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Google + privacy invasion

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Google + privacy invasion reetp 2/3/12 3:13 AM
Explain your issue in full detail here:

"The more you tell us, the more likely you will get a great answer. "
What. So the chairman of Google is going to reply ? Getting a reply out these b*st*rds is impossible unless you take them to court.


I got invited to join his circle by a friend who used my personal and private email address. What is disgraceful is that they automatically subscribe you to their list without your permission, and you have to unsubscribe which confirms your address as live. So they've got you. In Europe this is probably illegal as we have to opt-in to lists, not opt-out.

See the small print at the bottom of the email :

"You have received this message because Joe Blogs invited to join Google+. Unsubscribe from these emails."

Another nail in the Google coffin as far as I am concerned.

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Google, it's none of you f*ing business. Now p*ss off out of my life.