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Thunderbird wont verify gmail

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Thunderbird wont verify gmail STONEBANKS 8/12/14 9:00 AM
Hello so I'm having this issue, shown below in the screenshot

Yes, my gmail has imap and pop enabled
Yes, I tried gmail instead of googlemail in the 'Server Hostname'

Anyone knows what's up with this?

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail wdurham 8/12/14 9:33 AM
If the error message is to be believed you are entering the wrong password for your account.

Do you have 2 step verification enabled? Did you remember that you need an App Password? 

Have you tried this?

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail STONEBANKS 8/12/14 11:59 AM

I tried the DisplayUnlock thingy..

Not sure what you mean by the 2 step verification and the app password...Mind giving an explaination to that?

I'm also curious why this happens only with gmail and not with other known mail services.

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail wdurham 8/13/14 1:15 AM
2 step verification is extra security you enable for your Gmail account.  It means that if you access your computer with the username and password, you will often be asked to ALSO receive code on your mobile.  Did you enable that extra security?

If you did, then you will need an App Password for any email client you use.  See the Help page below. 

In the meantime, if you cannot even set up this account because you are being told your username or your password is wrong, then I'd suggest signing in with a browser - can you use the very same username and password to sign into your account in the webmail interface? 
Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail STONEBANKS 8/13/14 3:52 AM

I just did that, copied the App Password, pasted it in the thunderbird but it still doesn't work.

A little notice, when I enabled the 2 step verification my GTALK couldn't recognize the password so I had to paste the App Password and it worked well.

Could you give me a detailed tutorial step by step how should I do it and get my thunderbird working? That would be wonderful.

Thank you for your time.

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail wdurham 8/13/14 5:00 AM
So you DID have 2 step verification enabled?  If so, you were told at least twice during and after set up that you would need application specific passwords for your email clients and other apps that access your account. 

The detailed tutorial you say you need is already spelled out in the Help page I linked for you above. I can't do better than that. 

However, you may now need to take one further step as you have made changes in your security settings. 
  • Start the browser on your computer
  • Sign in to Gmail
  • Go to your security settings and generate a new App Password for Thunderbird
  • Copy it
  • Go here: - press Continue
  • Then go straight back to your client, paste the new App Password in the password box and try the failed operation again.

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail STONEBANKS 8/13/14 10:24 AM
I entered the App Password but it says "Thunderbird failed to find settings for your email account"

Here's a screenshot with the full settings

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail John Jones Ireland 8/14/14 4:16 AM
Google has it in for Thunderbird and as far as I am concerned the Irish at least while we are in Ireland.

In my experience they will accept gmail access using a browser and at the exact same time won't accept the same id and password through thunderbird, allegedly because it's a UK location.

Thunderbird reports this as an account id or password error, presumably because Google rejects it but in my case I got a Google securit warning email in my recovery account (signed into thinderbird on the same client/ip).

My issue was not a thinderbird issue but caused by Google.

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail wdurham 8/14/14 5:10 AM
Stonebanks - 

Check the usernames for both servers - the normal set up shows the full Gmail address, not just the username, i.e. the part before the @ sign. See your first screenshot for the difference. 
Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail wdurham 8/14/14 5:22 AM
John - 

Thunderbird is the email client most likely to work properly with Gmail. So there's no "Google has it in for Thunderbird" aspect to your issue, which I have answered separately. 

In fact, setting Thunderbird up to work with Gmail is a snap, especially if you let Thunderbird do it automatically and don't try to over-ride the auto-settings. 
Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail STONEBANKS 8/14/14 10:03 AM

I did that but it's just the same.

I'm so tired of this, and I really want it to work out.

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail wdurham 8/16/14 9:51 AM
In that case, all I can suggest is that you visit Mozilla support for Thunderbird and ask them how to fix the error with Thunderbird. I cannot see any reason why your client should not be able to access your Gmail account.
Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail Jeepn 8/21/14 3:00 PM
I have the same problem as John.  Thunderbird did the auto setup for gmail a while ago and it worked just fine.  I don't use Thunderbird daily and just opened it for the first time in weeks and it says: Sending of password did not succeed. Mail server responded: Web login required:


Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail wdurham 8/22/14 12:48 AM
Jeepn -

Please use the Help page you are being given in the error message. You are required to perform a web login to verify your client's access. 

How to do that is spelled out for you in the Help page, but for the sake of argument:

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail Jeepn 8/22/14 7:57 AM

Thanks, After going through the help page I found the answer.  It seems Gmail now considers Thunderbird (even the latest version) less secure and was blocking it.  I had to "enable access for less secure apps" in my Gmail security settings and that worked.

Re: Thunderbird wont verify gmail wdurham 8/26/14 6:25 AM
That's a rather upside-down version of what Gmail actually say - but yes, it may be the case that Thunderbird can't yet handle the recently improved security measures applied to your Gmail account. 

In which case, you need to revert to the previous security setup when using Thunderbird, which Thunderbird can handle correctly, just as it always has.  Your Gmail account is no less secure than it was previously - it just isn't as secure when using Thunderbird as it is now possible for it to be using modern methods.