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new messages not showing up in inbox

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new messages not showing up in inbox pikapolis 3/30/10 7:40 PM
Explain your issue in full detail here:

somehow, some of my e-mails started not to appear in my inbox since 2 days ago. i can see them if i go to "all mail" box. i tried test e-mails and the filtered e-mails are the ones that don't show up (from a certain e-mail add). i have a filter for this address, but i checked that it does not do "skip the inbox".  POP is enabled.
i've been trying everything but can't figure this out.

this happens at home at at different school computers so i am sure it has nothing to do with the hardware or operating systems. however, i only use windows (XP, win7 and Vista) and no Mac.

Re: new messages not showing up in inbox esong326 4/8/10 7:57 AM
I'm having the same problem!
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox pikapolis 4/11/10 3:44 PM
okay, this is my second try...

somehow i got this issue fixed by deleting ALL of my settings (filter, forwarding etc.) and re-did everything how i like it. i never got to the root of the problem, but it must have been one of the settings. it was time-consuming but the best way i could think of.

hope this helps...
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox Duffy G 4/12/10 8:50 AM
I am experiencing this same problem.  I have deleted ALL of my filters.  I have deleted and recreated the POP import account settings.  I DO NOT have "skip inbox" selected.  Yet none of the emails from my POP account show up in my inbox.  If I apply a label to the account they emails show up under that label.  Otherwise I can only see them in "All Mail".

I suspect there is a bug in the logic that processes incoming mail from POP accounts.  Can anyone at Google please comment and/or test this issue?


Re: new messages not showing up in inbox Duffy G 4/12/10 9:01 AM
Alright... I logged completely out of Gmail, then back in.  Subsequent messages imported using POP are now showing up in my inbox.  This is defect and is a bit confusing to users.  I hope someone at Google is able to fix this.

In the meantime it seems the best approach to fixing this is:

1) delete any filters working with the import address
2) delete and recreate the import configuration - MAKE SURE that "skip inbox" is NOT checked.
3) log out of Gmail and log back in.
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox Subhash Gadodia 4/21/10 6:45 AM
Go to settings, Forwarding and POP/IMAP tab, under POP Download section, check 
2. When messages are accessed with POP. 
If it is archive Gmail's copy then emails will be removed from Inbox and will be available in All Mail label. 
If it is delete Gmail's copy, then emails will be deleted from Inbox.

Same is applicable in case Forwarding is enabled.

Subhash Gadodia
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox Duffy G 4/21/10 8:16 AM

   That is not the problem.  The option is already set to "keep Gmail's copy in the inbox".  Still some of my messages never show up in the inbox.  The behavior does not appear predictable.  Some email shows in the inbox and some is only accessible via "All Mail".

Re: new messages not showing up in inbox Sassberto 7/16/10 9:11 AM
Has anyone solved this?  I have a brand-new, never used Gmail account.  I added my POP account.  I have no filters and no forwards.  All my settings are correct per the documentation.
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox tigermbw 7/28/10 7:47 AM
Has this issue been resolved or answered.  I just set up a new account and my mail doesn't show up in the inbox w/o refreshing my browser.  I don't have any abnormal settings or filters.  What is the problem?
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox fat_cap 8/4/10 12:48 AM
This is still happening.
I have just signed up for a GMail account yesterday and have set up my old Yahoo mail be forwarded via POP to my new GMail account.
The problem is that the inbox message counter will be showing the unread message counter as having unread mail (from the POP Account) but the mail does not show in the actual inbox until I refresh the actual page in my browser. 
Surely this is quite a big bug as I ahve been sitting pressing the refresh mail button and getting very frustrated that the messages weren't appearing in my Inbox. 
Is anybody on the Google Mail team even aware or fixing this problem?
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox gcraiga 8/4/10 10:52 AM
I just posted in this discussion about the same issue:
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox thechristycollection 8/9/10 8:38 AM
After using my Yahoo for ten years, I switched to Gmail 4 days ago (August of 2010), and am experiencing the same issues described above.  My IT person at the office went through all the settings but to no avail. I am determined to go through the learning curve and use Gmail, in the meantime find it incredibly annoying and Yahoo much easier to navigate and archive the old email.
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox Kathlin409 9/21/10 10:29 AM
Google keeps saying to check your settings, but it looks like we are following Google's advice but something else is just not right.  I still use my older Roadrunner account to check my mail but I need Gmail to get the messages through my phone, but I don't receive all the messages on my phone which defeats the purpose of the account.
I deleted my import account and reset it.  It seemed to work fine for a couple days then it went back to skipping the inbox. Something just isn't right.  Keep working on it, Google and leave the other things (images and your regular search) alone!
If it ain't broke don't fix it, but if it is broke, FIX IT!!!
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox guavaman 12/13/10 7:38 AM
I have the same problem, but it started after I set up Apple Mail to receive by Gmail, using IMAP.  On the Gmail page, no new messages show up in the Inbox, but are there if I click on All Mail.  They do show up on my Apple Mail client.  I have just disabled IMAP.  I will send a message to Gmail from my other computer (I have no mail client on this one) and see if it shows up on the Inbox.  I did try signing out of Gmail and then signing back in after disabling IMAP, but the new messages are still not showing up.
Re: new messages not showing up in inbox jkatz81 12/18/10 11:33 AM
Having same problem...import from yahoo mail just stopped passing through inbox.