ jk-bk-vk  - thank yo for a very constructive review - I agree with you, especially about the eye candy over usability. 
Re: My Tracks 2.0 nesielheum 8/28/12 6:05 PM
Thank You! It is nice to be able to upgrade from a downgrade.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Chas 8/31/12 10:09 AM
Have the developers forgotten about us? It has been almost 2 months since the disaster of the 2.0 release. At least an acknowledgement of they are working on correcting all of the issues would be nice. I do like and am using the previous version so we are OK. Just curious
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Jimmy Shih 8/31/12 3:02 PM
Dear users:

We are working on My Tracks 2.0.2 and is targeting its release at the end of September.
Version 2.0.2 should address most of the issues.

For a specific issue, please see
for its status.

If you would like to help or preview 2.0.2 sooner, you can subscribe to

We are hoping to have the first release candidate for testing and feedback in about 2 weeks.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Chas 8/31/12 3:13 PM
Thank you for this update. It is good to hear. I am sure many others feel the same way.
Re: My Tracks 2.0 Gill 9/1/12 2:58 PM
Thanks Jimmy
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