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Can't Open Messages in Gmail

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Can't Open Messages in Gmail CoKatie 7/10/11 10:33 AM
I seem to have received an updated version of Gmail (if anyone can tell me where to look for the version, I'll do it).  By that I mean that when I open an IE session (V7), Google is my default window.  It is now in BLACK on top where the Menu bar is (Web, Images, Video, Gmail, etc.).  Gmail looks the same - EXCEPT at the bottom where it shows how much capacity I'm using (used to be centered at the very bottom of the page - now it is tiny and to the left of the screen).
I am receiving emails.  No problem there.  The problem is that I cannot OPEN the emails.  I click on them and nothing.  If, for example, there is a new email from LinkedIn, I click and a little window shows:, and then below that I see "M Email, Invite to Chat, More".  But there is no option to open my mail.
I'm going to mention one more thing that cropped up at the same exact time.  Normally when I would click on Start, Internet (Internet Explorer), it would immediately open up a new window with Google.  Now an extra step seems to have been added.  When I click on Internet, I get a drop-down menu choice:  Browse the Internet, Internet Properties, Remove from This List.
Sorry if I am being too detailed.  I just thought the more information, the better the chance that someone else has experienced this - or that someone may know if this is an IE problem, a Google problem or both.  I can live with the extra step in opening an internet session, but not being able to open my emails in GMail is killing me and I would like to resolve that if possible.
I am a Windows XP user.  I access Gmail via IE 7.  If someone could tell me how to find the antivirus software program that is on my PC, I will do it immediately.  I personally would LOVE to remove it.  I know it's not Norton.  And if I can provide any other information, please let me know.  I followed the recommended steps in "Known Problems in GMail" and went through the Tools, Internet, Remove Browsing History, Delete Whatever History - but that has not resolved the issue.
Please help me be able to open my emails again!  Thanks for your patience and your help.
Re: Can't Open Messages in Gmail CoKatie 7/10/11 10:39 AM
Oh, and in looking at other posts on this subject, just wanted to say that all my messages are in Black color font.  Not blue.  And there is nothing at the bottom of the screen about standard or basic.  I do see something new which is "Disable Buzz", but I have no idea what that is.  Thanks.
Re: Can't Open Messages in Gmail mhenriday 7/10/11 11:06 AM
CoKatie, thanks for your detailed description - I wish that more users would follow your example, as the more detail provided, the more it facilitates our helping the user troubleshoot his or her problem ! (By the way, that was an excellent description of the visual changes in the Gmail interface.)....

The extra step in opening your home page (which you seem to have set to your Gmail inbox - I have, as well !) in Internet Explorer 7 is rather due to Microsoft than to Gmail. But the major problem - that you cannot open email messages on your account is another matter. Could you, as a frist step towards resolving this problem, try clearing your cache and cookies in IE, according the the Help page to which I link below (first link) ? If this works, well and good ; if not, you might want to try checking to see if the problem persists when using the basic HTML view (second link below)....

I, too, wonder if this problem might not be related to your antivirus software. I rarely use Windows, but if I remember correctly you can check which programmes are installed on an XP box by clicking «Control Panel» and thereafter «Add or Remove Programmes». Scroll down the list to see which AV software you have installed and then try to whitelist Gmail there and in your firewall....

If none of the above measures suffice to solve the problem, you might want to consider installing another browser, such as Firefox ( or Opera (, both of which, in my experience, work very well with Gmail alongside IE and using it to access your Gmail account. As you may know, one can install as many browsers as one likes on the same computer ; unlike AV packages, they do not interfere with each other...

Re: Can't Open Messages in Gmail CoKatie 7/10/11 3:02 PM
Thanks so much Henri!  I kept messing around (I'm really not very good at these type of things) and decided to install Google Chrome.  That has now resolved my prior inability to access my emails.  Don't know about anyone else, but I hate the fonts used and the fact that I can no longer have a Task Bar at the top of my screen is really hard to get use to.  I like to have the ability to "File, Edit, View, Favorites, etc.".  But I won't complain about that now!  I'm just SO happy to be able to open my emails again!!!

Oh, and one other thing, while playing around after installing Google Chrome, I right clicked on my Start button to look at properties.  Such a geek am I!!  Now when I hit Start I get two options for the internet:  Internet Google Chrome - which then gives me those 3 stupid choices instead of just taking me to an open window.  And now, out of no where, another choice:  Internet Explorer (No Add-ons).  When I click on THAT icon, I don't have to go through the 3 stupid choices.  It immediately opens a window - but it's a window that says:  Internet Explorer is currently running without add-ons.  Is THAT the problem?
Re: Can't Open Messages in Gmail mhenriday 7/10/11 3:34 PM
Good you got it working for you, CoKatie ! Google Chrome is a fine browser, but unlike, say, Firefox, it does not allow you to have a menu bar with «File», «Edit», etc at the top - Google engineers are known for their penchant for minimalism ! Still, all the functions are there, so just keep messing around - to my mind, that's the only way to learn anything about computers ! - and you're bound to find what you need...

As to your question, I doubt very much that running IE without add-ons is your problem, i e, one shouldn't have to install a special add-on to open one's Gmail messages ! But let me ask - what are the three alternatives among which you are asked to choose when you click on «Internet Google Chrome» in your start menu ? If you've configured your taskbar (the bar at the bottom of your screen with the «Start» button at the far left) so that so-called «Quick Launch» buttons are shown (right-click on «Start», select «Properties», and open the «Taskbar» tab, then tick the little box to the left of «Show Quick Launch»), you can draw the button that launches Google Chrome to the Quick-Launch field and thereafter launch Chrome with a single click on this button - you don't even need to open the start menu. You might want to consider giving it a whirl....