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Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update

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Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Daniel (Google Community Manager) 5/30/12 10:43 AM
Hi Google Maps for Android users,

We've recently released an update to Google Maps for mobile on Google Play.

With this release you'll be able to:
  • See reviews from experts and people you know
  • Find just the right places with Zagat scores and summaries
  • Get directions directly from map bubbles
For more information, check out our YouTube video on how to get local reviews in Google Maps for mobile, and read through our blog post.

Thanks for all your feedback so far — we love hearing from you! To learn more about Google Maps for mobile, don't hesitate to visit our Help Center

Google Maps Community Manager
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update whtghst1 5/30/12 4:49 PM
Voice navigation for Samsun Galaxy Nexus on stock 4.0.2 still not saying street names.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Daniel (Google Community Manager) 5/30/12 5:05 PM
Thanks for the report—we will provide updates on the following thread when we have them:

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update bbbbbbbbbbbbbaaa 5/30/12 9:33 PM
Did any of the numerous bugs mentioned in these pages get fixed in this release?
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Sue 1 5/31/12 1:29 AM
Where have the pictures gone on latitude
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update nekrosoft13 5/31/12 8:46 AM
What is going on with GPS in Google Maps, this is driving me crazy.
For the past month or so, GPS location on my Motorola Atrix hasn't work, first I thought my phone is breaking down, BUT NO.
I uninstall all google maps updates and the original google maps that came with the phone works perfectly fine, it locks on current location in 1-5 seconds.
With the latest update on the map, GPS NEVER EVER NEVER WORKS! all I get is cell tower location. It works in Navigation mode.
PLEASE FIX THIS, ITS BEEN BROKEN FOR OVER A MONTH. And I can confirm that by uninstalling map updates and GPS works instantelly.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update nekrosoft13 5/31/12 8:53 AM
doesn't seem like it, GPS is still broken, they probably introduced more bugs.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update VLo 6/1/12 12:39 AM
HTC Wildfire - Have to confirm trouble with GPS start... Sometimes maps doesn't recognize that GPS is on!
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Daniel (Google Community Manager) 6/1/12 10:06 AM
I've escalated the GPS issue to the team, thanks for the reports. 
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Quesito 6/1/12 10:57 AM
I have an Atrix and have experienced the exact same thing.  I updated it a month ago and saw the same issue.  Uninstalled and went to the vanilla Google Maps and it works fine.  I thought that it'd be fixed a month later, but apparently not since it's broken again.  I just tried a few minutes ago.  Guess I'll be going back to vanilla again.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Quesito 6/1/12 10:59 AM
Forgot to mention this is with the GPS being unrecognized on my phone on this 6.8 update.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update nekrosoft13 6/1/12 3:59 PM
Thank you, its sad when team  adds all these useless litle features, but the fundamental future, the core of the GPS system doesn't work.
Mechanic: Here is your car back after tuning, I also installed new mud flaps, new air freshner and new bumper sticker, but  now your engine stalls every 10 minutes, maybe with next tune up i will fix this.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update No street names 6/1/12 6:34 PM
Once I have "starred" an address it would be nice if you would let me change the stored name - could be a friend's house, a nice restaurant, or something I would recognize instead of just an address.  My old Nokia maps used to support this.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update bbbbbbbbbbbbbaaa 6/1/12 8:55 PM
Google, how about a bug fix release?  I'm begining to wonder if you test at all.  Just code, compile, release.
GPS has been an issue for the past year.  It NEVER gets fixed.   And we all know if you roll back to vanilla it works.  ITS YOUR CODE, FIX IT!
Please STOP adding all these worthless features and get back to a working maps.  Its why I bought my phone.  My contract is up in Sept.  If this is what Andriod has become then it doesn't bode well.
(unknown) 6/2/12 11:08 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update BN1204 6/2/12 11:09 PM
Navigation still does not say street names after this update (Verizon Galaxy Nexus 4.0.4).
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Sleeksorrow 6/3/12 7:47 AM
Still drains battery like crazy, as reported for version 6.7.0. Today I charged my Galaxy S2 (running official Android 4.0.3) , restarted ist, activated WiFi and did not touch it whole day long. After 8 hours I looked at it and it showed Maps was using 20% battery. Without me touching the phone! Please fix that!
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Phillip Dampier 6/5/12 9:02 PM
Ever since the release from early May, Latitude has been a mess on the Samsung Charge, with tons of forced closes, hangs on loading friends, no updated locations and other inconsistencies. The latest update is more of the same.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update the_Flash 6/6/12 6:57 AM
Latitude is not updating my location since this update in my SE Xperia Play, I uninstalled it (back to 5.6, original in my phone) and it is working fine again. Please fix
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update mkyriakid 6/10/12 10:59 AM
(I'm not a good speaker or writer of English so thank you for your tolerance)
After updating to 6.8.0 and 6.8.1 my device has increased wakelocks. I notice too much awake time in battery usage. Also the past 8h 46m for example: NetworkLocationLocator ( 2h 7m Count 282 24,2% , CheckinsNotificationService (it's the first time I notice this and the rest of the services) 547sec count 709 , LocationReportingService 127sec count 1015 , LocationReceiverService 122sec count 859. No other changes have be made to my phone so I suppose the update is responsible for the increased wakelocks.
I don't like apps that I'm not running to keep my phone "busy" in any way, or awake, or... . So if there are any settings that can reduce wakelocks I'd be glad to know. If not then I hope you can keep my report in mind for future updates.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Grizzly1505 6/11/12 7:48 AM
After updating from 5.8 to 6.8.1 my phone (Samsung Galaxy S) constantly locks up. I have to uninstall the update to use google maps again.I need this app for work. The provider navigator is useless for me thats why I am using google maps (much more accurate). Nevertheless it locks up and the phone becomes unresponsive. Have to remove battery and restart to make phone work again.

is there a solution yet??
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Jakeman93063 6/12/12 12:07 PM
I am having the exact same issue on both of my phones.  right now Latitude and Maps is showing me 5 miles away from where I am, and it is showing my son 12 miles out in the ocean.  The only other problem I am having is after I uninstall Maps Updates, and uncheck the box to allow automatic updates, Maps updates itself anyway.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Wilcomhs 6/13/12 6:08 AM
Galaxy S3 stock 4.0.4, no spoken street names
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update soumya.dey2 6/16/12 5:27 AM
   i soumya use goole latitute on 2011 ,when i use nokia 5233 device (symbian) access latitute (map version 4.0(1)).when i sing in or accessing latitute and when i exit latitute give me a option latitute track fllow or not if "yes" ,after exit continue location  track record updatig. when i see in my pc web site on latitute  i see all location information.
but now i purchase sony ericsson wti9i (live walkman) andriod phone , when i accessing latitute map version 6.8.1 (gmm-andriod-sonyericssion) location history showing only accessing latitute then location history are showing in web location history,but i exit latitute alredy selected "enable location history " but no record found.
so pleace give me proper solution....
Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Matt Berry 6/16/12 7:37 AM
Has the option to add a place to one of My Maps been removed from the latest version?

I regularly use the My Maps functionality to plan places to visit when on trips. It used to be very simple to just search for the place on maps, click through to places page then Add to My Maps. However this option seems to have vanished. Or is at least extremely well hidden.

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Abe.C 6/17/12 4:55 PM
It's really sad that google no longer cares about producing a functional product.  The maps app for android has been broken for months and only gets worse with each update.  I'm sure Wall Street and your advertising clients are all giddy over all the unnecessary new features bloating maps now, but how long do you really think users will stick with a product that just doesn't work?

The latest round of updates didn't just ruin maps, it also ruined nav and places.  Nav now gives directions that make no sense whatsoever - it will literally tell you to drive in the wrong direction or in complete circles, turn by turn nav often crashes and starts calling out "turn left", "turn right" instead of street names, adding traffic layer to a map often results in force close, ads pop up making it so you can't see the map you're trying to look at, search for places no longer returns anything remotely helpful (in downtown San Francisco, with GPS lock, search within maps app for "Peet's Coffee" returns a single result - in San Mateo ..., using places to show nearby coffee shops pops up an ad for a Chinese restaurant ...), and when you're lost and really need to see a map this app is more likely to force close or crash your phone than help you.

This app used to be really great.  It was one of the main reasons I wanted an Android phone.  Now I'm forced to use Mapquest for maps and directions, and Yelp to find places.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update JKatz88 6/20/12 11:30 AM
Why does everyone hate the latest updates from Google Maps.  It seems to work well on my phone and tablet.

I am loving the 3D fly-over tech­nol­ogy, and public transportation updates with train and bus schedules!  That is just dope.

 Also, Offline Maps.....whhhaaaaaaatt@!!?? Craziness.

Google for President!

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Sleeksorrow 6/20/12 11:33 AM
> Why does everyone hate the latest updates from Google Maps.  It seems to work well on my phone and tablet.

Because we don't have your phone and your tablet. Send them over to me and I will most probably be just fine, too.

If that's just some "HA-HA!" post, then well, go get a life.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update nekrosoft13 6/20/12 11:43 AM
Because for majority of people the primary function of maps the gps location doesnt work.

Google should stop adding all this usesless crap and fix the core of the program.

How would you like your new car with a broken engine, will so much fun playing with radio, and not going anywere.

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update JKatz88 6/20/12 11:58 AM

Wow.  I didn't mean to make a "HA-HA" kind of post at all.  I am just saying that I am not experiencing any trouble and I find it weird that so many people are unhappy, when my phone seriously sucks. 

I also guess that my right to an opinion is not allowed so no more of that on this thread.  Geez.

What I also wanted to point say (if that is ok) is that it is crazy how reliant we are on these maps now, when a lot of us are having issues, such as GPS connectivity and what not.  In other parts of the world, people are not as fast to jump to a map on their smartphones because transportation is easy or not far in distance.  I am not slanting us smartphone users in any way, but just in perspective, it nuts how reliant we are on this technology.

Great article diving into this topic: Maps at the end of distance.

ANYWAY, I think that the new additions to Google maps DOES make it a more functional product, that as I am sure with any new product, will receive better fixes for the future.

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update i wanna love you again 7/5/12 5:21 PM
So am I the only whose Menu button has disappeared? There is nothing there [where it used to be] 

Any help with this?? I've tried rebooting, factory reset, etc., nothing...
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Joe Mama 7/12/12 2:05 AM
Wow!  So I am sorry about your troubles, but it is good to know I am not the only one experiencing this problem.  I also have an Atrix that experiences the exact same symptoms.  I find it difficult to understand how an "updated" release of this software wasn't tested to find that the GPS function stopped working.  GPS is an integral part of the mapping function.  And now that it is a known problem, why is it taking so long to fix this basic requirement.  I have been told that my smart phone will replace my Garmin GPS, but with this type of quality control, I will stick with Garmin.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update zzzz4 7/30/12 5:25 PM
The official google support blog for this issue here: If you go to this issue and "star" it, its importance will apparently increase and somebody might get around to fixing it. Dated July 30 2012. 
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Pradeep Pantula 9/20/12 5:31 AM

I'm using Google Maps ver 6.12.0 on my Sony Ericsson Mini Pro.
When I try to update my location inside a building, it is not updating. It is working only in open sky.

The same app is working for my peers.
Please let me know where the problem is

Thanks in Advance
Pradeep. P

Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update CarlOps 10/9/12 9:11 AM
Hi Daniel, Google Maps Community Manager.

Let me tell you that I am getting increasingly frustrated with Google Maps. Don't you guys care about Quality? It's amazing how you push out updates and make things worse with every release.

I am a Software Designer with an important company. If we paid as much attention to quality as you guys we'd be out of business. I am amazed how Google Maps can be one of the crown jewels in the Google Ecosphere and yet you and your team continue to insult users by issuing posts like the one above 'Oooh, look, shiny new stuff. We all LOVE to hear from you. Thanks for all your feedback'.. Blablabla. Aren't you aware that there are gazillions of users out there who are having problems? Phone freezes, hard locks, wrong directions, crashes... you name it.

I am on a business trip next week and really need a reliable map. Guess what? Google Maps is now so freaking unreliable that I won't even think of taking it with me. So pretty please with sugar on top: do your work and manage your team, by telling them to dedicate how many sprints it takes to get the bugs out. Listen to feedback as you claim you do and call a feature freeze until your users tell you that all is honky dory again. Until that time, please don't give me marketing speak posts with the latest and greatest. We don't want shiny. We want it to work.


FWIW: Other GPS (and other apps) on my phone work just fine. Never a crash, always reliable. So no, it's not the hardware nor anything else. It's Google Maps and it sucks.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Scott Vitello 10/13/12 7:17 AM
I am having the same issue on my Galaxy s3.  Voice does not work most of the time.  I did all of the troubleshooting, factory reset, called Verizon and they replaced the device. With the new one in hand I have the same issue, navigation voice does not work most of the time.  My wife has the same model phone and her's works perfectly.
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update onlyonesock 10/17/12 12:51 PM
Sony experia U.

Google maps no longer will navigate. I am dyslexic and rely on this function greatly. Is the gps chip in my phone broken as it was working 2 weeks ago and havent had any updates. now it cant find the gps :(
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update Deborah Bates 10/26/12 9:51 AM
Good for are telling them straight!  My maps worked fine until about a month ago and now it crashes and zapps my battery power when I use any option.  At least the map comes up!  My provider gave me a new phone but I am having the same issues with it so it is Google!
Re: Google Maps for Android - 6.8 update unfo 12/14/12 11:38 AM
Occasionally my Maps/Navigation fails to recognize the GPS and I have to reboot before I can navigate again.  This has only been since the JB update; it was fine with the stock ICS.  A lot of things were fine with stock ICS, that are now broken since I updated.  Wish I could go back!
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