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Virus Email SVM211 8/25/09 5:20 PM
At 3:50 pm today, Tuesday August 25, 2009, my gmail account started sending out the following email to every email address in my gmail memory. The "To" list was in alphabetical order, 10 names at a time (1st email that went out had 10 email addresses starting with A, 2nd email had 10 email address starting with B.......). It looks like it sent out approximately 50 emails in 5 minutes. I have been on the receiving end of spam many times but have never had this happen. I have not clicked on the links below, nor have I have recently had anything to do with a foreign online trade company. FYI.
<DIV>Hi,<BR>how are you doing recently?I'd like to introduce you a
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Re: Virus Email gravi_t 8/25/09 5:24 PM
Your account was hacked. Do a virus scan of your computer and change your Gmail password. Also check your secondary email and security question -- have they been changed or not.
Re: Virus Email isoo 8/26/09 4:44 PM
I got the same thing today. The exact same message sent out to all my contacts with my address as the sender.
After doing a virus scan, nothing came up. So this is either a gmail issue where our accounts are being exploited/hacked... or some other serious issue altogether.

If it helps, I'm using Firefox 3.0.13 and GMail Checker (Version 2.0 - add-on. I've had a few browser crashes the past 2 days whenever I left the PC and was unable to login to Gmail using the standard view (would load a quarter of the way and stop) - so I had to switch to Standard view. After clearing my cache/cookies, everything worked fine, but then I stumbled upon this email being sent left and right to all my contacts.

For some reason - now that I check the Sent email.... 95% of the contacts whom the email was sent to begin with "A" in their address (this may be selective). Any email which does not start with the letter "A" (the remaining 5%), have a name that does start with "A" after the period in their address.

Sent email below:

dateWed, Aug 26, 2009 at 10:59 PM

hide details 10:59 PM (3 hours ago)


<P>how are you these days?i bought one ipod from this website <A
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Re: Virus Email gravi_t 8/26/09 5:02 PM
Read my post above.
Re: Virus Email isoo 8/27/09 5:39 AM
Well... I did a virus check............ nothing.
and as far as the secondary email - nothing.
Everything remained as it was.
My concern right now is HOW did this happen? and what's preventing my account from being hacked again even if I alter the password?
Re: Virus Email alfo78 8/27/09 3:28 PM
Got the same thing.

My PC's are secure
MY Virus scanner (Avaast) is up to date and used
We only use online GMAIL (technically we have offline via GEARS sync)

Email Sent: 28 August 2009 04:48
Re: Virus Email onennok 8/27/09 7:14 PM
Same thing just happened to me. It emailed it to everyone in my address book - oddly enough my sent mail folder doesn't say I have sent anything - I only know about it from bounced emails. I have done a scan and my comp is clean and everything is secure. Changed password - any ideas on what it could be?
Re: Virus Email maireh 8/28/09 6:30 AM
I had the same thing happen to me yesterday, Aug 29, 2009.  I only knew because I got the returned emails and some of my friends contacted me to say this had happened.  Anyone got any ideas how it happened?  I have changed all my passwords now just to be safe but would love to know how it happened. I also had no sign of the email going out from my Sent box. 
Re: Virus Email lisamargreet 8/31/09 11:29 AM
This also happened to me on Friday 28th August and I've scanned all my PCs and checked for Trojan's etc and nothing. Is anyone doing anything about this? I've changed my passwords etc but I don't seem to be able to find any help about it online. I'm concerned about the security of my other information now.
Re: Virus Email Sarah 9/1/09 5:11 PM
Hi everyone, as gravi_t suggested, it sounds like someone malicious has gained access to your accounts. Please see the Help Center article below. Click the third link and be sure to follow all of the instructions there to ensure the security of your account.

Re: Virus Email sara77 9/2/09 6:48 PM
happened to me too - 3 times! i reported phishing and changed my password and security stuff. didn't report the header yet but is also recommended. this thing is all over the boards. it's traced from an ip in china. i wonder if it has anything to do with the server crash 2 days ago - lots of people reported increased spam activity at that time and this has all happened to me since then. however, i had received the message from 2 others prior.
Re: Virus Email juliette93 9/4/09 9:10 AM
I've just had the same problem - the first time ever with Gmail.  The same email is being sent to my email list (letter reading 'Dear Friend').  I'm trying to follow the instructions here, but would love to know if there is anything else I can do.
Re: Virus Email juliette93 9/4/09 9:20 AM
Thanks Google - I was able to find who it was who hacked into my account.  I typed in the IP address into a lookup.  It's a Wei Wang in Beijing:
Re: Virus Email jimshrum56 11/8/09 11:53 AM
Looks like this issue is not dead yet.  I was hit with this just yesterday.
Re: Virus Email raul.holgado 11/9/09 10:06 AM
I've just had the same problem two hours ago. Like jimshrum56 say, this issue is not dead.
In my google account activity there are two suspicious access from the same IP.
Browser 4:23 pm (2 hours ago)
Mobile 4:23 pm (2 hours ago)

I've tried to lookup this IP and surprise... Wei Wang from Beijing is in action again.

I would just now proceeded with the steps of the issue reported by Sarah.
Someone knows something also to do?
Re: Virus Email gravi_t 11/9/09 12:41 PM
Read the replies above.