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Remember New Coke? Don't kill off Latitude!

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Remember New Coke? Don't kill off Latitude! maddogNC 7/10/13 9:33 PM

Dear Google,

I am one of many, many thousands of Latitude users (hundreds of thousands?) who do not use Google+ nor do I want to use Google+.  I have dearly loved Latitude as a standalone service.  It helps me and my family members all keep track of one another.  I don't want it force-bundled into Google+.  Your decision will not encourage me to use Google+; quite the contrary it merely antagonizes me and prompts me to find another mobile location app that's supported on both Android and Apple devices.  For good or ill, Facebook is my social media platform of choice and I have no intentions of migrating.

Are you listening?  You are making a grave strategic error in retiring Latitude.  Remember New Coke?

A very concerned tech geek, father, businessowner, and emerging Duck Duck Go user.

P.S. I'm still irked by your equally ill-considered decision to force-merge Picasa Web Albums into Google+.  Thought we'd forgotten, did you?

Re: Remember New Coke? Don't kill off Latitude! jrww 7/11/13 4:56 AM
I whole heartedly agree -  Latitude was an excellent and well used tool that integrated smothly into maps - Google + is a complete mess and mixing it all with Picassa a total farce
I simply cannot understand the rationale behind the removal of something so useful
A backwards step and one of those "this is where Google started the slide to oblivion" moment I feel
Sad day and will remove all my google applications and find soemthing more usere friendly
Re: Remember New Coke? Don't kill off Latitude! gauglerb 7/11/13 9:41 AM
Hahaha, new Coke.
Remember New Coke? Don't kill off Latitude! Fritterfatboy 7/14/13 6:15 AM
Wouldn't mind if the changeover had a "switch" option that imported all your contacts etc into G+ or, you know, if the G+ "locations" feature was actually any use at all.  It's a completely unfinished product, latitude wasn't perfect but it worked. G+ locations has no use at all in its current form.