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recycle usernames xensprite 6/15/09 1:08 PM
someone posted that google doesn't recycle usernames because they might not have deleted all the data related to that account? why can't all powerful and almighty Google delete the stupid data and recycle the usernames? anyone?

and the fact that people have to use some ridiculous username like akghrz86794 (which is about the only one left now)... isn't that limiting the number of people who want to sign up? doesn't that lose them money? starting out as a 'smart company' is all very good, they sure do seem to be evolving backwards. Darwin is not pleased. Wallace is deeply hurt.
Re: recycle usernames gravi_t 6/15/09 1:19 PM
This has nothing to do with omnipotence. This is tha most effective and energy-saving way of deleting data. They don't physically delete it right away, they only index it as "deletable". So when there's new data, the indexed bits can be overwritten. This is a widely used practice by several web services (Facebook etc.).
Re: recycle usernames xensprite 6/15/09 2:10 PM
That's exactly what my hard drive does. I know that. Even with all the wonderful services linked to a Gmail account, I'm sure there are people who sign up elsewhere because of username limitations. Function over form it fine, but it has it's limits. Hotmail recycles usernames, I'm sure there is a way to do it so that the data is delinked from the recycled username. Hubris, Google? Thank you for the reply btw.
Re: recycle usernames gravi_t 6/16/09 9:09 AM
Suggest a feature:
Gmail Help › About Contacting Support (at the bottom) › "Send us suggestions for future features"
Re: recycle usernames xensprite 6/16/09 9:13 AM
I already have, and reading through the forums it would seem many others have too. Do you see this happening sometime in the near future, or at least coming up for consideration at Google sometime soon?
Re: recycle usernames xensprite 6/16/09 9:15 AM
Or at least a way to recover deleted accounts, since that's what this is all about.
Re: recycle usernames Joshua 6/16/09 10:15 AM
There are very good reasons for not recycling usernames that have nothing to do with how google deletes accounts:

1. It could be a privacy problem for people who let their username expire but still have it linked to other accounts. Someone signing up for this username would be able to steal the other accounts and possibly other information tied to the email address.

2. Using a recycled username greatly increases the chances of getting lots of spam, because the userid is already out there where it could have been picked up by spammers.
Re: recycle usernames BinHamed 6/25/09 4:10 AM
I can tell that it's gonna be better if Google let the deleted usernames which their owners deleted themselves to be reused again after a grace period of time which prevents any kind of spam or piracy just like Yahoo! service  
Re: recycle usernames gravi_t 6/25/09 3:10 PM
which prevents any kind of spam or piracy
It does not. Or has Yahoo found the holy grail of anti-spam?