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Why do I suddenly have to log in so often?

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Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? dlrash1156 6/3/09 10:17 PM
Suddenly, over the last few days, I am constantly asked to log in, though I have chosen the "remember me on this computer" option.  Why?  I have a single secure computer at home at at work, and am not worried that someone will try to access my emails.  Why can't I choose my own security level and make log on easier?  Easy log on was a big reason I switched from Comcast.  No more wading through pages of ads to get to email.  Give me back easy access!!
Also, today I was denied access for 24 hrs unless I went through a convoluted process of retreiving an email from an obsolete account.  Thankfully, I was able to do that, as I would have been financially injured had I been denied access to my emails for 24 hours.  Depending on a "secondary email address" to resolve these problems is a great disservice to your customers.  Especially when there is no good reason, other than a glitch in your security software (I presume), to deny access in the first place.
Finally, your "help" forums suck.  When I have a problem with my Gmail service or Google, I expect to be able to contact a representative who Knows how to resolve the problem, not every bozo on the web making a guess.  Improve your business model away from profits and towards customer service.  The dogs are on your tail, and your successes will not save you from doom when they attack your weaknesses.  Customer service is the easiest to spot for the dogs to bite right now.  Fix it, please.  I don't want to leave my Gmail. 
Oh, fine.  The final insult is that, to submit my complaint, I have to choose below from a narrow list of categories, or else, "a properly labled question is more likely to receive an answer.  Incorrectly labled questions may be deleted."
Are you serious?  Where is the "I don't like the way you are treating me" option?  Is it supposed to be the "coffee shop" option, which is brilliantly designed by name to make me feel that my comments are idle drivel?
I thought you guys were smarter than this.  Tonight has convinced me that trying to resolve a problem with my service with Gmail was entirely designed (and quite effectively) to make me give up and go away.  there is nothing about it, even if this email results in a resolution, that would convince me Google values it's clients needs as much as their profits.  I guess a customer service department is just not in the budget.  
I hope any other Gmail user who reads this (if it is not deleted for "improper labeling") will contact me to see if there could be developed a mass response.  I will save a copy, and post it elsewhere if it is censored.  There is absolutely no reason why a corporation as brilliant and successful as Google should choose to ignore customer service so completely (think GM), except profit.  I applaud their profit history, and value their service.  I wish them to continue being innovative and profitable, but think we users have a right to demand more.  
I will look seriously at the new Microsoft search engine coming on line now in beta, and soon in alpha form.  I have been anti-Microsoft my entire computer life, but it looks like it will offer better searches, and easier aps.  I will give it a try.
I love Gmail, and have convinced many friends to convert.  I am a business owner, and generally don't have the time to Yelp or Facebook.  I spent this time here at home to peck out this message to you to find out if I'm just being a complainer, or if others feel the same way.
Let's get off the gmail page, and talk to each other.  My email is
This felt important to me.  Let me know if it's important to you.    
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 6/4/09 11:01 AM

 Your Gmail cookie only last 2 weeks  so after 2 weeks you have to sign back in
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? itkei 6/10/09 6:09 AM
Is there a way to have the cookie timeout in a short amount of time?
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 6/10/09 6:37 AM

 I`m sorry it not unless you set your browser to delete your cookies each time you closed your browser.
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? mank 6/20/09 9:57 AM
I never had a problem with my Gmail until recently. Now I am being asked constanly to keep signing in. I like gmail & wish the people that run this would fix the problem. Or post something to help  !
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? rizdollie 7/3/09 12:25 PM
I agree that the big reason for loving my gmail was not having to login everytime. A pain!
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? Noam Nelke 7/3/09 3:38 PM
Did you guys activate the offline gmail feature in labs?

I had a similar issue after trying the feature. If that is the cause for you guys, too, it's not enough to disable the feature. You need to look it up, cause I don't remember anymore, but there was more to it than just disabling it in order for it to stop the problem.

Sorry I can't be more specific...
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? ktwcustard 7/7/09 11:45 PM
I have the same problem I used to be able to have more than one tab open for gmail. Which was very handy. 
Also I opened my computer this morning and gmail promptly signed out and wanted me to sign in again ... !!!! It was one of the many reasons why I loved gmail not having to sign in every ten seconds.
Why did google do this ? and is there any way of undoing it ?
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? uflocco 7/8/09 5:56 AM
I was wondering the same thing this morning when I had to sign in again and again to check my email when my "gmail notifier" popped up.  Over the last few weeks, I have not been able to stay logged into gmail, although I checked the "keep me signed in" box.  I used to be able to check my email several times a day without signing in....what's up with that?  Nobody else uses my pc so if I want to stay signed in, I should be able to do so.  Can't Google fix this?
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? starlight628 7/12/09 10:37 PM
I am also having this problem and it is really irritating. I work from home and am on my computer all day so see no reason I need to be re-logging in, particularly since I have checked the "keep me logged in" box. Can anyone help?
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? EDward J. Wagner 7/14/09 3:04 PM
I had the same problem until last week and went searching for an answer, but only found these posts so I figured it out myself.

I'm using an Apple IMAC with Safari 4.02 and Firefox 3.5, and an application called Gmail Browser that lets me access my mail without loading Safari or Firefox.

It is a cookie problem, but I found that Firefox has no effect. Only Safari cookies affects accesss to Gmail in my situation. Your case may be different.

I began deleting all cookies when I close Safari, and that is when I started to have problems staying logged into gmail.

I use Safari Cookies as a Cookie Manager for Safari

Under Safari Preferences, Cookies, I have set as a favorite, and under cookie preferences, I checked the box When quitting Safari, remove all non-favorite cookies.

When I close Safari now, all cookies are deleted except those related to google, and I am permanently logged into my gmail account.

BTW dirash1156, I gave up on hotmail for the same frustration you have about google. My hotmail account was hijacked this past winter along with other folks, and unauthorized mail was sent out to my contacts. Microsoft forum help was practically worthless. I got passed from one Microsoft group to another, back and forth, and received generic boilerplate answers to questions. It was a 99.99 % waste of my time. The only thing I got from it was that the hijacker had added a boilerplate message to any new message I created or message I responded to and where to delete that message. I no longer have contacts in that account.  I only use hotmail for internet stuff where I don't want to give out my gmail address. Hotmail is as useless as Windows that I always describe as a piece of garbage that belongs in an incinerator. Apple's OS is light years ahead, and like most big databases and web servers, is a flavor of UNIX. Even Google Chrome OS is a flavor of UNIX ( Linux )

I'll take gmail over hotmail anyday, although I don't especially like the way it handles replies and keeps everything together so that if you delete one message, you delete all messages in the same conversation. That may be useful in some cases, but I'd like to have the option to delete just one message in a conversation.

I hope Apple and Google both will continue to kick some Microsoft butt.

Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? EDward J. Wagner 7/14/09 4:32 PM
I noticed another post called Question: "Stay Signed In" option not working" in which some folks have deleted a file called cookies.sqlite and state that doing so solved their problem.
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? ArlenedeWinter 7/29/09 1:52 PM
I cannot understand how a multi-billion $$$$$ company cannot provide LIVE customer service. Gmail needs to get with the program. Email is the lifeline of amny businesses as well personal life
If they are such geniuses why can't they tell by your IP address whether a compromised gmial account belongs to you?
I answered as many of their stupid questions as I could to get my account back and have not heard ONE WORD BACK!
It seems they need to be more user freindly and take some responsibility for security issues by making it possibel to recover email accounts without asking the impossible.
Even my security question! I know there is only one answer and they said my answer was wrong!!!!!!!!

Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? shadostang 7/30/09 2:22 PM
Ill just go back to Yahoo at least i can stay signed for two weeks
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? dbeas1 8/26/09 7:29 PM
I was having the same problem on Firefox.  I read the suggestions on here and when into windows and changed the way I accept cookies  and it worked quite well.  Just go to options and make sure cookies are saved.  I haven't tried on my other browsers.  I will do the same with them though.  Hope this helps.
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? EarthAngelV 10/3/09 7:44 AM
I've had this problem as well, but it doesn't come from my cookies being deleted, etc.  Mine does it WHILE I'm signed in, actively using it.  Not when I open my browser for the first time of the day or whatever.  I have the box checked to remember me, and I can see it having a time out feature (similar to yahoo after two weeks) but then do it when I've closed my browser, not when my email window is actually open-that freaks me out. 

Yahoo times out after two weeks, it's a security feature...they don't know if you're dead and someone else now has access to your computer.  (ok... a little dramatic, but you get the idea)

Nevertheless, it'd be great if they could tell us why it does this when it shouldn't, and how to fix it.  I, too, work from home and am online all day long.  I do NOT expect, however, for Google to have Live telephone (or live chat) support for a zillion of us who do not pay for any of their services to begin with.  Just post a fix for it.  (And while they're at it, post a way for us to return to the non-gigantic font on the search page for those of us with still good eyesight)
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? jbuckets4 10/29/09 12:44 AM
To fuelie:
you can delete just a single msg from a conversation by opening/viewing the desired msg within the conversation, click the "down" arrow to the right of the "Reply" link in the upper right-hand corner, and select "Delete this message."  Voila!  The msg is deleted, but the other msgs in the conversation remain.
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? Erlandson 11/5/09 2:07 PM
It´s a cookie problem in firefox!
Under Preferences in Firefox click on the Privacy tab, you probably selected "Clear all history when closing Firefox".
Click "settings"  for this option, you need to change these to not delete cookies and active loggins.

Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? rickbrent 3/13/10 4:20 PM
these are all complaints and no answers . . . what is with you guys . . . GMail . . . don't give a shit?
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? tkcenterline 4/29/10 8:33 AM
I'm having the same problem. I am using windows XP and explorer.  I Cant stay signed in at all. I have tried everything to the point where I basically started over. Still I cant stay signed in. I'm at ropes end and it Sucks!!!!!! Plus there is no one to help you with this problem.
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? LMcKin51- G-Suite-Top Contributor 4/29/10 10:29 AM

 Have you make sure that your IE is accept the gmail cookies and that it is not set to delete the cookies when you close the browser. take look at these help pages link below.
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? roadranger71 4/30/10 8:54 AM
The last couple of days my sign in to Gmail is not being retained. I have it checked to save my sign in. I also have tried the Tools fix suggested and this doesn't work. I am new to Gmail (coming from MSN/Verizon)....Gmail is making it hard for me to want to continue using.  I have Windows 7, Gmail was working fine until yesterday. When I go to another site and then try to return to Gmail I once again have to sign in.....what gives.  I have downloaded your Gmail envelope to help me get into Gmail and this isn't working.  I have clicked on Gmail on the home page and this doesn't work either. Please advise.  I agree with all of the above people there should be a better way to find help than to rely on users like me to help fix this problem.
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? lyleonard86 11/10/10 1:14 PM
I too am being logged out frequently when i am logged in & in the middle of something.  i was being logged out about every 2 minutes for a while.  is gmail failing us?  it is really bad to have to log in every few minutes & losing the work that has been done.
has anyone had any help from gmail?
Re: Why do I suddenly have to log in so often? virinder.grewal 2/8/11 7:08 PM
I have no reply I cannot solve the problem. While I am on the PC and go out of gmail and come back in the same sesssion I have to sign in again. It has happened to 4 of my PC's at different locations.
Any remedy.
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