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Recover deleted Gmail account

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Recover deleted Gmail account synch3d 8/13/09 4:35 AM
Hi there,

Back in 2006 I received an invite for Gmail and registered an account, but after playing with it a bit I didn't find it was that good, so I ended up deleting it a short time later.

Nowadays, however, I don't have that vision anymore. Gmail, as well as many other Google services, is simple, yet powerful, fast, reliable and has a nice web interface, so I'd really like to recover my old account.

People from Google can easily see that my account has had no activity for three years now. Also, I think I can provide some additional details, but I just can't get in touch with nobody. Why is it so hard to contact anyone from Google in order to solve problems like this? Actually, it seems impossible to accomplish: no one answers on email, nor on help forums, nor anywhere...

If there is someone from Gmail support team reading this please contact me. I use that username in many other places and really want to have it back here too!


P.S.: When I deleted my account there wasn't any warning stating that it would be locked forever (otherwise, I would have thought again and kept it)!
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account smith.ashleigh.m 8/13/09 10:55 AM
Most email servers keep the username on hold for something like 6 months just in case.  After that, the hold is released and anyone can get that username.  Same thing applies to people who sign up for an email account and never check it.  If the server held on to every inactive or canceled name, it would be absolutely impossible to get one now.
My guess is that it has already been given away.  Add a slight addition to your username.  When my original address got hacked, I added my middle initial.  Same name just 2 extra characters.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Joshua 8/13/09 11:02 AM
Gmail doesn't recycle account names. Allowing someone else to have the account name would create a security risk.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account synch3d 8/16/09 12:57 AM
@ smith.ashleigh.m

But that's really what Google does: all deleted accounts, due to owner's request for deletion or after a large period of inactivity, are locked forever. Presently, it's indeed almost impossible to get a new decent username, mainly because of three reasons: (i) "." (dots) make no difference (john.smith, johnsmith, j.o.h.n.s.m.i.t.h, etc., all refer to the same username); (ii) deleted usernames aren't recycled anytime; and (iii) many people have multiple accounts.

So... my account has not been given away, it's just dormant. And I don't want to add any extra letters or digits, I want that exact username!


@ Joshua

I understand the rationale behind that, but come on, that's not an argument here. It's a three years old inactive account and it was mine! I'm not even asking for mails (I didn't have any, anyway), all I want is to be able to register that account just like any other new, available account.

But what I see is that Google will keep ignoring these issues while there isn't many people making noise on these matters.

Despite that policy, I still believe that if I could talk with someone from Gmail support team I could see my problem addressed. Any help on this?

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Re: Recover deleted Gmail account synch3d 8/19/09 2:27 AM
@ kariyawasamv

As I said before, Google is really keeping all deleted accounts in a locked state forever...

Any further help?
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Redcorept 8/19/09 11:12 AM
i also would like a deleted account if thats possible.. i still remeber the security answer, the password etc....
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Joshua 8/19/09 1:12 PM
I don't read google's mind, but I imagine the security risks are too great regardless of who's account it was or how long its been. If you haven't accessed the account in a long time, it is very likely that the security info in the account is no longer very good. (For example, the security question you used might have been difficult to answer at the time, but the answer might be easy to guess now. Or you may have reused the password on other sites. etc.)

And even if they don't return the content, returning the address is still dangerous because you might have other accounts (amazon, ebay, etc) linked to it and an attacker could use access to your expired account to compromise those other accounts.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Nabila Shaikh 9/11/09 4:35 AM
Hey I have some same question.. I was having multiple Gmail Accounts.. So to comprise that multiple accounts in one.. I deleted one of them.. But I forgot to take the copy of all the Emails inside that... And I just deleted that.. so can is there anyway with which I can have all my data including mails and chats back.. But I don't want that account back..
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Ben O 9/14/09 7:14 PM
Surely the security of other people's Amazon, eBay, etc. accounts is not Google's problem?

I deleted mine because it had a dot in the display and I wanted to re-register it with it gone (yes, I know it's the same - I've got some neurotic thing about how my email address looks on-screen). Next thing you know - no more account! Then to discover I can't wait it out for a few months is just useless!

Worse Idea Ever meets Best Email Ever.

I can only take comfort in knowing that somebody else isn't going to take it.

Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Nabila Shaikh 9/15/09 11:54 PM
But I don't want the Account Back .. I just want the contents back ..May I?
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account gyandharm 10/4/09 7:00 AM
You are not the only one with this problem.
I have an account with Google but cannot use my name or preferred email name. Although I originally created accounts using these I did not use them and I guess they have lapsed.

I even have one of these email accounts listed as linked in my current but cannot verify it as mail I send to it is bounced anyway.

The forms for recovery are automated and although I could probably give all my original details and prove my identity all attempts to make up the info they ask for is largely irrelevant for email addresses I never used. 
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account David.Tenne 10/7/09 11:31 AM
I have the same problem because of the same reason as Ben O mentioned (you are not alone Ben Q :) )
I definitly agree with all the points made by synch3d and Ben O in reply to Joshua.
I just hope they change their policy which doesn't make much sense.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account gigacab 11/19/09 5:03 PM
Josh that reasoning is poor and if there is a concern about legal identity, a notarized request can be sent to prove that the person requesting the account is indeed the person they said they were. As it is, when one tries to create a gmail account and its 'not available', one can change it in a myriad of ways and the same result will come back. It is not believable that all of these accounts have been created and then deleted, rather it's either a technical failure of gmail to keep bots from registering addresses or a woefully embarassing customer service issue for google. One can read about how poor Google knows its customer service is here at this link:
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Joshua 11/19/09 5:31 PM
There is nothing wrong with my reasoning. A notarized request would be useless since there is no way to prove that you are the owner of the account -- just because your name matches the account name doesn't mean it is your account. And there is plenty of evidence that people are actually having online accounts stolen using recreated accounts at other services, so there is a real security problem.

There is a trade-off here, with security on one side, and "pretty" account names on the other side. Some people might reasonable think that the "pretty" account names are more important than the loss in security in this case. Other people can reasonably disagree. But it really has nothing to do with the quality of customer service. That is a whole different issue.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account rhondala 11/20/09 10:23 AM
Joshua, you make perfect and reasonable sense.  A little logic applied to the question and the answer seems clear enough - even to a layman such as myself!
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account satprem 3/16/10 8:33 AM
Hi there,

I'm trying to get my inbox recovered; it was deleted when my account was hijacked and deleted.

thank you!
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account aniallomai 3/22/10 2:05 PM
Around 2006 I set up a Gmail account with Google using my professional pen-name.  I own the trade-mark on the name & also have it registered as my D.B.A..  I've been building my business & had designed my nom de plum & other key terms in advance to insure specific forms of the name would be available & usable consistently everywhere online that's major (& this obviously includes Google & Gmail).  So I set the name up as a Gmail addy.  I knew I wasn't going to use it much for a good while, but wanted to be sure to get the name in place as I laid long-term business plans.

Gmail deleted the name, & now blocks me from using it or anything similar to it because:

1.  Google deliberately destroys the account w/out warning, & thereby:
2.  Google deliberately blocks use of acquired identities.
3.  Google deliberately blocks use of all identities similarly to the one acquired.
4.  Google appears to not be addressing this deliberate trap.  I say deliberate trap because it was carefully designed to succeed in doing exactly what it succeeds in doin:  Destroying & then blocking created accounts.  They claim to be doing it on the basis of unrelated factors of their choosing (account not used enough over arbitrary time-period), but apparently may or may not be disclosing those factors prior to their actions.  (As myself & others have described here, some of us do not recall receiving any warning about the account REQUIRING A PARTICULAR LEVEL OF USAGE IN ORDER TO ESCAPE BEING DESTROYED & PERMANENTLY BLOCKED.)

When I tried to recover the Gmail account connected to my Google account, my old password didn't work & it wouldn't tell me nor reset the password.  When I deleted my Google account to start anew & get my Gmail name again, I discovered this effort to recover the usage of an unoffending & previously-valid identity would become Google's excuse for blocking me from my account even more-permanently.

Google is a professional corporation offering customer support, & THIS is the SUPPORT they give their users?  Destroying the account AND if the customer is dissatisfied with the outcome of apparent bugs, the outcome is that their blockage from their own account becomes PERMANENT?  And the most they're addressing their irrationally account-destroying, problem-creating, policy-fixed actions is a user forum with zero Google employ input?  A forum where some random strangers will point out that when a Google account is destroyed it will be impossible to use & therefore more secure?  Then these strangers will ask the other victims of destroyed accounts if they understand that it is more secure to abandon agreements w/ partners & PROHIBIT THEIR EVER BEING RECOVERED FOREVER than to continue in the agreement AT ALL?  Of course that's more "secure".

It also




Google prohibits me from using Gmail in connection to my life's commitments, livelihood & legal rights.  And why?  Because I planned ahead to insure my security (by acquiring a Gmail acct. of my professional pen name early).  Because I was planning & building a business long-term & got it over 6 months before I used it, I therefore can never use it with Google & there is no just recourse.  WELL AT LEAST I'M "SECURE"!  WHAT?!?!  EXCUSE ME?!?!

If an account's lack of security is a problem, are not security measures the solution?  If the account EXISTING is the problem, THEN destroying it is the solution.  Security is only valuable when it protects value.  If security matters for Gmail accounts, then it's because a Gmail account has some value.  If it has some value, why would destroying it completely be considered the solution to its value being threatened?

For everyone saying here "Don't you see how it's a security issue for people to not be blocked from their own names?":  Don't YOU see how it's a USABILITY ISSUE when the account is being made 100% UNUSABLE FOREVER just because...why does a name get destroyed?  Not because of any name issue but because of _ACTIVITY_LEVELS_?


Folks white-washing irrational destruction as "security" are apparently forgetting the topic:




Sorry, but account usage increases security risks.  If it's security-motivated & it's reasonable to increase security over Google's alleged "problem" of peoples' usage levels, wouldn't Google require LOWER usage rates instead of higher?

Will be any reasonable form of real support here or do I really need to consider visiting the Google offices (near me) & present their lobby employees w/ the inconvenience of telling me:

"Sorry, Google refuses to address that little snag of cutting you off 100% forever.  I'm sure you'll understand that this will be more secure."

I'll leave this forum with this:  GMAIL ENGINEER Paul Buccheit coined the informal corporate motto of Google, "Don't be evil".  More formally, point 6 of the 10-point corporate philosophy of Google says "You can make money without doing evil."  This has been said to recognize that large corporations may jeopardize their public trust & larger successes by compromising their actions to enable more immediate profits. HOWEVER , in 2006 Google declared their self-censorship move into China, and their then-C.E.O. Eric Schmidt explained that their "Don't be evil" former-motto had been replaced by an "'evil scale' balancing system".  --

Google Inc. refuses to let my professional name be used in their email system.  It's as if their policy is really:  "You can make money without doing evil [but not w/ us because we will irrationally expire your name to become an 'evil security risk' & blacklist you forever]."

--Ani Allomai,, &c.

Re: Recover deleted Gmail account iamFIREcracker 3/28/10 1:57 PM
Hi guys,
last summer I registered a second account, which I soon deleted. Now I've discovered that I cannot use that username anymore, because of privacy issues. Is there a way to prove that I'm the real owner of the deleted account, and that I just want it to reactivate? I also have a couple of mails sent and receaved from the account, even tough I've lost the confirmation email.
Thanks in advance
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account john160251 4/12/10 1:11 AM
Can anyone help me on a related issue?  I discovered that I had an old defunct gmail address in addition to the work and personal ones I already have set up.  I set about deleting that old address this morning and now I cannot access either of my current gmail addresses - so all my work emails are frozen.  This is only affecting this computer - my colleague has accessed our gmail account from home.
If you can help please contact me at
John Davison
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account laksh123 5/17/10 11:07 AM
Hello there.

I created a second gmail account for personal use and I deleted a month ago. Now I would like to use it again because my friends have sent me messages there and I found a second account useful. I try signing in but it won't must be because I deleted it. However please can u tell me a way to recover my old account as I need it.

Thank you
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account abaidon 6/13/10 9:03 PM
Hi there,
I think there is a way to resolve this matter but Google must hear out our plead. For people that had a user account based on their real name, Google could ask for some sort of ID to recover a deleted username. For example, if "John Doe" registered his account as " " and wants to recover it, Google should ask him for some prove of ownership in order to recover those types of usernames based on real names. However, I do not think they would spend time on adding a "real username recovery system" into their account services. Let's hope that it will happen.. someday.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Jamie567 6/20/10 2:40 PM
the funny thing is that they're losing the most. I know a lot of people who accidentally deleted their gmail accounts and ended up using a different email provider so they could have the same username. I'm really not impressed with google.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Mady T. 7/25/10 6:59 AM
I have an account that I need back, and I think you go to Gmail help............
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Jamie567 7/30/10 8:36 AM
@Mady T. No, you don't, because gmail doesn't help.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account jymoo 8/3/10 2:10 AM
1. Google account is different from Gmail account. Google account offers a number of services including adsense and adwords which transact REAL MONEY.
2. If you have deleted Google account, you cannot recover it for the same simple reason. If you have deleted only the gmail account, and your google account is still active, you can recover or reactivate it.
login to with the same old user name and password. Go to Gmail from that account and you will be prompted to sign up. Sign up, sign in, send, receive, enjoy!
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account rajulabel 8/21/10 9:37 AM

my uncle using mail

last 2 days i cant access

email id not there nu

recovery option not there

this is business mail

plzzzzzzz help to solve the problem
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account rajulabel 8/21/10 9:38 AM
any mail id for gmail customer care

Re: Recover deleted Gmail account mamaeee 9/5/10 6:13 AM
Please Help me some one used my gmail id. He will change my password and forgot ques I will sublimated number of time in google help form but I haven't recieve my password.Please send me a contact number for gmail then I will contact directly and set my password.
And I need recove my one deleted gmail id.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account vyshali44 10/6/10 5:20 AM
some how my account is deleted it had huge information now i want to retrive how to do that
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account R.G. 10/26/10 2:35 PM
now my mail was hacked and deleted
and i need to retrieve it back 
this was from about a year
what can i do to get it back???
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account R.G. 10/26/10 2:35 PM
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account myblogspot 10/30/10 12:45 AM
   I can't find my gmail account. There is no way to recover gmail account.
An easy way to gmail account available on""
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account kikbakpnoy 12/4/10 2:34 PM

I accidentally deleted my Google Account, and now i've lost EVERYTHING including my YouTube account. Is there any way I can recover it?
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account mailtonaved 12/12/10 1:54 AM
I can't find my gmail account. There is no way to recover gmail account. The only way is to create a different ID. I tried my level best.
Re: Recover deleted Gmail account Phase19 2/5/11 3:09 PM
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