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Download App Version 3.0!

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Download App Version 3.0! Toby S. 6/27/12 1:22 PM
Learn more about it HERE.
Re: Download App Version 3.0! QD 6/27/12 1:33 PM
Is there possible to manage my Google+ page on the mobile devices now?

If I create an Event with Hangout in Google+ page, how do I host the hangout using mobile?

Re: Download App Version 3.0! Ves 6/27/12 10:26 PM
Impressive update, love it! Far better than the previous major overhaul. It meets both user demand. Those into more text and those more into pictures. 

Please thank the team that worked on this update and will continue to tweak it further. 
Re: Download App Version 3.0! fherbet 6/28/12 3:30 PM
great update as usual but i do regret the ability to swype left and right to change circles... a drop down list is not the best way to do
Eddie M. 6/28/12 6:57 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Download App Version 3.0! Eddie M. 6/28/12 6:59 PM
Hi Toby,

I'm here because I've been experiencing a problem with the new G+ mobile update for Android.

It specifically relates to posts/comments in an Event.

If a comment within an event is longer than two lines the post is cut off and ends on the second line with an ellipsis.

As seen here:

I have found no way to expand the post, no menu option, tapping, what have you. Nothing works, other than logging onto G+ from a computer and reading it in it's entirety. 

This does not happen in any other kind of post, only in an Event.
Re: Download App Version 3.0! minicht 6/30/12 11:54 AM
The version 3.0 update addresses some of the major flaws of the 2.6 release, but the display of photos is still not right.  Photos should not be cropped in the stream.  This shouldn't be difficult to implement, but it was a flaw in 2.6 that still exists in 3.0.  People post photos for other users to enjoy - if the photo is cropped, the intent of the post is lost.  Users do not want to open every post just to see the whole photo, when the photo should have displayed completely in the stream.  When scrolling through the stream, posts slide into position from the bottom up.  This is distracting and gimmicky - very much like the much-hated animations in PowerPoint presentations.  Why not just display a continuous stream of posts?
Gvnrrt 6/30/12 4:35 PM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Download App Version 3.0! Gvnrrt 6/30/12 4:36 PM
Last update made updating impossible for many people with galaxy s GT-9000 (and variations). It says that package is invalid, and unistalling not only doesn't solve the problem but doesn't allow reinstalling due to the same error 
Re: Download App Version 3.0! GlenB 7/1/12 1:05 PM
Dear Toby S., Jennie S., and others -

Just had to post a note to say THANK YOU for listening, and for continuing to work on this app.  Your participation here, your LISTENING to us, and your work with your team has made 3.0 a release to be proud of.  Although it's impossible to please everyone, I think 3.0 brings the readability and useability of 2.5 back to the app, while not sacrificing the flashiness and sparkliness (technical terms!) that were brought in to 2.6.  I think the 3.0 layout is FANTASTIC, easy on the eyes (both in terms of readability AND attractiveness) and is something that you and your team should be proud of.

I am very grateful to be able to start using Google+ again, and appreciate your efforts.  As I mentioned to Jennie S. in another thread, I tried to thank you publicly on my little G+ post, but couldn't link to you, so I thank you here, and say, again, that I look forward to many good years with Google to come!

Glen Barney
Re: Download App Version 3.0! Tanuj* 7/1/12 8:36 PM
Amazing ;)
Re: Download App Version 3.0! Bobi 7/1/12 9:04 PM
nice app
(unknown) 7/2/12 1:12 AM <This message has been deleted.>
Re: Download App Version 3.0! PJL 8/11/12 3:15 AM
Phone: Samsung Galaxy S2
Google + version

Instant upload doesn't work. If I'm lucky 1 out of 3 pictures are uploaded. I have to select upload all pictures before every picture are shown in google + upload album.

Re: Download App Version 3.0! reshsu 8/13/12 4:44 AM
hi toby are you free now
Re: Download App Version 3.0! المرحوم 8/13/12 5:16 PM

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Re: Download App Version 3.0! المرحوم 8/13/12 5:18 PM