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Any way to remove ads?

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Any way to remove ads? DarrenLehane 9/8/09 2:43 PM
I'm willing to pay a Premium price for Gmail as it has perfect features for me [despite he lack of unlimited storage space, but I'll also willing to pay for extra storage space].

I just can't see why they need to keep the ads there for people who are willing to pay a great amount annually.

Any way to remove these?
Re: Any way to remove ads? Joshua 9/8/09 5:16 PM
Google apps premier edition allows ads to be removed and has 25GB of storage, but you need to create your own domain name to use it.
Re: Any way to remove ads? Carl vdZ 9/9/09 8:36 AM
I have signed up for the Google apps premier edition and have my own domain, but I still see ads. I am still in the 30 days free trial period. 
How can I get rid of the ads? Thanks
Re: Any way to remove ads? Joshua 9/9/09 8:49 AM

(I'm not sure whether this option is available during the trial period.)
Re: Any way to remove ads? superska 9/9/09 11:56 PM
Thanks for pointing that out, Joshua.

Oh... and yes, it does work in the trial period :-)
Re: Any way to remove ads? Bee1 4/6/10 8:36 AM
I think it's so annoying when ads are posted on every bit of space in the gmail box. What's really annoying is that it knows what you or your friends are buying or ordering and you cannot stop it from being there. It is taking lack of privacy to another level. I understand they must make money to sustain this free service, but gimme a break! I have thought of joining the premier edition, but now I hear they too have ads. I feel we will never be able to get rid of these ads, however, I fear the worst nightmare is yet to come when it will invade the mail itself if it hasn't already....
Re: Any way to remove ads? Assassin15 6/23/10 12:35 PM
If you use Mozilla Firefox, you can get rid of the ads not only on Gmail but on other websites as well, by installing this software for free:
Re: Any way to remove ads? xxswfxx 7/30/10 3:37 PM
On the premier edition you have to follow these directions
Re: Any way to remove ads? mszbdog1 9/2/10 12:17 PM
How do I get rid of the gmail phone ad from my inbox. I can't read my mail because of it.
Re: Any way to remove ads? gnieboer 11/12/10 3:11 PM
I have Google Premier, I have gone into Domain Settings and turned off advertisements.   Why are ads still showing up on my Premier email?  Very frustrating!
Re: Any way to remove ads? rljones4mk 1/20/11 7:44 PM
I noticed that at the bottom of the screen was a link to a Mary Kay consultant.  I didn't know if that was because I myself am a consultant or something in my text flag it (which would be very intrusive), or it was just a coincidence. For starters consultants are NOT to advertise in venues such as this and secondly I don't want my customers thinking this is a link to my website! As the previous posts have stated whether Mary Kay or anything else, this is over the top.  too many ads!
Re: Any way to remove ads? biztracker 1/25/11 9:36 PM
You do NOT need premium account to turn off the Gmail "web clips" feature. Just check this help link: