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how do i find new friends

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how do i find new friends anniewatson865 4/21/11 1:33 PM
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i do not know how to find friends on gmail

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Re: how do i find new friends bkc56 4/21/11 2:55 PM
Gmail is not a social network, you don't get "friends" on it.

Try getting off your computer and going out to meet some new people.  Then you can use Gmail to keep in touch with your new found friends.
Re: how do i find new friends hhpp23 5/15/11 6:01 AM
this is a guide how to find friends in gmail. just go your friend house and ask them
Re: how do i find new friends patrikjsson 5/28/11 4:15 AM
I agree with previous posters. But if you want to find "Google friends", start using Google Buzz (it's inside of Gmail), then start to follow people. You can find your own Google profile here:, in the search box you can search for people.
If you get to know people through Buzz, you might be able to become friends with them and add them to your Gmail chat list :)
Re: how do i find new friends ASHUKANSAL 5/29/11 1:23 AM