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Emails not opening

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Emails not opening mmamdouh 7/4/10 5:47 AM
I am using Win XP, IE 7. My gmail account is accessible, however when i click on any email it doesnt open.
Re: Emails not opening casusbelli17 7/4/10 6:09 AM
I am having the same problem.  I can access my gmail account without difficulty.  However, I am unable to open any messages in my inbox.  I am able to do so on a different gmail account, so I believe the problem is with this specific email account.  It as though it is "frozen."  Any suggestions?
Re: Emails not opening mmamdouh 7/4/10 6:13 AM
somehow my problem was just solved. thanks
Re: Emails not opening niv24 7/4/10 6:21 AM
i have the same problem for two days now ..
i can delete items i can mark as read .. i can do anything except read mail .. when i click on a mail it say "loading.." and freeze ..
i need help .. anyone ?
Re: Emails not opening exarmymedic 7/4/10 7:19 AM
I'm sorry I can't offer help, I just want to keep this ? active because I'm having the EXACT same problem.  I have a MacBook.  I would also like to add that I have tried reading email on a PC laptop and it didn't work either, but on my phone, I can read them...??

Re: Emails not opening bekah.w.bekah 7/4/10 7:29 AM
I'm having exactly the same problem.   I too have 2 gmail accounts--one is working and one isn't.
Has anyone figured out what to do?

Re: Emails not opening niv24 7/4/10 8:59 AM
i can view my mails in my phone to .. but it doesn't help me .. i need my gmail working .. it's a global problem i guess ..
how can we talk to gmail to solve this problem ?
Re: Emails not opening satishmum 7/4/10 9:10 AM
I have the exact same problem on a windowns 7, google chrome browser with  no anti virus. I can login, delete, search emails but i cannot read any of the emails.
Re: Emails not opening mark2004 7/4/10 11:43 AM
You can access the old version of the interface with this link until Google gets the new version fixed.

Re: Emails not opening bkc56 7/4/10 10:14 PM
Many others have reported similar problems but there seem to be multiple causes.

For some clearing the browser's cookies and cache and restarting fixes it.  Others have success switching to a different browser.

I've also seen one person report success by disabling Buzz in their account.

If that doesn't work, try switching to Basic HTML (below the Inbox) Version as a temporary fix.  Some people have success using one or the other of the following URLs to sign-in to the Basic version (it seems sometimes the links to switch versions don't appear):
When I tested it, I had to open a different browser (like Chrome) to get the links to actually enable the Basic Version.

Using the Basic Version isn't a fix, but as a workaround it lets people read their e-mail while we wait for Google to fix the root-cause.
Re: Emails not opening niv24 7/5/10 6:21 AM
thank you .. i disabled the buzz and now it's working great !!!
Re: Emails not opening missMolly200 7/5/10 6:27 AM
bkc56, I can't do any of the suggestions you have because anything I click in the gmail account causes it to freeze.
Re: Emails not opening Donnie Wood 7/5/10 7:03 AM
I'm also having the same problem unalbe to open any emails at all
Re: Emails not opening Donnie Wood 7/5/10 7:20 AM
Hey missMolly200 try clincking on the link I did if from this page and was able to get in my email for the time being
Re: Emails not opening missMolly200 7/5/10 8:18 AM
Donnie Wood, who are you? Is this a phishing scam?
Re: Emails not opening bkc56 7/5/10 11:31 AM
Is this a phishing scam?

No.  Many people are finding the above two links I posted (and the one Donnie posted is similar) a way to get into the Basic version of GMail so they can read messages.  It doesn't work for everyone, but it help a lot.
Re: Emails not opening cgpfander 7/12/10 8:48 AM
It is july 12 and i can't open either of my gmail accounts. showing error 404. two days now and I can't seem to talk or find anyone who can answer my problem. Help!
Re: Emails not opening bkc56 7/12/10 9:57 AM
showing error 404

I did a search on "404" and found several forum posts and 3 help articles (with possible solutions) about it.  Do a little digging and you might find a fix that works for you.